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Vermona Perfourmer MKI SN D02259 w/ Chrome Knobs

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Akai U40 Riff-O-Matic - Variable Tempo/Constant Pitch Phase Recorder

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"Ultimately stylish, and ultimately rare.

tiny pink box.

nice looper with variable pitch changes."

Thomas Henry VCF-1 State Variable Filter.

video upload by EdEditz

"A test and demonstration of the Thomas Henry VCF-1 State Variable VCF which I built on stripboard. It's an absolutely beautiful sounding filter with three output modes which you can use at the same time. Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass.
In this test I did not have the 1 Volt per Octave input connected.
You can find full instructions for building this filter (and over 50 other synthesizer DIY projects) for stripboard on my website:"

TTMC Sequencer Card , Tokyo Delay Card , Model:Cycles

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Daydreamin' With Ray Barbee by Exploredinary

video upload by ASM Ashun Sound Machines

"Travel with our friend the legendary pro skateboarder, photographer, and musician Ray Barbee. Explore a beautiful spring day in Long Beach California while day dreaming to the sounds of the Hydrasynth Explorer."

Minimal Polyend Play Sequence + Projection Mapping

video upload by Perplex On

"Recently got myself a #PolvendPlay and so far, it's a really inspiring
instrument. This simple sequence is made with one stock sample only, with a pinch of chance and randomness added. Served with projection mapped visuals onto its grid to accompany the smooth minimal feeling. Enjoy."

Groovetube - jam/demo Mar'24

video upload by Telmatronics

"We've been that busy developing this machine, and getting ready for first production run, we've only now found time for some jamming!
I've tried to explain some controls as they are used - you'll have to excuse inexpert operation/poor camera-work... Massive thanks to Ed.midi for banging sounds, this was a fun session :-)
More details/ordering info at"

Groovetube - jam/demo Mar'24 #2

Behringer Introduces MS-5 Synthesizer Modeled on the Classic Roland SH-5 for $599

A Legend Comes Back to Life - Introducing MS-5 video upload by Behringer

"Video & Music created by Patrick with the Behringer MS-5."

"Rock the stage with tremendous bass tones and mesmerize the crowd (and your band) with the Behringer MS-5. Couple that with a purely analog signal path and you’ll be pushing out fiery riffs perfect for that next sci-fi masterpiece.

List Price: $599 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)"

"For decades now there's been a notable community of online synthesists asking for this legendary and rare synth to be brought back in it's full analog glory, and it's about time someone answered their call."

00:00 Intro
00:33 MS-5 Intro Song
01:20 Prologue
01:52 Return of a Legend
03:35 Oscillator Demos
04:48 Osc Sync Sounds
05:21 Ring Modulation
05:41 Techy Demo
07:27 Jam Licks
08:59 Arp Mash
11:02 Beta Tester Thoughts

"Analog Synthesizer with 37 Full-Size Keys, 2 VCOs, Multi-Mode VCF, VCA, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes and Ring Modulator

Rock the stage with tremendous bass tones and mesmerize the crowd (and your band) with the Behringer MS-5, a pure analog synthesizer based on the original “SH-5” – making it a versatile and nuanced synth which can easily make its home in any setup.

The Behringer MS-5 is a faithful reproduction of the original “SH-5” circuit and it comes with 37 semi-weighted keys with velocity functionality allowing you to vary the intensity of a note with how hard or soft a key is pressed. Couple that with a purely analog signal path and you’ll be pushing out fiery riffs perfect for that next sci-fi masterpiece.

The MS-5 comes equipped with two VCOs and LFOs that come with 4 switchable waveforms each plus an array of tone shaping options such as modulations pulse width, pitch, rate and delay time."

Is there any reason to buy a Roland 2080 in 2024? First thoughts on this capable albatross

video upload by Ted murena

"The JV series dominated Roland’s lineup in the 90s and was certainly capable. They were well built and offered a lot of power. The 2080 offered more expansion capabilities and overall utility than you could fit into two rack spaces in the 90s. We saw this synth in basically every studio in late 90s into the 2010s but now it’s easily purchased for little money. The big question I have is it obsolete or is it great gear…"

Yamaha SEQTRAK an old Gameboy soundtrack

video upload by LucaTronico

"Diving back into my GameBoy memories with a live cover of the VolleyFire theme, using my latest gear: Yamaha SEQTRAK and Arturia Keystep 25. 🕹️🎹 This game might have been simple, but its music? Absolutely thrilling! Been itching to give it my own spin, and what better way than live (talk about a challenge 😅). Join me on this nostalgic yet bumpy ride as I recreate one of the soundtracks that fueled my childhood gaming sessions. #RetroGamingVibes

🎵 Gear Used:

Yamaha SEQTRAK for that sequenced precision.
Arturia Keystep 25 for dynamic key action.
🕹️ Gaming Throwback"

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