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Wednesday, September 28, 2022


video upload by Davide Micheli

"The video I made is on the BIT 99 electronic synthesizer built by CRUMAR in 1984. The purpose is to show some technical characteristics of the vintage electronic synthesizer.
In particular, I updated the firmware by changing two EPROMs (see the following site:
The MIDI controller is the 'Stereoping's Synth Controller'.
In the video I play some patches whose synthsizer parameters are changed in realtime by means of the MIDI Synth Controller.
To emphasize the versatility of the MIDI Synth Controller and the deep 80's sounds of the BIT 99 synthesizer, I recorded a bass sequence on CUBASE and transmitted via MIDI to the BIT 99 synthesizer.
While the sequence is being played by the BIT 99, some parameters of DCOs, VCOs, VCF etc...are edited in realtime. LFOs are modified too.
The video is improvised and I hope it is useful and fun for fans of vintage electronic synthesizers."

Crumar Bit 99 analog synthesizer, plays "Bobby-O" for fun

video upload by Davide Micheli

"'80s pure analog sound with Italian Synthesizers CRUMAR.
Bobby-O. She Has A Way.
Musical parts are played with:
n° 1 Crumar-Bit99.
n° 2 Crumar-Bit-01 Expander.
n° 1 LEM-Bit Midi Master Keyboard (MMK).
Korg-Volca Bit & Akai S5000

Friday, March 18, 2022

Lem Example analog filter experiment / the only one Sampler Made in Italy (1988)

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

"The Lem Example is the only one sampler Made in Italy by LEM in the 1988
project at last days of Crumar. Very rare 12 bit Sampler, maybe made in 50 pieces only! There's a keyboard version too... nothing about it!! CEM filters inside! Thx to Marco Molendi for magic fix it and some inside photos"

Thursday, October 18, 2018

GEM/LEM PK 4900 String Machine 1979 | HD DEMO

Published on Oct 18, 2018 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2018 by AnalogAudio1

Demo of the GEM/LEM (Galanti Group) PK 4900. Played along with Korg SDD-3000 for delay effects (right channel only).

The rare GEM/LEM PK 4900 is a multikeyboard containing a polyphonic section (called POLYTRON) including a string-ensemble (INSTA-STRINGS) and a monophonic preset synthesizer (called MONOTRON). Both sections are independently tunable, although intervals are not possible. Both sections have their own output on the backside. CHORUS and VIBRATO switchable.

It sounds somewhat cheesy, sometimes like a cheap organ (squarewave sound), but it was a cost effective keyboard back then. Although the strings are called 'Insta-Strings', the strings are completely different from the strings of the LEM Insta-Strings keyboard I demoed two years ago."

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crumar Bit99 synthesizer User Patch

Published on Mar 18, 2018 Davide Micheli

"Some personal sounds with the BIT 99 synthesizer"

Crumar Bit99 sound in Bobby O

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Davide Micheli

"'80s pure analog sound with Italian Synthesizers CRUMAR.
Bobby-O. She Has A Way.
Musical parts are played with:
n° 1 Crumar-Bit99.
n° 2 Crumar-Bit-01 Expander.
n° 1 LEM-Bit Midi Master Keyboard (MMK).
Korg-Volca Bit & Akai S5000

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Published on Jul 26, 2016 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2016 by AnalogAudio1

Demo of the LEM (Galanti Group) Insta-Strings. Played with Korg SDD-3000 for delay effects and Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter.

The LEM Insta-Strings is a simple string machine from Italy. I did not search for it, I found it incidentally, I never heard of it before! It seems to be very rare. It has a cheesy string sound, but it surely has character - I love its sound. It has 4 free combinable presets: TUBA, TRUMPET and VIOLIN. Controls for ATTACK, DECAY, VOLUME and BALANCE. The latter is for the volume balance between left and right half of the keyboard (some kind of volume split). Tune knob."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vintage Galanti Clipper 61 Organ String Synth

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via this auction

Here's an interesting bit of organ synth history; a Galanti Clipper 61. Presets include Organ, Flute, Horn, and Strings. There is a "Drum 6" rhythm section along with separate Bass accompaniment.  There have only been three previous posts on the site featuring Galanti.  One for an INSTAPIANO, one for an instaStrings, and a mention on the end of General Music.  See that post for some history and the other brands affiliated with Galanti, including GEM, LEM and ELKA. The name Galanti actually comes from founder Antonio Galanti. A new Generalmusic incorporating the three brands was announced back in January of 2015.  I believe the now canceled ELKA Synthex remake was to be the first product under the new brand.  Their website is still live. Anyway, the Galanti Clipper 61 is an interesting piece of this history.

The following is the description from the listing:

"Galanti Clipper 61.

Organ combo made in Italia in the early 70 '.

Section bass / organ / percussion and vibrato and a drum machine.

Keys slats, 61 keys polyphony (and yeah clipper 61!)


This model includes two independent volumes:
The first controls the base function, the second organ sound, but acts as a balance between the organ and the bass.

Changes are managed by dominoes front, 3 for low, 4 for the organ.
Fixed vibrato, percussion, complete with a bonus effect wah!

Rhythm section includes a volume knob, one for speed, and a series of different rhythms ...


The sound is great, between the synth and organ.

This is the famous 'cheezy sound' analog well as love.

Touch is also very nice, with afterfacts 'click' with the touch!

The bass is very powerful and hot, the organ sounds really marry perfectly to any type of effects: chorus / phaser / flanger / overdrive / self-wah...une graphic equalizer pedal allows you to control the sounds and adjust certain frequencies.

Moreover it is incorporated seamlessly into a mix by adding this small button 'cheezy' vintage!"

