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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ngarjuna - 'Stink Eye'

video by ngarjuna

"New track from Acid Coast Records - 'Stink Eye' - featuring Ngarjuna, Ngarjuna, and a decent amount of stink eye"

Mutable Instruments Beads - Eurorack Granular Processor + More

video by Perfect Circuit

"Wes and Jacob explore a few patches with the Mutable Instruments Beads. We were excited to get our hands on this new module that takes combines some of the best parts of Clouds with some new features that make it even better.

If you have a Beads and make a cool patch with it tag us here on YouTube or on Instagram @Perfect_Circuit so we can check it out!

Beads available here:


00:00​ - Intro
00:05​ - Buffer Shuffle
00:46​ - Overview
01:02​ - Buffer Shuffle Settings
01:56​ - Processed Ocean Patch
04:44​ - Rings/Beads Self Triggering
06:07​ - Beat Repeat + Feedback
08:48​ - Outro"

Spooky Polyphony | Moog One

video by Chris Hunt

"I read in the manual that there were 16 voices, but it didn't say how many of them were ghosts. :)"

Moog Rogue - the nineteen classic factory patches

video by SynthMania

"Classic analog monosynth from 1981

00:00​ The Moog Rogue
00:30​ That Moog Sound (Minimoog sound)
01:03​ Electric Guitar (Minimoog sound)
01:28​ Electric Piano
01:53​ Harpsichord
02:14​ The Good Sound
02:50​ Bass I (Acoustic)
03:13​ Bass II (Rogue PowerBass)
03:47​ Bass III - Tuba (Prodigy sound)
04:16​ Frankenfunk (Prodigy sound)
04:58​ Tympani (sic)
05:34​ Violin
06:24​ Bassoon
06:54​ Flute
07:51​ Steel Drums ("Lead Pan")
08:20​ Warp Two
09:36​ Thunder (Minimoog sound)
10:17​ Interfacing For Polyphonic Filter Effects (Poly Sample-And-Hold) (with Memorymoog)
11:32​ Interfacing For Polyphonic Filter Effects (Tremolo) (with Memorymoog)"

Novation Circuit Tracks -CALC- and Ehsan: Live Set & Conversation // Novation Live

video by NovationTV

"From opposite sides of the world -CALC- is joined by uber-synthesist Ehsan Gelsi for a live, intercontinental online jam and conversation covering the new Novation Circuit Tracks and a whole host of synth-nerd topics.

--- Discover Circuit Tracks:"

Flute, Arbhar, Beads, Morphagene, Desmodus Versio, Planar2, Microcosm

video by Omri Cohen

"Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

I'm using DistroKid to distribute my music to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. By signing up through this link you will get 7% off and will support this channel :) -"

Yamaha DX7IIFD - FM Synthesizer

via this auction

opsix: Altered FM

video by Korg

"Meet KORG Product Specialist Natalie Chami as we focus on the Altered FM features in the opsix FM synthesizer. We'll take a look a the modulators, matrix, voice modes, user algorithms, and more!"

The Deafening Roar of Words Left Unspoken by Audio Illustrator

New track from supporting member, James Newman aka Audio Illustrator of New Man Studios who had the following to say about it:

"I just finished this new piece that kind of revolves around a simple sequence ostinato being played by my DFAM. Here is what I wrote about this piece:

'In this life we fail too often to speak words that need to be said. May we not live a life of regrets from our silence echoing as thunder.

I hope you enjoy my latest piece called 'The Deafening Roar of Words Left Unspoken'."

Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 596776

via this auction

KORG ER-1 ELECTRIBE Analog Modeling Drum Synthesizer ER1 SN 024906

via this auction

Novation Circuit Groove Box w/ Original Box

via this auction

Now discontinued, and replaced by the new Circuit Tracks.

Korg DW-8000 / EX-8000, Poly-800 MK II & Poly-61 Original Sound Data Cassette Tapes

via these auctions

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Brochure–70s-Original Vintage Synthesizer Catalog

via this auction

So, why is the perspective different compared to this one? Trick question. :) Thought it was interesting though.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 Brochure

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Pro-600 Brochure from 1982

This original vintage Sequential Circuits Brochure contains information and picture’s of the the Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 synthesizer."

Moog Prodigy Multilangual Manual w/ Prest Pages

via this auction

"Original manual from a long lost Moog Prodigy, one of the funkiest synths on the planet, used by Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and many many more. Except the vintage look and operational instructions in 4 languages, you get many pages with position of the knobs, which are kind of "presets" for different sounds..."

Power Duo & Bass presets pictured.

Moog The Rogue Analog Synthesizer Model 342A SN 7462

via this auction

TECHNOSAURUS MICROCON - Swiss-Made Micro Analog Mono Synthesizer SN TMC-2121

via this auction

"Nice fun little ultra-portable totally analog synthesizer, about the size of a VHS tape. (Remember those?) It was made in 1999 or so by Technosaurus, a Swiss company best known for their high-end Selector modular synths. It is handmade using the same discrete circuits as the Selectors. And built like a tank it is, very solid construction.

The Microcon has one main oscillator capable of either sawtooth or square waveforms, just like the TB-303. The addition of a sub-oscillator is more the like SH-101, which can help beef up your bass sounds. The analog lowpass filter is switchable as either 2-pole (12dB/oct) or 4-pole (24dB/oct), which is better than the TB-303 or SH-101 offered. The LFO can modulate the filter cutoff frequency with either triangle or square wave and the VCO can be modulated by square or triangle waves. Simple attack and decay envelope controls and a Glide effect round out the controls. Plus a little red button to trigger it manually.

Please note that this is the original Microcon, and does not have a midi input like the Microcon II. This version only uses CV and Gate for being controlled externally. The last three photos are pages from the manual describing its operation. You can download a copy of the manual for yourself at: [link - some pics of the inside there as well]

ROLAND Jupiter-4 Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Nord Modular Rack SN 20061424 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Vintage E-mu Emax 1 Synthesizer - Digital Sampling Keyboard Model 1000

via this auction

Alesis ION 49 Key Analog Modeling DSP Sythesizer

via this auction

"Sounds from a dream team of the world's best sound designers and amazing sonic versatility are well represented in the 49-key Alesis ION Analog Modeling DSP Synthesizer. It comes with more than 500 presets, all of which can be used for user patch storage.

Each voice has three oscillators with continuously variable wave-shapes, multiple flavors of FM, and oscillator sync. 16 filter types, any two of which can be used simultaneously in series, parallel, or stereo configurations. Import external signals through balanced 24-bit analog inputs and run through the ION's filters, effects, and 40-band vocoder."

Sonic TALK 658 - OB-E

video by sonicstate

"Guests: @GForce Software​ Dave Spiers, Tori Letzler and Mark Tinley"

Arturia Polybrute Sound Design - Vangelis Blade Runner Theme (Free Patch)

video by Creative Spiral

"Polybrute landed today. Woohoo! I spent a bit of time acclimating myself with the interface and doing some technical tests for voice modeling, then programmed a first patch inspired by Vangelis Blade Runner theme.

I've uploaded the patch here if you want to download it for free:

This synth is going to be amazing for replicating classic CS and MemoryMoog type of sounds, and with all the modulation capabilities, it will explore many new worlds. Definitely looking forward to spending time on this spaceship."

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