MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022

KORG Collection - Prophecy Version 1.5 is Now Available

video upload by Korg

"A further evolution in expression. KORG Collection - Prophecy version 1.5 is now available with new sound programs.

KORG Collection - Prophecy, a legendary physical modeling synthesizer developed with the aim of offering freedom of expression beyond analog synthesizers and unprecedented sound creation possibilities, has evolved even further in its expressive capabilities. In version 1.5, the quirks of the hardware Prophecy can now be expressed even more precisely thanks to deeper creative input from the brilliant minds in the original Prophecy development team."

Ziqal Dimension : Polyphonic Wavetable Eurorack Modular Oscillator

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Grab the Dimension Oscillator HERE :

Grab all the GEAR we used in this Video Rack:

Design intense basses and lush pads with ZIQAL's Dimension, a hi-fi wavetable oscillator module with loads of timbres, compatibility, and morphable parameters to work with.

Ziqal's Dimension is even capable of loading SERUM wavetables !

A brilliant display and sturdy push-encoder helps you navigate the deep and ever-expanding nature of Dimension, sporting 25 onboard wavetables with each table consisting of 256 individual waveforms!"

Roland SP-404MKII Sampler Version 2.0 Update

video upload by RolandChannel

"The SP-404MKII version 2.0 update infuses the ultimate SP sampler with even more features to expand your creative possibilities. Enjoy deeper control of melodic and harmonic programming with Chromatic Mode recording plus polyphony and scale setting. Discover a TR-REC style step sequencer for classic programming approaches great for dance music and modern hip-hop. Enhanced DJ mode opens up new performance techniques, now allowing you to mix between SP patterns as well as audio files. Create movement in your production with Motion recording for intricate control of sub step, pitch, and velocity parameters. And Skip Back Sampling has been increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds.

We’ve also brought back our legendary VariPhrase algorithm, so you can stretch a sample’s pitch and time with superior sound quality and less audio degradation.

Then enhance your grooves with new MFX including Cloud Delay, SX Delay, SX Reverb, and Backspin. Plus, new input Harmony Effects will expand performance possibilities for vocalists and instrumentalists.

Watch PJ Bridger demo the new features:
0:00 - INTRO
1:45 - TR-REC
8:38 - UNDO
13:36 - SKIP BACK
14:12 - DJ MODE

ABOUT SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector
Carefully refined through community feedback mixed with extensive research and development, the SP-404MKII is the ultimate SP sampler. It’s faster and better than ever, with a vivid OLED display, 17 expressive pads, expanded effects, fluid sequencing and sampling, and a massive library of authentic sounds to inspire bigger beats."

Polyend Tracker Firmware Update 1.6

video upload by Polyend

"The official Polyend Tracker 1.6 firmware update is now available.

Among the minor improvements and necessary bug fixes, there's a highlight new feature. Upgraded Reverb, now fonts, high-contrast display mode, MIDI synth mode, and more.

Detailed changelog and the firmware update file are available at

This release comes with a new awesome sample pack from @Recue and an updated onboard quick start manual from @SynthDawg​. In order to get these, download and update Tracker's SD card contentment (also available at

Picture & sound by Isobutane"

Moog Model 15 - 16 note sequence with Micro Korg...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"I thought I'd try a sequence that I could play along to... so I dug out my little Micro Korg. I think it was quite at home next to the Moog..."

destiny+ easel card concepts A

video upload by kirkis
Dual morphing phaser
Through zero phase modulation complex oscillator
Dual function source & utilities
Triple entanglement space
Quadrants of tri variance

Sequential Pro3 - Black Materia Soundset Vol1

video upload by Black Materia Official

"128 patches, complex sequences and a unique set of wavetables.

If you are interested in purchasing these, contact me at"

00:00 Mystic flute
00:45 Rhodes
1:06 Space Orchestra
1:37 Throat Croak
1:54 AcidBath Classic

Best POLY SYNTH ever? UDO Super 6 DESKTOP new test, score & demos!

video upload by Wine&Synths

00:00 - Intro
00:18 - Demo 1
00:47 - Interview with George from UDO Audio
02:15 - Overview
03:48 - Demo 2
03:54 - DDS Oscillator
07:07 - LFO 1 Oscillator
08:35 - Analog Filter
10:19 - Envelopes
10:43 - Arpeggiator & Sequencer
11:33 - Stranger T. Demo 3
12:16 - W&S Score
15:55 - Conclusion
17:25 - Outro & Connections

"Is the UDO Super 6 DESKTOP the best POLY synth ever? Here is a new test with score & new demos!"

