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Saturday, August 01, 2020

MF FREQ BASS | DX7 Patch Tutorial


0:00 Intro
2:07 Manual FUNCTION reset instructions
3:05 Tutorial begins
7:28 Patreon Mid-Month Download BASS & PADS patch demos

This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer.

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Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

Adiabatic Isolation

Adiabatic Isolation

"An aleatoric ambient piece using the 5U modular and a Moog Subharmonicon. The SubH is clocking itself and run into the modular for audio processing. The modular is running three step sequencers to control a slow filter opening on the Subharmonicon as well as loudness, detuning of some additional VCO's and the PWM of the VCO2 on the SubH. The sequencers are clocked by a separate LFO in the modular. The sequencers are set for 24 steps and they stop which turns off the SubH as well ending the piece. All I did was start the process by setting a stage of one of the sequential switch modules."

The MOTOR SYNTH - Gimmick Or Game Changer?

Simon The Magpie

"The first of its kind MOTOR SYNTH by gamechanger audio just showed up in the mail. So lets have a look! Is it everything we ever wanted and more? I want pizza."

Djangosfire New Buchla Style System Build ... Getting Close!


"About a month ago (beginning July, 2020), I started spending time building up a DIY Buchla style system. It’s really getting to the fun point now, can’t wait to share as a get familiarized with this awesome system!! Cheers, Adam"

Super Jupiter MKS-80 + MPG-80 Sound Demo: Sounds From Scratch


"Here's a quick demo showing off sounds from vintage Roland MKS-80 Rev4 Super Jupiter.
I Made this video when I was selling my MKS-80 to fellow synth-lover @Machiwoomiapoo
Other than that terrible and repetitive sequence I made, I think she sounds super sweet.
TR-808 has some light back beats in there somewhere."

Vintage Red Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Grib & Case

via this auction

KORG Polysix PS-6

via this auction

"Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and some short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones, and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.
New backup battery installed

BRAND NEW CPU board installed for long life"

DSI Sequential PRO 3 // Does it sound digital?


The Pro 3 has a digital wavetable oscillator along with two analog oscillators, all run through an analog filter. You can find specs on the Pro 3 here.

"I know sparse viewers won't care about that, but I am feeling really bad about not having the space to play more than one instrument at a given time; yes, that's the reason why I only make videos of one instrument per-video and there are moments, like, throughout all this video, I would have wanted to play something to go with this line.

I ended up playing with the lovely distortions offered by the PRO 3 and the nice-sounding BBD Delay.

I am still not convinced by the Super Plate reverb, I would like to hear something deeper, fatter, lush, something like the one onboard of the Novation Peak (maybe the feature of it I like the most)."

Vintage Suzuki Keyman PK-37 SIEL SN 4317

via this auction

"This is great Vintage 90’s Suzuki Keyman PK37 Full Size Keyboard in great shape and working order. Features a 1/8” sound output to connect to fx boxes, computer etc. Great crunch for loft sounds or just as a tool to play around and compose on. Also a great tool for a child to learn on / experiment with."

Studio Electronics MidiMini Rack Minimoog SN 1561


via this auction

"These early ones like this, as I understand it, were actually original Mini Moogs that SE racked up and added midi to. Later models were their own creation, but these early ones were an actual MiniMoog in there and this one sounds like it. Works great and is super musical."

Note the video above is from Kick.S in 2009 and in the listing for demo purposes.

Dave Smith Instruments Oberheim OB-6 Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Bass Boy TB-303 Style MIDI Controlled Bass Line Synth

via this auction

See the BassBoy label for some demos.

"A great little synth module that has TB-303 style features and full midi CC control for:

Saw or Square wave
Filter cutoff
Envelope modulation
Filter gain
Cutoff step
Panic (all notes off)

You can set it to any midi channel and 2 different modes, one for sequencers that allow overlapping notes to produce slides, and one that works with sequencers that don’t allow overlapping notes, in this mode slides are set by note velocity.

It is built into a sturdy aluminium housing, it comes with printed instructions.
You set the mode and midi channel using internal jumpers, by default it is set to midi channel 1 and for sequencers that allow overlapping notes.

It takes a standard 12v positive center power supply, not included but a very common type easily available on ebay for not much money.

This is not a TB-303 clone, it has no knobs or built in sequencer, but if you like acid type sounds then you will like this, the built in distortion can make some superb harder sounds, but of course it can also do more subtle stuff too.

It responds to midi CC for all parameters, these are handily printed on the too panel to make setting up with your sequencer or DAW easy."

Ricky Tinez' Favorite Physical Modelling Eurorack Module // What i wish Rings would do.

Ricky Tinez

"The QuBit Surface, to me, is one of the best physical modeling drum modules on the market right now. I know there are others that have way more modulation and Control over every little aspect of the sound, but i'm trying to make the music not the drum sounds! -- On top of all that, the size is perfect for my smaller cases and The Surface is quick and easy to use with its small size and 3 main knobs for controlling the sounds. When i tried it out at Namm 2020 i knew it was an instant favorite.

