MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, April 8, 2023

Saturday, April 08, 2023

New flightofharmony Facehugger Alpha R02 Demos

video upload by flightofharmony

The Facehugger Kickstarter runs until April 22nd - please help make the Facehugger a reality!

1. Facehugger Alpha R02 Trigger & Gate demonstration
Demonstrating the updated trigger and gate function of the Facehugger function generator.

The Facehugger trigger input now accepts both trigger and gate signals, converting gates to triggers as well as continuing to cycle as long as the gate is present. The Facehugger cycle will also reset if it receives another trigger while running.
2. Facehugger Alpha R02 Scale & Root function comparison demonstration
Comparing Facehugger function generator's voltage-controlled Scale and Root functions.
3. Facehugger Alpha R02 Glide function demonstration
Demonstrating the updated Glide function of the Facehugger function generator.

The Glide or portamento function smooths the transition between stages. Facehugger has two types of Glide: logarithmic and linear. In this video, the logarithmic glide is tuned for longer sequences, while the linear glide is tuned for quicker sequences like VCA envelopes.
4. Facehugger Alpha R02 Root Demonstration
Demonstrating the Root function of the Facehugger function generator.

Root shifts the root or base note of the pattern up or down.
5. Facehugger Alpha R02 Scale Demonstration
Demonstrating the new Scale function of the Facehugger function generator. Scale allows you to scale the output in magnitude, from +1V/±1V to +10V/±10V.
6. Facehugger Alpha R02 Length Demonstration
Demonstrating the Length function of the Facehugger function generator.

Length selects how long the pattern is, from 1 to 8 steps.
The Facehugger Kickstarter runs until April 22nd - please help make the Facehugger a reality!

DSP56300 Emu - Vavra - Waldorf microQ Emulator with "Device" GUI

video upload by Numero Uno

"This is an alpha build of our Waldorf microQ emulator running in VSTHost for testing purposes. It is available to donators for testing.
The plugin features two skins, one 'Editor' skin and one 'Device' skin for authenticity, hereby showing the latter one.

Feel free to join us on Discord if you want to know more:"

DSP56300 Emu - Waldorf microQ in action

video upload by Numero Uno

"There is nothing that can replace Waldorf Q comb filters :)

Vavra, the Waldorf microQ emulator, is available as preview for donators. Interested about this project? Find out more here:"

Update: fixed the more info link directly above.

DSP56300 Emulator - Virus TI OsTIrus Demo - Classic 90s/2000s Trance recreations

video upload by Numero Uno

"The Virus TI, a legendary virtual analog synthesizer. It was powered by two specialized audio processors and changed how hardware synthesizers could integrate with an increasingly computer driven environment for electronic music.

A decade later from its release, advancements in processing power have made it possible to fully emulate the chips at the heart of this hardware synthesizer. With this effort, the vision of merging the richness of sound from purpose built music hardware directly into a modern DAW has been realized.

Demonstrated in this video is a true 100% emulation of the sound engine which can be run in real time on a modern computer.
With this, nearly all limitations of hardware and control software of the original unit have been overcome.

* Perfect recreation of the Virus TI sound engine by emulating the DSP code on a low level
* The best integrated experience including automation, state preservation and more
* 16 part Multi Mode / Sequencer Mode per instance, with multiple instances possible if you need more voices
* 6 individual stereo outputs in the DAW, 3x "Analog" and 3x "USB", all usable at the same time
* Improved MIDI timing

Interested about this project? Find out more here:

0:00 Riva - Time is the Healer - Armin van Buuren Remix
0:30 Gouryella - Ligaya
1:22 System F - Out of the Blue
1:52 Lange - Drifting Away
2:23 Push - Strange World"

Three Versio Delays - Melotus, Yester, Imitor

video upload by John Schussler

"The Yester Versio arrived the other day, so I wanted to compare it to the other Noise Engineering delay lines I have handy: Melotus Versio (which is actually a granular sampler, but is easily used as a delay), and Imitor Versio, which is a delay with an unusual dose of attitude.

No commentary, just listening.

