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Monday, June 24, 2024

Sleep Music with Prophet Rev2 and Strymon Big Sky | Ambient music with synth

video upload by Le Code

"Let's start by dreaming with the Prophet Rev2's marvellous pads, magnified by the Strymon Big Sky.

#ambient #ambientmusic #prophetrev2 #bigsky

Music written and produced by Alexandre de Charrin

Download my 4-track EP 'Introspection' for free

Monday, April 22, 2024

Sleeping with my Moog | Sleep Music with Moog Subsequent 37 and Hologram Microcosm

video upload by Le Code

"Did you know that Moog synthesizers can make you sleep and dream? That's what I tried to do, by playing the Moog Subsequent 37 with the Microcosm pedal by Hologram.

Moog Subsequent 37 and Hologram Microcosm. Additional pads by Luftrum Ambient 3.
#ambient #ambientmusic #moog

Music written and produced by Alexandre de Charrin

Download my 4-track EP 'Introspection' for free

Monday, March 04, 2024

Prophet Rev2 With Strymon Big Sky & Meris Mercury 7 | AMBIENT PADS

video upload by Le Code

"The prophet Rev2 is a powerful pad machine: with a few chords, I play with the filter. Two reverbs are added: the Strymon Big Sky is set to a shimmer-type preset, while the Meris Mercury 7 adds spatial reverb to the whole, and gives fullness to this ambient jam.

Sequential Prophet Rev2
Strymon Big Sky
Meris Mercury 7"

Prophet Rev2 ambient pads with Meris Mercury 7 | Ambient Pads

"The Prophet Rev2 is still amazing at producing beautiful ambient pads, and if you add the Mercury 7 pedal from Meris, you literally fly into space! đŸȘ
On this video, I show you Prophet Rev2 ambient pads with Meris Mercury 7 pedal.

When we turn the decay far enough, we get an infinite pad.

00:00 Sound 1
01:56 Sound 2
03:32 Sound 3
05:08 Sound 4"

Saturday, May 27, 2023

TS1 multitrack sequencer factory drum presets.

video upload by bvr-instruments

":In this video, we'll walk through the factory presets. These are quite basic and can be easily customized and extended with the following modifiers :
/2, /4, /8, plays each N times
x3, x7 plays x time on 4 or 8 bars,X for chance, II for ratchet.
The presets are only 8 because of the code functionalities included inside the TS1.
for all informations please refer to quick guide 3.8 at: .

Dans cette vidĂ©o, nous allons parcourir les prĂ©rĂ©glages d'usine. Ceux-ci sont assez basiques et peuvent ĂȘtre facilement personnalisĂ©s et Ă©tendus avec les modificateurs suivants:
/2, /4, /8, joue chaque N fois
x3, x7 joue x fois sur 4 ou 8 mesures, X pour la chance, II pour le cliquet.
Les préréglages ne sont que 8 en raison des fonctionnalités de code incluses dans le TS1.
pour toutes informations merci de vous référer au guide rapide 3.8 sur : ."

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 w/ Case & Micro Communications Backup Tape Cassette

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

Use this code on checkout for $30 off orders of $100 or more from now until December 31: MATRIX30

"Ultra rare, synthétiseur analogique Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 original, vendu avec son flight case d'origine et la petite cassette de sauvegarde.

Les key bushing sont neufs sur les deux claviers, les condensateurs de l'alimentation ont été changé, quelques condensateurs changés par des condensateurs Nichicon Gold sur certaine carte, batterie Ni-MH neuve rajouté pour sauvegarder les mémoires (photo 5).

Le sequenceur ne fonctionne pas, le MIDI non testé, à besoin d'une petite révision pour qu'il soit opérationnel à 100%.

Gros son analogique, 10 voies de polyphonie, 5 voies par clavier.

3 sorties XLR symétriques, 3 sorties jack 6.35 asymétriques.... MIDI..."


"Ultra rare, original Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 analog synthesizer, sold with its original flight case and small backup cassette.

The key bushings are new on both keyboards, the power supply capacitors have been changed, some capacitors replaced by Nichicon Gold capacitors on certain boards, new Ni-MH battery added to save the memories (photo 5).

The sequencer does not work, the MIDI not tested, needs a little revision to make it 100% operational.

Big analog sound, 10 voice polyphony, 5 voices per keyboard.

3 balanced XLR outputs, 3 unbalanced 6.35 jack outputs...MIDI..."

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Boards of Canada - Roygbiv Cover | Nord Drum 3P Sounds Only | + Novation Launchkey Mk3 & SoftStep 2

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"đŸ„Interested in using those sounds yourself? I just released my first custom sound bank for the Nord Drum 3P, containing the sounds from this video and many others. You can find it here (including previews):

You can get 20% off until November 15th by using this Code: THANKYOUENJOY

Also note that all sounds are available as wav files as well, so you can use them even without owning a Nord Drum 3P.


In this video I'm playing Roygbiv from Boards of Canada while only using sounds from the Nord Drum 3P. I used some effects inside my DAW though and also mixed it in the end, applying some EQ and compression.

The whole set is organized in Ableton Live, and I'm also using the Novation Launchkey Mk3 for playing the final synth line and some clip triggering. Intentionally I wanted to play all sounds by "drumming", but the melody had too many variations and notes so it became too complex. As a foot controller I'm using the Keith McMillen Softstep 2. A very fun thing I discovered here was to change the pitch of a pad with a foot controller. This way I could "drum" the bassline, which has 8 different pitches.

