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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RSF Kobol Synthesizer VST Emulation - PolyKB III by xils-lab

Published on Dec 27, 2016 Ali Musician

PolyKB III by xils-lab

"Simply the most versatile and powerful analog modelled polyphonic synthesiser ever produced

Intro Price : 119€ Until January 21th, 2017

The PolyKB III captures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol 2 polyphonic synthesizer, including its most revolutionnary feature : Morphing analog Oscillators.

This set it apart from all the other common analog synth recreations, because you have instant access to hundreds of different analog modelled & free running oscillators waveforms. More than in other synthesizer, including those who propose switching between oscillators models. Icing on the cake, they can be dynamically modulated by many sources.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Arturia MiniFilter V Introduction Tutorial - Free Filter for the Holidays

Published on Dec 22, 2016 ARTURIA

MiniFilter V puts the power of a legendary analog filter into your DAW, and opens up exciting new creative possibilities for producers and musicians.

00:24 - Powerful Ladder Filter (Used on an acoustic guitar)
01:02 - Intuitive Step Sequencer (Used on an electric guitar)
01:40 - Creative Inspiration (Used on a general Mix)
02:09 - Layer & enrich your sound (Used on a Piano)
02:38 - Cut through the mix (Used on Vocals)
03:12 - True Analog Emulation (Used on a Drum machine)
03:47 - Full MIDI control (Used on a Bass)
04:17 - Wide ranging, dynamic controls (Used on a Drum Kit)

Source audio used by kind permission of the copyright holders.

Acoustic guitar: Those Flying Machines - "Rust"
Guitar solo: The Blet Project - "The Flood"
Full mix: The Blet Project - "The Anthem"
Piano & vocal: Kirsten Adamson - "Feel The Same"
DrumBrute & intro: Guy Perchard
Bass: Chris Robinson
Drum kit: OO&XX - "Blame It On The Parents"

via Arturia

"To thank you for all the good vibes you have sent us this year we would like to offer you the MiniFilter V

2016 has been full of highlights for the Arturia team. The craze about the MatrixBrute and KeyStep announcement at the NAMM Show, the launch of V Collection 5, the surprise of DrumBrute and many other moments of joy."

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ocean Swift - OS20 Semi Modular Synthesizer - Overview and Demonstration (Sonic Core Scope Plugin)

Published on Dec 21, 2016 Faxi Nadu

"An overview of our OS20 Semi Modular Synthesizer System - a set of high level modular modules for Sonic Core's Scope Modular. Going over the concept, features, operation and the content included and talking about some tips and tricks.

Check out sound examples of the OS20 System here: [embed below]

Check out our website for more information:"

Thursday, December 15, 2016

FLOWs Algorithmic Loop Sequencer for Native Instruments' Reaktor Player

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Tim Exile

"FLOWs is an algorithmic loop sequencer for building evolving sonic structures from beats to textures. Download it for FREE at the shop"

"FLOWs is an algorithmic loop sequencer packed with 1GB+ of royalty-free loops meticulously curated from improvised jams on my Flow Machine from the last 5 years. Explore, mutate and create sonic structures with audio-reactive sculpting and stochastic modulation. Or let it play and zone out to the visualiser: it's for makers and listeners alike.

- Layer and cross-modulate up to 4 loops at once with filters and envelopes that follow the sonic imprint of each loop.

- Switch between loops mid-way without losing sync. Modulate loop switching with random and cyclical LFOs.

- Layer multiple loops without phase distortion and clashing bass using Clearsum.

You'll need to grab a copy of Native Instruments' Reaktor Player to run it. There are instructions for how to do this in the included manual. If you want to save your changes or use it for more than 30 minutes at a time you will need to buy a full Reaktor licence."

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Published on Dec 10, 2016 Junklight Software

"NoiseBox is a sound design Synthesiser for Max For Live in Ableton Live. Buy it here

It is based on the principle of filtered noise. Useful for a variety of sound design and musical uses. With the inbuilt random LFOs it can easily produce continuously moving sounds instead of using field recordings or samples.

It has three separate noise sources: crackle, pink noise and Gaussian noise, three filter types: low pass, transistor ladder and bandpass with a separate LFO for frequency and Q, a free envelope that can be applied to frequency and Q. The envelopes are designed to have particularly long attacks and releases to allow for subtle sounds to be created."