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Generalmusic's GEM, Elka & LEM Brands to Make a Comeback in 2015

Revamped Elka Synthex anyone?  :)

"Generalmusic, keyboard and pro audio products manufacturer, and its legendary brands GEM, LEM and ELKA will be back 2015. It is our 125th anniversary and we will bring to market some legendary re-issue models and brand new technology.

Generalmusic will offer unbelievable Italian sound together with superior technical quality - made in Finland. Dealer inquiries welcome:

Soundion Oy Ltd
Almanpolku 10

Sunday, July 28, 2013

White Crumar Bit99 LEM Synth

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via this auction

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Heels of Love - live

YouTube Uploaded by TheDiscosafari on Oct 17, 2011

"Video recorded during an amazing night in Milan (the name of the party is "Niente"). Crazy location and crazy crowd
The Heels of Love played with TR-707, TR-606, Sequential Pro-One, Korg Mono/Poly, Korg Micro, Doepfer Dark Time, LEM DD-1000 and no computers.
find out more on The Heels of Love on Discosafari Agency website:
for booking please contact"

The full set:

The Heels Of Love - Live Jam by The Heels Of Love
"Live set made with TR-707, TR-606, Sequential Pro-One, Korg Mono/Poly, Korg Micro, Doepfer Dark Time, LEM DD-1000 and no computers."

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pads & Envelopes

YouTube Uploaded by traumaduo on Jun 3, 2011

"John Trauma messing around with the Modular Mix from Health Club Music

Using different padsounds from Roland JP8x & Jupiter 4, Ensoniq Mirage, Korg Delta & Poly 800, Lem Bit 99

all this pads where feeded into the Audio Inputs of the Modular Mixer. The Envelopes of the Mixer are running autonomously. The Channels where are used are from 2 till 7.

Channel 1 is triggered by the Leploop. The filter is self oscillating and the Cutoff-Frequency is modulated by Sample&Hold from the Korg MS20.

Channel 8 is also triggered by the Leploop feeded by White Noise from the Korg MS50. The Cutoff-Frequency is modualted by a triangle Wave from the LFO of the MS50"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Analog Live Jam - twentyfive (pt.2)

YouTube Uploaded by traumaduo on May 14, 2011

"after a while here a brand new vid

you can hear part one on;

a live jam with some analog stuff

recorded dry without any effects in one take...

used stuff
Leploop - Masterclock, Kickdrum, Hihat, Synthbleeps
Korg MS20 - Clap + Percussive
Korg SQ10 - Controls the MS20
Lem Bit99; chord (played with MIDI)
Roland JX8-P bass, chords (played with MIDI)"

Monday, February 07, 2011

Lem Galanti Insta Strings

via this auction

"LEM Galanti Group GEM ELKA Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard... Very retro toned synth !!! (c76-80') Insta strings VID... This auction is for a LEM Galanti Group Analog Keyboard Synthesizer called "Insta strings". There are some nicks and scratches, but the unit functions perfectly. See the video clip. The analog synth tones, when pitchshifted, remind me instantly, of the same tones on the opening intro to "Tales From the Darkside" - an early 80's television show."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

DBK Unique rebadged LEM Bit 99

via this auction

LEM Bit 99? Anyone know the relation between LEM and Crumar?

Update via urge in the comments:
"From your own site Matrix:knows his synths): [yep... stuff oozes in and out all the time.. It's why I created this blog, I just forget to actually use it sometimes. :)
that said...]

"It's a rebadged LEM Bit 99:

...which itself is a rebadged Crumar BIT 99.

some insider info:

LEM is/was a subsidiary of General Electro Music, Italy (more known as GEM) and I'm pretty sure they bought the rights from Crumar to re-release the BIT 99 (under the LEM brand) when the Crumar company ceased to exist around the mid-to-late '80's.

Around the same time as this, Gem would buy the ELKA company (another well-known Italian manufacturer of musical instruments) which was owned by the other Crucianelli brother, namely Piero Crucianelli.
(Piero was brother to Mario Crucianelli who owned Crumar). '"

Sunday, February 01, 2009

General Music No More

via AH: GeneralMusic declared bankruptcy laying off 75 workers

Their official website appears to just have you see here on the left. It's sad to see any synth company go under. Condolences to all at General Music.

Update via antonio on the AH list: "I received a couple of requests about Generalmusic history and in the meantime I received an email from Roberto of VIEI yahoo group (italian synth and organs) that I'm translating (kind of :D )here:
Generalmusic moved first steps thanks to an accordion built in 1890 in the Antonio Galanti artisan laboratory with the help of 3 sons a company was created: the award-winning factory Galanti accordions. After accordions they started crafting classical and electric guitars (much
later). In 1959 the 3 brothers founded in Mondaino the General Electro Music (GEM) company. At the start they worked for other companies like Baldwin, Thomas, Vox with no internal brand.
In 1966 they created the first branded GEM instrument: the "Minigem", a portable electronic organ. It was a big success and they decided to expand creating other 2 companies the "Intercontinetal Electronics" and in San Marino, "Titanic Music". In Marignano, where is the current (closed) factory, they created the "Laboratorio Elettroacustico Musicale" (LEM) specialized in amplifiers. In 1987 GEM acuires the ELKA brand and 1994 changes the name in GeneralMusic (GEM, LEM and ELKA). Other brands acquired during those years are pianos Schulze Pollmann, (plant Fermigliano) and church organs Ahlborn in 1992. During the 80s and 90s the company had about 450 workers. Many analog keyboards were created under the GEM brand: Pk4900 a Gem synth, the Instapiano, Instastring and many others (I guess Peter Forrest would be more precise than me!).

now seems really the end of the story...

thanks (to Roberto)


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