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Monday, November 27, 2023

Antonus 2600 + Step Brother + Black Corporation ISE NIN demo jam

video upload by wutierson

"Here is a demo jam using Antonus 2600 Original Size version, with Step Brother on top and the Black Corporation ISE-NIN. All the track is done in realtime, no multitrack recording. Antonus 2600 and Step Brother is making the different sequencer sounds, the bass drum, and the hihat sound plus some other sound during the perfomance. ISE-NIN (played with midi keyboard controller) is playing two sound using the Upper and Lower layer features like the Roland Jupiter 8, one layer is for the string-pad sound and the other layer is for the arppegio-sequence-effects during the performance. Is not easy for a poly synth to play face to face without being surpassed with a synth like a 2600 and the power of the ISE-NIN makes a very good partner in sound presence and quality with the 2600 and Step Brother. I know that the demos should be short and direct but every time that I play instruments like this the time goes fast and simply at the end I don't care nothing more than enjoy playing, so I'm sorry of the demo is too long or if nobody will listen it or just make jumps during transport bar. This instruments are a true joy of play and this is the result of it. Hope somebody enjoy the sounds and can have a better idea of the nice combo that are.
Also booth instruments shares a nice orange colour details, lovely combination!"

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Purple Antonus 2600 + Step Brother

via this auction

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Recreating Depeche Mode's Tora! Tora! Tora! using an ARP2600 Synthesizer

video upload by Matt Culpin

"In this video I've recreated Tora! Tora! Tora! by #depechemode using an #arp2600 #synthesizer and the Step Brother sequencer from Antonus plus a single snare sample from a #Korg KR55 drum machine

00:00 - Introduction
00:36 - Background
02:22 - The sounds
03:59 - The track"

Thursday, November 02, 2023

MOE Chorus 60 with Antonus 2600 Original Size part 1

video upload by wutierson

"First part of a serie of videos showing the wonderful sound and different creative uses of the Mother On Earth Chorus 60, by far the best Juno 6/60 chorus clone in pedal format, using exactly the same components and circuitry and also adding some nice extra features and controls.

Making an awesome combo with the Antonus 2600 Original Size, replica of the ARP2600. Very noticeable how nice works this chorus with synthesizers. Is no easy to find pedals that sounds good on synthesizers rather than only in guitars and this pedal sound so nice in all terrains. It makes the lush chorus sound and at same time it works with all the complex harmonic content of the synthesizer sound with more low range frequencies, different than the other more specific guitar oriented pedals. Also it preserves the quick transient and dynamics very good considering the nature of this kind of effects and preserves the low end and high frequency definition. Also very good balance between dry and wet signals levels.

This recording is done using without extra process and sound make up, only just the sound of the 2600 and the Chorus 60.

In this first video we focus in more regular chorus uses, from the classic Juno ranges to different levels of modulation amount and speed using the controls and from time to time switching from processed to dry signals (notice the red colour at the pedal switch when effect is OFF and blue when effect is ON)

In other videos we will show the nice feature of the external CV control and feedback loop techniques.

Both Antonus and MOE are handcraft companies making high grade products with care and love. Antonus working in Barcelona and Mother on Earth working in Israel.

Both brands products are available for distribution at shop, making easy for EU customer to purchase the MOE Chorus 60."

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Ernesto Romeo & Toni Gutierrez impro sessions VAPOR 4

video upload by wutierson

"Ernesto Romeo (Klauss) and Toni Gutierrez, performing improvisation sessions for VAPOR cycle done by Niño Raro productions in Cordoba, Argentina. The sessions were based mostly in analog synthesizers and analog sequencers. EMS VCS3, Synthi A, Minimoog, Antonus 2600 (ARP2600 clone) Korg 770 and others. Thanks for Carlos Jurancelli and Evita Rodriguez for the house studio and space for make possible the set and sessions. Argentina 2016"

