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Wednesday, June 29, 2022 Is Up for Sale

The message to the left was posted on the Friends of Facebook group by the administrator, James Allen.

I reached out to Roger Arrick, and James at and James confirmed.

This is stunning news. is a leader in the 5U/MU/Moog modular market and have been around since before Eurorack took off. The first post on MATRIXSYNTH to mention them was a plain text post back on July 30 of 2005, just 10 days after this version of MATRIXSYNTH began. was founded in 1996.

Caixa 104 Eurorack Case

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

0:00 Music Example 1
0:36 Intro
1:01 Unboxing / Music Example 2
2:39 Favorite Case Features
3:22 Music Example 3
4:16 Seven Built-in Modules!
5:23 Music Example 4
6:20 iOS info on using with Beatmaker 3
8:46 Music Example 5
10:14 Music Example 6
10:59 1U Modules Adapter
11:45 Music Example 7
12:32 Ninja Star Multiples
13:23 Music Example 8
14:03 Favorite Case Features
15:10 Music Example 9 - Thanks for watching!

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Review Uno Synth Pro: analógico, parafônico, compacto e versátil

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"O Uno Synth Pro é o sintetizador analógico topo de linha da IK Multimedia. Parafônico com 3 vozes, com dois filtros, teclas fatar, construção robusta e processador de efeitos embutido, o Uno Synth Pro é um dos melhores analógicos do mercado para o estúdio e para o palco.

Neste review, apresento o Uno Synth Pro e demonstro alguns timbres que criei para exemplificar seus recursos. É um synth compacto que pode soar gigante. Capítulos marcados abaixo!

00:00 Timbre intro
00:40 Introdução
01:40 Conceito e construção
05:00 Osciladores
07:00 Filtros
09:10 LFOs
09:48 Matriz de modulação
11:11 Processador de efeitos
12:05 Sequenciador e Arpejador
14:29 Patch 1: Sequenciador e Efeitos
16:46 Patch 2: Timbre ELP
17:55 Patch 3: Parafônico
19:17 Patch 4: Synth Odyssey Lead Sub 37 X Uno Synth Pro
22:07 Versão desktop e sequência
24:03 Considerações Finais
25:50 Final Jam


!!!! Quer aprender sobre sintetizadores e síntese sonora?

!!!! Aprenda sobre a tecnologia MIDI:

Me siga também no Instagram:

Novation Introduces Launchpad Mini and X Firmware Update v2.0

via Novation

"The 2.0 firmware update brings more customisation capabilities and countless new options to Launchpad Mini and Launchpad X.

Unlock new creative possibilities and customise your Launchpad Mini [MK3] and Launchpad X [MK3] like never before with the 2.0 firmware update.

The 2.0 Firmware introduces the exciting Custom Mode keystroke widget. You can keep the momentum going with your music by assigning essential DAW shortcuts using Novation’s Components for a faster, more intuitive workflow and endless creative options. Stay focused on developing your musical ideas with ease.

With Launchpad X [MK3], you can now go even bigger with an additional 4 Custom Modes, giving you a total of 8 Custom mode slots to experiment with the new Custom mode additions and take your music to new places."

SOUNDMIT 2022 Set for 12/13 of November - Early Bird Sign-Up Ends Tomorrow



But registrations remain open!

You already know the basic information, the twelfth edition of SOUNDMIT will be held in Turin on 12/13 November 2022.

So, let's move on to the latest news!

We are very happy to announce the renovate partnership with the Audio Developer Conference, the most important event dedicated to the world of audio research.

The next ADC will be held in London and Online shortly after the Soundmit from November 14-16.

CALL FOR SPEAKERS is open and we invite you to participate by going to this link

We are in good company, together with JUCE, iLok, supertone, cppcon, raftermarsh, the Web Audio Conference, Abbey Road, IMSTA, The MIDI Association, Audio Engineering Society and many more!

This collaboration will bring a wide visibility to the Soundmit which will be reflected in our exhibitors and sponsors

If you are a software / hardware developer or if you have an innovative idea, take it to Soundmit! Participate as an exhibitor, contact us at

If you want to give more visibility to your brand, you can become a sponsor of the Soundmit, send an email to

The second news today concerns the exhibitors who join the Soundmit 2022 rooster: Clatters Machines, Officina del Malista, Faselunare, Erica Synth, Schmidt Synthesizers, Joranalogue, Vector Synth, GMLab (Crumar), Electra.One, X-Audio ( BeatFM), FC Pro Audio, Audio DJ, Jomox, XODES, Audio Modeling, EnjoyLab and many more to come!

