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Wednesday, November 09, 2022

New KORG Minilogue Bass - Limited Edition Synthesizer

video uploads by Korg


Korg minilogue bass - Limited Edition, Polyphonic Analog Synth
Minilogue Bass is the evolution of the iconic Korg Minilogue into an all analogue bass powerhouse. An expandable poly-synth that retains the hands on control and immersive playability of the original, Minilogue Bass drops deep, dark, thunderous low-end for cutting production-ready bass.
minilogue bass Limited Edition - Introduction & Sound Demo
Introducing the limited edition minilogue bass Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer! Product Manager Natalie Chami walks us through the striking new look of the minilogue bass with inverted red and black keys and a liquid swirl design front panel. In addition to the true rich analog capabilities of the original Korg minilogue, the minilogue bass comes with 100 new sounds, 40 of those programmed and voiced specifically for bass created by a team of professional bassists and programmers. Now’s the time to step outside the box and get down with the limited edition minilogue bass.

The track you hear in this video is by Natalie Chami aka TALsounds All sounds used are from the minilogue bass: Noise Pad,1984, Juniper, Mild Mod Pad, Hika-Yawn.
KORG minilogue bass - Devonwho plays & talks about his designed sounds
Devonwho, musician, describes and performs the sounds he designed for minilogue bass.

0:00 Opening
0:09 #001 Luz
0:39 #036 Xtort
1:21 #056 Oviedo
2:01 #065 Ridge Race
2:43 #053 Sopa
3:26 Demonstration
KORG minilogue bass - Hikaru Yamamoto plays & talks about her designed sounds
Hikaru Yamamoto, also known as a supporting member of YOASOBI, describes and performs the sounds she designed for minilogue bass.

0:00 Opening
0:53 #013 Hika-Yawn
1:44 #014 Hika-Impact
2:49 #016 Hika-Hard
3:20 #003 Hika-Smalt
4:22 #015 Hika-Thorny
KORG minilogue bass - Michihiko Nakanishi plays & talks about his designed sounds
Michihiko Nakanishi, renowned Japanese bassist, describes and performs the sounds he designed for minilogue bass.

0:00 Opening
0:07 #031 Heat Bass
1:49 #019 Boogie Bass
3:15 #030 Watcha Bass
3:43 #012 tUn Bass
4:27 Original Edit
KORG minilogue bass - Minoru Koike plays & talks about his designed sounds
Minoru Koike, a unique Japanese bassist, describes and performs the sounds he designed for minilogue bass.

0:00 Opening
0:07 #004 LoFat Bass
1:05 #045 ModCraze Bass
2:05 #049 Mild Mod Pad
3:33 #082 Slow Bass


Get down. Way down.

Get juice and squelch. Throbbing Drive. Greasy fatness. Liquid ooze. And all in genuine analog warmth and studio quality clarity.

KORG’s minilogue – with its completely unique analog signal path, compact format, easy-to-play slim keys, and extensive sound capabilities – is one of the most popular, best selling synthesizers in music history.

Now welcome the incredible limited edition minilogue bass; designed and voiced to add inspirational bass into your music.

minilogue bass features programs created by a specially selected group of bass playing and programming pros from around the world so you get a big variety of rich, analog synth bass sounds that will inspire you and help your music stand out.

Now’s the time to step outside the box and get down with the limited edition minilogue bass

Featuring bass preset programs developed with pro bassists and synth programmers

All of the programs on the minilogue bass have been optimized by professional bass players and synth programmers to fit perfectly into any recording or performance although they can all be edited and customized to your taste. You can change the thickness of the sound using the VCOs and voice mode, the brightness of the sound using the filter and so on. All of the 100 presets were newly created just for the minilogue bass and you can save up to 200 of your own sounds (100 preset programs and 100 user programs).

In addition, all the programs for the original minilogue will also work perfectly in the minilogue bass giving you access to a huge library of sounds covering all possible music and sound genres.

Circuit Rhythm 2.0 Firmware // Novation Livestream

video upload by NovationTV

"In this session, CALC will take you through a host of new exciting features and workflows that the latest Circuit Rhythm firmware has to offer.