VCO: Acid Rain Chainsaw. LPG: Natural Gate. Sequencer: Pittsburgh Modular
Lifeforms Micro b + T43 transposer

00:00 Intro
00:20 Melotus Versio
06:04 Yester Versio
15:26 Imitor Versio"

New Digitakt Sound Bank - Essential Rhythms!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Grab the Essential Rhythms Sound Bank here ►"

0:00 Music Example
1:19 Intro
1:45 Drum Loop Example
3:06 WHY use Loops?
5:30 Playthrough of ALL 75 BEATS!
13:13 Music Example

Electrocomp EML-200 Learning Thru Participation User Manual

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

Yamaha CS50 CS60 Polyphonic Synthesizer Instruction Manual

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

360 System Spectre Oberheim SEM Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This is an Oberheim SEM on the inside, originally marketed by 360 systems for the guitar market. This one was MODIFIED for CV Gate control (it’s not set up for use with guitar).

This unit was meticulously serviced over 10 hours to work like new again, no typical lies or excuses, making this unit better and more valuable than others you may find. Power supply recapped. Molex connector terminals replaced. VCO VCF VCA recalibrated. All pots and switches properly cleaned and lubed. Modified (see below). Audio input added. Cleaned inside and out.

Note: The latches that hold the lid in place are broken and we didn't have a source for replacements.

This 360 Systems Guitar Synth came to us without a guitar pickup (they're usually broken, when they're present), so we had our tech modify it for use with CV and gate from any compatible CV gate devices (including most if not all available midi to CV converters). He also modified it so there's full control over the VCA envelope generator, adding 2 potentiometers for the 2 envelope control that are missing from the stock Spectre in the place of 2 1/4" jacks that aren't needed when using it without a guitar. Since this unit's not set up for use with a guitar, the left side controls have no effect (string related stuff, octave select and transpose settings). We also need to make it clear that since we couldn't test the guitar related stuff, we have no idea whether the guitar section would work if you had a pickup, so are selling this unit strictly as is. If you plan on trying to use it with a guitar and pickup, please realize this. All other controls for the synth section are working perfectly and play beautifully via the CV and gate jacks."

Meticulously Overhauled Roland Jupiter-4 Analog Synthesizer SN 851214

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"We paid our tech for 30 hours of skilled labor required to make this unit nice and clean inside and out and working like new again. This work obviously adds great value to this instrument as it makes it better than most if not all others on the market.

In addition to necessary repairs, he did the following work to this unit:
Replaced all electrolytic capacitors.
Replaced all 4051 CMOS chips.
Removed all keys and cleaned key bed.
Removed plastic screws in power supply section and installed isolate washer and metal screws.
Replaced some IC sockets.
Added ground wire to reduce noise.
Cleaned and lubed faders, switches, key contacts.
Installed new battery.

An interesting note our tech added was that the serial number badge on the outside of the unit says sn85121x but inside says 79078x, no idea why. This JP4 is now working perfectly and sounding incredible."

Blue Waldorf Q 61-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

ARP Quadra

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

This MemoryMoog Plus is fully functional, fully serviced and in excellent condition. It includes factory MIDI and a new DoubleHeartAudio power supply for ensured smoothness, low-noise and play-ability."

EaganMatrix Programming for Osmose - Initial Concepts

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Initial video comparing Haken Continuum to Osmose and showing the basic Osmose specific programming techniques that form the basis for more complex preset construction. No prior EaganMatrix programming experience is required but basic EaganMatrix programming knowledge will help a bit. If this causes any confusion search pout the initial EaganMatrix programming videos here and start watching them as 90% of EaganMatrix programming is identical between Continuum and Osmose. This video stresses the Osmose specific use cases for Pressure (Z) and Aftertouch (Y) and goes into a lot of fundamental discussion as well as only a single Oscillator is used for discussion. But the video touches on most of the top-level programming techniques that you will find in Osmose presets.

The EaganMatrix preset that goes with this video can be found here:"

FX-AID PRO by Happy Nerding

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The FX-AID modules don't need any introduction, they're one of the smallest, most affordable and most powerful multi-purpose FX modules out there. Even the XL is just 6 HP. Last year, Happy Nerding introduced the 'much bigger' PRO version which is 14 HP and carries a mindblowing 200 algorithms, a big screen and many internal modulation options. Enjoy!"

04 08 23 Synton Fenix

video upload by batchas

"Synton Fenix 2, Fenix 2d, Fenix 3 and Rhythm Ace"

Korg Wavestate - "Neon Heart" 40 Performances

video upload by LFOstore

"We continue Korg Wavestate soundsets series & present 'Neon Heart' now is the time for Analog & Vintage Sounds!