I always loved this song and bassline, and I was curious how well it works with the Nord Drum 3P. I really like how the bass sounds in the lower tones, while it gets a little less fat when moving up in terms of the notes you play."

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Waldorf Edition LE - Synth Funk

Published on Apr 1, 2015 Val Solo

"I bought the Waldorf Edition LE for a GREAT price from when using a discount code. I became so happy I decided to make a little song ONLY with the soft synths included in the package!

So everything You hear is from the Waldorf Edition LE"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Beat707 XXL Now Available

via Kalfelz William of Beat707 (click through for additional details and videos):

"This initial version is BIG, hence the XXL name. LE is for Limited Edition, since it does not feature the LCD and SD Card that the next version does. Still, the feature list is great!

Beat707 XXL LE has only MIDI output, no LCD and no SD Card. Uses the ATmega328 EEPROM to store data. This unit can handle 8 drum tracks, 2 accent tracks and 6 patterns. Each pattern is actually a combi of 4 x 16 steps plus extra double steps. So in total we have 128 steps per pattern. We have setup a very easy way to edit all those steps. We have steps A, B, C, D for each set of 16 steps. Also, you can set a set to "double-step" and it will blink instead of light-up. All options are set into the program itself which can be altered and uploaded using the Arduino IDE.

- Uses only Two ATmega328 Chips and basic components.
- Work with a 500mA 5V power supply.
- Can use 4 pin mic left and right connectors, instead of 6 pin mic connectors.
- Settings such as track drum notes and midi channels are set in code, while BPM and Steps# can be changed in the interface itself and is saved along the other data into the internal EEPROM.
- Multiple units can be side-chained.

We are selling it as a DIY Kit, with options with and without the components. The kit is easy to build since we did not use anything hard to solder. Check the other videos for more details about the Beat707 XXL PCB."

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Announcing the Beat707 Pulse

"Announcing the Beat707 Pulse synth project created by Jack, our new contributor. This is based on the previous Beat707 SY LE project, but with some twists. This is a WORK in progress, as Jack wishes to see how many users will jump on board. We are gathering some money in order to pay Jack's time, so any contribution will be welcome. For that, we decided to make the project paid-for. You can still get schematics and source-code, for a Do It Yourself (DIY) project.

Please, visit the following link for details on this project, including videos, mp3 and other links..."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

MrBlueXav Brisophone DIY Automatic Semi-Random Digital Synthesizer

Le brisophone : automatic synthesizer DIY
Published on Apr 27, 2013

STM32F4 DIY synth : Brisophone demo + Korg Monotron delay effect

"Published on May 1, 2013
Automatic semi-random digital sound synthesizer based on STM32F4 Discovery board (STmicroelectronics).
Control through 4 push buttons and 1 bargraph LED display.
Access to 13 parameters...
This is a work in progress.

Open source code ! :

The latest sound demos are here :"

"This is a semi-random music generator based on a STM32F4 Discovery board and a simple expansion board providing four push buttons and a 10 LED bargraph.

It's a cousin of my previous "Ambiantiseur" project.

Now we have 4 effects : LP filter, chorus/flanger, delay, distortion.

The latest sound demos are here :

Early videos :

Through the 4 buttons you can edit about 20 parameters.

All push buttons are active low. They are connected to PD8, PD9, PD10, PD11.

The first two are used to choose the parameter you'd like to modify : you scroll the list forward or backward. The bargraph displays a configuration of LEDs for each parameter.

The two second buttons are generally used for increasing or decreasing the parameter value or sometimes toggle a value.

The bargraph (common cathods) is connected to pins PE6, PE7, .... PE14, PE15. Each output is active at high level (3V). I've used 120 ohms resistors. The display is multiplexed (one Led is on at a time) and not bright...This system doesn't work very well in fact....

This project was built with's free IDE : CoIDE 1.7 and the GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors (

The main project file to open with CoIDE is "Brisophone.coproj".

Be sure to adapt your settings :

Toolchain location : Project > Select your Toolchain Path ...

libm location : Configuration window > link > linked libraries > add ...

( example : C:\program files\gnu tools arm embedded\4.7 2013q2\arm-none-eabi\lib\armv7e-m\fpu\ )"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

LE STRUM - MIDI Strummed Chord Controller Kit

Published on Jun 16, 2013

"If you could breed an Omnichord with a Stylophone you might end up with some of these babies.... [or the Oberheim Strummer]

Use combinations of the buttons to select a chord type (maj, min, 7, maj7, min7, dim, aug) and root note. The chord is then mapped across the pads, which you play with a wired stylus, sending output by MIDI.

This is an old idea of mine that I've now turned into an open hardware kit, so anyone can make one. The updated firmware has some new goodies like guitar open chord fingerings, chord variations (sus4, add6, add9), two channel lead + chord drone and control over velocity.

Kit is available for purchase on Tindie at and the firmware/hardware source code is on GitHub at"

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cheat Code Live au Buzz, Paris, le 15 décembre 2010.

YouTube Uploaded by BitCrusherTv on Sep 26, 2011

"Concert Live avec The Cheat Code, le 15 décembre 2010 au Buzz

the Cheat Code​thecheatcode​pages/​The-Cheat-Code/​190085591061686​03a986a64e193180012b08aca422ab00013a08e8e422aa0001

The Cheat Code are : Morusque et Bitcrusher

RĂ©alisation : Mehdi LĂ©vĂȘque
Cadre : François Robinson

Holistic Productions 2011"

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