Beat Match - Get your loops easily and perfectly in sync.

Fixed length recording - set exact loop lengths for sampling and resampling, an amazing tool for using Circuit Rhythm as a looper too.

Editable Grid FX - now fully control all of your grid FX directly from the hardware.

And Mute states saved with Scenes - more power has been added to scenes to let you easily create full tracks and performances.

- Learn more about the Circuit Rhythm Firmware Update 2.0:"

OB-6 Venture Vol.1 Patches

video uploads by

"81 Brand New Custom sounds, sequences, pads, leads, basses arps for your OB-6.
I have aimed to create a bank of musically inspiring sounds which cut through very well in a mix, full of texture, character, warmth making the most of that lush and full OB sound.

Zip file includes Installation instructions, Back-up instructions, the option to load into any OB-6 user bank from 0 to 4, also a folder with each preset saved individually for ease of patch organisation for the user. some small bonus goodies in there too :)

As always, thanks for checking these out!

to purchase these please visit -

Screen With Names is an App available here -"

"Entreaty," by Hélène Vogelsinger

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

You can find additional posts featuring Hélène Vogelsinger here.

"'Entreaty,' by Hélène Vogelsinger

We are honored to share this performance by Hélène Vogelsinger filmed on a mountain in the south of France. A full description and patch notes by Hélène are included below!

To hear more of Hélène's music, head to her Bandcamp page:


"An abandoned modular session. In a famous small village, in the south west of France, there is a little mountain. At the top of it, what used to be a cableway station for 60 years, have been still standing there, in the hands of Entropy, for more than two decades now.

The abandoned sessions in Nature are always the most challenging, but also the most transformative. The path that leads to the chosen place is often long, steep, and lined with many obstacles.

Climbing this mountain, In the full darkness of the middle of the night, with only headlamps, and all our distorted senses, as only indicators, quickly becomes a type of active meditation, especially on the session day, with our heavy equipment.

And finally, you start to distinguish the contours of the huge station’s antenna, getting bigger and bigger, as we move on, meter by meter on the last hundred ones.

When we arrive, the connection is immediate. There is nothing comparable to this precise sensation. The surrounding sounds blend together, compose these familiar but unique melodies, in a calm and quiet mind, ready to receive.

Patch Notes:

In this session, the combo XPO + QPAS is at the heart of the patch, omnipresent.

The multi-dimensional aspect of these two modules truly resonates with the multi-dimensional experience I live through my process, and in these post human places.

In this patch, I use the XPO’s Pulse Width modulation and wave-folding stereo outputs, as well as the triangle wave one. The signals are then multiplied and sent through different filters and effects, QPAS being one important of them, here using its Low Pass and Smile Pass outputs. The different parameters are modulated by Wogglebug + hands.

This combo is accompanied, among others, by extra MN family’s members; Strega, STO(x3), DPO, Optomix, Morphagene, Maths, Mimeophon, Erbe Verb.""

The Cableway Station // "E n t r e a t y" behind the session //

video upload by Hélène Vogelsinger

The Cableway Station

"Entreaty" ; behind the session

An immersive experience into my creative process.
A spiritual & musical pilgrimage on a mountain,
in the south west of France.

For those you've been following me for the last years,
you know i've been working around and refining a
special creative process.

The different steps of my creative process are ;

1. The Research of the Place
2. The First Exploration
3. The Retranscription
4. Layers of Perception (session day)
5. Sharing the Experience.

In this mini documentary, step 2 "The First Exploration",
and 4 "Layers of Perception (session day)" are mixed together.
The ascension on the session day was so challenging
physically & mentally, that we couldn't record a lot during it.
We are a small 2 people team 👥

It is an excerpt of a longer documentary that will explore
all the steps of my process, coming in 2023.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with us .

