MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, December 29, 2022

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Nymphes 6-Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer - Huge FX patch

video upload by Chris Sneider

"Boasting an all-analog signal path, Dreadbox’s powerful Nymphes evokes classic single-VCO-per-voice polyphonic synths from the 1980s in a modern form factor. Nymphes offers seven different play modes — including polyphonic, unison, and duophonic options, and chord memory — with extensive modulation capabilities in the form of assignable LFO, aftertouch, velocity, and mod wheel (from an external keyboard controller). There are seven separate envelope generators for the VCA and the VCF/VCO — from grimy basslines to plasma-cutter leads, effervescent pads, and animated arpeggios, the Dreadbox Nymphes can do it all!"

Buchla 259 Phase Lock

video upload by Todd Barton

"A little rainy day experiment . . ."

From Clicks to Complexity

video upload by Todd Barton


Nymphes 6 voice Analog Synthesizer v. 2023

video upload by Chris Sneider

"The Dreadbox Nymphes offers six voices of polyphony, powered by a waveshaping voltage-controlled oscillator. Morph between triangle, sawtooth, and square waves with variable pulse-width modulation, and fortify your low end with the 1-octave-down sub-oscillator. Additionally, Nymphes has a white noise generator on tap for adding texture to patches, designing percussive sounds, and cultivating dramatic wind sounds and noise sweeps. Seven different play modes are available, including polyphonic 6-voice, polyphonic 3-note with two voices per note, duophonic with three voices per note, plus 6-voice and 4-voice unison modes and single-voice mono."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack For Sale - sound check

video upload by tonetweakers

"We buy, refurbish and sell Sequential Circuits Prophet VS and other vintage synths and electronic musical instruments. In this video, we are going through the onboard sounds as part of our final testing before packing and shipping this unit to our customer. We have another we can prepare for sale. Please check out our massive inventory of vintage synths and electronic musical instruments at and sign up for our newsletters while you’re there."

10+ ways to use & abuse distortion in Eurorack // London, Twin & Mini Drive from Music Thing Modular

video upload by DivKid

"Here’s the new London Drive and Twin Drive Eurorack modules from Music Thing Modular alongside the original Mini Drive. They are simple, small, affordable and beginner friendly DIY kits that all provide a range of tones from more subtle to more aggressive distortion. The Mini Drive and Twin Drive are based on the external input stage of the classic Minimoog Model D where as the London Drive is based on the input stage of the EMS VCS3 and Synthi AKS.

This video goes through 10+ ways to get creative using and abusing distortion from adding weight and warmth, dynamic thickening to more aggressive fuzziness and feedback patching. There’s also CV tricks such as mixing AC and DC to make PWM like FX in the clipping itself - which sounds fantastic with these. Try out the patches and let me know which patch is your favourite.

Here’s the routing graphic from the final patch //

All 3 Drive modules can be found here from Thonk
Mini Drive //
London Drive //
Twin Drive //"

External CV to VCF Width Demo

video upload by Michigan Synth Works

"Track C is sending note info into the VCF CV input, this is an option for the MOD i/o board"

CODEberheim 8

video upload by Studio Electronics

"Once again I’m on the inside — lookin’ out looking in.

SEM-filtered CODE Omega8 & @saintregis (Instagram) bring the water and its spirit to my eyes.

Single track purity, polyphonic power and purpose: sometimes it's disclosed like that.

Minimal sweetening, limiting and spot normalization, so do enjoy the wide dynamic range and culmination!

MSR Christmastime '23"

Antonelli 2610 Solista IV. Quick & dirty jam.

video upload by mk is watoo

via the comments of this older post for one for sale.

"We just randomly played & discovered this weird italian synth/organ from the late 70s (early 80s?).

Unfortunatly there's no sound when playing the middle octave on the keyboard. The vibrato doesn't seem to work& the phaser may be too strong."

Textquencer - Text Based MIDI Sequencer

Textquencer Quick Minute video upload by boxoftextures

"Just got Textquencer, a new 'bud' from Cem Olcay. It feels like it was one of those bonkers 'hey, what if I…' ideas you get when you least expect them. Absolute madness, in the best of ways LOL

It takes your text and converts it to MIDI notes. Can be randomly chaotic, reined-in ordered, or even manually composed, if that’s your style.



"Textquencer is a text-based MIDI Sequencer. It creates MIDI sequences from the plain text!

Each letter in the alphabeth triggers a note in the scale you are working.

Letter A triggers the Note C (the first note) in the C-Major Scale
Letter B triggers the Note D (the second note)
Letter C triggers the Note E (the third note)
Letter H triggers the Note C but an octave higher"

Gotharman's Zaturn: Comb Filter

video upload by gotharman

"Showing off the new Comb Filter, which will be available in a forthcoming update. Tweaking its parameters, including the "Edge" parameter, and setting it up as a feedback oscillator."