We have musical instruments for all tastes: effects, modular, analog, digital, keyboard, FX Pedals, mega keyboard and collector items! Apps and Software and DIY! What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of the Early Bird discount and bring YOUR BRAND to Italy at SOUNDMIT!"

Experimental Eurorack Modular Jam w/ Mother-32, E340 Cloud Generator, Buchla 258t & Deckard's Voice

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Full patch notes are available on Patreon here: -
It's a mostly generative patch, except for the Deckard's Voice, which I played after I recorded the generative patch from the TipTop Case. The pitch and gate outputs from the Arturia Keystep are going directly into the module.
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Radio Noise - old school 4 tracker. Precursor to the Polyend Tracker?

video upload by Aisjam

"Picked up this machine at a local local garage sale. The owner said he picked up in the 90s and it was not working. Poking around and fixing the power board, it fired up and it turned out to be a tracker sampler. Looks very similar to a modern tracker?"

If only, according to the video: "This one was is blender magic ;)."

Blender is a free open-source 3D computer graphics software.


video upload by Synth Cloud

Follow-up to this post.

"▬▬▬ Download Link ▬▬▬▬
📩 Mail:

This new library adds creativity to your Sequential Prophet 5; it features new soundscapes, classic pads, ambient and trance atmospheres, very cool industrial sounds useful for original productions, and so on... 48 new sounds !
Performed by Alex Di Donna.

00:08 Rich Lead
00:24 Moogish Mood
00:30 5th Syncs
00:46 Moogish After Filt.
00:50 After Filt. Bass
00:54 5th Inertia
01:09 Evolving Synth
01:25 OneOfMySync

Patches List:

Sequential Take 5 Analog Synthesizer Sounds Part 2

video upload by Pure Ambient Drone

Part 1 here

"Dave Smith and the gang at Sequential have cooked up something special with the Take 5 compact polyphonic analog synthesizer. The Take 5 brings polyphonic analog synthesis and the legendary Sequential sound to a new generation of synthesists. It’s affordable, portable, and approachable — an ideal synth for newcomers and seasoned synth wizards alike. Though compact, the Take 5 certainly doesn’t skimp on tone! Its five voices are massive, owing to its all-analog dual VCOs. Plus, its splendid 4-pole resonant VCF is inspired by the Prophet 5 Rev 4, a modern classic steeped in tradition. With ample modulation options, including two 5-stage envelopes and one global LFO and one freely assignable LFO — there are few areas of subtractive synthesis you can’t explore with the Take 5. Not only is the Take 5 a stellar sound design tool, but it’s also a brilliantly conceived performance instrument that features a satisfying Fatar keybed with aftertouch and velocity sensitivity. You can even split the keys into two performance zones with different octave ranges! Whether it’s your first polyphonic synth or your 50th, the Sequential Take 5 is an ultra-versatile, extremely fun polysynth!

Portable, Powerful, Polyphonic
The Take 5 is Sequential’s most compact, full-featured, full-throttle VCO/VCF-based poly synth ever. It’s the perfect gateway to subtractive synthesis and the creative power of Sequential’s best synths — whether you’re new to analog synths or a space-conscious pro. And since it’s portable, you can transport it from studio to stage without breaking a sweat or leaving any features or playability behind. Genuine Sequential sound and quality at a price within your reach.

Fits Anywhere You Need It
With 44-full-size keys and a total width of just 26 inches, the Take 5 fits easily into your studio or on stage. Its nearly knob-per-function control panel gives you immediate access to all of its essential sound-shaping controls. And its ingenious key-split feature gives you access to a wider playable range than other compact synths by letting you divide the 3.5 octave keyboard into two separate performance zones.

Powerful Synthesis
The five voices of the Take 5 get their distinctive sound from a combination of two analog VCOs and a sub oscillator passing through a Prophet-5-lineage 4-pole analog filter. The result is classic Sequential — smooth, warm, punchy sound that sits perfectly in a mix and cuts through clearly on stage. For even more analog-style goodness, a Vintage knob adds voice-to-voice variation for genuine vintage character. Dual Digital effects, a dedicated overdrive, continuously variable wave shaping, and front-panel access to analog FM all ensure the Take 5 can kick out modern tone just as easily as it does vintage..