🙏 ✨ 🙏 ✨ 🙏 ✨ 🙏

Get inspired at the Moogseum!

video upload by moogfoundation

"Get inspired at the Moogseum with us! One-of-a-kind interactive exhibits share electronic music technology, electronic music history & the science of sound -- and are accessible to all ages:

Our Moogseum, located at 56 Broadway Street in downtown Asheville, NC, USA, is the hallmark project of the Bob Moog Foundation. Come visit this one-of-a-kind immersive, interactive museum where Bob Moog’s pioneering legacy and the science of sound come alive.

Get tickets:"

Rare Novation MidiCon - The Prototype for the MM10! Which later turned into the Bass Station

video upload by Edward Jones

"This is the MidiCon -- a controller keyboard that 'never went into production'. However, I am here in Melbourne, and I have one.
This turned into the MM10, the controller for the Yamaha QY10 and QY20.
The same chassis turned into the Bass Station.

A very rare controller keyboard pre-dated the MM10, which begat the BassStation.
The main CPU has custom markings!

324U 3E v2.0"

If anyone has any additional information feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

One was up for sale back in October, 2021. That's the only other Novation MidiCon post featured on the site.

Some pics:



"The PAIA FATMAN, Download samples of this instrument, much more and Support the museum here :-"

Elektron Song Mode: Will it break? // with Digitakt & Digitone

video upload by Dave Mech

"In depth courses for Digitone and Digitakt! Get here:

Thought I'd try and sort of break song mode creating an IDM-ish break beat. It didn't break (but then it did, didn't it? I'll let myself out).
Anyway, really going to town with it is actually a lot of fun. It's created with Digitakt and Digitone where Digitakt is using song mode with a lot of tempo changes, repeats, quick pattern changes and more. It took some heavy programming and calculations but the result is interesting I think.


myVolts Candycord Halo Cables

myVolts wrote in to let us know about their upcoming Candycord Halo Cables. The following is what they had to say about them:

"They're a range of coloured modular patch cables with discrete led lighting elements within their connectors, lighting up when Control Voltages (CV) passes through them. They work beautifully in modular, semi-modular and CV controller keyboard scenarios.

For the Halo range, we've partnered with a top musician and video producer. we'll be revealing who next week. He was deeply involved with the design process of these cables so we're confident they will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning modular / tabletop / desktop / electronic musicians. We've a page people can sign up to get notified when the campaign goes live, and get a free gift:"

Additional details:

"What is Candycord Halo?
Last year we brought you Candycords, a beautifully designed, hard-wearing set of audio cables. This year, we are extending that to modular patch cables.

Why Halo?

We've decided to bring flashing lights to your beautiful music. Halo modular patch cables have discrete led lighting elements within their connectors, lighting up when Control Voltages passes through them.

Just one colour?

The cables will come in a range of colours and a range of lenghts. Their will have bi-colour LED pairs, so depending on polarity of voltage passing through them, they will change between LED colours, e.g. Blue to Red.

Will they be pretty?

They will be extremely pretty. But mostly useful, lighting the way for active ports, pulsing to the frequency of the CV signal, showing clearly patch pairs and paths on your system.

Is that all?

No. There will be lots, lots more. We've spent the last year working with a very special partner to ensure that we shake some trees in the modular world, solving some of the problems we see as getting in the way of your creative expression. We hope you'll join us on this journey, over the two weeks of the campaign, where we take things further, yielding new possible improvements as the campaign progresses. We need your support and feedback.

Are these cables just for modular?

Please no! We hope to show you that CV is everywhere in musical universe and demonstrate some useful and inventive ways to use it. If you can see it, it's a lot easier to make use of it!"

Sequential Pro 3 as a Eurorack brain. Why haven't I been using it this way?

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"An obnoxiously deep dive into using the Sequential Pro 3 to sequence and control a Eurorack modular synth. Many of you asked for this. To all the rest of you, I'm very sorry....

