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Friday, June 14, 2024

Twist, Slide, Tap πŸŽ›️🎚️πŸ’» Hybrid Modular • Ep 3

video upload by Lightbath

00:00​ – Intro
00:49 – Why Bitwig?
05:15 – Bitwig Overview
07:44 – Intech BU16
09:44 – MIDI Fighter Twister
14:22 – Clouds + Flourish
17:27 – Pingy
20:48 – Intech PBF4
22:47 – Outro

"In this third episode of Hybrid Modular we'll take a closer look at the software and controllers that make the magic happen πŸͺ„

Download my Magical Mycelial Resources Pack →"

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

This synthesizer has invisible magic hands πŸ™Œ Hybrid Modular • Ep 2

video upload by Lightbath

"In this episode we'll reveal the hidden network that connects the hardware and software components of my new hybrid modular + computer system.

Download my Magical Mycelial Resources Pack → / lightbath

A Patreon membership gives you access to my private Club Lightbath Discord community, patch notes, and educational resources archive, plus optional group and one-on-one lessons through my Creative Mentorship program.

✶ GEAR ✶

Thanks to @ExpertSleepersLtd @Five12 @oxiinstruments @mnemonicdevices1497 @djtechtools @intechstudio @NovationTV and @ArturiaOfficial for sending the bits to help me build this new instrument. Also, thanks to @NativeInstruments @SoundironAudio and @HosaTechnology for their continued support.

Modules in this case →
Audio + Video gear →
DIY cables →
Eurorack cables →
The best music book →
Lightbath Mall →"

Thursday, June 01, 2023

Immersive PlantWave Performance at SXSW 2023

video upload by Lightbath

"Revisit my immersive PlantWave performance at SXSW 2023 where I used real-time plant biodata to animate carefully designed musical systems in my modular synthesizer and computer. Held in Data Garden's Plant Music Lounge, this concert of guided generative music was an interspecies collaboration between myself and four houseplants.


Get detailed patch notes of the Eurorack and computer/controllers setup I used for the performance on Patreon. A Patreon membership gives you access to my private Club Lightbath Discord community, educational resources archive, plus optional group and one-on-one lessons through my Creative Mentorship program →


Thanks to Data Garden and @PlantWave for making this event a reality. Thanks to Robbie Tharp for the beautiful cinematography.

Continued thanks to @BlackmagicDesignOfficial for the 6K Pro we used as well as @HosaTechnology for the cables that connect all the things and @djtechtools for the MIDI Twister that gave me such fine knobs for interacting with the computer πŸ™

All modules + music gear in this video →
Audio + Video gear →"

Friday, May 19, 2023

The Spectraphon Zone • Make Noise x SoundHack Dual Spectral Oscillator

video upload by Lightbath

"Thanks to @MAKEN0ISEMUSIC for sponsoring this video and getting me into The Spectraphon Zone 🌈🌟

Continued thanks to @BlackmagicDesignOfficial for the pocket cinema cameras used to shoot this video and to @HosaTechnology for the cables that connect all the things πŸ™


00:00​ - The Spectraphon Zone
00:26​ - The Lightbath Zone
00:42​ - What is Spectraphon?
01:09​ - SAM: Spectral Amplitude Modulation
01:34 - SAM: Slide + Focus w/ Birds
02:59​ - SAM: Harp Into Spectraphon
04:07​ - SAM: Patching the Sines
06:17​ - SAO: Spectral Array Oscillation
07:36 - Have Patience
08:00 - Opening the Doors of Creativity*"

Friday, January 20, 2023

Playing a Modular Synth at a Wedding

video upload by Lightbath

A little bit of synth history? Curious if this is the first modular perfomed at a wedding.

"I'm so grateful to Shelby (Frogi) and David (VAAAL) for having me improvise with cellist, Chris Votek at their wedding in Ojai, CA back in 2021. This video is a brief edit of the music Chris and I played that day. Despite having played for hours, only some of it was recorded. A longer edit of this performance is available on Patreon, complete with bloopers, in what I like to call a 'comedy cut'.

