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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mizuno Supersizer-μ Demos & Pics

MATRIXSYNTH reader, Kevin, sent the following pics, and two videos above of his Mizuno Supersizer-μ. See the Mizuno label for additional posts including additional details on the Supersizer-μ, pics of the inside, and another demo. It's like an abrasive "noise siren" vs. dub siren.


video upload by EMEAPP

"Her's another fun little box 'o knobs and sliders from the synth-laden halls of EMEAPP. While Kawai is known more for their acoustic pianos, this instrument is one of their first forays into the electronic music instrument realm. We are looking at the Kawai Synthesizer-100F from 1977. This single VCO instrument is very well equipped, packs a punch and is capable of great sounds for live performance. Join electronic music pioneer Don Slepian as he demonstrates this lesser known but awesome instrument.

You can find us at where we invite you to join us as a FREE member."

Korg Modwave / Native 200+ Custom Patches / Presets by Jexus

video uploads by Jexus (

"Patches compatible with Native plugin. My review & how to buy this soundpack:

No talking demo of Korg Modwave. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, reverbs, noises and other effects are part of the Modwave engine & mod matrix. I recorded my demo straight through an audio card. Also, you don’t need any custom wavetables or add-ons for my patches to work – just a standard Modwave / Native unit."

Nothing Matters... But In The Best Way Possible

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

Also see MAKEN0ISE: A Tale of Two Systems

"In which we get down to the messy work of trying to exactly recreate an old patch using just a recording and a vague verbal description.

Hear the original track here:"

Freeman String Symphonizer walkthrough

video upload by Eric Frampton

"This is a brief demonstration of a recently serviced Freeman String Symphonizer, one of the first "string machine" keyboards from the 1970's.

I probably could've explained the "animation" better. Basically it's six non-sync'ed low frequency oscillators, mapped chromatically on one rank and non-harmonically on the other, such that you're not likely to hit two notes next to each other with the same LFO, and making each note wobble ever-so-slightly differently.

Folks will gripe about the microphone audio; if you've got a solution for how to make Pro Tools-created WAV files sync to iPhone video within iMovie (it always drifts on me right out of the gate), please let me know."

strokes v3.9 - sampler update

video upload by Cong Burn

"Strokes has just undergone it's most significant mutation to date - what was once just a MIDI sequencer is now a fully fledged, self contained instrument/groovebox featuring 8 samplers, a reverb, and delay.

The sequencer is deeply integrated with the samplers, with each sampler featuring: - amp attack/decay
- adjustable start/end & loop (drag top/bottom half of waveform) - root note (for tuning the sample)
- multi mode filter lp/bp/hp
- delay & reverb sends
- 4 modulation lanes hooked up to the sequencer

In addition to the new sampler features, there's Ableton Link integration, cross-platform project sharing and a bundled factory sample pack with over 100 sounds captured from a Machinedrum, Monomachine & Nord Drum 2.

Strokes is available now on Win, Mac & iOS as a VST3, AU, AUv3 and standalone application."

Livestream | _MiniFreak V Walkthrough with Sébastien

video upload by Arturia

"Wednesday 25th, January 2023 | 5PM CET

Welcome to our MiniFreak V #Livestream.

Join product manager Sébastien and take a guided tour through MiniFreak V’s powerful inspiration-inducing interface and hidden talents. Discover its features, and see how it compares and integrates with a hardware MiniFreak. Hear it in action with live sound demos, and interact with our team of experts in a Q&A session!

• Don't hesitate to prepare your questions during the stream.
• Our moderators will select questions for the closing video Q&A."

Pittsburgh Modular Taiga Teaser Massacre

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"The day turns tragic for the team shortly after filming wraps for the new Pittsburgh Modular Taiga synthesizer teaser video.

This video was meant to be released on Halloween but the release schedule was bumped from October to January so lets all agree to pretend this is still seasonally appropriate.

Our adventure with Taiga begins on Jan 31st 2023."

Tom Leclerc - Moss Explorers

video upload by Bastl Instruments

- Skis 2 as envelope for Pizza
- Magneto as an effect for Pizza sequenced by Hermod
- Ensemble Oscillator for bass, Surface for strings, and Sample for drums

"« Tom Leclerc is part of Moss Explorers which is a multidisciplinary cultural and artistic association, between laboratory and exploratory discovery of new forms of dissemination and artistic expressions. This French collective of artists explores nature, mountains, and forests through sound and image. They hike and capture the beauty of wild nature in analog photography. Armed with their equipment, they film ambient sound performances that combine recordings of the natural environment where they take place and improvisations with a modular synthesizer. This is what we can see and hear from their excursions into the splendid untouched nature.
This association also includes a real laboratory of arts and techniques, questioning new forms of cultural diffusion. Transmission and awareness are also at the heart of this particular facet. Real efforts are being made to popularize and document these techniques: production of light scenography, energy autonomy, printing, production, etc. Many areas are addressed by the collective. Keeping in mind systemic and ecological issues, the collective also sensitizes cultural actors.
It is through this multidisciplinary approach that this project mixes the arts and can forge links between, photographer, visual artist, poet.sse and other artists as well as various craftsmen or public. Leaving free their imagination this collective allows the incubation and realization of the eclectic and conscious project.
In this changing world, we need to systematically change the arts, productions, and broadcasting. Many concepts are addressed by the collective, especially in terms of digital and new ways of designing devices for live performances, installations, and performances. This comes in large part through a low-tech approach to digital art. Given the climate emergency, it is important for artists to be at the forefront of new techniques requiring sensitivity and accessibility. Awareness of the impact of art and digital technologies is also a point of honor, as is the knowledge of equipment and material choices. Beyond the technical aspect, there is a new way of living and creating. We can talk about 'project infusion' with the idea of soaking up a place in the long term in order to better understand the social fabric of these territories and to do the best for them."

