MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019

The OB-6 sound on a budget?

Published on Mar 22, 2019 Tim Shoebridge

"In this video I take a brief look at building a simple Eurorack effects box to mimic the beautiful sound of the OB-6 and Oberheim synths in general.

The gear I purchased and assembled in this video is as follows:

Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter x 2 - Used prices were £67 and £69.
Doepfer A-145 LFO - Used price was £40
Doepfer A-100LC1 48hp Eurorack case - Used price was £85

Total cost excluding cables: £261

Finally, a huge shout-out to Starsky Carr for his fantastic OB-6 vs Prophet6 video which kick-started me on my journey of gear-lust for the OB-6!" Check it out here.

ContinuuMini with Added Touche Control

Published on Mar 22, 2019 HakenAudio

"How to make a DIY 'Touche' control on a ContinuuMini, refining the control of the pressure and front-to-back accuracy."

Tangible Waves Abused Electronics AE Modular Rack 1

via this auction

"The AE Modular Rack 1 is a cute little desktop synth system that is fully modular. It really sounds great with really no compromise on circuits as the cost reduction is only reserved for the lack of jacks and size of the hardware.

This system is their standard rack 1 but includes some added modules for a pretty capable setup!

There are two VCOs, wasp filter, MIDI to CV, noise, LFO, sample and hold, VCA, two EGs, beat divider, 10 step sequencer, USB outputs, and delay. All the modules include a fair amount of CV for a system of this price range and size, making this a great buy for anyone looking to get into modular or expand some other gear.

This instrument is in great shape and includes the original packaging with power supply, quick start guide, MIDI adapter, and lots of tiny patch cables."

Mutable Instruments Shruthi w/ Power Supply

via this auction

"The Shruthi-1 is a hybrid digital/analog desktop monosynth. This was built from a DIY kit and is in great working condition. This version has the nice metal and wood enclosure with the lovely MI module graphics. Includes a power supply!"

Deluge FM: Exploring the Frequency Modulation synthesis engine

Published on Mar 22, 2019 Olivier Ozoux

"I posted my last video a few hours before jumping on a plane to work on a project in Australia, think I would have plenty of time to.... Well, it's now almost 3 months later.

I did shoot some stuff while I was there, starting with this little exploration of the FM synth engine in the Deluge.

I'm obviously not the world's foremost authority on Frequency Modulation Synthesis, but I hope that some of you will find this useful."

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "One Caress"

Published on Mar 22, 2019 DX5

Gear used:
Emu Emax
Kurzweil PC1x.
Backtrack recorded in Pro Tools (Emax strings are pre recorded starting from min 01:00)
Couple of missing notes (that's live playing)

Composed by Martin L. Gore.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara.

A2600 - ARP 2600 Sample Set for the Sequential Prophet X/XL by 8dio

via 8dio

"The A2600 is one of our all-time favorite vintage synths. We had the pleasure of deep-sampling this gorgeous instrument. Including various stages of core oscillators from raw to saturated.

Including Pulses, Fifths, Dual Pulses, Pulse FM 5th, Pulse Spring, Pulse FM 4th, Saw, Saw Pulse, Saw FM Pulse 1, Saw FM Pulse 2, Saw PWM, Saw Ring, Saw Spring, Sine, Sine Saturated, Square, Square Mod, Square Spring, Triangle, Saturated Triangle and various others.

We also extensively captured its white noise in isolation.

Price: $48
The ARP® 2600
Deep-Sampled Custom Patches Using Original Analog Hardware 22 Custom Instruments
Raw Oscillators (ex. Sawtooth, Triangle, Sine, Noise etc)
32 Custom Presets including A/B Modes.
+1,042 Samples
1.13GB Download
Direct download / Cloud Server System
Product only available as Direct Download
Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Required
The Prophet X or XL must be running OS (v2.1) or higher. The latest operating system can be found HERE
** Not compatible with Kontakt"

Novation // Tips - Custom Analog Kicks

Published on Mar 22, 2019 NovationTV

"In this Tips video, Enrique takes you through a step by step process of how to make analogue kick sounds on any synthesiser. Enrique uses a Bass Station II, but the parameters and settings can be found on most synths.

--- Discover more about the Bass Station II:"

Meet the Makers: Designing the New TB-303

Published on Mar 15, 2019 Roland Cloud

"Roland's Engineering team in Hamamatsu, Japan takes us behind the new virtual version of the iconic TB-303."

Gotharman's LD3 - SPAZEfilters 2

Published on Mar 22, 2019 gotharman

"More love for the SPAZE filters in this video from the future."


Published on Mar 22, 2019 Plankton Electronics

"Sqaure wave from the Ants synthesizer sequenced by the Eloquencer."


