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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Roland Jupiter-8 for Yamaha Montage MODX Korg Kronos Nautilus WAV Synthesizer

video upload by Rik Marston Official

NEW Etsy store: AhnyxianSoundDesign

Monday, January 15, 2024

Groove Synthesis - 3rd Wave - Blues Jazz Improv Practise Patch

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds

"Patches will be available at or

With the majority of my musical life being a DAW producer / composer, my shredding and live playing leaves a lot to be desired (understatement!),

I will always be the first to admit that my live play isn't great. And since making my sound design a commercial business, I have been set on taking at least an hour or two a day to practice scales etc purely to improve my videos/demos.

No matter your level of play, we all need to practice scales, and this patch is really made for that in mind. it is in C, but can me transposed via the sequence transpose to suit whatever minor blues scale you wish to learn or practise.

if you make to the end of the 4 minutes I applaud you :)



Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Roland Jupiter 6 ambient arpeggiations

video upload by MIDERA

"I went to my studio to lament over how messy it is. I haven't wanted to be in here at all. I just want to sit and do nothing. 2023 was awful. 2024 feels like more of the same. Health worries come and stay. Maybe I'm just getting old and my body gave up fighting for me.

Well, my studio IS a disaster. I sit here WANTING to sell my Jupiter 6, but I feel I'd regret it. I don't know how to clean this place up to make it worth keeping these things. Worse, the things I do have listed don't even get people interested. Nothing like "Hey, I want this but would you knock this much off?" No, just no interest. Can't tell if the gear is crap, if the money's gone, or what - but all my gear sits. Useless in its current spot, hardly any interest in it, but I guess I had more interest in playing my Jupiter than cleaning my room, so there's that, right?

If you're curious how I've been holding up - every day I want to talk to my mom. I want to tell her about what's going on in my life. Sometimes instead I just write a note to her on my phone with what I wanted to tell her. It's not the same, but I guess it's something. I did get the desk that she used her whole marriage. That was nice, I like that desk. Turns out it was my Great Grandma's on my dad's side (We got a lot of stuff from his side, but nothing from my mom's side, weird). I like having all these antique heirlooms. They're probably not worth anything, but they're worth something to me. I am documenting them for my kids so they know where these things came from. We also got my parent's vintage Sears Silvertone Radio Phonograph. I think it was made in 1966. We've been listening to old vinyls and it's been great. I did buy a new needle. I doubt the old one was ever changed. And I'm pretty sure I have to fix a speaker, the right side doesn't play. I'd have thought these would go for some money, but I guess they weren't great. I dunno. I love how it sounds. I love how it looks. Reminds me of my parents. It's all I have left of them."

Monday, January 01, 2024

Auld Lang Syne on a Yamaha L-20D

video upload by Benjamin Dehli

"Playing an excerpt from Auld Lang Syne on a Yamaha L-20D electric harmonium / reed organ 🎹"


Happy New Year everyone!

The above video by Benjamin Dehli went up yesterday on the 31st, and I figured it would be an appropriate start to the New Year - something vintage that harkens back to the pre-synth age, but new to the site. This is actually the first post to feature the Yamaha L-20D. Aparently it's an electric harmonium as opposed to an electonics-based harmonium like the Telharmonium (click and scroll down for additional posts). If anyone knows more about the Yamaha L-20D and/or when it was released, feel free to leave a comment.

I found the following brief discripton from this forum:

"Yamaha harmonium - looks like it dates from the 60's or 70's in great condition. I've tried to find out info about these on the net for ages but there doesn't seem to be ANYTHING out there on it. This plugs into the mains and it sort of whirs up - like a mini leslie rotating speaker and when you play you can feel the wind coming out of it. It also has a sort of knee pedal that you can use to alter the volume. sometimes there's a bit of a buzz overall but it seems to depend on the day and the weather but a great vintage sound.No outputs on this but has built in speaker so would be great for micing up and recording."

There is no mention of it on Wikipedia as of this post. That said, it sounds like the electric portion powers the airflow, so it's likely closer to a classic wind based harmonium (click for additional posts) than an electronics based harmonium like the Telharmonium. Note via, "The Telharmonium can be considered the first significant electronic musical instrument and was a method of electro-magnetically synthesising and distributing music over the new telephone networks of victorian America."

I also found the following video from four years ago.

