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Thursday, April 14, 2022

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends & and an Interview

video upload by thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz:
website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances. A continuation of noiz during the persistence of The Plague and now war. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike #omicron #ukraine #war #standwithukraine"

And the interview. It's always cool to hear the story behind the artist (and supporting members). Astrogenic Hallucinauting, aka SPIKE the Percussionist, is a classically trained musician. Sad to hear the interviewer Ayn Morgan passed away.

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING interview Pacifica Radio KPFT 022114

video upload by thenoiztemple

"Interview with Astrogenic Hallucinauting on KPFT 90.1 from February 2014. Topics ranging from the concepts and designs of the Astrogenic Hallucinauting noiz, Houston bands, the noiz scene and a few other topics. Some discussion of acts like The Joint Chiefs, JANDEK, Richard Ramirez, Black Leather Jesus, Vertigo Blue, Illicit Relationship and even Chuck Berry's original employer...Johnnie Johnson.

the interview was conducted by Ayn Morgan who tragically passed in an accident in 2015. Ayn was the host of the experimental music radio show The Chestnut Tree on Rice University's KTRU and then eventually moved to KPFT.

to purchase noiz:

KPFT is a listener-sponsored community radio station in Houston, Texas, which began broadcasting March 1, 1970 as the fourth station in the Pacifica radio family. The station airs a variety of music, news, talk, and call-in programs, most ranging from center-left to far-left."

ASM Hydrasynth Explorer PolyTouch Polyphonic Aftertouch Synthesizer | Sound Demo

video upload by Soulkeys

"The #HYDRASYNTH EXPLORER is the ultimate in power and portability, offering the powerful Hydrasynth sound engine together with battery powered operation and a new #ASM #PolyTouch polyphonic aftertouch mid-sized keybed. Have fun and thank You for watching.

9:55 - "Recue my synths" improvisation...;-)"

Oberheim Xpander w/ Expansion Input Mod

via this auction

beautiful xpander, just serviced two weeks ago by borish electronics in chicago. passes all tests, and sounds amazing.

oh - and it has the input mod for the 6 filters on the back. and no it doesn’t have the midiboss sticker on it lol

Korg Symphonic Piano 80S SN 607492

via this auction

User manual

"Really beautiful medium colored wood veneer, surprisingly few chips/dents for being over 30 years old. Kept exclusively under a sheet when not in use.

Veneer on the lower left corner has potential for peeling but it's not noticeable unless you're trying to pry it back with vigor.

Every key works, if you look in the inner panel some key slots have chipped corners, but this does not affect stability of the key nor makes them stick while playing.

ARP SYNTHESIZER PROTOTYPE 16 Voice Electric Piano Keyboard

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

Pic of the inside and tradeshow image futher below. Note the ARP logo on front. Makes me wonder how many font styles they used. There's the classic ARP Tonus logo as seen in these ARP 2500 modules, the standard trebel clef, and the regular block font.

"First, a few words about price. This is a one-of-a-kind item that's a very interesting piece of ARP Synthesizer history. We have no idea what it's worth and would love to hear from anyone who's qualified to make such determinations. We’re listing it here in the hope that we’ll be able to determine its actual value and find a new home for it. If you want to pay our asking price, we'd be thrilled, but we’re open to much much more reasonable offers.

This is believed to be a prototype of the ARP 16 Voice Electronic Piano. It's the unit ARP showed off at trade shows. We have another that is believed to be the first prototype that we will possibly list later. But back to this one... It’s built into a black wooden cabinet made to look like a proper piano. It was stored in its road case in a barn for many years and smells musty. There is evidence of mildew or mold on the top cover. This unit is currently in its original crate in storage. It’s too big and heavy for us to move around without risking injury (which we won't do). The photos shown here were taken by the person we got it from, before transporting it to one of our storage spaces.

This item is being offered untested and un-inspected and strictly as-is, with the understanding that whoever ends up with it will likely need to have it properly restored by a qualified professional, as one would want to do with just about any unmaintained vintage synths of its type and age these days. Although we have an amazing tech who can fix just about any vintage synth given enough time, there are no guarantees that this item can be restored or that it even worked to begin with, since the original owner passed away. It’s gone directly from storage space to storage space since he passed.

If we can find them, we will include the matching piano bench and sheet music stand shown in the trade show photo. We’re pretty sure we know where they are, but that storage space is unreachable at the moment.

Ancient trade show photo for reference (not included)."

Prism Circuits QUASAR System Now Available

Video previously posted here.

via Prism Circuits:

The QUASAR system was inspired by the unpredictable nature of black holes and exploring the thoughts of getting lost in space by immersing yourself into a system that guides you in many unknown directions to force one to patch in ways they never thought possible.