Moog Etherwave Theremin w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This theremin is in perfect condition and has been kept under a scarf being protected from dust when not in use. It has virtually zero signs of use and works perfectly."

Limited Edition Korg microKORG PT SN 203723 w/ Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb

E-MU Systems E4XT Ultra SN 079980827 w/ Sample Collection

via this auction

"E-mu E4XT Ultra sampler with EOS v4.70, 128 Card Installed, Effects Installed, Midi Card Option Installed, 128mb of Sound Memory Installed, SCSI and original HD loaded with E-mu presets and samples.

Comes with:

Rack ears


Sony Maxima CD drive

Iomega Zip drive

Cables (including SCSI)

Many original E-mu and Roland CDs

Many Zips loaded with samples

Many Floppies loaded with samples

Original E-mu E4XT Ultra box (some dirt on outside that i'll try and clean off)"

Knobcon 2022 Videos by Under the Big Tree

video uploads by Under the Big Tree
Looks like I missed these when they initially went up.

1. 1010 Music Fireball and Lemondrop Nanoboxes | Knobcon 2022
Steve Joslin of 1010 Music takes us on a test drive of the amazing Fireball and Lemondrop Nanobox synthesizers. Small but mighty, these synths take up very little room while delivering a lot of bang for the buck.
2. New Buchla Music Easel | Knobcon 2022
Nick Kwas of Buchla shows us the brand new and improved Music Easel, slated for release by the end of the year.
3. Knobcon 2022 Walkthrough
I'm in Chicago for Knobcon 2022, one of the finest synth conventions in North America. For those who are interested but could not attend, I did a simple walkthrough of the exhibit hall.
4. Therevox ET-5 | Knobcon 2022
We talk to Mike Beauchamp of Therevox about their new model ET-5.

Based on the Ondes Martenot, the ET-5 is an exotic and beautiful instrument, capable of vocal-sounding melody lines, as well as ambient drones and even noisy sounds. Truly fascinating.
5. Five12 QV-L Quad Variable LFO | Knobcon 2022
We talk to Five12 founder Jim Coker at Knobcon 2022 about his upcoming Eurorack quad LFO. The QV-L is an incredibly feature-rich module with four LFO's. Two OLED displays and in-depth configurability with a streamlined user interface make this module a true LFO powerhouse.

3rd Wave Advanced Wavetable Synth - How Does it Sound?

video upload by Under the Big Tree

"The moment I found out that a modernized version of the famed PPG Wave was being produced, I knew I had to take the plunge and buy one.

And so I did, and have been rewarded with an extremely flexible and performative synth, festooned with knobs and buttons for on-the-fly sound manipulation.

Although the 3rd Wave is primarily thought of as a modern-day replica of the PPG Wave, it has far more capabilities under the hood. I found the analog synthesis simulations to be shockingly good, with thick 80's brass sounds right in the ballpark of the classic synths of that era. There are endless ambient pad sounds, experimental noise sounds, and a flexible, musical arpeggiator that can be used for pitched or percussive sounds.

The 3rd Wave comes loaded with 500 factory patches. I went through them all, and picked about 80 that were representative of what the machine is capable of. I've organized the sounds by type, so you can go right to the analog synths, PPG factory patches, or ambient pads as you like.

The 3rd Wave is a remarkable synthesizer, and I hope you enjoy getting a better idea of how it sounds from this video."

Syntakt Meets LightPadBlock (Pentagome Script)

video upload by Perplex On

"#Jamuary2023 day 23: #Syntakt meets #lightpadblock today. Loaded with the wonderful #pentagome script @ldmdesign5610 First going into an iPad to distribute the midi notes over multiple channels in a round robin fashion using #polythemus and adding velocity randomization using #mozaicapp, then passed to the Syntakt with some velocity sensitive modulation going on."

Clavia Nord Wave from 2007

video upload by Bata

"Just showing a few sounds of the Nord Wave. This was my first synth and still one of my most used. Some UAD reverb was added along with Eventide's Instant Phaser MKII for a bit near the end."

Moog Prodigy Modifications

video upload by Franz Kreimer Keys

"This Video is about some Modifications of my Moog Prodigy Synthesizer (1981).
Watch and listen what is possible.
This is a 'no talking' Video.

In diesem Video zeige ich Euch die Modifikationen meines Moog Prodigy Synthesizers. Es ist einiges möglich. Viel Spass beim Anschauen!

In diesem Video wird nicht gesprochen.

Moog Prodigy, Casio MT 68, Straymon BigSky, Sequential Drumtracks"

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