Music for a Found Harmonium (Cover) on a Yamaha L-20D

video upload by Benjamin Dehli

"Music for a Found Harmonium by Penguin Cafe Orchestra played on a Yamaha L-20D electric harmonium / reed organ. All the sounds is created with the organ and recorded with a matched pair of AKG C451E."


Happy New Year!

Thank you to eveyone who enjoys the site, supporting members, and sponsors. You all keep me going each and every day.

Sunday, December 03, 2023

Novation Summit - Generative ambient & FM synthesis

video upload by No Lake

"One thing that I haven't tried with this synth yet is a good old meditative generative ambient (for those who aren't familiar with the concept, it's a piece of music created itself from an initial set of musical elements and by specific rules defined by the composer and his machine).

So, I created three self-generating patches that play simultaneously at 40BPM and several sequences with modulation frequencies. The three LFOs are now playing ping-pong with each other. Of course, everything follows predefined rules to avoid a complete mess. They just "modulate together" in harmony. It's basically FM synthesis. But FM can be hazardous, eventful or even crazy. It takes time to reach something pleasant and relaxing.

The Novation Summit and the Novation Peak do have a strong FM engine and these synths can be turned into a modular synthesizer. Then I just had to add some real-time effects on everything and off we go.

It might sound easy, "you just ask the synth to play music for you", but there is a lot of preparation that goes into making it all work. It's far from easy. I mean, anybody would do it overnight otherwise. In fact, you can't just snap your fingers, it often takes more time than creating a new song from scratch. But the result is totally different as you can hear. It is therefore more of an exercise in style. Something that I've always wanted to try and I've had this synth for three years now (almost to the day).

Although, my cup of tea is more about creating melodies than planting a seed and waiting for it to germinate, hoping for the best and wrapped in some technical demo. But when it works, it can be very soothing. I almost fell asleep the first time I listened to the final result^^

It's so much fun though and I'm still a big fan of the genre. It creates something different than usual. Something fresh and unpredictable. So, for those who have 20 minutes to spare, I invite you to use headphones, close your eyes and meditate with me in the ethereal world of procedural music."

Novation Summit - Generative ambient & FM synthesis (part 02)

video upload by No Lake

"Just another try with something a bit weirder and some floating notes on the Push. I turned the comments off because I don't want to be like "buying your interest" but if you wanna share something, don't hesitate to do it on part 01 and I'll answer to you with great pleasure.

Both attemps are available for free on my Bandcamp :"

Saturday, November 25, 2023

PlayFader PlayMates - Oberheim OB-X8 via MIDI 🔥

video upload by Play All Day

"What’s going on here then? MIDI baby, yeah!
The cv outs are connected but they’re not in the mix. This is just MIDI - 909 sending MIDI transport into PlayFader and the @Oberheim OB-X8 being sequenced by PlayFader. Channel A controls filter cutoff while Channel B sequences, all via MIDI (PlayFader features a 3.5mm Type A connection).

MIDI is here!!! Along with other new features like buffer contents visualisation, channel mute, patch storage allowing up to 8 patches to be saved (includes all settings and buffer contents), Buchla 1.2v/oct and Korg Hz/oct scaling, channel copy and loads more.

Firmware updates are way ahead of schedule, so much so that we are behind on updating the Play Data guides and manuals.

Btw, the LED screen refresh rate doesn’t always match the camera capture rate which is why the LEDs might not always be consistent... maybe, but I'm clearly not a video expert... we’re getting a better camera really soon :)"

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Roland Introduces GALAXIAS Super Instrument

video upload by RolandChannel

Press release follows.

Fifty Years of Legendary Roland Synths and Drum Machines and Thousands of Iconic Sounds in One Powerful Super Instrument, Available Exclusively on Roland Cloud

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 14, 2023 — Roland introduces GALAXIAS, a powerful new software-based musical instrument available exclusively on Roland Cloud. Roland has been a pioneer in music technology for over half a century, delivering a continuous stream of influential instruments and effects that have fueled countless hits, defined genres, and driven cultural trends. With GALAXIAS, musicians and producers can explore and experience them all in one creative environment.

GALAXIAS runs as a standalone application on macOS and Windows. It will also be available in VST3 and AU plug-in formats for DAW music production soon after the initial release. Within GALAXIAS, users can work with any instrument on Roland Cloud and instantly access a vast searchable library with over 20,000 ready-to-play sounds. From historic icons such as the JUPITER-8, TR-808, and D-50 to modern instruments like ZENOLOGY and SYSTEM-8, GALAXIAS harnesses Roland's evolving sonic legacy into a single “Super Instrument” with infinite creative possibilities.