Synth Merch -

00:00 Intro
01:38 The Setup
02:10 Unique Tuning
03:04 Physical Models
04:20 Voice Modes
05:25 Choking Voices!
07:09 Sound Design
08:55 DARK Mode
10:50 Modulation!!!
14:14 Techno Jam
19:54 Outro"

No Agenda 120: Subharmonicon and Digitakt Improvisation at 120 BPM

"Improv on the Moog Subharmonicon and Elektron Digitakt at 120 BPM. Poly Digit provides reverb and delay. Watch my walkthrough of the Subharmonicon" [posted here]

E-Mu Morpheus Z-Plane Synthesizer Tutorial | VHS (1994)

Daniel Johnson

"This video captures a rare VHS-era intro to the E-Mu Morpheus and Z-Plane Synthesis.

Synthesist Gerry Bassermann discusses the Morpheus hardware and then digs into creating sounds with it.

The Z-Plane Filter, introduced with the Morpheus, lets you control the characteristics of the filter precisely, including frequency, bandwidth and degree of peak. This lets you get a wide variety of filter effects and also lets you morph between filter settings"

1975 ROLAND RS-101 - Vintage Polyphonic Analog String Machine

via this auction

"Stunning 1975 Roland RS-101 String Machine in fully serviced and restored condition.

Fully polyphonic string synth with individual VCAs and envelopes for each note.

The first of the Roland synths to feature the lush Ensemble effect (the RS-101 has 4 modulated delay lines vs the rs202's 3 delays and the difference shows) and this stringer has the mojo in spades. It's as lush as they come.
The excellent feeling 5-octave Keyboard is split, bi-timbral, with Strings I, Strings II, and Brass either side of the split, and with variable tone control, fully independent Slow Attack, Variable Sustain, and Volume Soft options.

Very expressive synth, with a beautiful haunting tone, and being fully polyphonic (unlike the earlier Solina) the expressivity is fantastic. Sits perfectly in a mix. Again, the ensemble

This synth has undergone meticulous restoration, including recapping of almost 100 caps, full restoration of all pots, switches, etc. Keybed fully restored. It's bulletproof and should provide use for many more decades to come.

230v model."

Waldorf Microwave 1 Rev.A 2.0os w/ Stereoping Controller & Extras

via this auction

"Waldorf Microwave 1 in the most sought after Revision A. It has been upgraded this year to the version 2.0 Operating system.

It works great and sounds amazing. It's been babied and used in a clean, climate controlled studio. It stays dust free and is always covered when not in use. It's 220v so you'll need a step up transformer in the USA, I recommend Acupwr for safety and reliability.

Comes with the Stereoping synth controller that really opens up your ability to tweak in real time and make your own patches. Along with are the two factory patch cards, Claudis Bruse and Dave Gould Techno card, plus two more 256k memory cards to back up your patches as well as three other Korg Mega Rams with 4 banks per card (these are all really rare). In addition to this are a set of factory and other manuals that I’ve collected over the years. I will also throw in the two right angle midi cables that work great for attaching the Stereoping to the MW. I have never seen such a kit of Microwave items in one listing, here's a chance to own a rare and amazing machine."

Waldorf Microwave

via this auction

"Vintage Waldorf Microwave. Works great, sounds awesome. Offspring of the famous PPG Wave , NOT INCLUDED.Original Factory patches restored."

Roland VP330 Vocoder

via this auction

Yamaha Kx5 Keytar

via this auction

Beast-Tek Double Dragon Dual LFO and Ramp Generator


2nd video in playlist: "Double Dragon Dual LFO channel 1 in ramp mode controlling a VCA with channel 2 at audio rate"

via Beast-Tek

"Double Dragon

Double Dragon is a dual complex LFO that packs a fatal punch! The second LFO can be twisted, warped, destroyed and modulated by the first LFO using one of seven different algorithms to produce modulations more wild than a spinning round house kick to the face!

The amount of algorithm based modulation can be blended from zero all the way to full depth using the MOD control and CV input. Each algorithm has a parameter to tweak the modulation, again with full CV control.

The glowing "Dragon Eye" provides visual feedback of the selected mode at all times.

Double Dragon has 3 different frequency or "speed" ranges accessible by the press of the encoder - allowing Double Dragon to go all the way from prehistoric times with a cycle rate of approx. 2.5 hours for one cycle to drone territory and beyond at 1.28 khz.

If this wasn't enough functionality already, configuration jumpers on the back allow each of the two LFOs to be switched from bipolar LFO mode to RAMP mode to generate unipolar ramp signals. From "ramp down" through "triangle" all the way to "ramp up" to control a VCA or modulate using an positive-only envelope. Two additional jumpers allow the RESET input to be repurposed to 1-Shot mode (one complete Wave or Ramp cycle per trigger input) or hang mode (output is held or "paused" while the input is high) providing maximum flexibility.

Want to put your modulation on hold during a fill, quite section or certain measure? - just switch the Dragon into hang mode and all your problems are solved.

Placing LFO 1 into both RAMP and 1-Shot mode in combination with a VCA module allows Double Dragon to become a drum voice - with LFO 1 providing the envelope and LFO 2 providing the audio signal. Even in RAMP mode, LFO 1 still modulates LFO 2 so the envelope produced by LFO 1 can still modulate LFO."


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