Finishing Touches
The Take 5 feature set is rounded out with two LFOs (1 global, and 1 per-voice), two ADSR+delay envelopes, extensive modulation, a 64-step polyphonic sequencer, and a multimode arpeggiator. The premium Fatar keybed makes it a pleasure to play, wherever you take it."

PĒRKONS HD-01 overview

video upload by Erica Synths

"This video provides a rundown of the essential features of the PĒRKONS HD-01, presented by Leo - one of our resident artists.The PĒRKONS is a highly intuitive and versatile percussion synthesizer for studio work and live performance, guaranteed to bring inspiration to your workflow both on and off stage.

00:00 - Intro
00:38 - The Voices
01:21 - The Sequencer
02:45 - Parameter recording
03:51 - Per-step parameter locks
06:14 - Master BBD, Sends/Returns
07:35 - Menu diving without a screen
09:33 - Manual master tempo control
10:50 - Built-in LFO
14:18 - Outro jam"


video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let’s mash up some signals with MATHS! In a recent video we used multiple channels of René to create a single more complex sequence. This time let’s explore a similar idea on MATHS, using various shapes and functions all mashed together in a single output to modulate a single oscillator."

Cre8audio East Beast and String Quartet - Performance and short review

video upload by The machine in the botanical garden

"Composition for East Beast Cre8audio synthesizer and String Quartet. Short review of the East Beast Synth + description of the composition.
East Beast is a great little classic subtractive synthesizer created by cre8audio in association with the Pittsburgh Modular team
I have written the score with the Staffpad score player and editor. The library used for the winds sounds is Berlin strings First Chairs from Orchestral tools (Staffpad version).

The composition is titled: Painting XII"

Elektron Digitone: 64 Bass Presets. Sounds Demo, No Talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"Elektron Digitone 'FM & VA Bass' is a collection of 64 bass presets.
It includes different tones of bass sounds: soft, hard, metallic, acoustic, vintage, modern, deep, bright, aggressive, epic... The presets represent the tones that are typical for FM and analog style synthesis.
🚥 Get the soundset:

The soundset is suitable for a wide range of genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and many others.

- Wide range of bass sounds
- Thoroughly set parameters
- ModWheel adds expression
- Velocity controls brightness and loudness
- No Unison to preserve full polyphony
- Presets' volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing

Hohner U Studio w/ SSM Chips

This one was spotted and sent in via Florian Anwander.

Not much is known about it aside from it having SSM chips. It appears to be an arranger. If you know anything about it, feel free to leave a comment.

Update: more info and a demo here. It didn't show up in a search because of the µ instead of a U.

Thanks goes to LeMel in the comments for finding it.

Roland SVC350 1985 with Foot Switch

via this auction

"This unit is in excellent condition for its age. The serial number dates it to May of 1985. These units were made famous by the likes of Laurie Anderson on her album Big Science."

My understanding is she used a Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus MkI.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2

via this auction

"A very rare Prophet 5 Rev 2 for sale! They only made about 1,000 of these early SSM based Prophets, which are almost completely different synth engine designs vs all later models.

This one has had all caps replaced, a few pots replaces, battery replaced, Firmware upgraded, PSU rebuilt with the removal of 2 power rails due to FW update, and calibrated. Sounds and looks great! Own a special parts of vintage synth history!"

Moog Minimoog Model D W/ KENTON MIDI

via this auction

Roland System 100 Model 101 37-Key Synthesizer SN 521234

via this auction

Doepfer DARK ENERGY Mk1 w/ Curtis 3394 Filter

via this auction

"This is the early Mk1 version from 2010 with the original CURTIS CEM3394 chip and Portamento (GLIDE) mod, it's a surprisingly versatile synth with advanced control options."

Korg PSS-50 Programmable Super Section Portable Synthesizer & Drum Machine SN 004924

via this auction

TEISCO S-110F w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Waldorf MicroWave 1 SN 901025

via this auction, also on Reverb

Waldorf Pulse SN 96291388

via this auction, also on Reverb

Korg Modwave Presets

video uploads by 3rdStoreyChemist

11- The Korg ARP 2600M- Switch

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the switch functionality found on the Korg ARP 2600M."

AutomaticGainsay Korg ARP 2600M posts

Patch n Tweak
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