You can find additional posts featuring Wine&Synths UDO demos here.

HexoSynth Modular Synthesizer - Dev Sample 2022-06-30

video upload by Weird Constructor

"HexoSynth is a modular synthesizer that features a large hexagonal grid for placing DSP nodes/modules and connecting them along the edges. Connections between the nodes/modules is done without cables.

In this video I'm demonstrating the live signal views, the small LEDs in the cells and the flickering edges between the cells. That was todays milestone for me. Please bear with the ugly piece of music, it's just for demonstration purposes and I could not dial in a proper key, because the keyboard widget for the quantizer has not been finished yet.

HexoSynth is a free software / open source project, that is in development since 2021. You can follow it's development in my devlogs on my homepage:


via Github

"This project aims to create a modular synthesizer plugin (VST3, CLAP). Like those encountered in projects like VCVRack or Bitwig's Grid.

The core idea is having a hexagonal tile map for laying out module instances and connect them at the edges to route audio signals and control signals to inputs of other modules.

A goal is to provide a simple wireless environment to build sound effects, synthesizers or whole generative music patches from predefined modules.

Hosting plugins (VST, LV2, ...) is out of the scope of this project. The goal is rather to have a good set of predefined modules."

Synth Guitar w/Traditional FX -vs- Traditional Guitar w/Synth FX

video upload by Poorness Studios

"I had a random thought the other day. Would a synth guitar plugged into traditional effects sound better than a traditional guitar plugged into modular synth effects? Hmmm. I guess there's only one way to find out.

Intro - 0:00
Synth guitar w/analog FX - 0:50
Analog guitar w/synth FX - 3:33"

New Loops Summer Sale

via New Loops

New Loops Summer Sale: Up to 70% off + an extra 30% off orders over £39

New Loops has announced the start of their summer sale offering up to 70% off sound packs, synth presets, and audio samples. You can also get an extra 30% off all orders over £39 with code: 30OFF39

Some standout deals include:
• 70% off Big Bass Bundle (Wav, Kontakt, Reason).
• 70% off House Bundle Construction Kits
• 70% off Kick Drum Bundle (Analog, EDM, Hip Hop).
• 70% off Percussion Mega Pack - Percussion Library.
• 60% off Ambient Drum Loops
• 50% off TAL-U-NO-LX Presets.
• 50% off Eternal - Hive Presets.
• 34% off Alive - UVI Falcon Expansion.

Plus loads more deals at All products come with free demo sounds to download. The New Loops summer sale ends 31st August, 2022."

5 things you can make with free Sinc Vereor synth plugin + presets for VST, AU, and AAX

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're using our free synth plugin Sinc Vereor to make chords, synth leads, risers, vocal waow sounds, and underwater effects.

0:15 Chords
0:59 Synth Leads
1:38 Risers
2:10 Waow
2:44 Underwater

Visit the plugin page on our website, then select the "Presets" dropdown to download the 5 things in this video here:

Sinc Vereor is part of our Freequel bundle, which includes Virt Vereor and Ruina. It is available for Mac and PC, in VST3, AU, and AAX formats. To get all three of these free plugins, create an account on our Customer Portal, download the installer, and then run the installer here:

Sinc Vereor’s intuitive and inviting controls belie the power of this lightweight synthesizer. Loosely based on Noise Engineering’s beloved Eurorack module Sinc Iter, the wavemorphing/wavefolding Tone control makes sound design a breeze. Blend between familiar waveforms like saw, triangle, and square. Super mode adds 6 phase-offset oscillators. Use Noise mode to generate self-similar noise for percussion, effects, and more."

The Kraut Rock Phaser!

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Erica Synth's new optical Kraut Rock inspired 8 stage phaser for Eurorack! I take it from mono to stereo, from synth to guitar, bass and electric piano.
Thing sounds dope :)

Stay Noisy!"