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rob Papen's Predator 2 Released

Predator 2 Live stream 24 Nov.2016

Streamed live on Nov 24, 2016 Rob Papen

via the Rob Papen website:

"Predator 2 is the successor of a legendary synthesizer that has inspired many artists/composers and appears on countless music tracks! As before it combines inspiring presets and cutting edge features to make this your ‘go-to’ synth for contemporary music production.
The user interface has again been designed so that almost all main controls are visible on screen, making it fun and incredibly easy-to-use.

With Predator 2 and all its many cool features, we have also included an ‘Easy Page’ for the users that don’t like too many controls. The ‘Easy Page’ offers you the most important parameters if you want to change a sound quickly or just want to use the handy ‘preset variation’ function, which is an intelligent randomizer.
Predator 2 is packed with new powerful features such as: ‘Waveform morphing’, ‘Waveform drawing’, “WaveSet playmode’, XY pad, new EQ, and new voice level distortion.... and so much more!

Shipped with inspirational presets, Predator 2 is a unique synthesizer concept which combines ‘User Friendliness’ and ‘Packed Features’ in one amazing product.

Each oscillator is now dual, using two different waves (including the 8 user waves), with a variety of different waves of mixing / morphing between them
Each preset can hold up to 8 user waves, which can be combined into wave-sets, which can be traversed in different ways.
Each user wave is editable, using up to 256 partials, and with advanced commands to edit & shape these wavetables. Included with Predator 2 are many wave-tables and wave-sets.
each filter & oscillator is now fully stereo
much expanded second filter, with full controls & envelopes, plus a 3rd high pass filter
improved unison mode, so that you can now have up-to 6 unison sub-voices for each full voice, allowing unison to work in all play modes
XY screen, with recordable paths, which can be used to modulate all the controls
Dual Arp ( A & B) , with join mode allowing you to have up 32 step Arp. Plus new Sequencer Arp mode
increased envelopes & LFOs (up from 2 to 4)
Increased number of modulation steps (from 8 to 20), with advanced modulation mode allowing you to step limits & upper / lower amounts
Improved chord editing
Dual 3 band EQ with low / high pass filter which can be used pre / post of the effects.
Each section can have it’s own presets, and commands such as clearing / copying / pasting
Easy mode
Big Screen mode
Much improved preset management, with find mode & tagging
Almost 6000 presets"

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vengeance Avenger does E-MU Morpheus Synthmorph

Published on Nov 19, 2016 SynthMorph

"The upcoming VPS Avenger emulates some Z-plane filtering of the legendary E-MU Morpheus... seriously, it is hard to find anything wrong on this astonishing beast!"

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tangle VSTi - Modular FM plugin for VST/AU

Published on Nov 21, 2016 Computing.Sound

Patch 20112016 A // A Bunch of Waves, Tangle VSTi (Beta)
Patch 20112016 B // Synth Kalimba, Tangle VSTi (Beta)

"Just a little patch I did using the Tangle VSTi by Sound Guru.

Needs some further exploration."


Modular FM plugin for VST/AU

You don't usually see the words 'simple' and 'modular synth' in the same sentence. But that's what Tangle aims to be. Just 12 components, and a canvas to put them on. Hook them up to explore with new combinations and cross-pollinations of FM, AM, subtractive, and comb delay synthesis.

Tangle is in early access beta, and has a reduced price. Beta buyers will receive free updates including all 1.x releases. Contribute to development and influence new feature

Meet the team...

Screenshot of waveform browser.

On the canvas, minature components represent elements in your sound. They show information about the object's settings, and quick controls for important parameters. Selecting one or more objects brings up a detailed panel for each object, which exposes the full controls.

Components are built for simplicity and flexibility. For example, each oscillator has an internal ADSR envelope to reduce clutter on the graph. But if you want, you can turn it off and plug in a multi-stage envelope instead. Another example is a delay component which can be used both in a regular way and as comb filter for Karplus string synthesis.

Oscillator blend between several waveforms, use as audio or LFO
Filter choose from zero-delay, warm 24db, or 12db SVF types.
Noise includes unusual types like crackle, hiss & pink.
Envelope infinite curve and step stages, loops, modulatable times.
Sequencer modulatable 'Cartesian' style inspired by MakeNoise.
Macro knob and XY Pad for control and DAW automation.
Quantise for restricting control signal values
MixPan with several algorithm for unusual mix & pan modulations
Delay in seconds, beats or hertz, with modulatable time & cutoff
Expression capture velocity, aftertouch etc.
Scope view signal from any component on the canvas.