With no sequencer in the system, users are forced to think outside the box to create melody and patterns. Having a lot of random voltages within the system allows this instrument to be a force of its own when it comes to generative patching techniques and moving compositions that can morph in the time domain.

a massive and extremely remote celestial object, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy, and typically having a starlike image in a telescope. It has been suggested that quasars contain massive black holes and may represent a stage in the evolution of some galaxies.

Meet the New Etherwave Theremin

The Octopus Project | Moog Etherwave video upload by Moog Music Inc

"To debut the new Etherwave Theremin, Austin-based electronica group The Octopus Project performs their original track 'I Saw the Bright Shinies' in a performance filmed in the Moog Sound Lab.

In this performance, Etherwave Theremin takes the stage as both a lead instrument and a CV controller for the Moog Matriarch paraphonic semi-modular analog synth (as a creative way to play its filter). To complement the two distinct theremin applications you see and hear, multi-instrumentalists Yvonne Lambert, Spencer Stephenson, Toto Miranda, and Josh Lambert reimagine the 2007 song using vintage and modern Moog synthesizers: Moog One, Prodigy, Matriarch, Grandmother, Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon.

More about The Octopus Project:"

via Moog Music

"For over 60 years, Moog theremins have captured the imagination of players and audiences alike. Most recently over the last two and a half decades, Etherwave Standard and Etherwave Plus have set the bar for performance theremin design. Now, the all-time best-selling theremin models get an update to become simply Etherwave Theremin.

The new Etherwave Theremin focuses on the preservation of Bob Moog’s legendary theremin circuits to retain all the charm and character that made its predecessors so unique and sought after, while adding a host of new benefits:

Improved bass response and stability in the lowest registers

Updated antenna connections to enable quick assembly and easy removal for travel

Quick-release mic stand adapter for attaching and detaching the instrument from mic stands

Mute control for setting the instrument into a standby mode or used for “pitch preview” via headphones

CV output integration from Etherwave Plus (Gate Out, Pitch Out, Vol. Out) for connecting with other modular, Eurorack, and CV-controlled instruments"

Sacha Ketterlin live @ Diskoutal #3

video upload by Sacha Ketterlin

Also see Sacha Ketterlin - live @SUPERBOOTH21


Unfortunately I couldn't attend the meeting, but I recorded a live performance in the studio which was streamed at the third edition of Diskoutal."

Make Noise 0-Coast: 50 Custom Patches. Bass, Pluck, Lead, FX

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for a semi-modular analog synthesizer - Make Noise 0-coast. It is a collection of 50 presets that includes: 16 Plucks, 14 Basses, 16 Leads, 4 FXs.

There is a wide range of timbres inside the pack: simple and complex, soft and aggressive, musical and experimental, harmonic and inharmonic, playable and modular-style.

📚 Get the soundset:

The sounds are suitable for many genres of electronic music: Techno, Ambient, House, Deep, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, IDM, Downtempo, Lounge, Chill Out, Electronica, Dark/Noise, Industrial, and many others.

Each page contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters worth tweaking during the playback, how to develop the timbre during a performance. If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.

To recreate these patches, you need up to 11 patch cords.
There are audio examples of all patches inside the folder with the soundset.

Yamaha SK-15 w/ Hard Case

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"The Yamaha SK15 is a 49 key, 7 voice analog ensemble synthesizer, featuring organ, string, and poly-synth sections, brilliance (organ and string sections), release, tremolo, sustain and volume pedal inputs, and vibrato. The synth section also features a slow attack button and a resonant low pass filter with dedicated ADSR envelope. The organ section features 7 stops."

Northern Light Modular Buchla Format Modules

via Noisebug's Reverb shop

"Buy any 2 used Northern Light Modular modules and receive a free h-Bracket."
"The h series modules require a h bracket to be mounted in a 1U space"

You can find videos featuring Northern Light Modular in previous posts here.

Voltage Circus – Model hVC
Trommelmaschine – Model hTM
Morphing Mixer – Model hMM
Electric Dompteur – Model hED
Time and Triggers – Model hTT
Classic Oscillator – Model hCO

The Voltage Circus consists of two rows of 3 voltage inputs and outputs that can be chained together.

Voltages can be added , subtracted or an offset can be applied per channel.

The inputs and outputs are buffered and can be connected with shorting bars.

A switch limits each rom to provide 100% or 33% to the mixer channel to make subtraction possible or prevent clipping.

One use of the hVC is for example transposing of sequences, adding subtle animation to pitch signals or mix wild CVs to provide complex noise sources

Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 REV B SN 0150

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 REV B 4MB.
Very rare Rev B version with expanded memory and lots of extras. Included is a large library of factory and custom sounds.