*FREE Synthesis Workshop:

0:00 - intro
2:20 - the setup and sequencer
9:07 - sequencing the eurorack with Pro 3
12:04 - quick note about the VCA
13:58 - limitations of note sequencing
15:21 - what it's great for
20:12 - fun with envelopes
23:34 - using Pro3 LFOs to modulate the rack
26:52 - controlling Pro 3 parameters with modules"

New Eventide H90 Harmonizer: The Greatest Multi-Effect of All Time : Multi Algorithm Mayhem

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Grab an H90 here :
Read more on our blog :
Grab the pal's SHIRTS :

The new H90 Harmonizer multi-effects pedal from Eventide takes everything we love about the H9 and makes it even better!
With the ability to run two effects at once and a new screen-based interface, it's easier than ever to craft the wildest effects imaginable. And with ten brand new algorithms, additional audio I/O, and flexible parameter assignments to onboard and external control sources, H90 pushes the multi-fx pedal paradigm into the future."

Eventide H90 for Synth Heads! 7 Favorite Features!
video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"The Eventide H90 sounds so good, and in this video, we'll check out how it sounds on loads of different synth gear (no guitars) and i'll share my seven favorite features with you!"


And a review and overview by leploop:

Review: Eventide H90 vs H9 // How it dramatically transforms sounds // All algos & tutorial

video upload by

0:00 Intro
1:50 H90 vs H9
2:15 New controls
3:45 Connectivity
4:00 Routing
4:30 Inserts
5:00 New algos
5:20 Spillover
6:20 Playlists
7:10 Some terms...
10:00 Delays
12:05 Distortion
12:50 EQ/comp
13:10 Looper
13:40 Modulation
15:45 Spacetime
16:25 Pitch
19:25 Reverbs
22:40 Synth
23:55 Modes
26:00 Hot knob
27:40 Hot switch
28:30 Control app
29:20 Settings
29:50 Pros & cons
31:30 I wish...
32:00 Some sounds


Setting the new bar that any powerful multi-effects processors should look up to, Eventide's H90 Harmonizer pedal flawlessly covers effects ranging from delays, pitch-shifting, and more, all with the ability to run two algorithms at the same time. Building on the platform established by the H9, H90 is the most powerful pedal Eventide has ever produced. You could think of H90 as two H9s in one pedal, but it also packs in numerous new effect algorithms, routing options, and performance features that transcend the capabilities of traditional guitar pedals. And with a completely overhauled screen-based interface, H90 is a pedal that you'll always want to be tweaking.

H90 offers a total of 62 different effects algorithms: 52 returning from the H9, and ten all-new effects taking advantage of H90's impressive processing power. Among these, the Polyphonic algorithm sticks out—it makes use of Eventide's proprietary Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking technology, or SIFT for short. The result is stunning, as even the most dissonant chords and timbres are shifted with perfection. Regardless of your chosen effects, you can use two of H90's algorithms simultaneously, which means you can stack delay into reverb, tremolo into chorus, or any other combination that your heart desires.

With two effects algorithms available at once, H90 also provides incredible flexibility in arranging signal flow. Series and Parallel routings are easily achieved, but even more possibilities are available with external effects. Unlike most pedals, H90 has four inputs and four outputs, with the secondary pairs available for use as two mono inserts or a single stereo loop. Insert loops may be placed anywhere on the effects path, whether it's before, after, or in between H90's algorithm blocks. Alternatively, head into the Global Settings and enable dual mode, which decouples the algorithms into their own independent signal paths, allowing you to set up four-cable method connections with your amp, process two stereo instruments independently, or any other niche audio scenario.

H90's effects and audio routing is only part of the story though, for this pedal sports incredible control capabilities. In Perform mode, you can assign effects parameters to macro-style HotKnobs, instantly recall settings with scene-like HotSwitches, or keep a handful of essential controls at your disposal by assigning them to the QuickKnobs beneath the screen. But if that's not enough for you, H90 also offers two controller ports for expression pedals and auxiliary footswitches, as well as MIDI control over USB-C or traditional 5-pin DIN. Nearly every aspect of an effect may be assigned to an external controller, along with numerous global H90 parameters.

Along with all that you can do on H90 itself, Eventide also offers a companion H90 Control app to configure the pedal from a computer. But the app also provides a graphic interface for quickly adjusting any parameter in real-time, as well as helpful preset and program backups. Considering how powerful it is, calling H90 a pedal almost seems like a disservice. But like the H9 and the other Harmonizer rack units that came before, H90 is a rare instance of a jack-of-all-trades and master of all when it comes to effects processing.