The Tangle's oscillator functions both at audio rates and as an LFO. All the standard waveshapes are here... plus about 5,000 more from Adventure Kid. You can easily add your own to the waveform folder too.

The handy waveform browser loads, displays, scrolls and searches thousands of waves as smooth as butter. Each oscillator can load and blend dynamically between 4 waveforms.

In addition, the oscillator includes optional extras to reduce the number of components on your canvas: a simple ADSR envelope, stereo outputs, and 'slop' controls for unstable frequency and envelope times.

Screenshot of the synthesiser in action.
Polyphony & live patching

The Tangle is programmed in efficient native C++ and most patches can be played polyphonically with little CPU usage. To make things even more fun, there are several polyphonic glide algorithms and temperament selector allowing you to experiment with just intonation and other tunings.

If you want to get lost in some modular-style live patching, hit the 'start' toggle at the top of the screen and The Tangle begins droning a note. Add components and connect them on the fly – it'll be midnight before you know it! When you've added enough connections you'll understand why it's called Tangle...

Graph interactions

Several well-known music applications use the 'boxes and cables' approach. It allows the user a huge amount of freedom and creativity in exploring ideas, in a similar way to hardware modules. But in many cases the interaction in these programs is complex and slow.

The Tangle aims to simplify, streamline and beautify. Many small details add up to a smooth workflow.

Connect multiple objects to a single input. There's little need for mixer objects.
Blend signals by changing each input's strength and range, then adding or multiplying with other signals.
Oscilliscopes everywhere! Easily inspect the signal at different points.
Zoomable components with no loss in quality. Everything is drawn in vectors, so it looks gorgeous on today's high resolution screens.
Helpful tooltips give additional information on almost every control."

Thursday, November 17, 2016

D16Group Repeater Teaser Video

Published on Nov 17, 2016 d16group

"Teaser of Repeater - The Vintage Modelled Delay"

Monday, October 31, 2016

Yamaha Introduces VOCALOID4 Library CYBER SONGMAN

【CYBER SONGMAN】Official Demo Fighter

Update: video added above, sent my way via Elias.

"Yamaha Corporation announced that is has begun to market 'VOCALOID4 Library CYBER SONGMAN', a new PC-based software that can create natural singing voices in authentic English pronunciation. This new software can be downloaded, beginning today, from the official VOCALOID Shop.

VOCALOID is a technology developed by Yamaha in 2003 to create artificial singing voices just by inputting words and melodies. By installing a Voice Bank, filled with sound bite parts of human voices, and the VOCALOID Editor to input the words, melodies, and singing styles desired, you can instruct the virtual singer of your choice to perform anytime and anywhere.

VOCALOID is continuing to evolve, and is presently available for creating cyber singing voices in Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Voice Bank software is available from Yamaha and other sources within and outside of Japan. Yamaha announced VOCALOID 4, the latest version, in November 2014. This version offers richer, more natural and expressive singing voices than ever before.

A very wide range of songs created with VOCALOID is available from video Internet sites such as YouTube. Especially in Japan, VOCALOID has grown and developed to become a part of the musical culture.

CYBER SONGMAN, which Yamaha is announcing today, is a new Voice Bank developed especially for users in the English-speaking world. CYBER SONGMAN offers a new level of enjoyment in creating songs using virtual singers performing in the English language. This new Voice Bank is based on recorded sound parts taken from the singing of a native speaker from the United States, and the pronunciation is clear and crisp American English that fits in well with almost any musical genre. If users also use the Growl function, it is possible to create the high levels of expressiveness needed, for example, in blues and rock songs.

CYBER SONGMAN was developed for wide global use, and it is offered for sale as a product that can be downloaded even from outside Japan. The price is JPY10,000 (before tax), and sales began today on the dedicated VOCALOID Official Shop. Besides, for VOCALOID beginners, we offer two starter kits on the VOCALOID shop. One consists of CYBER SONGMAN and VOCALOID4 Editor, the other consists of CYBER SONGMAN and VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase. The both products are offered at discounted price.

*We are also considering offering the new Voice Bank for download on other websites operated by Yamaha.
*This product cannot be used on a stand-alone basis and must be used with VOCALOID4 Editor or VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase andthe Cubase Series."

