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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Giorgio by Moroder (Daft Punk) excerpt with Roland T-8 Aira Compact

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"Testando a nova beat machine Roland T8 com essa sequência que já é um clássico."

easel wtih radio

video upload by Todd Barton

"Fasten your sonic seatbelt, this gets loud."

DIGIGRAM MC 5 COMPOSER - A Sequencer That Lets You Connect a Printer to it

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via xonox, who translated the recent EEH Zaunkönig article. Note this is the first post to mention the DIGIGRAM MC 5 or rebranded Farfisa MC5.

The following description from the listing appears to have been pulled from Music Technology - October 1987, captured on Mu:sines. It also appears to have been rebranded as the Farfisa MC5 as seen below the ZYKLUS here. [Update: link fixed]

"The Musical Composer from French company Digigram combines sequencing and music printing functions in a single unit. Is it the answer to every composer's dream?

CREATING A SCORE from a musical performance is an area of music production well suited to inclusion in a MIDI sequencing system. The advantages are numerous: a composer can print out compositions, an improviser can print out a performance, an arranger can print out parts. And any musician, regardless of whether or not they can read or write music, can have a printed score of their music for others to play or for copyright purposes.

While an increasing number of MIDI software companies are writing music printing programs for the Apple Macintosh, IBM PC and Atari ST, French company Digigram have chosen to combine sequencing and printing functions in a single dedicated unit which needs the addition of an IBM PC-compatible printer (at around £200+) to become what the manual describes in a burst of enthusiasm as "a high performance tool, a veritable digital MIDI studio". Well, we shall see.

The MC5 Musical Composer has a 12-track sequencer which can store upwards of 11,000 notes recorded in real and step time. Ten of these tracks are polyphonic (each up to eight notes) and the remaining two - labelled Melody and Chord - are monophonic and, er, chordal respectively (more on these later). The MC5 allows you to mix two tracks onto a third empty track, copy a track onto an empty track, chain two tracks together to form a new track, and erase tracks either individually or all together. Mixed tracks can't be edited or printed, however.

Review: ROLAND JUNO X vs JUPITER X/Xm and other ZEN-Core synths // Advanced tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:35 vs ZEN-Core
2:50 vs Jupiter X/Xm
6:30 Overview
11:15 Colorful buttons
11:35 Scene selection
13:10 Part mode
14:05 Func mode
15:00 Model/Bank
16:55 Split/layer
17:10 Connectivity
18:20 The Editors
19:05 Zenology Pro
19:50 JUNO-X Editor
20:55 What’s a tone?
22:10 Scenes
23:00 Parts
23:40 FX sends
24:20 Scene offsets
27:55 Arp
30:10 Step edit
32:20Key shift
32:45 WC-1
37:05 Scene view
37:30 Pros & cons
42:00 Some sounds

Tiptop Sequence Fun

video upload by Todd Barton

Exploring syncing and delaying two sequencers.
My Patreon:

2nd Page of German Article on the EEH Zaunkönig Translated

The 2nd page has been translated in this post. That makes the full article translated into English. Credit, and a huge thanks, goes to xonox in the comments of that post.

Prophet-10 Scary Soundscape

video upload by verstaerker

"continuing with my series of uncommon Prophet sounds.
Inspired by music from Haus Arafna i tried to create a noisy, scary soundscape just with the Prophet-10 and some delay"

Prophet 10 Rev4 - An evening with rain and thunder

video upload by Friendly Noise

"A nice sound effect with the Prophet 10. Delay and reverb added in the DAW."

Circuit Tracks meets MiRack

video upload by motobor

"Wanted to experiment with some compact setups. This time I connected circuit tracks to Ipad and used MiRack to sequence the Tracks synths and used midi tracks to sequence one synth on the mirack and also trigger some randomisatsion on there. MiRack has lots of options to send and recive midi. As the Tracks is connected to the ipad over USB then it is easy to map mirack modul knobs to the tracks.
If there is intrest how to set this up I can make another detailed video about it."

Ann Annie - Wildlife soundscapes, crusty tape, Eurorack Ambience & a big surprise // Velocity 2019

video upload by DivKidVideo

"Here we have Ann Annie’s performance at the event ‘Velocity’ from back in 2019. It was the first Velocity event held by Modular Seattle and Patchwerks and the new one is coming up, full info here -

Ann Annie brought us a blissful mix of wildlife soundscapes, crusty and noisy tape loops with live manipulations and widescreen Eurorack ambience before delving into an unexpected and uplifting section that definitely took the audience by surprise.