Adding movement to any sequence \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Korg M1/M1R "Cinematica" 50 Organic Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"!This Product Only Working With Original Hardware M1 & M1R Synths.
Not working with M1 VST Version & iM1 app !

Welcome to the second chapter of organic & motion sounds for almighty Korg M1 synthesizer!

After successful Korg Wavestation series we've got in our hands one of the most iconic workstations of 90s - the M1

It sounds fantastic but many of the sounds was overused in years & we didnt find any modern recreations around the globe.

So we made a challenge to ourselfs - made analog style patches with modern vision & also re-create classic ambient sounds.

Nick Klimenko continuing cinematic series with 50 brand new handcrafted presets ready to go in your tracks!

Synthwave, Original Soundtrack, Ambient, Retrowave - our sounds will inspire you on new creations!"

Vintage Synthesizer Museum - LA

video upload by Johnny Morgan

"Some video clips of our time recently at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum - Los Angeles. Thanks to Lance Hill for letting us in on short notice."

Yamaha SY-1 Solo Synth SN 1740

Yamaha SY-1 | Yamaha’s First Portable Analog Synth | Part of the GX1 and CS80 Lineage
video upload by Alamo Music Audio Lab

"Today, Zach is taking a look at the Yamaha SY-1, a unique synthesizer straight out of the 70's Yamaha organ craze. From the lineage that brought you the all-time great CS-80, the SY-1 is a preset-heavy analog synthesizer that was created and used for lead lines and all kinds of nostalgic tones. Take a look and a listen and tell us what you think!

Sounds start at 6:54"

via this auction

"The first portable synth that Yamaha ever made!
Features the same sound engine as the legendary flagship CS-80 and GX-1 synths, albeit a monophonic primitive version. Also features aftertouch (probably also a first) that can be switched to control vibrato, pitch bend, filter, and volume. The presets are really amazing and go from Vangelis to 70s porn film soundtracks to Toto to Parliament Funkadelic to Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the flick of a switch! (John Williams used its successor, the SY-2, for the famous "Ba Di Da Buh Da"- the SY-2 apparently only had more envelope and filter controls and was otherwise sonically identical.)
Please see the Youtube link for an in-depth sound demo."

Crumar Performer SN 03114 w/ Custom Black Faceplate

via this auction

"Just serviced at Outliner Audio in Chicago, this Performer is fully functional to it's former glory. Keybed plays exceptional well. Except we could not allocate a Brass Attack Pot replacement. As shown, the face plate has been repainted long ago with new labels added. Likely due to rust or paint flaking which was notorious for the Crumar."

Quasimidi Sirius

via this auction

1999 Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Two Oscillator Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Update: note the display cover appears to be missing.

300 Voices for Yamaha 4-Operator Synthesizers Book by Derek Sebastian - K.S. - Eric Noizette

via this auction

"300 Voices for Yamaha 4-Operator Synthesizers" (Amsco Publishing) 1988

This book is a great resource for any Yamaha FM 4-Operator Synthesizer

For models: DX7 / DX27 / DZ21 / DX100 / TX81Z / DX11

This book is in very good condition with all pages intact - 170+ pages total"

Noizette is a great name for a sound programmer.

TEISCO / KAWAI 100F Vintage Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 0971 w/ Manual, Patch Sheets, & Case

video upload by Fever X Synth ®

via this auction

Jen SX-2000 Synthetone

via this auction


via this auction

"The Minitmoog is one of the rarest of all MOOGS, due to the fact that so few were made. It is a monophonic, dual oscillator (with sync), preset synthesizer with after touch. Which controls sync sweep, pithch bend, filter cutoff or modulation. The available presets are Mute, Trumpet, Oboe, Clarinet, Sax, Taurus, Violin, Piana, Guitar I, Guitar II, Aries, Lunar and Flute. It is transposable the Minitmoog is one of the rarest of all the Moogs, due to the fact that so few were made. It is a monophonic, dual oscillator (with sync), preset synthesizer with aftertouch, which can control sync sweep, pitch bend, filter cutoff, or modulation. The available presets were Mute, Trumpet, Oboe, Clarinet, Sax, Taurus, Violin, Piano, Guitar I, Guitar II, Aries, Lunar, and Flute. It was transposable down 1, 2, or 3 octaves and it had height-adjustable back legs...