New LCD Screen
New Remote Panel Switches
RAM expanded to 4MB
Gotek USB floppy emulator with Flash Floppy v3.3, OLED screen mod, rotary knob mod, and speaker mod
Custom Library
Factory Library
This unit has been extensively restored and upgraded.
The unit has a brand new LCD screen. All the remote panel switches have been replaced and work flawlessly. The memory has been expanded to its full 4MB.

The Gotek drive and the SCSI2SD drive offer the best workflow configuration. The SCSI2SD drive allows you to load an entire bank/project of sounds into memory in seconds. The Gotek drive allows you to add individual presets to the current bank that's in memory. You cannot load individual presets from the SCSI2SD banks, only full banks can be loaded. Therefore it's best to keep your entire library on the Gotek drive and your working and backup projects on the SCSI2SD drive."

Oberheim OB-1

via this auction

"Oberheim OB-1 just went through service and completely overhauled. Amazing beast, first presets synth, 1978, less then 600 made of this version. Works flawlessly, no scratchy pots both Osc in tune, unit show some age but sounds amazing and works perfectly."

Vintage 8 Voice Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This 8-voice Oberheim OB-X sounds amazingly fat and warm and is ready to find a good home. This synth has just been extensively serviced by Synthchaser in March 2022 with:

Power supply rebuild – new capacitors, trimmers, upgraded bridge rectifiers
All tantalum capacitors replaced – All failure prone tantalum capacitors replaced throughout the entire synth
Voice cards serviced – All polarized capacitors and trimmers replaced, voice cards calibrated
Keybed refurbished – new bushings, keys ultrasonically cleaned, bus bars and j-wires cleaned and adjusted
Many connectors replaced
Factory patches loaded
There are a fair amount of scratches on the paint–see photos for details. This is the final revision of OB-X which includes the Oberheim Computer Interface for connecting a DSX sequencer. All voice cards are original, no counterfeit or clone cards are in this synth."

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 2311 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"Synthesizer purchased overhauled and calibrated (By Vintage Standard in Japan) in January 2022 (invoice available), It is in near perfect cosmetic condition.

Revisions made :
+ Instalation DBM-TECH
+ PSU rework
+ Front panel control cleaning
+ Capacitors replacement
+ Trimmers replacement
+ Connector replacement
+ Keybed contact cleaning
+ i/o jacks cleaning
+ Calibration
+burn-in tests
All 6 voices are stable and functional.

The synthesizer has one more problem, the presets do not hold the memory even though the battery has been changed. It will have to go back to your technician one last time. I adjusted the price accordingly.
I am ready to provide you with as much information as possible, photos, video call to tell you more about the synthesizer."

Moog Polymoog 203a

via this auction

Fender Chroma Polaris 100403

via this auction

"Fender Chroma Polaris in very nice shape. Has a brand new membrane panel and been completely gone through. No jumpy sliders here! Everything works as it should and sounds exactly like you want a Polaris to sound. Shows some signs of use, mostly minor paint scrapes on the edges (see pics). Was in a case where the foam deteriorated but has for the most part been cleaned though you may encounter a sticky spot here or there on the outside of the keyboard. The inside of the keyboard did not really have any foam in it but what was there was completely cleaned out."

Doepfer Dark Energy 2016 CEM3394 MkI SN 100403

via this auction

"CEM3394 version "mkI" distinctively liquid sounding voice. It is in perfect state and plays beautifully."

BEMI Buchla Music Easels

Two Easels, one black lined via this auction, one via this auction

Korg DW-8000 Programable Digital Waveform Synthesizer w/ Preload Programs Cassette

via this auction

Norand Morphos - 3D Morphing Complex VCO Eurorack Module

Norand Morphos - FX
Norand Morphos - Drums
Norand Morphos - Bassline
Norand Morphos - Joystick

MORPHOS is the first complex VCO with 3D morphing touch strips, three modulation types and the most stable Through Zero FM yet developed.

3D Morphing creates entirely new soundscapes by morphing between multiple user presets, in three different dimensions. All at the reach of your fingertips, it opens up a whole new world for live jamming!

Each oscillator has a touch sensitive strip of 4 presets
MORPHOS' preset strips are groups of four specially developed FSR sensors that can precisely detect vertical, horizontal and pressure information from the pressure distribution of your finger.

You can morph adjacent presets with your finger

That is traditional single dimmension morphing, between 2 presets.

There are 3 layers - X, Y and Z - of 4 presets each.

Each preset group is called a layer .

Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 Disco Style - Good Times (Chic Cover) - Synth Disco Music

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"💃 In this video I'm playing the song Good Times by Chic with my Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 Analog Synthesizer. The song has always been one of my favorites for combining elements of Disco/Groove and something meditative/soothing at the same time.

