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Monday, November 27, 2023

Antonus 2600 + Step Brother + Black Corporation ISE NIN demo jam

video upload by wutierson

"Here is a demo jam using Antonus 2600 Original Size version, with Step Brother on top and the Black Corporation ISE-NIN. All the track is done in realtime, no multitrack recording. Antonus 2600 and Step Brother is making the different sequencer sounds, the bass drum, and the hihat sound plus some other sound during the perfomance. ISE-NIN (played with midi keyboard controller) is playing two sound using the Upper and Lower layer features like the Roland Jupiter 8, one layer is for the string-pad sound and the other layer is for the arppegio-sequence-effects during the performance. Is not easy for a poly synth to play face to face without being surpassed with a synth like a 2600 and the power of the ISE-NIN makes a very good partner in sound presence and quality with the 2600 and Step Brother. I know that the demos should be short and direct but every time that I play instruments like this the time goes fast and simply at the end I don't care nothing more than enjoy playing, so I'm sorry of the demo is too long or if nobody will listen it or just make jumps during transport bar. This instruments are a true joy of play and this is the result of it. Hope somebody enjoy the sounds and can have a better idea of the nice combo that are.
Also booth instruments shares a nice orange colour details, lovely combination!"

Thursday, November 02, 2023

MOE Chorus 60 with Antonus 2600 Original Size part 1

video upload by wutierson

"First part of a serie of videos showing the wonderful sound and different creative uses of the Mother On Earth Chorus 60, by far the best Juno 6/60 chorus clone in pedal format, using exactly the same components and circuitry and also adding some nice extra features and controls.

Making an awesome combo with the Antonus 2600 Original Size, replica of the ARP2600. Very noticeable how nice works this chorus with synthesizers. Is no easy to find pedals that sounds good on synthesizers rather than only in guitars and this pedal sound so nice in all terrains. It makes the lush chorus sound and at same time it works with all the complex harmonic content of the synthesizer sound with more low range frequencies, different than the other more specific guitar oriented pedals. Also it preserves the quick transient and dynamics very good considering the nature of this kind of effects and preserves the low end and high frequency definition. Also very good balance between dry and wet signals levels.

This recording is done using without extra process and sound make up, only just the sound of the 2600 and the Chorus 60.

In this first video we focus in more regular chorus uses, from the classic Juno ranges to different levels of modulation amount and speed using the controls and from time to time switching from processed to dry signals (notice the red colour at the pedal switch when effect is OFF and blue when effect is ON)

In other videos we will show the nice feature of the external CV control and feedback loop techniques.

Both Antonus and MOE are handcraft companies making high grade products with care and love. Antonus working in Barcelona and Mother on Earth working in Israel.

Both brands products are available for distribution at shop, making easy for EU customer to purchase the MOE Chorus 60."

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Ernesto Romeo & Toni Gutierrez impro sessions VAPOR 4

video upload by wutierson

"Ernesto Romeo (Klauss) and Toni Gutierrez, performing improvisation sessions for VAPOR cycle done by Niño Raro productions in Cordoba, Argentina. The sessions were based mostly in analog synthesizers and analog sequencers. EMS VCS3, Synthi A, Minimoog, Antonus 2600 (ARP2600 clone) Korg 770 and others. Thanks for Carlos Jurancelli and Evita Rodriguez for the house studio and space for make possible the set and sessions. Argentina 2016"

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Ernesto Romeo & Toni Gutierrez impro sessions VAPOR 5

video upload by wutierson

"Ernesto Romeo (Klauss) and Toni Gutierrez, performing improvisation sessions for VAPOR cycle done by Niño Raro productions in Cordoba, Argentina. The sessions were based mostly in analog synthesizers and analog sequencers. EMS VCS3, Synthi A, Minimoog, Antonus 2600 (ARP2600 clone) Korg 770 and others. Thanks for Carlos Jurancelli and Evita Rodriguez for the house studio and space for make possible the set and sessions. Argentina 2016"

Monday, July 03, 2023

Museum Of Synthesizer Technology , Analog Heaven Featuring Bob Moog

video uploads by wutierson

Also see Museum Of Synthesizer Technology DVD B-Roll footage

Mr. Martin Newcomb's Museum of Synthesizer Technology mid-1990's.

Note the plaque in the opening reads: "This Museum Was Opened By DR R.A. Moog On 29th July 1994" [4th video in the playlist above]

There was also a book dedicated to the museum you can find in previous posts here.

Antonus Synthesizers 2023 Promotional Video

video upload by wutierson

Promotional video for the Antonus instruments:
Antonus model 2600 Original Size
Antonus Step Brother
Antonus SidecARP
Antonus brackets

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Antonus Step Brother sequencing EMS Synthi A musical improvisation live


"Testing the first new Antonus Step Brother analog sequencer with orange "classic ARP" color scheme.

