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Monday, November 13, 2023

Yamaha Y-CAMS Demonstration Package

video uploads by Failed Muso

"The four tracks contained within the Y-CAMS Demonstration Package for the Yamaha QX1, TX816 and RX11."

"This set was only ever available to dealers and demonstrators in the mid 1980's."

Yamaha Y-CAMS Demonstration Package - Tri X - written and programmed by Toshiro Imaizumi.
Yamaha Y-CAMS Demonstration Package - Slunky Bunk - written and programmed by David Bristow.
Yamaha Y-CAMS Demonstration Package - Lament - written by J.J. Johnson and transcribed by Takehira Honda.
Yamaha Y-CAMS Demonstration Package - St. Elsewhere - written by Dave Grusin and transcribed by Gary Leuenberger.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Hypersynth HCard-705 for Yamaha DX1/DX5 Demonstration

video by Failed Muso

"In this video, I take a look at the new HCard-705 RAM Cartridge Pack from Hypersynth. We cover some brief history of DX cartridges before going through how to use the HCard-705 in your DX1/DX5, including how to install and access the brand new Hyper-Bank Performance patches, the first 3rd party commercial sound banks specifically for the DX1/DX5 ever!

Buy the HCard-705 direct from Hypersynth...

View the full audio demo of the Hyper-Bank" [posted here]
See the HyperSynth label below for more.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

February Filter Sweep YouTube Protest & a Call to any YouTube / Google Employees

Youtube claimed copyright on a synth filter sweep video by ranzee

"I can't believe we are now getting copyright claims just for performing tests on synths! Yep - all I did was a filter sweep - and BAM! Copyright Claim police came on in and took my video away (partially) from the world. This is ludicrous!"

This one was sent my way via supporting member, Synth Addict.

For those not aware, YouTube has algorithms that scan audio in videos for copyright infringement. If something is found in violation, the video is automatically unpublished. The problem? Apparently certain filter sweeps are triggering take downs. This is becoming a problem for synth demos (per ranzee above, and previously mentioned here for example). I am curious what sample is being used for the comparison. Rush's Tom Sawyer? :) Actually, Synth Addict mentioned it being a Chemical Brothers track, which does sound familiar. Anyway, if anyone out there reading this has any connections, maybe you can reach out to someone that can fix this?

For the rest of us, not sure how the following will help, but if anything it will bring some attention to the problem amongst the synth community.

via Synth Addict:

"What users can do:

Post a video on YouTube of yourself demonstrating a filter sweep on a synth or synths of your choice and tag it #FFS

Attached image created by Andrew Brooks on FB [the image directly above, in this post], as a joint effort with the chat community of Pro Synth Network, GEO Synths, and SonicState.

bogus YT claims received so far by:

Pro Synth Network
GEO Synths
Andrew Brooks
Starsky Carr
…and growing"

Update: and the first #FFS video:

FFS - February Filter Sweep

video by Vague Robots

And a couple more:

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Carol of the Doorbells

Failed Muso

"My gift to you all this Xmas and a tongue-in-cheek nod to all those people who describe my beloved FM synthesizers as expensive doorbells!

Have a safe, happy and healthy Xmas and here's to a better New Year!

All the best,

Rob aka Failed Muso

© Failed Muso Productions"

Thursday, November 26, 2020

CME WIDI Jack Production Sample in Action!

Failed Muso

"Here’s CME’s latest addition to the WIDI Bluetooth MIDI family, the WIDI Jack.

This literally just arrived direct from the factory and worked right out of the box. Excuse my chaotic desk and presentation but this is a very exciting development. WIDI Jack brings Bluetooth 5 wireless MIDI functionality to devices that don’t have powered MIDI ports or use either 2.5mm or 3.5mm (yes, I know I said 2.5 inch in the video!) TRS MIDI ports. It can also connect to regular 5-pin DIN MIDI or 6-pin DIN Mini MIDI ports with the correct cables. These cables can be chosen when you order your WIDI Jack. You get one cable choice included in the price, which will be $59 (or $29 if you register you interest now!)"

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Fitting New End Cheeks to a Yamaha DX5

Published on Dec 31, 2019 Failed Muso

"Just an overview of a little restoration work to my DX5 that I did today (31/12/19), replacing the original MDF end cheeks with some solid wood pieces. I thought it would be nice to show you the inside of one of these things too, so I hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year to all my subscribers, followers and viewers around the world!"

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

SynthFest UK 2019 Seminar - Fairlight CMI @ 40 with Rob Puricelli aka Failed Muso

New video added to this post.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

“Muffwiggler” Mike McGrath - Waveshaper TV Ep.12 - IDOW archive series

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Waveshaper Media

"We go back to the I Dream Of Wires archives for our next episode of Waveshaper TV - a 2011 interview with "Muffwiggler" Mike McGrath, founder of the quintessential modular synthesizer forum/community Muff Wiggler, who passed away on April 23 2019. We put this video together on short notice as a tribute to Mike, the day after his passing. R.I.P. (1976-2019)."