Dual multi-effects pedal
Includes 62 algorithms of premium Eventide effects
Powerful ARM-based processor
Run two algorithms per program
Contains all 52 algorithms from the H9 Max
10 new algorithms never before seen in Eventide pedals: Polyphony, Prism Shift, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, Weedwacker, Even-vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, and SP2016 Reverb
Program spillover
Series and parallel routing options
Four audio inputs, four audio outputs
Additional I/O for insert loops or dual processing modes
Two control ports for expression pedals or auxiliary footswitches
5-pin MIDI DIN input and output/thru
Flexible expression and MIDI control assignments
Screen and encoders for easy parameter adjustments
H90 control software for Mac and Windows computers
USB-C port for MIDI, connection to Control app, and firmware updates

EMW - MIX SEQUENCER Eurorack module

video upload by EMW Synthesizers


video upload by LepLoop

"Open.Circuit (Assunta Alegiani and Pedro Ferreira) improvisation session with Lumanoise v4, Lumamix and Multicassa for the audio of handmade 16 mm analogue film, All To Sand Returns (Berlin 2022)."

PWM Malevolent semi-modular synthesizer review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Malevolent is a synth with an unhealthy dose of attitude. Let me take you through the hot spots and weak spots of this gnarly beast of dual-oscillator loveliness."

PWM Malevolent synthesizer - just the sounds please

"Here are some longer examples of the sounds I was making with Malevolent during my review. It's a pretty darn awesome little fidget bunny of a synthesizer."

QU-Bit Nautilus Delay // A Eurorack Journey 20,000 leagues under the sea

video upload by Starsky Carr

"An in-depth review and demo of the QU-Bit Nautilus euro rack delay unit. I walkthough each of the parameters and demo its unique features."

35% Off Ableton Live 11 Suite w/ Push 2 Controller

$549 price drop.

Currently available at Ableton's Reverb shop, or directly here.

Push is a hardware instrument that seamlessly integrates with Live to give you a hands-on and expressive music-making experience. With Suite, you can unlock the full potential of Push with the fully-featured version of Live.

Want to better understand the difference between Suite and Intro? Here's a breakdown:

Unlimited Tracks - Intro is limited to 16 tracks per session. With unlimited tracks, Suite can handle your biggest projects with ease.

More Instruments and Effects - Suite offers endless inspiration for your sound design with devices such as Wavetable, Hybrid Reverb, Echo, and Drum Buss.

More Packs - Explore the deep content library included in Suite's Packs:

Inspired by Nature contains six playful instruments and effects that use natural and physical processes as their inspiration.
Curated Collections captures the musical threads that tie together evolving styles and scenes.
Spitfire Audio instrument packs capture the intimate sound of orchestral chamber instruments.
And more - explore over 70 GB of professional sounds—from multisampled pianos and acoustic instruments to vintage drum machines and classic synths—ready to use in your productions.
Easily connect with external gear - Suite includes built-in devices to easily send and receive MIDI to and from your external devices. Need to connect your modular gear? Suite's CV Tools pack has you covered.

A full feature comparison can be found at

Live 11 software included in this purchase will be available to download from your account after registering your Push serial number."

Roland SH-2 37-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha TX-116 Digital Synthesizer Rack Module SN 1380

via this auction

"Original vintage Yamaha TX-16 rack mount digital synthesizer in excellent working condition, zero issues. This one is fully loaded with all 8 TF-1 modules! Like having 8 x DX-7 synths in one midi controlled brain."

I only see 7 modules installed.

Thought the pic was an interesting juxtaposition - rack of guitars / rack of synths.

Roland Juno-106 Six-Voice Polyphonic and Programmable Analog Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This classic Juno 106 is in great cosmetic and operational condition. ALL voice / filter chips are working proper without any issues we we had them professionally replaced / installed and calibrated this month. This synth was bought in the late 80s for a studio where it was used on many sessions. Always taken care of. Battery Voltage was checked and in spec, power supply checked and in spec. It was also fully calibrated. It is ready for years and decades of use.."

