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Monday, September 19, 2022

OBX8 Legends Vol1 - Out Now - All 79 Patches #obx8 #custom #patch #scottmcauley #retro #vintage #

video upload by Orano Music

"All Patches you will receive with OBX8 Legends Vol.1
Patches all played with no other effects than some Specular Tempus.

Patches now available to purchase at

thanks for watching, and if you buy, have fun!

OBX8 Explorations Vol.1 (Patches 1 to 55) #obx8 #patch #custom #sounddesign #deepdive #explorations
video upload by Orano Music

"Patches 1 to 55 from the newly released Explorations Vol.1 with a massive 92 fresh new patches for your OBX8,

Explorations Vol.1 (92 Patches in total) is more of a deep dive into the OBX8, with Emotive pads, plucks, leads, basses, strings, SFX, Rhodes, Organs, Arps, and much more. These patches are aimed at use in everyday productions, no unusable unnecessary programming here, just lovely raw sounds which can be enhanced at the users preference with Delay, Reverb Etc.

This one is not to be missed!"

4HP EAR Model 13 Mini Vactrol LPG KIT & Limited Pre-Assembled Modules In the Works

via Peter Grenader of EAR. You can find demos in previous posts here.

"I am pleased to announce a collaboration between EAR and Analog Haven.

The 4HP EAR Model 13 Mini Vactrol LPG KIT for Eurorack

The prices have not yet been determined, but the PCBs have been ordered and will be arriving shortly. ALl of the thru hole components are already in hand

We are producing 200 factory-assembled and 200 kits of VTL5C3 based Low Pass Gates closely resembling the behavior of the original Buchla design. Due to the largely unobtainium status of the proper vactrols this may by your last opportunity to purchase a Buchla based LPG. The factory pre-asembled modules will have green soldermask and metal photo process aluminum faceplates. The kits will have black soldermask PCBS and a FR4 black faceplate, of which there will be 2 variants - both priced differently:

A. A kit containing 1 Faceplate, 1 Main PCB, 1 Pot PCB, three jacks, three 1mm thick metal washers, 1 100K linear pot, 1 Davies-type push-on T18 black knob, 1 momentary pushbutton and a link where to purchase the SMT parts referencing both vendor and Mouser part numbers. Expect $12 in parts is purchased through Mouser.

B. Same as above including two vactrols. However, these will not be available until after the factory-built units have been completed.

Photo is missing faceplate"

Patching Sound: Understanding modular synthesis

video upload by moogfoundation

"Want to get hands-on with a modular synth? This Moogseum exhibit, new in summer 2022, lets people patch in -- and explore what it's like to play and perform on a modular synthesizer.

Sound designer Reek Havok, who created the custom, interactive exhibit, talks about how Patching Sound fulfills the Bob Moog Foundation's goals of sharing the history behind modular synthesis, and the technology within the modules -- both in a way that's accessible to all ages and all of our visitors.

Exhibit funded in part by synth pioneer Dave Rossum of E-mu Systems.

Thank you North Carolina Humanities for awarding us a grant for Patching Sound!

Visiting Asheville, NC, USA sometime soon? Patch in your tickets to sonic adventure here:"

Oberheim OB-X8 vs Alesis Andromeda A6

video upload by synthlegends

"A short shootout to demonstrate the SEM Filter section of the A6 vs the SEM Filter of the new OB-X8 plus tutorial how to tweak it. I made this video to justify myself that I don't need the OB-X8 because I allready have the A6. I can come quite close but it is obvios that the OB-X8 SEm Filter sounds much airer and nicer. Only the HP Filter sounds quite weak on the OB-X8 compared to the A6. What are your opinions? Please comment it. Thanks for watching again my videos."

100 Noises 01

video upload by zack dagoba

"Today I am making noises on a Buchla 100 (half vintage (right half))"

Modulated OTO Bim

video upload by Meska

"Quick demo of OTO Bim CC modulated by gotharman's LD3
all the 3 OTO effect have extended midi CC input, don't forget to use it, that open new sound designe possibility ;)

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with. i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Arturia Pigments3 "YOGA" Soundset 65 patches

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to our second complete soundset for Arturia Pigments3 - "YOGA"

Special scapes sound bank for your spiritual practices!

65 organic presets with:


Made by Alexander Kav
Enjoy the sounds & be inspired re-discovering your Pigments synthjesizer!"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Pitch Black (Dark)

video upload by SynthAddict

"Gear: Access Virus TI, Roland TR-8S, Arturia KeyStep and KeyStep Pro"

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Great box. Sounds absolutely huge.

