MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 14, 2021

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Triumvirate | IDM with Elektron Monomachine, Machinedrum UW+, Analog Keys, and Microcosm

video upload by MIDERA

"Three Elektron boxes - the Monomachine, Machinedrum, and Analog Keys. The Monomachine is going through the Hologram Microcosm. Analog Keys is going through Eventide Space."

Roland SH no FX’s

video upload by Innerspace Race

Gold Plated Roland TR-909 SN 370785

via this auction

That's some synth bling right there.

This one was spotted and sent in via
M Me.

Trees (Original Song)

video upload by music by jennasen

"Trees ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

oops, busted my speakers ๐Ÿ˜ฌ so it's just me & the #circuittracks today! #novation #groovebox #drummachine #midi #music #synth #synthesizer #synthwave #synthpop"

I'm tired of hearing this on tracks. // A weirdly passionate dive into Envelopes...

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"I'm guilty of doing this with sustain to a point where i forget that i had it set to this setting! On Another note.. Just this simple Synth Trick can help add some more motion and movement to your pads. Its great on long chords, or synth pad sounds.

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00:00 My Issue With Sustain
01:56 Synth Envelope Basics
03:15 Filter Envelope Modulation
05:36 Synth Patch From Scratch
07:18 "Advanced" (haha) FM Modulation
10:50 Getting Laust in the Sauce
12:44 Final Thoughts and Jam"

LXR-02 tutorial - Part 2: Projects & Kits Update

Video re-uploaded and reposted here.

Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage | 3 Tips & Functions

video upload by Synths with Leo

"Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage | 3 Tips & Functions

From LFO to an envelope generator de Voltage Multistage does it all.
#VerbosElectronics #Modular #Eurorack

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - West Coast Systems"

Gotharman Little Deformer V1 Special Edition with Analog Eurorack Expander 2012

via this auction

Demo video in the listing previously posted here.

"Gotharman's Little deFormer combines a granular effects processor with special effects like TimeStretcher, Step-Granulator and PitchShaper and more usual effects like Reverb, delay, distortion, compressor, filters and bit manipulation, with some special parameters, with a 100/200 minutes sampler, a synth and a step sequencer. A MIDI Note Randomizer is also included. The 4-note polyphonic sampler makes it possible to record your own samplings directly from the 2 audio inputs, or re-sample it's audio output. Samplings are stored in FLASH RAM for instant recall, without any loading times. Up to 200 minutes/999 samplings can be kept. Start and end points can be changed in realtime and modulated, and it also has functions like AutoChop, for a conveniant and easy way to cut up long samplings. Each sampling has it's own Phaze effect and filter with LPF, LFP2, BPF, BPF8, HPF, ADD, BEF, BASS, LO-FI and SHAPER modes, and a filter mix parameter. It is also possible to adjust the filter response, to create filter types, that have never been heard before. The Little deFormer comes loaded with samplings of other Gotharman gear. Instead of samplings, it is also possible to use Little deFormers build-in oscillators for sound generation. They can morph from sinewave to triangle to sawtooth to squarewave to noise. Pulsewidth modulation is possible on all waveforms."

AVP Synth MBS 100 Soviet Synth

via this auction

One of 30 made. You can find details on the MBS-100 in previous posts here.

Roland SYSTEM-1 PLUG OUT Synth w/ Original Box & Decksaver

via this auction

Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator Synthesizer

via this auction

Erica Synths Syntrx

via this auction

"The Syntrx is a modular analogue monosynths. There are three oscillators (the third works at lower frequencies for LFO duties), noise generator, ring modulator, low‑pass filter, two input amplifiers and a spring reverb. For modulation sources, there’s a trapezoid envelope generator, sample and hold module and the joystick. The sample and hold circuit, along with oscillator sync, a gate input and of course MIDI."

Video linked in listing previously posted here.

SCI Prophet-600 Synthesizer Restored w/ Gligli Firmware

via this auction

"Work list:
Change all elec. caps, tant caps and poly caps with new ones.
Change all power regulators and rectifier diodes with new ones
DAC adjustment
Change all buffer Opamps and multiplexors with new ones
New Switch Panel installed
Keys, knobs, switches and jacks internal contact cleaning .
Gligli firmware 2.00 installed
Factory 100 sound data installed
Brand New (remanufactured) walnut wood ends installed."

Roland SH-2 Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Rogue Analog Synthesizer SN 5228

via this auction

"Located in: Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan"

Sound Object #5 & Gek.Kon Hardware Desktop Synths

Sound Object #5 | The Synth Architecture | Basic Building Blocks

video upload by Tulpa Dusha

Sound Object # 5 :

"Synthesized soundscapes: from bass, lead, computer tunes till cinematic backgrounds. Press pause on the frizzed frame and set your SO#5 to recreate on your system."