Roland VP-330 MKI Vocoder Plus 49-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"This vocoder is a ton of fun and a basket of ear candy."

E-MU Systems Emulator II Sampler + 70 sound disks + new Gotek USB Floppy Emulator (serviced)

via this auction

"It's just been serviced by a specialist and ready for the future. It also got a new LED display. The service report is included in the sale.

This is the first model 6018 (single floppy drive), but the previous owner installed another floppy drive which is not working anymore. I wanted to keep it original, but for the next owner I'll include a new Gotek USB floppy emulator if you'd like to replace the second floppy drive. Sound wise this is THE sampler you want with its analog SSM filters on board. It's a joy to work with this keyboard."

Buchla 200R 5 Row Modular System

via this auction

"Buchla 200R customized 5 row modular system Including original Buchla 297 module, As well as the below listed Eardrill, Sputnik, Verbos and Roman f built modules in a JRB Folding studio cabinet with plenty of patch cables and output cables. This system has been fully tested every patch point recently by a third party and given a very good clean bill of health.

Top row
**Verbos model 258v dual oscillator
**Source of uncertainty model 266 roman f
**Triple envelope model 230
**Dual voltage controlled filter model 291
**Dual voltage processor model 257
**Frequency shifter model 285

Row 2
**Orig buchla Infinite phase shifter 297 model 200.1
**Mixer preamp model 207
**Quad function generator model 281
**Quad lopass gate model 292c
**Quad function generator model 281
**Quad lopass gate model 292c

Row 3
**Programmable specteral processor model 296 (romanf)
**Programmable complex waveform generator model 259
**Harmonic oscillator model 262v

Row 4
**Ear drill pendulum ratchet model 077
**Sequential voltage source model 246

Bottom row
**Verbos Quantize shift register model 263v
**Sequential voltage source model 245r
**Touch controlled voltage source model 216

SYNTHRphony, third movement (adagio stellato)

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"This title use both SynthR4 & SynthR3 in paraphonic modes, arpeggiator & sequences song mode.
Session 1 / left : SynthR4 stéreo chords poly sequencer in song mode + SynthR3 Arpeggiator on SL161 studiologic, Hansy Mister M Phased strings & polysynth.
Session 2 / Right : A90EX Roland pads, SE1 MoogBass, SynthR4 lead, SynthR3 effects & Moog Sub37 winds.
Composed by Jean-luc Briançon
albums :"

Just a Minute - Live Techno #30

video upload by Stefan Tretau

Dreadbox Hades & Erebus Are Back

Hades Analog Bass Synthesizer (Reissue) by Dreadbox

video upload by Dreadbox

Available in December 2022
Price: 349 €

"Our highly anticipated Bass Synthesizer is finally back.
Its Deep and Dark sound is here to haunt you …

- All Analog Bass Synthesizer
Faithful Reproduction of the 2016 Hades
- 1 Oscillators with 2 Sub Octaves and 2 Waveforms with PW control
- 3-pole Resonating Low Pass Filter
- 1 AD/RS envelope and a AR Amp Envelope
- OTA Distortion
- Wide Range Triangle LFO
- 11 patch pointsfor an astonishing spectacular modular experience
- Compact, USB powered, Eurorack Format (42HP)"

Erebus Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer Reissue by Dreadbox

video upload by

Available in December 2022
Price: 479 €

"Our most unique sounding analog synthesizer is finally back, warmer and snappier than ever! All you synth lovers, the time has come to dive into the Erebus…

- All Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
Faithful Reproduction of the Erebus V1
- 2 Oscillators with 2 Waveforms each Separate Glide controls and Hard Sync function
- 2-pole Low Pass pre-fed Filter
- 1 ADSR envelope and a AR Amp Envelope, snappier than the V1
- Lo-Fi Delay effect
- Wide Range LFO
- 15 patch points for an astonishing and spectacular modular experience
- Compact, USB powered, Eurorack Format (42HP)"


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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