Shelby & David's Wedding
Ojai, CA
September 10, 2021


Chris Votek →
Frogi →
The Shalom Imaginative →
Art & Soul Events →"

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Synthesizer Speaks • Modular on the Spot @ Moogfest 2019

video upload by Lightbath

"This is an edit of my Moogfest 2019 Modular on the Spot set.

Moogfest 2019
Modular on the Spot
Durham, NC
April 27, 2019

Thanks to Jerry Kaba for the b-cam footage and thanks to everyone for playing the game at the end!


Full patch notes are in the archive on Patreon. Join our Discord community, get lossless downloads, attend group classes, and meet with me one-on-one through my Creative Mentorship program →"

Thursday, November 24, 2022

elektron gravy. thx pals. Show less

video upload by Lightbath

Written patch notes →


North Sister
October 30, 2022
Sisters, OR

North Sister | The Lightbath Zone • BTS commentary

video upload by


00:00 Introduction
00:38 Commentary
04:16 Assignment

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Make Noise Strega | Episode 05 | Patches from the Manual

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"For this episode, I wanted to let you hear the numerous patches which are documented in Strega's manual. There are patches from Alessandro C, Tony Rolando, Peter Speer, Walker Farrell, Sarah Belle Reid, LightBath, Jake (Pugh?) and Tim Held. I realized I didn't leave much space for 'Bare Strega' in my previous videos, so this was a very cool way to let you hear it 'as intended'."

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Synth Trek • Lightbath

"Synths: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Lightbath. Its eternal mission: to explore strange new sounds; to seek out new noise and new joy; to boldly go where no synth has gone before!"


1. Synth Trek, Ep 1 • Treats First, Then Pets | Beginner FM Modular Synthesizer Tutorial
Synths: the final frontier. Captain Lightbath investigates the planet FM where the inhabitants are rumoured to have a complex spoken language πŸ––

Episode 1
Treats First, Then Pets

00:00​ - Opening Theme
00:39​ - First Encounter
01:10​ - Tutorial
04:56​ - Moar Treats
05:48​ - End Credits
2. Synth Trek, Ep 2 • Barton's Recipe | Beginner FM Modular Synthesizer Tutorial
Synths: the final frontier. Captain Lightbath seeks the help of Chief Engineer, Lt. Cmdr Barton and his Buchla synthesizer to cook up tastier FM treats to impress the furry lifeform known as BΓΈrk πŸ––

Episode 2
Barton's Recipe
Guest Starring @Todd Barton →

00:00​ - Opening Theme
00:39​ - Barton's Buchla
01:16​ - Buchla Tutorial
03:11​ - Eurorack Tutorial
05:23​ - Tastier Treats
06:20​ - End Credits
Club Lightbath 🌟 private Discord community, patch notes, and lessons through my Creative Mentorship program →

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Strega + Ø-CTRL Alchemy • Make Noise Synthesizer Exploration

video by Lightbath

"Download my Strega Patchbook →

A Patreon membership also gives you access to my private Club Lightbath Discord community, patch notes and educational resources archive, plus optional group and one-on-one lessons through my Creative Mentorship program.


00:00​​ - Let's get alchemical ⚗️
00:03​​ - AIR 🌬 Activation, Tones, and Modulation
02:11​​ - EARTH 🌳 Ø-CTRL (Keybath), Interference Bridge
04:10​​ - WATER 🌊 External Substance Deepzones
06:14​ - FIRE πŸ”₯ Dynamic Envelope (Twelve Kay, The Fire)
07:48​ - Moar Patch, Much Love πŸŽ›
07:57​ - Find the magic ✨


Strega is a mono instrument, so for this video I ran it through an SSL SiX for dynamics processing followed by OTO BAM for spatialization.

Full patch notes are available through Patreon →


Thanks to Make Noise for sponsoring this video and sending Strega and Ø-CTRL to explore. I had previously overlooked their standalone instruments and now I'm hooked and sort of want to check out the Ø-COAST.