The intention behind that is to show that the EMS Synthi A can do some nice tonal music, with beatiful tones and living character. With the instrument properly serviced and calibrated is not difficult to do tune and be stable for long time once warmed.

Also Antonus Step brother shows its musical and dinamic properties for sequencing not only an ARP or Antonus 2600, but any voltage controlled synthesizer.

All the music is improvised and done live with no multitrack or post process, sorry for some unpleasant or too long moments... all sounds came from the EMS Synthi A synthesizer and the control for their different sounds (bass, sequence and percussions), and expression parameters are done with the Antonus Step Brother sequencer. This idea of sequencer is to be more a dynamic musical instrument rather than a simple note sequencer, focused in real time tweak and interaction.

Instruments used:
EMS Synthi A
Antonus Step Brother
Sony R7 reverb processor"

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Antonus Step Brother sequencer + Roland System 101

Published on Apr 23, 2020 wutierson

"What a great company for a vintage Roland System 101. All sounds coming in real time from the Roland System 101, no overdub was done. Step Brother brings the sequence, modulations and events to make the multi-timbral sensation, of Bassdrum, Snare-noises, and Bassline, ratcheting and with all accents. Only bit of external spring reverb added. Breaking the one oscillator Mono-synth, Mono-timbral label."

See the Antonus label below for more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tangerine Dream Cyclone live tour backstage 1978

Published on Apr 15, 2020 wutierson

"French TV clip about backstage of the Cyclone live tour in 1978"

Tangerine Dream TV clip 1975

Published on Apr 15, 2020 wutierson

"Tangerine Dream TV clip. Maybe between 1975 and 76?
I can't be more precise about what TV and what year."

Monday, April 06, 2020

Every Picnic needs a Synthi

Published on Apr 6, 2020 wutierson

"It was a special meeting, on September 2016, at Sonorámica Studio, somewhere in Mina Clavero/Traslasierra (Córdoba, Argentina), which included events along four days: courses on sound synthesis, production with electronic technology and live performances by Ernesto Romeo, Toni Gutiérrez and Sebastián Cirillo.
There were several classic and contemporary synthesizers, modular systems, sequencers and more, so on 10th September, at sunset and under the inspiring landscape of the mountains, the idea came out: since there were two EMS Synthi AKS units and one EMS VCS3 in the setup, the recreation of the magical scene was unavoidable. All of this happened, of course, off schedule. The composition was improvised at that moment with no previous rehearsal and taking as inspiration the magical essence of the environment, the wild and welcoming nature, the energy of the area, well-known for its frequent "sightings"… The EMS brought its organic sound and its futuristic and science fiction spirit and aesthetics to represent that moment perfectly. It was recorded live without any further additions. The sounds and melodies emerged from the top of the mountain, radiating their power to the valley, while the last sunbeams lightened the earth.
Unique and very special experience that was possible thanks to the love and passion of everyone who attended the meeting. This video and this theme remain as a memory of such a moment.

Ernesto Romeo : EMS Synthi AKS, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay
Antonio Gutierrez: EMS Synthi A
Sebastián Cirillo: EMS VCS3

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Antonus 2600 Building Timelapse

Published on Jan 25, 2020 wutierson

"Timelapse of Antonus 2600 cabinet building process and final assembly. Many hours of work condensed in this video! The soundtrack is made using Antonus 2600 and Antonus Step Brother, multitrack and recorded in 6 takes.

Every Antonus 2600 have its cabinet made like the classic ARP 2600 using wood, Tolex and hardware using our hands. Every unit is made with people who works with care and love, like instruments was done in old times.
In Antonus we believe that this energy and intention is part of the the original instrument and we want to do in that way, maybe is not the easier or cheaper way but is the most sincere with the original spirit, more human feeling and less mass production / automated production."

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

ARP and Antonus 2600 with Step Brother session 2

Published on Jul 24, 2019 wutierson

"Real time composition and performance with Antonus 2600, Antonus Step Brother Sequencer and original ARP 2600 (grey face).

No more instruments are involved in this recording, just real time with no multitrack and no extra processing. The mix is done using the different patching mix points of each 2600 to finally have a 2 tracks to make the stereo and this stereo signal does directly to the recording sound interface.

Of course is not as polished as a multitrack session production (better mix balance, gain controls, extra effects…) , but the idea is to show the sound as is, direct from the instruments so you can see the performance possibilities of this setup in real time. Very useful was to have analog spring reverb built in each 2600 to adjust every sound with space position in the mix.