GALAXIAS provides the ability to layer up to four instruments and create massive sonic superclusters called Scenes. Every layer has its own key range, transpose, and MIDI input settings, plus a dedicated arpeggiator. Convenient learn and drag functionality makes it fast and easy to build intricate sounds that are deeply engaging and demand attention. Ultra-powerful macro controls offer a new level of expression with simultaneous operation of up to 128 parameters via internal LFOs or an external MIDI controller. Scenes can be organized in Setlists for live performances, complete with gapless transitions for a seamless stage experience.

In addition to the formidable effects within each individual instrument, GALAXIAS provides two insert effects per layer and two global send effects. A growing collection of authentic Roland and BOSS effects are on hand, and it’s possible to route layers to various external destinations for further processing.

The inspiring GALAXIAS interface has been carefully forged for rapid creativity and instant satisfaction. Everything is logically organized, making it simple to go deep and quickly translate ideas into great-sounding tracks. Users can delve into a single instrument layer, tweak the complete set of parameters, and get the experience of using the original hardware with Roland’s classic instrument plug-ins. With the full-screen Immersive View, the focus can be toggled between the entire Scene and an individual instrument or effect using a single click or key command.

Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, GALAXIAS is a rapidly evolving platform instrument that will continue to improve with new sounds and capabilities added regularly. A 30-day free Ultimate trial provides access to GALAXIAS and everything Roland Cloud offers, including software versions of vintage Roland instruments, ZENOLOGY, Sound Packs, Wave Expansions, Zenbeats, and much more.

Availability & Pricing
Roland GALAXIAS is available now in the U.S. exclusively with the Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, which is $199 annually or $19.99 monthly.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

PlayFader Playmates - ALM Bust Circuits Akemie's Castle

video upload by Play All Day

"Next episode in our PlayMates series is a mellow improvised jam. PlayFader plays with Akemie's Castle by @busycircuits fed through @RabidElephant Natural Gate and then @strymon El Capistan V2.

Using both channels pf PlayFader set to the User Scale and fed into both VCOs of Akemie's to create two separate melodic lines. Channel A plays a steady pulse for most of the session while Channel B improvises and loops and dances around B using different triplet timings selected in the ratchet clock divider menu. Later on you'll see Latch being used where the recorded contents of the loop buffer are overridden by the live fader position. A nice way to improvise and drop back into a recognisable pattern. We love Latch ❤️

Clock is running internally set at 74 bpm and the clock out is set to Midi which is driving El Capistan via @ChaseBlissAudio Midi Box."

Sunday, October 15, 2023

PlayFader PlayMates

video uploads by Play All Day

You might remember Play All Day from previous posts here.


1. PlayFader PlayMates
PlayFader meets @erfindungsbuero ERM Polygogo.

Headphones recommended.

Channel A:
CV - V/oct of Polygogo and multed into Natural Gate’s Control input to open up the decay time. Set to User Scale. Gate - Right-hand side Hit input on Natural Gate.

Channel B:
CV - Various modulation inputs on Polygogo. Set to 2v unquantised.
Gate - Left-hand side Hit input on Natural Gate.

Clock input, set to CV.- from @makenoisemusic Function EOC output.

PolyGogo X and Y outputs are split into separate sides of the Natural Gate so they can be independently gated. It’s all running through the @busycircuits MFX for some stereo glue and then onto the delicious Sealegs by @intellijel for delay vibes.

We start by setting each channel’s time division to different settings. Then we record a 16 step loop of both channels simultaneously, creating nice polyrhythms. Then we play around with the record arm of CV and Gate, essentially decoupling them so we can record just CV over the gate patterns in the Loop buffer. Then we overdub some different gate patterns by setting the channels to different divisions. We even play with 24ppn which is crazy fast but gives a nice effect. We overdub that again showing how you can endlessly play over your recordings. And we use Latch a lot, because we love Latch… a lot! Latch allows the CV output to be played live with the faders, over the top of the buffer contents. A quick double-tap of Latch releases the CV from the live fader position, and back to whatever’s in the Loop buffer.

Available for Pre-order now ❤️

In our next PlayMates video, PlayFader meets @noiseeng BIA & @michigan_synth_works SY0.5 - things get seriously wild..."