Make Noise →"

Friday, January 08, 2021

IBEAM (ft. Aaron Shragge) | Shakuhachi, Trumpet + Modular Synthesizer


"Duo improvisation with Aaron Shragge, recorded in Brooklyn on August 2, 2018. Aaron plays Shakuhachi and Dragon Mouth Trumpet—the latter of which is equipped with a slide enabling microtonality—with electronics:


This session was recorded just after the live set at Commend that became the split release with Emily A. Sprague, 'full/new' available on RVNG Intl. I'm using the same patch, so you might recognize some similar zones →

Written Patch Notes are on Patreon along with the Discord community and lessons through my Creative Mentorship program →

✶ GEAR ✶

All the things →
Audio + Video gear →"

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Moog Re-Introduces the Werkstatt-01 & CV Expander for $199

Moog Music Inc

"In this exploration of sound design and composition using the Werkstatt-01 analog synthesizer, Asheville-based electronic music producer and Moog Product Specialist Max Ravitz combines eight Werkstatt-01 synthesizers in a dynamic performance in the Moog Sound Lab.

Each of the eight Werkstatt-01 instruments provides a different element in the song ranging from booming kick drums to metallic hi-hats, and deep basses to wavering leads—many of which are based on the sounds found in the Werkstatt-01 Exploration Patchbook, which contains a variety of inspiring patches also designed by Ravitz. All eight Werkstatt-01 synthesizers in this performance are sequenced by the Winter Modular Eloquencer, with a touch of delay and reverb provided by the OTO Machines BIM and BAM to add dimension to the mix."

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

User videos:

1. Moog Werkstatt Overview and Demo by Patchwerks Seattle, available here:
2. A $199 Moog?! Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synth Demo & Build - Reverb
3. TOO Much Werk?? The Moog Werkstatt-01 & CV Expander - Noir Et Blanc Vie
4. Building + Playing Moog Werkstatt-01 + CV Expander Analog Synthesizer Kit - Lightbath
5. Moog Werkstatt-01 (From Build to ACID) - Red Means Recording
6. Moog Werkstatt-01 & CV Expander reissue 2020 build and review - Molten Music Technology

via Moog Music:

"Re-Introducing Werkstatt-01

Werkstatt-01 is a patchable and compact analog synthesizer. A gateway to the expansive world of analog synthesis, the instrument is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring classic Moog sound and circuitry through the unique, hands-on experience of a DIY synthesizer project. This affordable, easy-to-assemble kit requires no prior electronics experience and is a perfect afternoon (or Christmas morning) project.

The straightforward simplicity of Werkstatt-01’s design makes it an ideal jumping-off point to discover a limitless new world of analog sound design, and the included 3.5mm CV Expander makes it a no-brainer for everyone wishing to integrate the iconic Moog sound into their music. The 9" by 6" musical machine may be small, but the raw power and spectrum of the sound it produces is immense.

From Musical Exploration to Experimental Education

First introduced at Moogfest 2014 as part of the event’s Engineering Workshop, the Werkstatt-01 analog synthesizer has been admired as an essential introductory synth, a powerful standalone instrument, and an enhancement to any integrated electronic music ecosystem. Based on classic Moog circuitry, Werkstatt-01 was created to provide a hands-on understanding of how analog synthesizers work and encourage experimentation with sound through patching and interconnectivity.

The research and design that went into Werkstatt-01’s circuits, and the demand for more semi-modular exploratory analog instruments after its initial release, ultimately led to the development of some of today’s most expressive sound design machines: Mother-32, DFAM, Grandmother, Matriarch, and Subharmonicon.

More than a musical instrument, Werkstatt-01 has also served as an interactive educational tool in STEM curricula. The compact, versatile synthesizer has been the heart of the Georgia Tech Hackathon, a weekend-long competition that takes place each February at the Atlanta university’s Center for Music Technology, for six years and counting. The 2021 Georgia Tech Hackathon will be held virtually; see details here.

The easily mod-able analog synth kit has also proven to be a perfect learning ground for DIY modifications and the science of sound. This page of our website features a series of instructional videos to walk you through how to expand your instrument through breadboarding and arduino integration.