Includes the synth, power supply, patch cables, and original box"

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Böhm Bohm Boehm Dynamic 12/24 - 4 Operator FM-Synthesizer Made in Germany 1985

via this auction

Advert on the left.
Pics of the inside below.

"Böhm Dynamic 12/24 FM Rack Synthesizer. Made in Germany 1985

SUPER RARE FULL VERSION. Completely equipped circuit board - therefore 24 voices instead of the usual 12.

4 Operators.
8 Algorithms.
Velocity, Aftertouch.

Rare FM sounds, 98 presets. Built in original Yamaha ICs. Sounds similar to Yamaha DX21, 27, 100. Comparatively soft sound for a FM synthesizer. Good condition. New backup battery!

For the sake of completeness: Unit lacks cassette Interface (never needed one) and protection button (protection is set off, so you can change settings)

Works perfectly with any MIDI controller. Comes with power cord. 220 Volt"

Critter & Guitari Organelle Digital Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Could pic with Tour De France.

"It comes with the factory patches as well as a quite a few others that come from the C&G website. It also comes with its factory box."

Vintage Roland SH-09 Keyboard Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

Schroeder from Peanuts playing piano on the right. Not sure who that is on the left.

KORG MS-20 Original Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 147301

via this auction

TWO OF CUPS: intuitive sample player with the new firmware update V2R (video manual)

video upload by

"We are rolling out a fresh TWO OF CUPS V2R firmware update. That took us almost a year with blood, sweat and tears by fully rewriting many parts of the code but in the end we have a solid V2R final release.

- fully rewritten new manual with all the new features fully documented
- all 6 modes (volume, envelope, pitch, loop, reverse, sample meta) fully polished
- new reverse files converted added which launches on module's power up converting new files. Now all the samples in the voice are properly reverse
- occasional clicks during the playback are now fully eliminated on new sample start or most importantly on sample's retrig
- improvement in various sample rate files playback, all possible meta data in the files is now properly ignored
- proper v/oct pitch offset files added so the normal sample playback is correctly 100%"

Casio SA-46 - Full Review

video upload by Keen On Keys

"The SA-46, released in 2010, is a very simple mini keyboard with 32 keys, 8 voice polyphony, 100 tones, 50 rhythm patterns and 10 songs. It is functionally and sonically identical to the SA-47, 76, 77 and 78.

Support this channel and buy a song or album on Bandcamp:

0:00 Overview
2:29 A Look Inside
4:46 Sound Examples
13:04 Free Sessions
13:58 Songs
15:01 Conclusion
16:24 The Lookalikes
18:23 Final Performance"

Hartmann Neuron EPIC SPACE MUSIC*Ambient Electronic Music/HUMAN CALL 369/Universal Consciousness*

video upload by Human Call. Neuronaluniverse Studio

"NEURON .neuronal synthesizer.
In this track,I only use the Neuron synthesizer."

Yamaha | MODX6+ Artist Profile | Alessandro Scaglione

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"Yamaha Artist Alessandro Scaglione is a keyboardist, conductor and arranger based in Italy. He is the lead keyboard player of the progressive rock band PFM(Premiata Forneria Marconi), with whom he has played shows in several countries worldwide and recorded many albums, some of which he was the arranger of the orchestral parts. Additionally, Alessandro has performed as conductor and arranger in various events, including Sanremo Junior Festival, Italia’s Got Talent and numerous concerts with the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra. Alongside his activity as a concert artist, he is the creator of multiple projects as an A/V Artist, where he composes electronic music and digital art for contemporary dance shows and interactive installations."

New U-he MFM2.5 Tutorials

For those interested, tutorials 4 - 6 have been added to the top playlist in this post.

Seiko's Forgotten Synthwave Dream Machine

video upload by HAINBACH

"In 1983 Yamaha released the DX7, which became the most successful synthesizer of its time. To much less acclaim, Japanese watch-maker SEIKO put out the DS-System in the same year. All but forgotten today, the DS is rather strange - it consists of a home keyboard that can be expanded with an additive synthesizer and a sequencer module. A complete flop when it came it, but rather charming for today's Vapor- and Synthwave schooled ears.

Soundpacks, Music and Love:


Have you clicked with Play?

video upload by Polyend

"Here's another video from an ongoing series of musical examples using the Polyend Play. The Play is an innovative instrument for creative individuals of all skill levels.

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced studio music producer, a famous beatmaker, or a modest beginner-level bedroom musician. Polyend Play was made to give you a lot of fun while exploring new musical adventures!"

[ Roland Cloud ] SH-101 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

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