2. PF Clocked redux
PlayFader has dark side, don’t be fooled by all pretty colours 🙃

Our 2nd PlayMate video shows the less conventional and, frankly, crazy side of PlayFader. Hard to explain in detail what happened here but the main idea was to explore playing with the speed of the clock input. Recording patterns at slow clock rates and speeding up really fast.
Huge thanks to Paul’s Alex Bow for the idea!

Channel A is playing with BIA by Noise Engineering and Channel B is having fun with Michigan Synthworks SY0.5 and both are running into the mighty M T2D dual triode distortion by Sonocurrent.

Channel A:
CV - to the pitch and various modulation inputs on BIA via the fabulous Ochd by DivKid and Instruo.
Set to 5v un-quantised range.
Gate - BIA trigger input

Channel B:
CV - pitch input on the SY0.5
Set to 5v un-quantised range.
Gate - to trigger input of SY0.5

Hard to explain, but things go nuts. Due to the fact the looper and clock divisions are always tight, cool patterns emerge and when you speed the clock up you get interested low bit res waveforms and glitchy mayhem.

3. PlayFader PlayMates Pt2
Another little snippet of these PlayMates having fun. Slowing the clock coming into PlayFader allows you to record more into the 16 step buffer when it’s set to faster decisions. We then speed up the clock and all kinds of interesting happen.

In case you didn’t already know, we’re open for pre-orders. Link in bio. And stay tuned for more episodes of PlayMates coming soon. If you have any suggestions of friends you’d like OlayFader to meet, let us know in the comments.

And if you can’t quite figure out what PlayFader is doing, check out the PlayData manuals on our website.

Love and patches,
Play All Day ❤️

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

MJ's "Beat It" - The Untold Story by Tom Bähler

video upload by

"It's my pleasure to re-unite with my old friend Tom Bähler who generously tells us all the details of his experiences with Michael and Quincy during the making of 'Beat It'. This untold story is a result of Tom contacting me after seeing one of our videos about how to make the gong sound on 'Beat It'.

He felt it was time to fill-in some blanks in the timeline about how and when things happened and to also share some of his most intimate, inspiring moments about the creation of the song. In this segment we'll tap into a little bit of history about the Synclavier and how this game changing synthesizer got into the hands of Michael. Then you'll find out how the infamous gong sound was discovered, that it was slightly altered and who actually played it on the record. Tom is a gifted storyteller who colorfully weaves relevant and fun anecdotal sidebars in the process of describing the historical facts. He tops off this segment with the back story about Michael's incredibly drawn out search to find the perfect sound to play on the 4th beat of each bar in "Beat It". Michael had the sound in his head but needed to discover what instrument could make it. The first thing I saw when I (Anthony) arrived to play on the album was Michael hitting drum cases with 2 x 4's, but I never knew about the events leading up to that day. Now we all will. I hope you enjoy this special interview and rare opportunity to hear these personal stories directly from Tom Bähler, a living legend. And stay tuned to Anthony Marinelli Music for the other segments with Tom about Working with Michael, Working with Quincy, Arranging for "We Are the World" and writing what some consider to be their favorite song by Michael, 'We are the World'.

0:00 Introduction to Tom Bahler
1:33 Discovering the Synclavier
3:16 The Gong Story, Michael & Bruce
9:48 Copyright
12:35 Michael's Search for the 4th Beat of "Beat It"
19:40 Michael & Quincy Speaking in Colors
20:18 Conclusion"

Monday, October 09, 2023

New Batch of Synthfest UK 23 Videos

video uploads by sonicstate

Playlist: (you can use the player controls to skip around)

1. Synthfest UK 23: Sequential - Trigon 6 Desktop
At SynthFest UK 2023, we had the opportunity to chat with Chris from Sequential, a part of the Focusrite group. Chris introduced us to the Trigon 6 Desktop, the latest addition to Sequential's synthesizer lineup. This compact desktop version of the Trigon 6 packs a powerful punch, offering three oscillators and a distinctive Dave Smith ladder filter. Designed for those seeking a space-saving solution without compromising on sound quality, the Trigon 6 Desktop retains all the features of its larger sibling, including patch recall, a versatile effects section with various modulation possibilities, and the distinctive feedback control that allows you to sculpt sub-harmonic richness.

