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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Martin Hannett choral sound research May 10, 2020

Published on May 10, 2020 SynthMania

"Like many other people, I've been fascinated by the haunting 'synth chorus' in Joy Division songs like 'Decades' and "The Eternal" since I first heard the Closer album in the mid '80s. I started a research on how to attempt at replicating it. Unfortunately, the TEQ eq I used - even if period-correct - doesn't give me the resonance needed to reproduce the sound. I will try to get different EQs / filter banks of the era and experiment with those later. The Marshall Time Modulator settings should be in the ballpark a bit. I used the Quadraverb for convenience, although in the next videos I'd like to mic a real reverberant space."

Genoqs Nemo SN 034

via this aution

"The ball bearings on the unit (the smaller buttons) are getting slightly dusty and don't roll as smoothly as they used to.
This can probably be cleaned quite easily but i don't want to open it up myself.
They are 100% functional and press down fine (rolling them is'nt tied to a function it's just for cool points)"

Moog Source Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

SN 3046 or 3946

"I'm selling my Moog Source, which I had serviced at Electronic Innovations in St. Clair Shores, MI, right before the lockdown. The tech cleaned up and fixed the volume knob, which was noisy. He also confirmed that the key bed, membrane panel, patch memory, data wheel, and everything else are in perfect working order. I've graded this synth a conservative very good: there are some mild scuffs and marks on the outer panels, but otherwise, there's no physical damage to the synth and it looks terrific for its age."

Teenage Engineering OP-1

via this auction

Analog Modular Synthesizer 1980 Elektor Formant Modified

Published on May 10, 2020 Alex Arp

Used Modules:
1x Oscillator
1x VC Filter
1x VCA
2x LFO

Everything is recorded directly into the audio interface

Roland JD-XA Into The Beyond Analog Digital Crossover Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on May 10, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

"#rolandjdxa #crossoversynthesizer #rolandaira
Roland JD XA "Into The Beyond" Crossover Synthesizer
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

I love the JD-XA, it is super AWESOME!!!
Playing a "Vangelis Brass" patch, then I demo a preset
dance pattern! Time to GET DOWN, BABY! ;)

Meteorite friends featured:
272 gram NWA Stone Meteorite
33 gram Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite
Super cool vibes from these two! ;)

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with no extra FX!"

Vertebrae: Octatrack and Roland TR8s

Published on May 10, 2020 Brittle stR music

"Samples in the Octatrack and TR8s are all from: ASM Hydrasynth, DSI Pro 2, and Ultrabeat and ES1, both in Logic Pro 8."

KORG International Vice-President | SynthFest 2020

Published on May 10, 2020 SynthFest France

"John Mc Cubbery KORG International Vice-President
SynthFest France 2020 - SynthFestALaMaison
22-24 Mai 2020 free and worldwide"


Published on May 10, 2020 Joseph McGinty

"I created a synthesizer score for David Černý's "K." which is located in the Quadrio shopping center in Prague. He has a similar sculpture, METALmorphosis in Charlotte, North Carolina (which is the inspiration for the title). I tried to film one 360º rotation from front to back.

All sounds (except the vocoder at the end) are from Sequential's Pro 3 with no external effects, recorded directly into Logic. The Pro 3 is a great sounding synthesizer and a lot of fun to edit. I used some of the factory presets (which are great), but also created some variations on them to suit the piece. The vocoder is Izotope's Vocal Synth.

"Head of Franz Kafka":
David Cerny:"

Man VS Machine Live Performance

Published on May 10, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"


Published on May 10, 2020 mishpult

"Laying down some ideas with the Digitakt. Free-form, no pressure, mistakes and all. Recorded through OB straight from the AH, EQ and Compression applied in the box. Thanks for watching!
#digitakt #elektron #analogheat"

KORG COLLECTION 2 Wavestation - Best Pads & Drones

Published on May 10, 2020 LFOstore

"#wavestation #korgcollection2 #presets

Finally, we adapted our best selling soundset "Best Pads & Drones" for all the versions of Wavestation - to the new Korg Legacy Collection 2!