You might recognize #5 from previous posts here. You'll find additional details there. Gek.Kon is new:

Tulpa Dusha - Introduction of Gek.Kon by Sound Objects
video upload by Tulpa Dusha

"Monophonic Digital Synthesiser

Gek.kon is a monophonic digital lo-fi synthesiser. Oscillator generates a waveform that contains digital artefacts, which we can smooth with a simple analogue filter. Smoothing the waveform brings new sounding, giving us a spectrum from lo-fi till vintage timbres."

Synthesizer Mysteries: Akai AX73

video upload by Doctor Mix

First part:

The Synthesizer That Got Away: Akai AX-73

Tank - ELP (synthesizer parts) Cover

video upload by SynthAL

"My version of 'Tank' synthesizer parts by ELP.
This is a Cover made for educational purposes"

Moog System 55

Buchla 252e Polyrythmic Delays

video upload by Kent

"This is a tough one to write up and summarize. It certainly evolved into something rather different than intended.
The primary reason being that the 252e and/or 251e lost their programming twice! Twice for the 252e (the core of the show) and once for the 251e.
I’ve never had the Atmel products lose their minds like this before. I think that they are rather sensitive to low voltage conditions (brown outs) as they power up as this when they lost their minds. The currently loading preset gets scrambled or wiped. As can be see in the short ancillary video below, the 252e became unresponsive.
That’s two trips to the 10-panel case in order to be reflashed with firmware and three runs at programming the damn thing.

I was so exasperated that I nearly pulled everything so that I could start on the other 3 ideas that I wish to explore and execute. I did promise myself that I would endeavor to be less concerned with perfection and be more concerned with simply getting anything of interest out into the world. It doesn’t have to be novel. It doesn’t have to be world-changing. It just needs to get out there if there is even anything 51% interesting in the recording; I do have some standards after all!
I brewed up a double espresso and hit ‘record’.

It started as an E Minor progression with evolution to… Fuck if I know anymore. That stuff got deleted. I eventually threw in some Whole Tone stuff (especially noticeable toward the end) and smashed it all together in gobs of delay via new toys from X1L3: a Shard, an Underwurlde (messed up delay), and a circuit bent and high augmented with Korg MS20-ish circuits (plus a delay) drum machine that used to be a Yamaha DD-7. It is now a rather more interesting and useful X1L3 DDX.

the BLUE rings on the 252e went to the upper macro oscillator of the 1979 DAO
The GREEN rings to the lower part of the DAO (ratcheted bell sounds)
Both using their internal VCAs, which I also used to modulate “Color” & “Timbre” at times.
Both voices went into the Analogue Systems RS-290 delay. The Blue voice also went, in parallel, to the Underwurlde which then went to the 290. It’s a cheat for keeping delay nonsense in synch even though the Underwurlde was hand synced to tempo.
RED rings were the 259e into a 292e LPG. Lots going on there and the Pendulum/Ratchet was acting as a burst generator. I was using the 251e for that but didn’t want program that again.


CSR doing its scaling job plus attenuation of audio signals along with manual muting of both audio and gates/triggers. Love it.
254e was being controlled by the Buchla 266e to quasi-randomly filter out some of the drum rolls/fills for the Green ring. It also had a manual Gate voltage connected to it so that I could inject tones into the X1L3 Shard.

Northern Light Modular 2TT
Taking the clock from a channel of the 251e and distributing it, mangling it, and doing its thing. All Eurorack connects to this as well.

X1L3 (pronounced “Exile”) DDX:
It provided percussion in 3/4 via Malekko Varigate 4. I also played it manually at times. It ran into the TipTop รudio Z-DSP with the Valhalla “Shimmer” card but set to program #8 for pitched echo.

Lots of Eurorack. Some mentioned specifically at the end of the video. I left out a lot as I wanted to get this video posted. Best Supporting Cast:
2x Folktek Matters. All Even Beat Count percussion.
Tyme Sefaris Mk1 & Mk2… Connected to Matters
Audio Damage (I know, right?!) Grainshifter on one of the Matters.
Lots of Eurorack sequencing.
As I look back on what was used, much of the processing was changed due to reprogramming things. All compression pulled and I just mixed it ‘live’ without multi-tracking.

Time to tear this patch down!"

Roland Boutique D-05, Mutable Blades, Beads & Ableton GENE | Ambient

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Mixer: Ableton Live (Skin:
Sequencer1: Ableton M4L GENE (
Synth1 : Roland Boutique D-05

FX: Mutable Instruments Beads
Filter: Mutable Instruments Blades
Reverb: Zynaptiq ADAPTIVERB
Master Comp/Limitter: iZotope Ozone9


video upload by Luca Longobardi

"Always find some time to tell yourself a fairy tale."

Yamaha SY 35 track

video upload by ikworgek

Track made with the Yamaha SY-35 All sounds from the SY-35 Some reverb Enjoy!

Patch n Tweak
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