Trigon 6 Desktop Price: $2,499
2. Synthfest UK 2023: Calc And the Prophet X
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Calc from Sequential, and he gave us the lowdown on the Prophet X. Now, you might be thinking, Prophet X? Haven't we seen that before? Well, you're right, but this hybrid instrument has been quietly making waves in the music world. It combines digital and analog elements, with digital oscillators and a unique twist in the form of multi-sample-based instruments. Yes, you heard that right, it's not just your run-of-the-mill synth; it's a full-on sampler too, boasting an impressive 50 gigabytes of memory for your custom samples. You can treat it like a rompler, a sample player, or even use those samples as oscillators, creating a whole new realm of sonic possibilities.

Plus, it's packed with stereo goodness, allowing you to explore a wide soundstage with ease. It's not your typical synth, and that's what makes its a favourute of Calc's

Looking for some more info on the Prophet X? Check out Sequential's official page:

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Machina Bristronica 2023

videos uploads by sonicstate

Bristronica 2023: DPW Design - Mix
Bristronica 2023: Bela - GLISS
Bristronica 2023: U-He - Civilisation - Wiretap - Sloopy
Bristronica 2023: Node Audio - Entonal Studio
Bristronica 2023: Enjoy Electronics - The Godfather
Bristronica 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic Sample and Wavetable module
Bristronica 2023: Vaski Embedded - VU and Oscilloscope Modules
Bristronica 2023: Sonocurrent - MT2D Dual Triode Distortion
Bristronica 2023: Kiviak Instruments - Wofi - SK1 Inspired
Bristronica 2023: Per-Sonal - Polynator - play TR8-S and Digitakt in Poly
Bristronica 2023: Georgie Ward Back From Dua Lipa World Tour
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Bullfrog 1st Look
Bristronica 2023: Modular Perfection - Eurorack Cases
Bristronica 2023: Isotonik - Arpex Worlds 1st MPE Arpeggiator on Push 3
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Hexinverter Mindphaser
Bristronica 2023 Bastl - tiny ARP
Bristronica 2023: OXI Instruments - OXI One - Coral
Bristronica 2023: Play All Day - Playfader
Bristronica 2023: Midicake - 4 Way ARP And Some
Bristronica 2023: Archaea - Exchange Motion Controller
Bristronica 2023: TipTop Audio - 1 Cable Art System
Bristronica 2023: UDO - Super Gemini News and Sounds
Bristronica 23: TINRS Brinta - Granular Sampler With a mesmerising display

Stylophone Beat, East Beast, Kawai K1m Jam

video upload by ChrisLody

"Full Disclosure: I occasionally take on freelance work at Dubreq (they make Stylophones) on an hourly rate producing video content. This video wasn't paid for directly but as a result of my work with Dubreq it is marked as Paid Promotion

Right time for a weird jam! I've been ridiculously busy recently with my day job and music related work so can barely justify taking time off to make this (this is product endorsement which is about as close as I can get to time off at the moment 😅), but I risk my channel turning into wall to wall Sonicware news (more of that to come) so I'm trying to find time for a bit of silliness like this!

Dubreq sent me the Stylophone Beat a few weeks back and I've been having some fun with it. For such an inexpensive machine it has surprisingly features. It can play 4 different kits, 4 different bass sound, 4x 32 step patterns, has some realtime playback effects like a filter sweep and pattern length (think stutter mode), patterns can be copied, elements muted etc, the stock sounds are well chosen, really quite good. There are limitations of course, the volume of each sound is fixed, there's no sync capability (although technically the LED flashes at 1ppq so it could be hacked) and the memory is wiped when it's powered down so make sure you record you work. One saving grace in that regard is that it goes into standby quite quickly so this Beat was left on all night with my rhythm programmed in so was still there the next day for me to continue work on. One small caveat is that the drum sequencer supports 16th note resolution but it seems the bass sequencer doesn't, you'll get 8th note recordings. It does support glide though as you may be able to tell from what I've made here. So all in all a fun little machine!

I also bought a Cre8audio East Beast recently and haven't had the chance to use it, so here it is used in the laziest way imaginable with the Stylophone Gen X-1 as a delay effect. It's a very capable little semi modular but I'm not using those features here. I also bought a Kawai K1 which used to belong to former Sonicware staff member Evan Sirchuk, so here's that too playing one of it's presets. That's a really bright sounding bit of kit and I wasn't sure what to use it for at first but it fits in nicely here. I don't even think I've used that Korg NanoKEY2 for anything yet either and I've had that for years!