Sunday, October 30, 2016

HYPNOSIUM - Overview and Patch Examples - for Reaktor 6 Blocks

Published on Oct 30, 2016 Reaktion Soundtools

"HYPNOSIUM is available now at:

Made for REAKTOR 6 Blocks Framework, this new instrument will bring hypnotic sounds to your arsenal.

HYPNOSIUM - Additive Morphing Oscillator implements Additive Synthesis to create a wide range of timbres. Shape the sound at your taste by manually drawing the harmonic content, refine it with additional features and morphing through different waveform banks.

HYPNOSIUM is available now from Reaktion Sound Shop for 19,00€"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

UVI Synth Anthology II | Trailer

Published on Oct 26, 2016 UVI

"UVI Synth Anthology II
Hardware Synthesizer Tour de Force

— Massive collection of vintage and modern synth sounds, expertly programmed
— 77 hardware synths, 2,500 presets, 20,000 samples
— The pure sound of hardware with software convenience and a modern interface

An incredible collection of hardware synthesizer sounds, expertly programmed, individually sculpted with outboard processors, multisampled and mastered to perfection. Synth Anthology 2 delivers the pure and powerful sounds of 77 hardware synthesizers gently massaged and accentuated to taste with the best hardware processors on the market. You'll find everything from classic analogs like the Oberheim Xpander and Jupiter 4 to digital powerhouses like the Synclavier and FS1R to modern classics like the OB-6, Prophet 6 and Minilogue, all expertly programmed and exquisitely sampled, delivering the authentic and unmistakable sound of hardware.

Music Credits: Louis Couka"

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Tines from Klevgränd produktion on Vimeo.

"Tines emulates an electric piano. With internal effects like a stereo tremolo, a multiband distortion panel and a subtle roomy reverb, Tines can sound like anything between a dreamy slick Rhodes to a nasty Wurlitzer (however, it is not designed to be a ”vintage” emulation, but a modern and playable instrument). A fine-tuned velocity curve makes Tines a true joy to play on a MIDI keyboard."

Friday, October 07, 2016

Propellerhead Introduces Parsec 2 - Additive synthesis. Advanced.

Published on Oct 7, 2016 Propellerhead

"Introducing Parsec Spectral Synthesizer — the futuristic sound of additive synthesis for the Reason Rack. With two independent sound engines, up to 1024 oscillators per voice, a wide range of sound sculpting tools, built-in effects and free modulation routing, Parsec won’t leave you wishing when it comes to sonic horse-powers.

New in Parsec 2

The new version takes Parsec’s sonic exploration tools even further with added generators, modifiers and more.

Build your sound with 35 new generators, including resynthesized instruments and all of Thor’s wavetables.
Shape your sound with five new modifiers
Interactive displays: draw your filter curves, draw your pitch and partial envelopes, get visual feedback on all modifier parameters.
New modulation routings and an improved modulation interface: drag to the modulation destination
200+ new patches + much more"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jussi - Vocal Synthesizer for iOS & Mac

Published on Sep 23, 2016 Klevgränd products

"Jussi emulates male voice vowels in a unique way. Thanks to a set of powerful parameters you can make Jussi sing anything from soft and airy choir-like vowels to hard and angry shouting. Formants are controlled by playing with different velocity, which makes it fun and easy to play using a MIDI keyboard.

More info:
Download for Mac / Windows:
Download for iOS: [Jussi - Vocal Synthesizer - Klevgränd produkter AB]"

iTunes: Jussi - Vocal Synthesizer - Klevgränd produkter AB


• AUv3, works with AUv3 compatible hosts like Garageband, Cubasis, AUM etc.

• ADSR with ”Turn-in” and ”Turn-out” option (Turn-in and Turn-out affects the pitch and maps it to attack and release)

• Voice character XY pad (Intensity and Narrowness)

• Legato mode (glides between notes and velocity levels)

• Legato Hold mode (polyphonic legato when using a sustain controller, consult the documentation for more info)

• Throat emulation XY pad (Grain and Tonality)

• Built-in reverb

Note: Jussi in stand-alone mode does not support IAA, Audiobus or MIDI. You can play it using the keys at the bottom, but that’s it. We recommend using Jussi with AUv3 compatible hosts.

iPhone 6 or later is recommended.
iPad 4 or later is recommended.