Mike with Don Buchla at NAMM from Instagram.

Also see:
Failed Muso

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Behringer MS-101 vs Roland SH-101 - The 101 Shootout!

Published on Feb 5, 2019 Failed Muso

"Far from being a truly scientific comparison, I was fortunate enough to be loaned a genuine, mint-condition Roland SH-101 so that I could stack it up sonically against Behringer's forthcoming MS-101.

The main objective of this video is to demonstrate how close the MS-101 gets to sounding like the SH-101and to see if it really can be a viable alternative to a synth that still commands £1K+ on the second hand market. As such, it is more of a comparison video, rather than one that explores all the sonic possibilities, features and functionality of the MS-101.

Watch the video, judge for yourselves!"

Behringer MS-101 Overview

Published on Feb 5, 2019 Failed Muso

"In this video, I go through the features and functionality of the Behringer MS-101 and demonstrate some of its abilities."

Monday, December 29, 2014

DEXED - Open source DX7 librarian / emulator VSTi demo

Published on Nov 4, 2014 artofdreammusic

"An insight into the powers of DEXED v0.8, the open-source DX7 librarian / emulator VSTi.

This great VSTi can be used both as a DX7 librarian to edit patches and send them to your DX7 synth (if you own one) but also as an emulator as it's built in engine recreates quite faithfully I think the sound of the DX7 synth.

The sounds in this demo come from the DEXED engine, not from a hardware DX7... Sometimes reverb has been added in the daw (and in this case, it's noted).

DEXED was created by Digital Suburban and can be downloaded for free here :

DEXED loads original DX7 sysex, so google them to find great presets to start working with it... but never forget that true synth lovers like to tweak their machines, and this has never been that easy for the DX as it is since DEXED exists :-)

Have fun with DEXED... and your DX7 if you are the lucky owner of one."

via Failed Muso

Saturday, May 31, 2014

RIP Stephen Howell of Hollow Sun

We lost another. Some sad news in via Atomic Shadow:

"I learned this morning of the passing of my best friend, Stephen Howell. Many of you know of his work as Hollow Sun. He was a well respected sound designer who had worked for Peter Gabriel and many others. He was a long time fixture at Akai Professional where he designed the UI for many of their top products as well as producing the sample content.

Stephen was my mentor and gave me the nudge to take my music in to a totally abstract direction. Without him there would have been no Atomic Shadow project. I plan to write a bit more about him when I can think more clearly. I am closing down yesterday's world of tomorrow, at least for now.

We only produced one piece of music together. I always tried to get him to do more of his own music, but he said that making music did not pay the bills. He was correct of course. I cut together a video to go with it at the time. Please enjoy it and share it with anyone that you know who may have known Stephen, or had their musical experience made more alive by using one of his instruments."

Mid Century Electronica from Atomic Shadow on Vimeo.

"A short piece featuring my vintage, tube HP sine wave generators, tape loops and ring modulators with a photographic homage to the early pioneers of electronica.... Daphne Oram in twin set, the impish Delia Derbyshire of the early BBC Radiophonic Workshop, several tweedy boffins in their music labs, Karlheinz Stockhausen and so many others. A different age when innovation and ingenuity triumphed over the many technical limitations of the age.

Abstract music soundtrack re-mixed and produced by Stephen Howell of Hollow Sun using traditional techniques in a digital age."

You can find an interview with Stephen Howell on SoundBytes here.

"I was always huge fan of early electronica and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (Dr Who, Delia Derbyshire and all that as a six-year-old), Louis and Bebe Barron (who did the ‘electronic tonalities’ for the classic sci-fi movie ‘Forbidden Planet’) and loved the weird old gear they used to make/use, so Mario and I were able to design and create, using Kontakt, weird and wonderful things that flew in the face of, shall we say, more ‘conventional’ modern synths and sampler instruments..."

Indeed. Click here for all posts featuring Hollow Sun on MATRIXSYNTH. Each post is a tribute to his spirit. He will be sorely missed.

Update: Failed Muso has set up a condolence page here.

And on KVR here.


Stephen Howell and the Subharchord from Ina Pillat on Vimeo.

"December 2011 at the Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum) in Berlin. Stephen Howell takes recordings of the instrument. Per Platou, founder and leader of, has invited him to create a sound library and helps him with the recordings. Inventor Gerd Steinke in conversation with Stephen Howell.

Photography: Jenny Barth
Sound: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
Director: Ina Pillat
Production: Norwegian Arts Council // Per Platou, Ina Pillat"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fairlight CMI Series III Restoration Part 3

Published on May 22, 2014 Failed Muso·57 videos

"Part three of a set of videos documenting the restoration of a Series III Fairlight CMI, previously owned by Ian Stanley of Tears for Fears.

In this episode, the CMI music keyboard has been opened up, exposing the keybed and circuit boards, along with decades worth of corrosion, grime and fluff!