Anyway, I don't know how I ended making such an odd sounding jam 😁"

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sequential Pro 3 Explorations

video uploads by David Falcon


1. Generator v1 // Generative Ambient // Sequential Pro 3
"Some say that it is a modular system within itself and well, it is amazing all the modulation options with the Mod matrix. I started with a generative patch and progressively added modulators to the modulators, on an Eurorack kind of way to (hopefully) make a more interesting pattern. The sequencer is on paraphonic mode with 3 independent lines on random mode, over G minor and D minor chords."
2. Opening // Sequential Pro 3, Elektron Digitakt, Guitar
This track to me sounds like the opening of a horror show or a thriller. Nearly a year since the last of these videos. Many proyects and a kid after I can sit and play again, make little pieces with no objective in particular.
3. Android Dreams // Digitakt, Pro3, Push, Minilogue xd
Pro 3 is mostly holding a chord with its sequencer moving the filter cutoff around as well as other parameters. On the Digitakt I have loaded a bass line and sparse notes from Pro 3, as well as the usual stuff. Small improvisation on a Minilogue xd off camera, and towards the end I activate the Arp Latch to continue playing. The push is controlling the Arturia Pigments on a preset that reminds me pretty much to the Binding of Isaac's soundtrack.
4. Dark Drones for darker times // Sequential Pro 3
We will never learn from the mistakes of the past, there is always a minority who will jeopardize everything we fight for every day...
5. Ambient Glitches // Digitakt + Sequential PRO 3
Love making these glitch beats to build pieces on top. The Sequential Pro 3 is so good for these genre! Also, shining lights.
6. NEW SYNTH DAY // Sequential Pro 3 + Digitakt + Pigments
"I finally took the plunge and got one of my dream synths, the Sequential Pro 3. A mono/paraphonic beast that makes every other synth I've owned look like a toy. The only complaint is that I didn't go for it much sooner.
Of course one of the first things that I had to do was to put it to work in conjunction with the Elektron Digitakt. Of course they get along great.
There are several sounds like the pluck and the sub bass that come from Arturia Pigments, the first improvised with the Digitakt chromatic keyboard, and the second sequenced. There is also a choir sound from Ableton Live sequenced from Digitakt.
The beat in Digitakt has a "hidden layer" with conditional triggers assigned to the fill button, which triggers a sub kick, as well as several extra percussive sounds.
The first of many videos with this keyboard.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Roland Juno-60 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer w/ JSQ-60 w/ Original Box & Boss KM-60

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

New PlayFader CV Performance Looper Device Coming to Machina Bristronica Event Sept 30

via Play All Day. Note the Ambient Sound & Music Retreats as well.

"Play All Day are launching PlayFader on 30th September at Machina Bristronica.

Come and be one of the first to get your hands on their new 2 channel CV performance looper, apparently it has a dedicated Fun button!

Stay tuned to for updates, pictures, demos and pre-order details…. All coming very soon.

While we wait for the 30th though, check out their Ambient Sound & Music Retreats. Yes they know about the acronym, but they don’t like to shout about it, of course...

Set in a lush villa in Mallorca, this is not like other retreats. It’s a holiday for, well... people like us!

With your very own Field Kit of wonderful music devices to play with for the whole week, guest facilitators, sound walks, workshops, performances, an instrument library and full catering… it really is unlike any other retreat we’ve ever seen.

Check the website for more information and all booking details for their next sessions in November ’23 and Spring ’24. You can also sign up to their newsletter on their website to get exclusive previews of PlayFader and special offers on the Ambient Sound & Music Retreats.

Turn up, tune in, bliss out.
Play All Day"

Monday, September 04, 2023

ARP Sequencer Model 1613

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"This is the 1st of 2 versions of ARP Sequencer produced - it's got a smaller footprint than the later version, is lighter weight, and is made to match some of the earlier ARPs, though it will still look rather pretty next to later ARPs or synths by other brands. This analog sequencer was designed to be used with the ARP 2600 and Odyssey but will work with many other analog synths with CV and gate inputs. Instead of entering notes from a keyboard, this sequencer gives you knobs to tweak the pitch with your fingers - all you have to do is dial up the sequence you want, with no knowledge of notes necessary. Since this sequencer outputs voltages, as long as you have the right connections on your synth, you can use it to control other voltage controlled parameters - many old and now new analog synths have CV inputs for volume and filter frequency, which can also be controlled from this sequencer. ARP seq's are great for people who like to tweak until they come up with something interesting. It's a much more hands on and experimental approach to making music. This sequencer is the perfect tool for recreating that early electronic music vibe, is great for making new techno loops or experimental music. It's not just limited to these styles but is best suited to them. It's an excellent piece to interface with most modular synthesizers because it has patch points for everything.