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Ernesto Romeo & Toni Gutierrez impro sessions VAPOR 5

video upload by wutierson

"Ernesto Romeo (Klauss) and Toni Gutierrez, performing improvisation sessions for VAPOR cycle done by Niño Raro productions in Cordoba, Argentina. The sessions were based mostly in analog synthesizers and analog sequencers. EMS VCS3, Synthi A, Minimoog, Antonus 2600 (ARP2600 clone) Korg 770 and others. Thanks for Carlos Jurancelli and Evita Rodriguez for the house studio and space for make possible the set and sessions. Argentina 2016"

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Antonus Arp 2600 + Step Brother Sequencer

via this auction

Saturday, August 19, 2023

ANTONUS 2600 Original Size 2023 - Black

via this auction

"This is Serial number 002... Absolute mint condition, should be marked as brand new or open box. I opened it up and have only had a few hours on it but it's amazingly deep and supposedly the most accurate recreation of the ARP 2600 ever made."

Monday, July 03, 2023

Antonus Synthesizers 2023 Promotional Video

video upload by wutierson

Promotional video for the Antonus instruments:
Antonus model 2600 Original Size
Antonus Step Brother
Antonus SidecARP
Antonus brackets

Monday, June 26, 2023

Antonus 2600 Duophonic Analogue Synthesizer SN 107

via this auction

"Antonus 2600 is a remake of the classic synthesizer ARP model 2600, more specifically the grey face version with transistor ladder filter. It is 80% sized-down, to make it more portable. Hand-made in Barcelona, Spain.

The electronic circuit is a faithfully recreation following the same scheme and components. Even being harder or more expensive to work with classic thru-hole technology we choose to work in that way to ensure the sound and character of the original instrument, and also ensure that the instrument can be serviced in the future."

Tuesday, April 25, 2023


video upload by JOSEF KLANG


Monday, April 17, 2023


video upload by JOSEF KLANG

Saturday, January 28, 2023


video upload by JOSEF KLANG

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

New Full Size Antonus 2600 w/ MIDI & LED Sliders In the Works

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Priced at 4125 Euro.

Details via Antonus:

"New Antonus 2600 Original Size is coming!

We want to present you the new surprise…. the Antonus 2600 original size edition. Since long time many users were asking for it, and now the moment arrived. Here is an original scale replica of the ARP 2600, grey face version. This is the first announce, we are preparing the related page at the web with sound and video samples. Meanwhile is possible to know how will be:

Worked and shaped with more detailed cabinet using the same wood cuts and original metal hardware. Handmade like the original, the sensation and feeling is a true experience if you know how the classic unit is. Also this Original Size version includes exclusive knobs, shaped from the original ARP 2600 knobs but with special window that allow the pass of light. The user can adjust the light level for use like the classic non illuminated ARP2600 or enjoy with the illuminated slider light of the Antonus version.

Using the same classic thru-hole components, with matched and selected parts for ensure the classic sound and behaviour of the original units. We don’t want to improve or update nothing about this classic essence soul, we love the ARP2600 original personality and want to preserve it. Is a true challenge looking for the parts and the design path for reach it and we want to work in that direction. The commitment is so strong that for this edition we used the same original submodule building technique. The original ARP2600 used submodules as many users may know. We are so sure of the close replica work of the circuits that we can use the same technique allowing a retro compatibility between Antonus 2600 OS and the classic ARP 2600. For example you can use original submodules in Antonus 2600 OS, or you can use Antonus 2600 OS submodules in classic ARP2600, if you want or need to repair a classic unit using the Antonus submodules. The submodules can be sold individually for this kind of restoration process.

Today using this classic technology and working techniques implies lot of work and effort compared with the current modern mass production process like SMT devices. We are far from this manufacture process with this instrument, because for this special work this deserves this kind of special dedication, love and of course taking the care for the sound and behaviour of some special components that brings us the famous personality of the classic 2600.