Korg Wavestate is a powerful synthesizer with great potential and an incredible variety of sounds.

Welcome to the warmly vintage world!

40 performances ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, Retrowave, create new music worlds with Korg Wavestate and 'Neon Heart'

In the bank you will find neon pads, arps, sequences ,leads, plucks ,warm poly and bass that will fill your compositions with new colors and emotions.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

live on Star's End 08 28 22

video upload by Neil Cippon

"A short excerpt from My Live performance on WXPN's Star's End."

5 Things you can do with the Quantus Trajecta poly envelope generator from Noise Engineering

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're patching with Quantus Trajecta, our poly envelope generator, to make an instant jam, swing patterns, wind chimes, staggered gates and triggers, and long delays.

0:08 Ratcheting Wubs
0:47 Sharing Envelopes
1:32 Mini Ramps
2:20 Holding Patterns
3:07 CV Madness

More about the 10HP Quantus Trajecta Eurorack module:

Quantus Trajecta is a quad envelope designed with polyphony in mind. Each control universally adjusts all four envelopes, so keeping separate voices related on the fly is easy. Initially designed to borrow the structure of the envelope from the Cursus and Loquelic Iteritas Percido, we added even more shape control with the addition of Tremolo and ADSR modes. QT is musical, performable, and utilitarian."

Famous Moog Minimoog Bass Lines

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Famous Minimoog Bass Lines
0:06 SOS Band
0:24 Gary Numan
0:44 G. Moroder
0:51 Kraftwerk
1:07 Tangerine Dream
1:18 Ryan Paris
1:27 Karat

The Moog Minimoog Synthesizer is one of the big legendary synths in music history. Used by many pop and rock groups in the 70s, 80s and today. Here can you find the full Minimoog playlist with a lot single sound demos, synth comparisions and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The Minimoog playlist:"

Massive Eurorack Setup for Sale

via this auction

Roland JP-8080 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

TTMC MODEL 990 CARD Modulation

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

"BELTON BL3AB3C1B Long Decay Replaces: 9AB3C1B"



TTMC MODEL 990 CARD Soft Clipping

Outdoor ambient performance by @ghostintheloop_ #shorts #synth

video upload by Synths & Machines

"#synth #synths #synthjam #synthesizer #synthesizers #sintetizador #sintetizadores #sinte #analogsynth #polysynth #digitalsynth #vintagesynth #classicsynth #behringer #moog #korg #arturia #davesmithinstruments #roland #yamaha #casio #oberheim #teenage engineering #novation #ikmultimedia #synthmusic #synthbass #modularsynth #vitalsynth #synthwave #synthpop #budgetsynth #cheapsynth #freevst #vstsynth #korgsynth #behringersynth #moogsynth #rolandsynth #arturiasynth"

Spacey flute music! ✨🎷👽 by @shimmery.mp3 #shorts #synth

video upload by Synths & Machines

Polyend Voice Teaser

video upload by Polyend

"Find Your Voice April 12th."

Expressive E Osmose // 4 pros, 4 cons and how to unlock the power of its matrix // Review & Tutorial

video upload by loopop

Other gear in this video:
► Vector Synth

0:00 Intro
2:05 Pressure
2:45 Aftertouch
3:45 Pitch bend
4:05 Limits
5:05 Press glide
6:30 Strum and shake
7:10 MPE ARP!
8:30 The synth
9:55 Overview

The VL-10 - Casio's smallest keyboard

video upload by Keen On Keys

Casio VL-10s on Reverb | and eBay

"The VL-10, released in 1982, is the smallest keyboard made by Casio. It's a mini version of the famous VL-1 and has some of it's features. It's monophonic, has 29 keys, 3 tones, 10 rhythms, a demo melody, a sequencer and a calculator. But it's missing the ADSR function, octave switch, volume control and output jack. It has two small piezo speakers and a rather beepy sound.

Support this channel and buy a song or album on Bandcamp:

0:00 Intro
0:25 Overview
3:00 A Look Inside
6:32 Tones
7:49 Rhythms
8:31 Sequencer
11:50 Conclusion
12:50 Demo Melody"

Drum Sampler and Bass Synthesizer No Fx

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"No Fx just 3 patern Bassline"

Patch n Tweak
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