-16 faders

-16 step or 8 x 2 (parallel) step mode

-sequential or RANDOM sequence mode switch

-GATE ASSIGN BUS! - each step can output a gate out 1 of 3 gate bus outs - this is great for sending gates to different synths or envelope generators at once.

-2 channels of voltage outputs - 1 for the first set of 8 faders and a 2nd for the other set. This way, you can use your first set for pitch and your 2nd for filter cutoff, for example.

-2 quantizers! Unlike most analog sequencers, this one quantizes its outputs so that it will easily play stepped pitches -it's much easier sequencing 12 tone melodic parts when you don't have to fine tune every step but at the same time, the quantized outs on this sequencer have a much narrower pitch range than the other outs. Note: we calibrate our ARP sequencers to output 1 volt per octave. If your synths oscillators are not set to respond to 1 volt per octave, either due to design or due to being out of calibration, the quantized outs might not sound in tune. The main CV outs will work fine in this case, though you should really have your synth serviced if it's supposed to be 1 volt per octave.

-skip/off/reset switch, button, with input for external control

-step button with jack

-position 1 out jack

-clocked gate 1 out

-start jack, stop jack, stop.start jack, trig/gate switch, start/stop button, footswitch out

-clock frequency fader and FM fader with CV input - very cool for modulating clock speed!

-pulse width fader with PWM (width modulation) in jack

-clock out with LED

-quantized outs a and b

-cv input

-input a and b

-sequencer outputs (not quantized)

-multiple jacks (4)

This is a really fun piece of equipment that's more inspiring to us than most modern day sequencers. It makes a great addition to any analog synth studio / collection. Remember, you dont have to have an ARP synth to use this piece."

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Cherry Audio Introduces Harmonia - New and Original Wavesequencer & Vector Based Virtual Instrument

video upload by Cherry Audio

Introduction to Harmonia - Oscillator Basics | Cherry Audio

"Synth designer Mitchell Sigman of Cherry Audio introduces HARMONIA, a new and original virtual instrument designed to effortlessly create rich, evolving polyphonic sounds often associated with vector and wavesequencer synthesizers of the 80s and 90s.

In this tutorial video, Mitchell details the unique oscillators at heart of Harmonia. Using techniques similar to those found in additive synthesis, each Harmonia oscillator can simultaneously produce up to eight pitches, individually tuned to a harmonic series or semitones. Using modulation, producers can effortlessly create unique morphed and sequencer-like tones by varying the combinations of waveform selection and harmonic presets.

Harmonia is available at and authorized resellers worldwide for $49 (MSRP $69)"

Harmonia is the latest innovation in virtual synthesizers from Cherry Audio, following on from their acclaimed original instruments, Dreamsynth and Sines. We designed Harmonia to create rich, evolving polyphonic sounds like those associated with vector and wave sequencing synthesizers of the 80s and 90s, but through a more effortless and visual technique.

The magic behind Harmonia lies in its two sample-based oscillators. Using techniques similar to those found in additive synthesis, each Harmonia oscillator can simultaneously produce up to eight pitches, individually tuned to a harmonic series or semitones. The volume for each pitch harmonic can be fixed or dynamic, and Harmonia’s unique interpolated harmonic scanning enables dramatic sweeps and melodious sequences through a single modulatable slider.

Harmonia derives its distinctive organic sound from hundreds of sampled waveforms recorded from various synthesizers, traditional instruments and voices, colorful “lo-fi” sounds, and more. User samples can be imported, further expanding Harmonia’s tonal palette. Producers can effortlessly create unique morphed and sequencer-like tones by varying the combinations of waveform selection and harmonic presets.

Harmonia reaches new heights by providing four syncable polyphonic LFOs, an expansive stereo multimode filter, click-and-drag envelopes, and a massive mod matrix with eight slots for dozens of sources and destinations. Harmonia includes support for aftertouch, flexible MIDI mapping, and a collection of over 350 breathtaking, professionally designed presets. Harmonia also has 17 studio-quality effects such as distortion, chorus, phaser, echoes, reverbs, and more - all fully modulatable through the matrix.

Harmonia Preset Pack Preview - Euphonic Sonics by James Dyson

Also available: Euphonic Sonics for Harmonia Preset Pack (sold separately), featuring 100 fabulous presets further showcasing Harmonia's outstanding atmospheric tones, compelling sequences, dreamy pads, basses, poly synths, keys, leads, and more.