Classic Moog Sound & Circuitry

Werkstatt-01’s 100% analog circuits deliver the classic soul and futuristic sound Moog synthesizers are known for. Featuring a full-range analog oscillator with selectable waveforms for powerful sound and the legendary Moog Ladder Filter for precision harmonic sculpting, this instrument covers a vast expanse of sonic territory. Adding movement and modulation is as simple as engaging Werkstatt-01’s analog LFO circuit to simulate the motion of gently breathing waves, or crank up the LFO speed and summon cosmic laser beams. A two-stage analog envelope generator with sustain gives you control to shape dynamics, dialing in everything from lush electronic string swells to punchy basslines and organic percussion hits—and everything in between.

The included CV Expander allows you to enter the endless realms of modular synthesis, where new connections can be made and original sounds are unlocked. Patching inputs and outputs together from the 12 jacks of the 3.5mm patch bay will reconfigure Werkstatt-01’s circuits to create new signal paths and empower new sonic explorations. The included CV Expander also makes it easy to connect Werkstatt-01 to other Moog semi-modular synthesizers, Eurorack systems, or drum machines, enhancing any configuration with powerful analog sound."

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Novation AFX Station • Lightbath Patches + Overlays Demo


"I'm honored to be one of five sound designers selected by Novation and Richard D. James to create Patches + Overlays for the new AFX Station synth. I'm in good company with the others being Richard Devine, Noyzelab, Perplex On and ol' pal, r beny.

The AFX Station is a Bass Station II with a facelift that makes it easier to use the AFX Mode Overlays that are part of the new firmware. Plus, the thing looks great, now. More pro, less toy imo. It's a powerful synth that reminds me a lot of my Roland SH-101, but with patch-saving capabilities and some gnarly distortion and drive.

My patches parody a few choice sounds like BoC's Roygbiv and One Very Important Thought and some of the dirty sounds used by Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow as well as a bunch of 'classic' Lightbath sounds and even a few jokes.

Lightbath Patches

082 - Audubon
083 - B3 Marimba
084 - Bass Racer
085 - Dandy Gum
086 - Formantable
087 - Gravity Error
088 - ImportantThought
089 - Mosquitohead
090 - Pluckbath
091 - Roy G. Biv
092 - SH-Gregorian
093 - The Fourth Below
094 - Threefold
095 - Tobacco Blessing
096 - Warm Chillbath

Lightbath Overlays

o5 - Gyil
o6 - Glitch
o7 - Flute"

Novation →"

You can find additional Novation AFX Station posts here.

Monday, April 06, 2020

-6 Bar Loop- Chase Bliss Blooper/Novation SL MKIII + friends (track built from scratch) -CALC-

Published on Apr 6, 2020 -CALC-

"I bought myself a Chase Bliss Blooper, waited patiently for it to arrive and.... oh boy, is it NICE!

This is the first thing I made with it. It's a single take of building things up from nothing... all sequences are made in realtime.

It’s a 6 bar looping phrase starting with a Yamaha Reface CP being recorded into a clock sync’d (b)looper

From there the Novation SL MKIII does all the heavy lifting with some sequencing and hardware control

SL MKIII is sequencing/controlling the:
Roland TR-08
Roland SH101
Rossum Electro Assimil8or (via cv.ocd)
and… a tastey summit patch from lightbath

Later on more loops are added to the Blooper which are then left to “crumble” at the end

A lot of fun for only 6 bars worth of music"

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Hybrid Modular Ep 1 • Hardware + Software | Eurorack + Computer Synthesizer

Published on Mar 26, 2020 Lightbath

"Up until the global travel situation abruptly changed I was preparing for a European tour. My focus was building an entirely new hybrid hardware + software modular system to travel light and enter some new sonic zones. I had begun to document the process with the aim to create a short series of videos following my progress and covering the design and implementation of this new instrument. This series is still happening, it’ll just be spread out in time a bit more—which is a relief, actually.

And I'm hopeful that the EU tour can be rescheduled for later in the year (or next year). But for now, please join me on the internets, starting with Episode 1, which was shot just before the global situation changed, but somehow seems quite relevant in honor of The Fool on this first day of April.

Please subscribe and ring the bell to be notified of future episodes and, please—stay safe out there (in there)!