The track maybe can be long for some audiences because the intention is to show the manipulation of the parameters so most of the process and techniques can be seen while you’re listening.

In this track the Antonus Step Brother is driving all the sequences, percussion triggers and accents, and also brings extra modulations so there is a strong relation with the ARP and Antonus 2600 in every moment. Also the ARP and Antonus are sharing some patching points to share modulations and processing each with other.

We invite you visit our works with Antonus:"

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Cloney - VCS3 Clone Test

Published on Jan 31, 2019 wutierson

"VCS3 Putney clone synthesizer, the Cloney ! :) . Work finished! Making some abstract sounds to test the unit.
Used two output channel to make stereo sounds. Pure sound direct from the synthesizer, no effects added, no make up. Reverb sound coming from the spring reverb built in processor."

See the Wutierson label below for more.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Antonus 2600 Videos by wutierson

Published on Jul 28, 2018 wutierson

"During some test magic happens when the great musician Francisco Nicosia (from Klauss band) was playing the Antonus 2600 , Antonus Step Brother. In one moment Fran was playing Oxygene 1 (Jean Michel Jarre) and decide to record it.
The 2600 created the bass-timpani sound with the Electro Hamonix Small Tone phaser and is controlled by midi using the Dave Smith Poly evolver. At same time 2600 is making high pitch FX with help of the Step Brother.
For the strings Clavia Nord Stage with custom Eminent patch was used.
Only simple delay was used and Antonus 2600 analog spring reverb was used. No more FX or EQs or Compression.
Thanks to La Siesta del Fauno studio in Buenos Aires for the moment."

1. Antonus 2600 with Step Brother - Oxygene 1
2. Antonus 2600 with Step Brother - Equinoxe 4
3. Antonus Step Brother - graphic VCO and harmonic processing

Monday, May 16, 2016

Conferencia de Robert Moog en Barcelona 17 Junio 2004

Published on May 16, 2016 wutierson

"Con motivo del 50 aniversario de la marca MOOG se celebró en la sala de SGAE en Barcelona el 17 de junio de 2004 la siguiente conferencia impartida por el mismo Robert Moog. Mención especial a la colección de instrumentos Moog vintage cedidos para la ocasión por cortesía de Joan Cerezo."


"On the 50th anniversary of the MOOG brand was held in the room SGAE in Barcelona on June 17, 2004 the following lecture by the same Robert Moog. Special mention to the collection of vintage Moog instruments donated for the occasion by courtesy Joan Cerezo."

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The AnTonus 2600 TTSH Based ARP 2600 Clone

Antonus 2600, el clon ARP 2600 de Toni Gutiérrez

Published on Mar 17, 2016 Hispasonic

"Bebiendo de la experiencia TTSH, Toni Gutiérrez comercializa a día de hoy su propia clonación del clásico sintetizador ARP 2600. En un intermedio entre viajes, hablamos con él."

AnTonus 2600 basic sounds samples

Published on Apr 12, 2016 wutierson

Here is a compilation of basic sounds coming from the Antonus 2600 This is an ARP 2600 clone, based on TTSH format but using different pcb and with some adjust and tweaking to get the same spirit of the famous ARP 2600 grey face (transistor leader VCF)
All the sounds are coming from the Antonus2600 synth, even the true spring reverb effect. Not external eq, compression and fx's were used, it's only direct sound output from the instrument.
The intention of this video is to show some essences of the 2600 sound to listen and see how the synths responds at oscillator, filter envelopes and VCA. It's not necessary to show extremely complex patches to show the living sound and musicality of the parameters, for example the ADSR times and curves, the VCA response. You can see how can reach good lead sounds, bass, percussion and drones with only a few connections. This is the magic of the 2600 original design, alive, warm and musical from scratch.
If you want more complex patches with sequences, noises, fx's... there is a lot of 2600 videos around youtube... I do this to show the basic and classic sound of this instrument.
Here's the resume of the sounds of this video:
1-Saw wave sounds
2-Square and pulse sounds.
3-PWM sounds.
4-Percusion sounds using only filter with/without pre-amp distortion
5-R2D2 "torture" session :) Here a more complicated patch to do this.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Korg MS20 farewell, LM13700 filter + VCO1 PWM and VCO2 Hardsync mods

Published on Aug 19, 2014 wutierson

"Farewell time, my beloved classic Korg MS20 will leave my studio. The new owner will enjoy it a lot.
This unit is modified with VCO1 PWM modulation via patch panel, using the trigger button output. The Trig button is replaced with at simple switch to allow VCO2 hard sync.
The sonic possibilities expanded a lot with only this 2 mods. The best of that is the unit is not drilled, the modifications can be removed, and the unit can be in the original state again.
The video has not any particular musical intention, it's only a resume of my last farewell playing with the MS20, to remember the sound and character with the mods. At the begining, it's hard not to play 'Being Boiled' when the MS20 is modded with the PWM input. I don't play any Korg35 filter version but to my ears the LM13700 sounds very good, specially how the two filters interact one vs other with the resonance at high levels. I don't know if the Korg35 filter have this character.
Not external sequencers or addtional sound sources are present (the rhythm effects and echo sounds are done with the MS20 own possibilities), it's just only the MS-20 sound playing in real time with only a bit touch of reverb. No more external processing, no EQ, compression... etc. Just that."