'A Moment in the Rain' by James Dyson, performed with presets from the Cherry Audio Preset Pack "Euphonic Sonics for Harmonia." This preset pack for Harmonia is a collection of 100 additional presets by sound designer James Dyson. Available exclusively through Cherry Audio for $9.99, sold separately and requires Harmonia.

• Harmonia is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.
• A free 30-day demo is available. This demo will play white noise periodically, but is otherwise unlimited.
• macOS Requirements: macOS 10.13 or above. 64-bit required. Native Apple M1 processor support, including Apple M1 Ultra. 3.4 GHz Quad-Core or M1 CPU with 8GB of RAM recommended.
• Windows Requirements: Windows 7 or above (including Windows 11), 64-bit required. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.
• Hard disk space: 116 MB

And two videos from supporting member, CatSynth TV:

Cherry Audio Harmonia Part 1: Harmonic Interpolated Scanning Oscillator

video upload by CatSynth TV

Cherry Audio Harmonia Part 2: Multiple Oscillators, Filter, Effects

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Waldorf Discontinues the Kyra

via Waldorf Music

"One of the most powerful hardware-based virtual analog synthesizers. Get one of the last few copies worldwide with 10% discount and a backpack for free!

‍With its eight independent ‘Parts’ and the ability to play up to 16 voices per Part, KYRA is a true multi-timbral talent. In 2019, Kyra saw the light of day and has since inspired many artists worldwide. We would like to sincerely thank all our customers for their trust in our products.

Only a few copies are still available for the KYRA in white and the KYRA in sea blue. All orders from today on will be delivered incl. a Waldorf Travelbag*.

As long as stock lasts.
We ship KYRA only within the EU.
‍1.774,80€ instead of ‍1.972€!" --

Kyra users recently petitioned for Waldorf to make the OS open source. The Kyra was initially the Valkyrie from Exodus Digital. Waldorf picked it up and rebadged it as the Kyra.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Novation Summit - A playing attempt at Brian Crain's "Imagining"

video uploads by eM

Novation Summit - A playing attempt at Brian Crain's "Imagining"
One of my favorite piano artists Brian Crain, his song 'Imagining' attempting to play it. IIt definitely takes some muscle memory, but I love this song, love to hear it sound on the Summit.
Novation Summit - "Morning Stroll" SM Plucked Keys
Took a walk outside with the family in our new neighborhood... beautiful sunny day. Much to be thankful for. a short inspirational piece from that played here. I hope wherever you are you will find an enjoyable stroll for yourself.
Novation Summit - SM Plucked Keys (Orano patch) - "Pirate's Beach"
Could pass for a guitar sound, do you think? Credit to Orano's patch again, some reverb from the flashback and hall of fame, subtle reverb and delay on the Summit, I know I know.. why not just use one or the other. Well, it's convenient to alternate, the HoF and FB pedals are primarily not adjusted as it's also sent thru my mixer as an FX channel for other instruments. Enjoy.
Novation Summit - "Aisle" - Multi Mode - 1. SM 5th Sense 2. Sm Who's Afraid (Orano's single patches)
Credit to Orano's Novation Summit single patches, I split them in multi mode, as you'll usually see me do. In this improvisation I'm playing with the delay timing effects on the #2 patch while playing pad on the #1. The onboard delay and reverb effects gives instant breaths for your creative atmospheres.
Novation Summit - "Crystal Falls" Multi Setting (SM Leviathan and SM Popcorn Arp)
Patch creation credit to Orano Music @ Just having fun with blending his patches, very lush and enjoyable, highly recommended!
Novation Summit - SM Leviathan (patch Created by Orano Music)
This patch (along with many others) was created by Orano Music
Novation Summit - "Legendary Keys" - Solo Piano - Multi Mode
I like taking the same single patch and splitting them between both the A and B sections. There are a few minor tweaks between the two sections of course, the A section I'll use for solo piano playing with some slight filter manipulations while the B section is mainly conducting the arp in the play tick on the arp knob, this basically follows the key strokes and does a catch up, so to say, as there is also delay and feedback being added for dynamic effect. I like being able to create an immersivity effect to keep me going in my solo playing. The Summit never fails to conveniently produce this very basic task.

Since OBS has fixed their NDI plugin, it's less work around for me to set up these recordings again. Thanks for listening. appreciate any comments or tips for solo piano playing and any other recommendations to help me along this Summit playing journey.

Patch n Tweak
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