Documentation is available at"

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Native Instruments Releases KOMPLETE 11

Introducing KOMPLETE 11 - available September 1

Published on Aug 1, 2016 Native Instruments

"Native Instruments Releases KOMPLETE 11, KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE, and KOMPLETE 11 SELECT

Berlin, September 1, 2016 – Native Instruments today released the 11th generation of its industry-leading KOMPLETE production suites, the most comprehensive collection of instruments and effects yet. KOMPLETE 11 now includes 45 products and more than 13,000 sounds, with seven new instruments: FORM, REAKTOR 6, UNA CORDA, DISCOVERY SERIES: INDIA, REPLIKA, SESSION GUITARIST – STRUMMED ACOUSTIC, and KINETIC METAL. KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE – the flagship bundle for professional producers, composers, and sound designers – now has 87 products and over 18,000 sounds. It adds 13 new instruments to the previous generation, including the five professional scoring instruments in the SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS line, FLESH, EMOTIVE STRINGS, plus all the new products in KOMPLETE 11.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Amazing Machines AM105 Quad VCA for Reaktor Blocks

AM105 Quad VCA for Reaktor Blocks from Amazing Machines on Vimeo.

"AM105 is a Block module for use with the Native Instruments’ Reaktor Blocks Modular System.

A highly flexible Quad VCA. Sporting Continuously Variable VCA Curves that range from Exponential to Logarithmic and anything in between, AM105 can Link VCA 1 to VCA 2 and VCA 3 to VCA 4, allowing for complex Amplitude Modulation Paths such as Tremolo Effects, Overall Volume Control and Effect Sends.

For more information please visit:"

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Bengal - Semi-Modular FM Synthesizer by Max for Cats

Published on Aug 18, 2016 max forcats

Bengal Synthesizer walk-through

Available at:
Max for Cats - new synths and effects for Ableton Live.
For more:

Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live.

"Combining the textural intricacy of FM with the freeform approach of a modular system, Bengal is a sound designer’s dream with its four operators, eight voices of polyphony, six audio effects and a flexible modulation architecture centred on an interactive virtual patchbay.

Bengal is a semi-modular synth, meaning that although its component modules (operators, filters, etc) are all fixed, they can be patched together in a huge range of configurations in the giant Patch panel at the bottom. Connect square output sockets to round input sockets by dragging virtual patchcords between them – it couldn’t be easier. Bengal is also eight-voice polyphonic, so it’s just as at home blasting out huge chords as it is one-finger basslines.

Serious FM

Each of Bengal’s four operators generates its waveform using a bank of 20 editable sine wave partials or a wavetable – over 40 are included, and external samples can be imported by dragging and dropping them directly into the GUI. Independent ADSR envelopes with Curve shaping and optional Looping are also in place for every operator, along with Feedback controls for really making them scream. The modulator/carrier routing is chosen from a selection of six FM algorithms, giving access to a variety of sonic starting points right out of the gate.

Dual filters

Bengal gives you not one but two multimode resonant filters. Filter 1 offers a choice of five switchable types – Moog-style ladder Lowpass, regular Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch and Comb (with adjustable bipolar Feedback) – as well as Drive and wet/dry Mix controls for dialling in analogue-flavoured saturation and parallel processing, respectively. Filter 2 can be placed after Filter 1 in the signal flow or fed in parallel with it, and morphs smoothly between Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Notch types.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Ju-X Frosting Introduction

Published on Aug 3, 2016 Juno Ju-X

"Introduction for Frosting, a new beat repeater/freezer plugin by Ju-X.

Compatible with all major audio effect formats, AU, VST, AAX for Mac and Win. Will be available soon!

(Background Photo by Brian Chan.)"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Space Bumps Online 3D Synth App

via DreamPipe

"Space Bumps is an audio visual app for generating experimental arpeggios and ambient landscapes. The synth engine is (very) loosely based on the famous sounds of the Yamaha’s DX7. The sounds produced are then analysed and turned into 3d landscapes.

Change arp transpose using asdf..etc keys
Lo fi FM synthesis and echo, reverb and chorus effects
Record and export audio output to wav
Save patterns / patches
Share saved patterns to twitter / fb

Turn attack to zero, tempo to 200+ and reverb to 100 to get ambient/spacey pads
Disable visualisation to improve performance

Have fun!"

Patch n Tweak
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