Your pal,


Thanks to MDR.modular, Expert Sleepers, Qu-Bit Electronix and 2hp for sending gear to help me build this new instrument. Also, thanks to Native Instruments, Soundiron, Hosa, Xaoc Devices, Noise Engineering, ADDAC, and DivKid for your continued support. I appreciate you all being a part of this journey!"

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mutable Instruments Tides 2018 + Loom 4 Lightbath patch - VCV Rack Tutorial

Published on Feb 20, 2020 Omri Cohen

00:38 - AD Envelope Generator
12:11 - AR Envelope Generator
18:58 - LFOs
25:38 - Audio Rate
31:24 - Loom 4 Walkthrough

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the LOOM 4 patch -
You can get a couple of extra patches on my Patreon page -

Sunday, December 08, 2019

BoBeats BEST SYNTHS & MUSIC GEAR 2019 w/ Special Guests

Published on Dec 8, 2019 BoBeats

"What is the Best Synths & Music Gear of 2019? Let’s find out! Sponsored by DistroKid, a great way to release your music on Spotify/Apple Music. Get 7% off using my link:

If you enjoy my videos consider supporting them on Patreon:

Voice over guy:
Alex Ball
Sanjay C:
Courtney Hawkins
Gaz Williams:
Simon Magpie:
Starsky Carr:
White Sea Studio:
Oscillator Sink:
Look Mum No Computer:
Omri Cohen:"

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Anywhere in Nature • Renfrew | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Lightbath

"Live performance multi-tracked to MixPre-10T and mixed in Logic with additional processing and effects.

With the addition of two Polyend Anywhere modules and two Intellijel Palette cases to my setup, I can now fit a powerful, fully-battery-powered system into my backpack and make music anywhere in nature. I almost called this first piece 'Trio for Friends, Rings, and Sparrow' because it uses three voices: Just Friends played by Monome Norns (via Crow), a micro version of Rings into Clouds, and a live field recording that features a sparrow that flew directly overhead as it sang. Listen closely and you'll notice that the sparrow also called the exact moment the piece ended. Magic. Sparrow Totem.

Full patch notes available on Patreon →"

Monday, November 11, 2019

Novation Peak and Summit Patches by Lightbath

via @WeAreNovation

"Our latest patches’ update features composer, improviser and educator @lightbath with his ambient Baby Steps pack. Styled by planting musical seeds that through improvisation, develop and grow into pieces that unfold in the present moment. Access here >>>"

"Composer, improviser, and educator Bryan Noll explores time and space with his musical project, Lightbath. Taking inspiration from Brian Eno's view of composers as gardeners, Noll plants musical seeds with his synthesizers and, through improvisation, guides their development and growth into pieces that unfold in the present moment.

Noll developed his sound and process as Lightbath by making YouTube videos showing the physical act of coaxing music out of modular synthesizers. As Pitchfork puts it: “Once you have submitted to these videos, it can be hard to pull yourself away. The artfully unpretentious demonstrations… occupy a strange, sui-generis niche: Featuring balmy sounds, blinking LEDs, and low-key set-dressing, they are part performance, part tech tutorial, and part audio-visual wallpaper.”

Lightbath has releases on RVNG Intl and Seil Records as well as the self-released ‘Selected Public Works’ series which features remastered versions of the pieces on his YouTube channel.

The 33 zones in this patch bank were created on Peak and feature the use of Mod Wheel and Aftertouch, as well as the Animate buttons for deeper expressive control."

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Moog Matriarch | Lightbath | Morphic Resonance

Published on Aug 18, 2019 Moog Music Inc

"As Lightbath, composer and improviser Bryan Noll invites listeners to enter a realm of infinite creation through the exploration of the subtleties of emotion, memory, and time. In this Moog Matriarch meditation from Moogfest 2019, Lightbath transports us to an alternate universe of musical experience.

“Selected Public Works Vol. 1-4,” a collection of four years of modular synthesizer performances conducted by Lightbath, is available September 27th, 2019. Listen to its first single, “Guardian Suite,” and pre-order the collection on cassette/digital here:"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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