Its here:

This unique soudnset – contains 50 custom-made atmospheric pad/drone/string/evolving sounds for Korg Wavestation.

One of the best machines for deep ambient atmospheres & drones. Supper lush sound & waves + vector synthesis – giving great possibilities.

It’s the first time you can get so many useful atmospheric sounds for your production collected in one soundset.

Compatible with all models: Original WS, WS A/D, SR, VST version from Legacy Collection & new IWavestation for I-Pad. Audio

Enjoy the demo of all 50 presets!"

Waldorf Streichfett - Desktop String Synthesizer and Poly Synth

via this auction

Roland Roland VP 9000 SN ZN31797

via this auction

Access Virus TI Polar Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emulator II

via this auction

" E-MU Systems Emulator II Sampler w/ lots of floppy discs and flash drives. Here it is, the mothership of samplers. The analog filters and the 8-bit samples give this beast that thick, warm, lo-fi sounds that appear on some of our favorite records. Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer", tons of Depeche Mode, New Order, John Carpenter, and "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" just to name a few.

As you can see this baby is really clean, nice shape. Everything functions and sounds great. It has one 3.5 floppy drive and one flash drive. It even comes with 2 flash drive sticks, and 104 floppy discs of sounds to load. Also included is a nice case with drawers to store floppy discs."

Prophet 600 Synthesizer GliGli - Seven minutes of Ethereal Pads!

Published on May 10, 2020 Tom Loncaric

"This Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer was made in about 1983. It features the GliGli mod, which wonderfully upgrades the potential of the instrument. The music in the video was performed live with no overdubs. Effects used are slight analog delay and reverb.

Equipment used:
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer with GliGli mod
Moog Minifooger delay
Demeter RV1 Real Spring Reverb"

Oberheim OB-12 Review & Demo Featuring Shaggy and Scooby Doo

Published on May 10, 2020 Pure Ambient Drone

"In this video of the Oberheim OB-12 I review the synthesizer while providing some demo sounds. Tom Oberheim really didn't have much to do with the OB-12 developmentally wise. It carries the Oberheim Name only. However I feel that the Oberheim OB 12 captures the soul of vintage synthesizers and really can sound like an old analog synthesizer when it wants to."

Longer demo from Pure Ambient Drone posted yesterday here.

digitone keys / arp 2600 / tr-606 / re-201

Published on May 10, 2020 studio snippets

ENSONIQ WAVE SEQUENCING with the EPS-16 Plus, SD-1, ASR-10 & TS-10

Published on May 10, 2020 Robin Bausewein

"Hyperwaves Light, Hyperwaves, Superwaves and Megawaves.... you will find it all in this video about doing Wave Sequencing on the Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus, SD-1 (VFX, VFX-SD), ASR-10 and TS-10.

This is a Programming Tutorial.

By using this principle it is also possible to blend Custom Samples with a TS-10 (TS-12) Hyperwave.


0m:00s Intro Song
1m:30s Introduction
4m:00s EPS-16 Plus: Transwaves Tempo Synced Modulation
18m:40s Wave Sequencing on the SD-1
37m:28s Ensoniq Samplers Wave Conversion Application
42m:28s EPS-16 Plus: 8-Step Wave Sequence
53m:38s ASR-10 Superwaves
58m:38s TS-10 Megawaves: Using Samples in a Hyperwave?!"

Novation Peak & TC Electronic Dark Matter

Published on May 10, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

Elektron Machine Drum - Freestyle Blank Song

Published on May 10, 2020 nord

Sounds come in after 14:30 and rhythms after 15:10.

PEOPLE & PARTICLES, quarantine, KORG PROLOGUE, DAWLESS, Runner Brass preset.

Published on May 10, 2020 Bob I. Gomez

"Original tune, PEOPLE & PARTICLES, played on the Korg Prologue Synth using Preset 001 Runner Brass."

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