Also we added something demanded for our previous customers, the balanced output interface. Located at the right side and using the XLR/Jack dual connector you can use this lines for connect to the mixers and audio interfaces using balanced lines and also keeps the traditional front panel mini jacks outputs like the original ARP2600. With this you can connect the main outputs using mini jack 3,5mm (non balanced) , Jack 6,3mm (balanced) and XLR connectors (balanced)

With all of this we want to offer this special work, living the manufacture process like the early years, mostly done by hand and done with love with people how loves what they do.

The amount of work and requirements doesn’t allow big production, this means that the production will be limited to 20 units per year.

The customer price will be 4125 euro TAX excluded. Shipping not included. Reserve your unit directly with Antonus or using any Antonus dealer for ensure your unit availability."

Monday, January 02, 2023

ANTONUS Custom 2600 + Little Brother Step Sequencer w/ Blue LEDs

via this auction

"Absolutely mint condition. This has only been touched by Antonus, myself [Bluetech] and Lisa Bella Donna. Why settle for cheaply made mass market synths "inspired" by the 2600 when you can get quality handmade real deal monster machine? Already in the states, avoid months long wait and customs and import duties and heavy shipping costs.

Made with custom Blue LEDs for that extra special sparkle.

Antonus 2600

The reinterpretation of the mythic ARP 2600 analog synthesizer. We have faithfully reproduced all aspects of the original electronic design so as not to lose a nuance of the mythical sound that characterizes it. We love its sound and behavior so we don’t intend to “improve it”. Of course, we wanted to adapt it to the current standards of use for which we have opted for a more compact format, without losing any of the feeling and comfort of the original design in addition to adding MIDI connectivity.

Step Brother

A unique sequencer design, the perfect mate of our modular system. Based on the design of the ARP Sequencer 1601 but expanded. We have added a Clock Divider, an ADSR, a VCO / LFO and 2 VCAs, and of course, MIDI connection. A sequencer system fully oriented for live performance and for immediate improvisation. Of course made with the classic 2600 design rules."

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Antonus Step Brother ARP Based Sequencer

via this auction

Sunday, September 04, 2022


video upload by JOSEF KLANG


Sunday, July 03, 2022

Original ARP 2600 synthesizer, with Antonus Step Brother sequencer

video upload by Synth-o-rama

"This is a POV video, with me exploring my recently purchased Arp 2600 synthesizer. It's an original grey face model from 1976.

Arp potted the modules in this model, to make it more difficult to know what's going on inside them. Especially the 'Moog' filter they probably wanted to keep secret. However, in 1976, with the introduction of the "Halloween" coloured version of the Arp 2600, they no longer potted the modules.

At the same time they introduced their own version of the filter module (they kinda had to, as they got sued by Moog), the 4072. Many people think that it was inferior sounding to the 4012 "Moog" equivalent.

However, although my Arp 2600 is from 1976, and maybe "should" have been equipped either with the potted 4012 Moog filter, or, the unpotted inferior sounding 4072 filter, I was lucky enough to get an unpotted 4012 Moog filter. All other modules in this Arp 2600 are not potted as well. Sometimes you luck out. 🎉"

Original ARP 2600 synthesizer, with Antonus Step Brother sequencer, second video

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Antonus 2600 - ARP 2600 Clone & Antonus Step Brother - ARP Step Sequencer clone with CV and MIDI

2600 via this auction

"Excellent condition, working as expected. It's a high quality, handmade ARP 2600 clone. Often described as the 2600 recreation when it comes to authentic sound. It's a fully-featured semi-modular synth lab, which works with MIDI, has a lot of CV patch points and comes equipped with speakers and a vintage-style spring reverb."

Step Brother via this auction

"Antonus Step Brother, a beautiful recreation of the legendary ARP step sequencer, with a benefit of MIDI. Super flexible, musical, working."

Thursday, March 24, 2022


video upload by JOSEF KLANG


Patch n Tweak
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