Published on Mar 22, 2019 Plankton Electronics


An stereo pad to the Nutone distortion module. MOdulated with a Bass Drum via de ENVF envelope follower module.
Mono drum loop on the Nutone eurorack module. Channel 1 to channel 2 in series.
3. Two tracks on the Nutone
BD on Channel 1 and Bass on Channel 2. Playing with the sending controls between channels, envelope follower, and the feedback controls.

Casio FZ-1 Hybrid 16-Bit Digital Sampler & Synth

via this auction

"The FZ-1 is a 5-octave keyboard (61-key) and hybrid sampler/synthesizer released by Casio Computer Company in 1987.

The FZ-1, at that time, offered impressive sampling features: A 1 MB (10242 bytes) sampling memory (expandable to 2 MB), booting from ROM rather than an OS diskette, harmonic additive synthesis and digital subtractive synthesis in one complete package. Like the Fairlight CMI the FZ-1 used a GUI-driven menu system in which all functions were listed under specific menus and sub-menus. However, unlike the Fairlight, the FZ-1 did not use a stylus and qwerty keyboard for input. Instead, the FZ-1 used data sliders (like those present on the Yamaha DX range of synthesizers), 4-way cursor keys, an alphanumeric key-pad, plus "yes"/"no" buttons that also acted as a means of data increment or decrement.


via this auction

"Uncommon 70s keyboard synthesizer in fantastic condition, serviced and working extremely well.

Also manufactured for Unicord and named the Poly-Ensemble P with model number K-4."

ISLA Instruments Kordbot - Black

via this auction

"It is quite rare in this color scheme hence the higher price. I paid about $100 more for this one"


Published on Mar 22, 2019 LESINDES

I was honestly surprised what I could tickle out of that tiny box with only 3 patch cables in the end. The result of this session with DREADBOX EREBUS II was A WEEK OF DRONES, a drone that flows its way through the seven days of our week. Starting on a severe Monday ending its journey on a contemplative Sunday."

Sonic LAB: Dreadbox Hypnosis Time Effects Processor

Published on Mar 22, 2019 sonicstate

"We take a look at the Dreadbox Hypnosis, an 80s inspired Time based Effects processor."

Free Korg Monologue Patch Pack: Drum and Percussion Loops

Published on Mar 22, 2019 Oscillator Sink

Korg Monologue Drums and Percussion Loops Patch Pack - Demo of All 30 Patches

"I'm excited to announce a new patch pack for the Korg Monologue that is being released in association with Korg.

This patch pack is maybe a little different to most others for the Monologue. It's actually more of a “loop pack” - 30 drum and percussion loops for the Korg Monologue.

I know what you're thinking: “the Monologue isn't a drum machine”. But thanks to the Monologue’s exceptional sequencer, it absolutely can be, and using a monosynth as a drum machine can yield exciting, unique percussive loops and textures that you'd just never arrive at with conventional drum machines.

Although you can select one of these patches and play the keyboard, the real fun comes when you start the sequencer. Each patch is designed to be a standalone loop which you can use out of the box, but I've tried to leave plenty in each patch to explore. The mod lever is set to offer instant tweaking gratification, but playing with the other parameters can reveal all sorts of new expressions; also try enabling and disabling the sequencer steps, tweaking the motion sequence and changing the notes in the sequence. Please note that because some of the patches rely on tempo-synced LFOs, you may need to restart the sequence after changing patches,

These loops also sound great with additional processing - try adding compression, saturation, delay, reverb etc. in your DAW or on your mixing desk to enhance and augment the loops.

I hope that in addition to being fun loops to use in your own music, whether you use them as they come, or you tweak them to perfection, this pack demonstrates how you can create your own unique percussion loops on the Monologue.

Download the patches from Korg here:"

Friday Jam #4 - SKULPT + CRAFT Jungle Jam

Published on Mar 22, 2019 Modal Electronics

"Friday Jam #4 - Headphones / Subwoofers highly encouraged for a little 90’s Jungle inspired jam with some jazzy chords on SKULPT and a diving sub bass on CRAFTsynth 2.0. Tough."

Its the LEPLOOP!!!! A Deep dive with -CALC-

Published on Mar 22, 2019 -CALC-

"This is a really long video... its 7 minutes before I stop waffling and there is even any Leploop sound.
Finally though here is a tutorial I have been wanting to make for a long long time.
The marvellous Italian groovebox of wonders.... the LEPLOOP.

Clocking in at 1 hour and 8 minutes this is not for the faint hearted, it gets pretty hairy at points too but it covers what this unusual groovebox is and how it does what it does......

The first half considers the voice engines and how they are controlled, the second half concentrates on what must be one of the most awkward but ultimately rewarding sequencers of all time.
Its a beast but with perseverance it can be tamed... well actually I'm not sure tamed is the right word.

I hope someone somewhere finds it useful in breaking the enigmatic code of the LEPLOOP


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