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Friday, December 20, 2019

Introducing the Blind Monk Instruments Navigator - Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Published on Dec 20, 2019 Blind Monk Music

"Introducing the Navigator, a polyphonic analog synthesizer an affordable analog synthesizer with tons of modulation capabilities, unique sounds, sequencer, chord memory, automation, automatic sequence generator, and more."

Navigator Features

Published on Dec 20, 2019 Blind Monk Music

"Going through some of the features of the Blind Monk Instruments Navigator"

"Navigator is polyphonic analog synth with a great sound and tons of modulation capabilities.

Each voice has:
2 Oscillators + Sub Oscillator + Ring Modulator
3 LFOs
2 ADSR envelops
2 pole fully resonant low pass filter
saw, pulse, and ring modulator wave shapes

64 step sequencer
chord memory mode
artificially intelligent sequence generator
oscillator shape control for double saw tooth, pulse wave, and ring modulation
unique ring modulator timbre control

Polyphonic, Duophonic, Unison, and Mono modes
150 patch storage locations
10 sequencer / chord memory storage locations
10 different sequence generator algorithms

sequencer automation control for all main menu functions
dozens of modulation destinations
millions of possible sounds

capable of loading different sounds for each of the four voices
full of cross modulation capabilities
square, triangle, saw, ramp, sample + hold, unique quad sine LFO shapes

unique architechure
With all other DCO synthesizers, each voice is locked to the same master frequency. In the Navigator, each voice has an independent frequency. This allows for stability while also creating a natural analog sound and phasing between oscillators.

velocity control of the filter envelope, the attack, and glide for greater performance control
LFO one can be synced between all voices or free running as well as synced via MIDI
Sequencer MIDI sync
MIDI control over all parameters"

Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Blind Monk Modular - Quad

Published on Jun 21, 2017 Thomas Shaw

"demo for the quad eurorack module. 4 channel crossfader / scanner, 4 channel VCA, waveshapper, analog additive synthesizer, mixer, etc."

via Blind Monk Modular

"Quad is a fully analog four channel crossfader, scanner and four channel VCA. At audio rates it works as a waveshaper, while combining audio rate signals and control voltage signals creates additive synth tones. With DC coupled inputs, it is capable of crossfading between control voltages. All of the functions work in stereo or mono for unique crossfading effects and complex stereo cross modulations.

4-channel crossfader / scanner

4 channel VCA

100% analog, audio rate wave shaping

Additive synth generator

Stereo or mono outputs

DC coupled inputs

Mixer, panner

Voltage controlled channel selector

Basic voltage controlled mixer

Controls for amount of cross fade (spread)

Control for how long each channel stays on (depth)

20 hp

Estimated price $285"

Blind Monk Modular - Programa

Published on Nov 6, 2016 Thomas Shaw

Blind Monk Modular - Harmonic Multiplier

Published on Jan 11, 2016 Thomas Shaw

"a demo video for the harmonic multiplier, a eurorack synthesizer audio processor."

Also see this post for a demo from Perfect Circuit Audio.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blind Monk Modular Harmonic Multiplier

Published on Dec 27, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Demonstrating how the overtones and distortion work with a triangle wave from an Intellijel Dixe II+ run into the Blink Monk Modular Harmonic Multiplier."


Note: MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio (other discounts excluded). See the membership page on how to sign up.

The following are details on the Harmonic Multiplier via the Blind Monk Modular website, where you can find some audio demos. Note this is the first Blind Monk Modular post on MATRIXSYNTH.

"The harmonic multiplier is an all analog harmonic generator and wave shaper. Capable of creating unique and complex tones, it takes an audio input from a triangle wave oscillator and multiplies the frequency up to seven times. It can process other audio signals as well. There is a built in distortion circuit for additional timbres. Input two oscillators and get a variety of ring modulator sounds and feedback is available for even further tones and harmonics.

eurorack format, all analog circuitry

individual knobs and outputs for each of the harmonics

six stages of wave folding

distortion circuit for thick pulse width sounds and sync style tones

feedback capable of creating crunchy digital sounding harmonics

input control voltages for wave symmetry, chorus like effects, and feedback tone control

can also be used as a two channel mixer"

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