Keep up to date with the restoration over at my blog..."

All parts here.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Being Boiled - Martyn Ware demos Roland System 100 and Korg 700

Published on Dec 1, 2013 Failed Muso·59 videos

"Martyn Ware, founding member of the Human League and Heaven 17, as well as the British Electric Foundation and Illustrious, demonstrates the Roland System 100 and the Korg 700S 700. These are the original instruments that he and Ian Craig Marsh wrote and performed the original version of Being Boiled on.

This was the climax to a 45 minute talk given by Martyn, accompanied by the great Peter Howell of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London, on the night of November 30th 2013. It preceded a performance by the BBC Concert Orchestra in the main hall, as part of their "The Rest is Noise" season. They performed works by Andrew Poppy, Michael Nyman and commissions by Anne Dudley, which saw the orchestra take on reinterpretations, or "remixes" of Art of Noise's "Into Battle" as well as a new work, Rhythm of a Decade, a mash up of themes from the decade, accompanied by a narration from Paul Morley.

All the other original members of the Art of Noise were present in the audience (Trevor Horn, JJ Jeczalik, Gary Langan), billed by them as a one off 30th anniversary reunion ;-)"

Update via Timothy Glasgow in the comments: "That's a straight 700; not a 700s."

He is correct.  The 700s had extra controls and a black case on the top left of the keyboard.  The 700 lacked this and had a wood or faux wood cover there.  In the video you can clearly see the wood.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fairlight CMI Series III Restoration Part 1

Published on Jul 20, 2013 FailedMuso·56 videos

"Part one of a set of videos documenting the restoration of a Series III Fairlight CMI.

In this first episode, the CMI has been extracted from its flight cases, installed in my studio and received an initial surface clean.

Keep up to date with the restoration over at my blog..."

Fairlight CMI Series III Restoration Part 2

Published on Aug 12, 2013 FailedMuso·57 videos


After fitting an updated Q133 Debug card, connecting the original monitor and alphanumeric keyboard, we gingerly introduced power back into her old bones and she breathed once more! She's yet to find her voice, but that's the next step :-)

For more info, pictures and videos, visit the blog at..."

Fairlight CMI Series III Restoration Part 3

Published on May 22, 2014 Failed Muso·57 videos

"Part three of a set of videos documenting the restoration of a Series III Fairlight CMI, previously owned by Ian Stanley of Tears for Fears.

In this episode, the CMI music keyboard has been opened up, exposing the keybed and circuit boards, along with decades worth of corrosion, grime and fluff!

Keep up to date with the restoration over at my blog..."

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peter Vogel and Thomas Dolby on the Impact of the Fairlight CMI

YouTube Uploaded by matrixsynth on Feb 29, 2012

"Blinded By Science: Thomas Dolby and Peter Vogel in conversation with Tim Ritchie

This is a great Big Ideas for tech geek musicians and innovators. Blinded By Science is the name of the show and it features musician, Thomas Dolby and the inventor of the Fairlight synthesizer, Peter Vogel, talking to Radio National’s Tim Ritchie at Notes in Newtown. If you love music , you’ll love this conversation. It has the ‘after performance’ feel of musicians talking about why they do what they do – the highs and the disastrous lows!

These were the early days of electronic music and both Peter and Thomas were there at the outset and were both brilliant innovators."

via abc via Failed Muso

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fairlight CMI 30A Video Demo [NAMM 2011]

YouTube via audiofanzinetv | January 19, 2011

via failed muso

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News - Fairlight CMI Legacy School Edition

YouTube via bitleyTM | November 24, 2010

"For immediate release: The Fairlight CMI Legacy School Edition ReFill

The Fairlight CMI Legacy School Edition refill contains the entire Fairlight CMI Legacy and Supremacy 1.4 refills, giving each student or each fan of the legendary Fairlight sound access to these libraries for only $45 (per seat) worldwide.

The Fairlight Legacy library was introduced earlier this year and became a huge success. The library was then updated to Supersonic, giving it a huge addition of new sounds, samples and patches. The price of Supersonic was originally $149 but has now been reduced to $65 only. The School Edition version contains Fairlight CMI Legacy and Supremacy (the update refill), costs $45 and can be upgraded to Supersonic for only $25 (per seat)."
via Failed Muso

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tracey Thorn 'Why Does The Wind?' (Live At Home Version)

YouTube via buzzinflyfilms | June 17, 2010

Some synth spotting with Tracey Thorn of Everything but the Girl. Note the Suzuki Omnichord.
"Recorded in the home studio with Ewan Pearson (synth, drum programming) and Ben Watt (electric guitar) in Feb 2010 this is a stripped-back live version of a song from Tracey's album 'Love And Its Opposite' (released May 17 2010)"
via Failed Muso

Saturday, April 24, 2010


YouTube via rhythmonster — March 16, 2010 —

"Original AKAI S-900 video manual. Dubbed off the VHS."

via Failed Muso

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