The drum part was some discovery for me, since I only had one channel left and was sending a low and a high pitched sound into the channel, using a sine wave. The 16th notes in between are with some very low velocity, just to add some glue to the beat. Together with some keyboard tracking it emulated some type of beat that was really enjoyable to me. I played a lot with the Decay for adding variation to the beat. At the same time I automated some gate, which is activating a send with a reverb only on 2 and 4 for the snare."

Shakmat Harlequin's Context + Disting

video upload by Shakmat

"Did you know Harlequin's Context can handle Select Bus messages?

Here it is switching FX on an Expert Sleepers Disting!"

New KORG Volca FM2 w/ 6 Voice Polyphony, Reverb, MIDI OUT

Meet the new volca fmvideo upload by Korg

Update: Street price appears to be $169.99. See the dealers on the right for availability.

"The new volca fm is poised to bring unprecedented possibilities to your setup, studio, or anywhere you choose to make music, with double the voices of its predecessor, additional effects, expanded MIDI connectivity, and an intuitive interface. This next generation volca fm features a powerful 6-voice, 6-operator FM synthesizer with all 32 classic algorithms, a 16-step loop sequencer, effects, and a powerful arpeggiator all in the portable, unbeatable form factor of the volca!"

New Korg Volca FM 2: Next Generation FM Synthesizer - Sound Demo
video upload by Korg Australia

"The next-gen volca fm is a powerful 6-voice, 6-Operator FM synthesizer with all 32 classic algorithms, a 16-step loop sequencer, effects and a powerful arpeggiator that perfectly reproduces the sound of the classic Yamaha DX7 and is completely compatible with SYS-EX patches for the DX7 as well.

With 6 voices (instead of the 3 of its predecessor) the new volca fm brings a new world of harmonic possibilities to your production. It is possible to play, sequence or arpeggiate complex chords with up to 6 voices in order to bring a unique flavor to your music production. No more running out of voices when sequencing melody, harmony and bass all in one device! Moreover, the new volca fm is now velocity sensitive via MIDI, when coupled with its 6-voice polyphony, provides a much more expressive and nuanced playing experience than ever before.

By popular request, volca fm includes a lush Reverb effect in addition to the Chorus effect. Each of these two effects can be used and adjusted individually to add the finishing touch to any FM sound you are going for.

In addition to MIDI IN the new volca fm also includes a MIDI OUT (IN/OUT 3.5 mm TRS), making it possible to use the intuitive volca internal sequencer to control other devices through MIDI, making it the perfect addition to your standalone setup. Of course, it also works well with your DAW of choice thanks to note, control, and clock receipt via the MIDI IN.

volca fm also incorporates a motion sequence function to record in real time all the subtle nuances of your playing and knob movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound. This is a great way to polish your loops, and also lets you generate highly original live performances."

Synthmata online editor

"In collaboration with Oscillator Sink, old and new volca fm users can use the completely free online editor to easily modify their patches; no installation required.

Synthmata includes an 'intelligent randomizer' which allows you to describe the type of sound you want using 11 sound-quality sliders, Synthmata can then generate infinite patches to help spark your creativity."

And a few user videos:

Review: Korg Volca FM2 vs OG // DX-7 based synth gets better // Full FM 2 synthesis tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:40 FM2 vs OG FM
4:15 Overview
7:05 Effects
8:20 Velocity
8:45 Transpose
9:15 Modulator attack decay
10:05 Carrier attack decay
10:50 LFO basics
11:35 Algorithms
12:55 Program random
13:45 Unison
14:20 Sequencer
15:50 Arpeggiator
16:40 Motion Seq
18:10 MIDI Seq
19:00 Act/Warp Step
20:30 Diving deeper
21:00 Dexed-Synthmata
21:50 FM Synthesis
25:20 Freq ratios
25:45 Modulators
27:45 Envelopes
31:15 Key velocity
31:55 LFO routing
33:30 Pitch env
33:50 Level scaling
34:05 Feedback
35:35 Pros & cons
38:45 Playing 16 patterns

Korg Volca FM2: A Tiny, Powerful Existential Crisis
video upload by Red Means Recording

"Korg has released an update to the Volca FM, this time with more polyphony, a reverb, and other quality of life enhancements. It still made me feel weird. This video explains why. To be fair: I think this is a really cool synth. FM is a great and expressive synthesis method, and 6-OP FM is really capable. I just wish some things had been done differently."

Korg Volca FM2: 10 Minutes of Downtempo

video upload by Red Means Recording

"10 minutes of retro boom-bap downtempo made with the Korg Volca FM2. All sounds (but drums) from the Volca FM2. Some additional reverb and processing have been applied."

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