Earlier in the year I sat down to talk with Ann Annie and go through the set up and approaches to creating and performing. It was a wonderful conversation I was really glad to be able to capture and share, check that out here":

Ann Annie Eurorack modular synth performance interview #TSR19
"Here we have an interview, short performance and rig rundown with Ann Annie. Eli is the man behind elusive character behind some beautiful melodic ambient modular synth music and videos. Eli gives us a short performance on his 6U performance rig, talks about his musical background, getting into modular synths and we go through his set up for both recorded and performed modular music."

Ann Annie
Web //
Bandcamp //
Instagram //

Live Techno Improvisation: Honeysmack at Cooked Memories, Newcastle Australia with modular synth

video upload by Honeysmack

"Honeysmack live improvised hardware techno performance at Cooked Memories: Lass Bash XII, Lass O'Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle on July 16, 2022.

Video by Joshua Ingle. This is an excerpt from the 60 minute performance. Big thanks to Dylan and everyone at Cooked Memories:

Gear featured in this performance:
Roland TR-8
Roland MC-202
Elektron RYTM
Behringer TD-3
Eurorack modular, Intellijel case
Playdifferently Model1 DJ mixer
Elektron Octatrack, live sampling the modular synths all in real-time.

Follow me here:"

This Was Supposed To Be Dub Techno (It's Not)

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"I've got a limited merch drop with Bonfire with all proceeds going to charity. Get yourself a cool crow and synthesizer shirt here:

Tech-house and dub techno are on the menu, as I explore the relationship between my rack and external hardware. Added the Blofeld through the Microcosm for extra goodness."

Polyend Play - Have Fun Making Music

video upload by Polyend

"Polyend Play is a great companion, and always in good company!

It is about taking you to new and different musical places you didn’t even know existed. And it was made to allow you to discover new ways of making music, to inspire you by having a good time!

Audio & Video by @Isobutane"

A DARK PLOT OF LAND ADPOL-AV-105 Abstract Video Eurorack Sound Design Experimental Music

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Through deconstruction and reconstruction the work continuously evolves and with every new permutation offers a new message.

Sounds were performed with a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Experimental music available at

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

DIY Build #6: Neutral Labs Scrat V1.1

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

See here for additional details and a demo of the Scrat. "Thanks for watching!
More info about the module, and where to buy you can find with the link below:

Time-Stamps from the Build:

0:00 - Intro
1:48 - Unboxing
5:17 - Diodes and Resistors
14:00 - IC Sockets
17:39 - Capacitors
22:05 - JFET Transistor
23:11 - More Capacitors
25:20 - Power Header
27:00 - J5 & J6
29:30 - Preset Card Slots
34:24 - D7 Diode
34:52 - Ins/Outs, Switches, Knobs
40:00 - Inserting the ICs
41:10 - Showing off Build
41:22 - Powering On
42:23 - Testing
47:47 - Ending
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Experimental : Use Qun mk2 as an effector

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"An experiment to use Qun mk2 as an effector, since effectors are now stereo since firmware v3.30.

You can load and try the preset I made here:" Novation Launchkey Mini MIDI keyboard controller.

Error Instruments Space Station Bricky

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

Space station bricky

Experimental short wave emulator.

With beautiful sweet spots that make you feel you’re on a spaceship.

Here on earth. Finding weird sounds that’s get cv modulation .

from licht s

Full of happy accidents

To create a gateway in unconsciousness .

Listen to the noise of short wave

see video

Making techno with an LED strip

video upload by KOMA Elektronik

"This is a KOMA Elektronik Field Kit with a light sensor and an LED strip attached. The LED strip is powered via the DC interface and the light is turned into sound with the sensor interface. The LED strip is played via a 4-step sequence on the Field Kit FX and there is also a heavy spring reverb added from the Field Kit FX."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 141

via this auction

"In good working condition with semi-soft carrying case. First analog synth model to have MIDI. Located in NYC. Original owner. S/N: 141

E-MU Systems PX-7 Command Station 128-Voice Synthesizer w/ Manual

via this auction

"Super rare vintage drum machine/synth. High quality sounds and effects. Machine is in mint condition."

Korg microKORG PT - Limited Platinum / Silver Edition

via this auction

07 22 22 Serge Paperface '78

video upload by batchas

SoundsDivine 'The X Factor ' - Synapse Audio Obsession

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'X Factor' soundset for Synapse Audio Obsession.
#synapseaudio #obsession #presets"

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