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ARP2600 clone TTSH first test with Ernesto Romeo from Klauss

Published on Jun 3, 2014 wutierson·27 videos

"First Wutierson TTSH unit, ARP2600 clone. Designed the remake of the original cabinet tolex to suit the synth because the original ARP2600 is a bit bigger.
This is the first burning test of the first finished unit. After a few calibrations the units can show their genuine sound, the spirit of the ARP2600 grey face is here! Very happy to see that this clone can do the ARP2600 job very well. ,
No external sound processing, the sound is just what comes from the synth. The reverb process is from the built-in spring reverb system.
Sorry for some hard clipping of the sound card, specially at the begining of the video, the 2600 have a lot of dynamic range and take a suprise when Ernesto Romeo did the first patch so I try during the recording with one hand stay filming and with the other adjusting the input fader of the mixer, to avoid hard clipping."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wutierson Custom KORG Replacement Chips for 700, 700S & 800DV

via Toni Gutiérrez Ortiz on Facebook

"Good news for all owners and fans of the first Korg synthesizers : 700, 700S and 800DV!"

"Now available replacements for Korg custom chips! Good news for all owners and fans of the first Korg synthesizers : 700, 700S and 800DV! Now available in the store Wutierson replacements for Korg Keio IC TS200011 for the VCO and Keio IC TS201012 for VCF. Inside the old synthesizers we can find a pair of sealed modules at the VCO core and at the VCF "Traveler " which were manufactured by Korg exclusively for those models. The problem came years later when for some reason a module failed and could not get the same part , unless destroying other synthesizer that uses it. Colin Fraser in 2010 did a great job making reverse engineering of each module , so at least, you could start to make a replacement with the right components, to avoid "sacrifice" of other old Korg synthesizers. Colin's work has been a big help to start making these replacement modules . We recommend to visit his website to learn more about their interesting work . Now it will be much easier to repair one of those lovely synthesizers. Using Wutierson replacements you can avoid spend time with design/making dedicated PCB , avoid spend time looking for the parts, avoid spend time with select/match components to ensure an exact performance like the old IC's. The replacements are ready to install, just unsolder the defect old IC, put and solder the new replacement and continue playing! saving much time in the repair work."

This is the first Wutierson post.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

elkorus v3 with clean guitar

Published on Apr 24, 2013 wutierson·25 videos
Update: vide re-Published on Apr 25, 2013 - new video below.

"First part of the elkorus v3 video processing guitar, traveling around the different sounds that can be obtained since lush tri-chorus to depth tru-zero flangers. The sounds are usually just guitar-elkorus-amp, but in some cases we add phaser or delay."

The elkorus is by Synthoma. via this post: "The élkorus is a chorus unit that emulates the classical "ensemble" sound of those string machines from seventies. That emulation is not achieved by any DSP technology or software. The élkorus sounds analog because is really analog."

"First part of the élkorus v3 session processing guitar. Now it's time to process a clean guitar. The sound path is guitar-elkorus-amp but we add delay or phaser in some moments.
In this demo we can travel around lush tri chorus, tru-zero flangers, vibratos, or kind of comb filter sound, all with 70's and 80's vintage feeling.The CV features allow to any guitarrist to tweak all the LFO's parameters via CV foot pedal. For more info just visit:

Thanks to "La Siesta del Fauno" studio in Buenos Aires, for all the gear, time and collaboration of this recording."

elkorus v3 processing distorted guitar

Published on Apr 25, 2013

"Second part of the elkorus v3 session processing guitar. Now it's time to process a distorted guitar. The sound path is guitar-amp-elkorus but we add delay or reverb in some moments. E-bow is used in one moment. Guitarist now can enjoy the warm triple bbd chorus, full analog sound! In this demo we can travel around lush tri chorus, tru-zero flangers, vibratos, or kind of comb filter sounds.The CV features allow to any guitarrist to tweak all the LFO's parameters via CV foot pedal. For more info just visit:

Thanks to "La Siesta del Fauno" studio in Buenos Aires, for all the gear, time and collaboration of this recording."

Patch n Tweak
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