MADE 1 YEAR 1975-76"

Korg Preset 900ps Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is an early Korg Preset 900ps; it may be a beta model as it has no serial and the formatting looks different than most 900ps. It has Korg 700 fader caps, with a few missing. It sounds great but some sliders may crackle when moving. It is a very unique sounding instrument perfect for a tinkerer or collector!"

Compare to others in additional posts mentioning the Preset 900ps here.

SIEL MONO Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Teenage Engineering TX–6 Firmware Update 1.1.4 Adds USB Drive Recording

video upload by teenage engineering

"the 1.1.4 update for TX–6 adds direct recording to usb flash drive or ssd, PO sync output, and external midi control of all parameters, along with many other features and fixes."

the first TX-6 firmware update is here. it features
USB mass storage recording capability so you can
record wherever you are, as well as PO-sync
output and external MIDI CC control.

Modular Thing 01 with Moog Subharmonicon and Erica Synths Pico System II Modular / Eurorack Synths.

video upload by Ascetic Wires

"Moog Subharmonicon and Erica Synths Pico System II Modular / Eurorack Synths Jam (video 01) by Ascetic Wires. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Recorded with Q2n Zoom Handy Video Recorder"

Tasty Chips Electronics - ECR+

video upload by SchneidersLaden

"This video is a simple presentation of some of the sounds we came across while exploring the ECR+ by Tasty Chips Electronics. There is definitely much more to discover and we look forward to hearing your creations with the ECR+. We have one in our showroom, if you're in town, stop by and check it out.

Tasty Chips have been known for their GR-1 Granular Sampler for years. With their first Eurorack product they have brought something new to the table. Probably the first Stereo Convolution Reverb for Eurorack - the ECR+.

The module is more than just a plain reverb effect. One of the most distinctive features is the ability to load two impulse responses at once, between which you can then crossfade with a knob or by CV. The position of the impulse response, the stereo width and a few other parameters can also be controlled by CV to create even more interesting effects. This, plus the fact that you can load your own impulse responses into the module and even record on it, makes the ECR+ a great tool for sound design and unheard sounds."

Further Explorations // Verbos Scan & Pan + XAOC Devices Timiszoara, Odessa, Batumi and Zadar

video upload by Genshi Media Group


Further explorations with the Verbos Electronics Scan & Pan mixer and the XAOC Devices Timiszoara, Odessa, Batumi, and Zadar. The Scan & Pan is turning out to be a pretty amazing module as it Scans through the three channels featuring the Odessa's Odd, Even, and Fundamental outputs (and Pans channel three which is Odessa's Fundamental.) Couple that with the Timiszoara for effects and the modulation on the Odessa, makes for some really interesting sound!. Sequencing provided by the Intellijel Metropolix. Modulation from Batumi and Zadar which is also providing the Envelopes for Channel 1 and 2 of the Verbos."

Moog Matriarch Music Box Ambient Patch

video upload by riotbell

"This is another oversaturated delay patch with the Matriarch.
Running a basic repetitive sequence in attempt to simulate a music box or perhaps old fashion carousel music.

Maybe this is pleasant lullaby music or something that might help someone study.

Note: the patch cable connecting the 2nd LFO and the 2nd attenuator serves no function and was left connected by mistake.

Thanks for listening."

Moog Mother-32 + Mutable Instruments Warps | and some thoughts about Mavis

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Mavis has been on all significant YouTube channels last week and I've been super impressed by the sounds coming from this little DIY starter synth. I really felt the 'gear aquisition syndrome' hitting hard. But I already own tons of modules, so I wanted to take good old Mother-32, hook it up with Warps and see how 'westcoast' it can get. I decided to skip Mavis and go for the Subharmonicon instead (coming soon) because it's very different from anything I know.

But it was tough (I had it in my shopping cart), because Mavis can add a lot to a bare table, and even more to an existing Moog 60 HP tableltop set. It's a really clever design. To give you and impression I hooked up the M-32 to 0-Coast, the 'other' tabletop westcoast starter synth from MakeNoise. I still think I'd get a Mavis when the hype is over because it adds a lot to the classic Mother and vice versa."

Hohner U Studio Identified

See the update in this post. It's actually a ยต Studio as in Micro Studio. That's why a search on U Studio didn't bring it up. That said you can find details and a demo linked in that post.

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