EURORACK VISIT #2 / Threetom Modular's Audio Laboratory / diagnostics and coffeebeans

video upload by BRiES

"In this video I once again take you with me to the place where Threetom Modular gear is conceptualized and born. Tom shows us the calibration and quality control workflow in his Audio Lab while giving us some insight in the tools he uses (links below). We talk about his recent ventures with retailers and about the next module in his line-up called Doppio. After being served a nice cappucino I ask Tom if he has some tips (concepts to study) for people that want to get into designing and building (eurorack) synthesizers, which he answers elaborately. There's a comprehensive list towards the bottom of this description including links to interesting tutorials and practical examples.

As most of you will probably know Tom designs and builds synthesizer modules for the eurorack environment. He gained worldwide recognition with his 4hp filtermodule called Steve's MS-22 (or MS-22 for short) based around the sound of the famous Korg MS-20 semi-modular synth. In part one of the documentary we witnessed how Tom builds a few of these modules from scratch while we talk about his favourite tools, his background as an (optical) engineer and some of his custom jigs. You can watch that video by following this link:" [posted here]

Thonk - Music Thing Modular - MOVE

video upload by Thonk Synth DIY

"Motion detecting module – Limited Edition of 100 full diy kits only"

Available at Thonk

bell bell

video upload by Cray

Wavparty - Dead Drop 1-10 demo songs

video upload by wavparty

"Dead Drops are secret sample packs for Wavparty VIPs. These go out regularly to folks who have supported Wavparty charity sales or are subscribed to the mailing list. These songs are demo tracks for the packs. They are all created in Ableton Live using only the sounds from the pack--you can open the Ableton project and remix away.

If you didn't get these when they dropped , the only way to get your hands on them is in the yearly mega bundle or The Whole Enchilada:

0:00 Dead Drop 1 - June 15, 2020
1:20 Dead Drop 2 - Sep 14, 2020
2:27 Dead Drop 3 - Nov 20, 2020
3:38 Dead Drop 4 - March 2, 2021
4:44 Dead Drop 5 - April 2, 2021
5:56 Dead Drop 6 - June 14, 2021
6:56 Dead Drop 7 - June 29, 2021
8:16 Dead Drop 8 - Nov 26, 2021
9:20 Dead Drop 9 - Aug 1, 2022
10:19 Dead Drop 10 - Dec 20, 2022"

Arturia Minifreak: 64 Arp Presets. Sound Demo. No Talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Motions' is a collection of 64 arpeggio presets for Arturia Minifreak.
The bank covers a wide range of arp timbres: warm, deep, dreamy, soft, noisy, bright, dark, distorted, cold, metallic.

The soundset is suitable for many genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and others.

💎 Get the soundset:

- Wide range of arp sounds
- Thoroughly set parameters
- ModWheel and Aftertouch add expression
- Velocity-sensitive
- Macros 1 and 2 change the timbre or add movement
- Volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing

The presets are compatible with both versions of Minifreak: hardware and VST/AU/Standalone.
Use the official software (Minifreak V) to send the presets to the device.
Use the latest firmware and software versions.

MORE Yamaha EX5 patches | NO TALKING

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Some more EX5 patches I made over the last years for my videos. You can download these at"

Table of contents:

Waldorf Q Phoenix Edition 2008

via this auction

Use this code on checkout for $30 off orders of $100 or more on Reverb, from now until December 31: MATRIX30

Roland VP-330 MKI Vocoder Plus

via this auction

Use this code on checkout for $30 off orders of $100 or more on Reverb, from now until December 31: MATRIX30

Arturia MiniFreak Presets Part. 3 | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

DKS SYNTH LAB Arturia MiniFreak Preset posts

0:00 Intro
0:09 Keysed
1:08 A Lotta Fun 0a
1:51 80s Mean
2:32 Karcomb
3:31 Comets
4:25 Huge Ghost
5:00 Nioukoto
5:51 Faux Delay

HADES Reissue by Dreadbox / Deep Bass Patch / Slow & Fast Patch

video upload by Dreadbox

HADES Reissue by Dreadbox / Slow & Fast Patch

video upload by

"Orestes creates an interesting patch on the Hades Reissue synthesizer." Features

- All Analog Bass Synthesizer
Faithful Reproduction of the 2016 Hades

- 1 Oscillators with 2 Sub Octaves and 2 Waveforms with PW control

- 3-pole Resonating Low Pass Filter

- 1 AD/RS envelope and a AR Amp Envelope


- OTA Distortion

- Wide Range Triangle LFO

- 11 patch points
for an astonishing spectacular modular experience

- Compact, USB powered, Eurorack Format (42HP)

Patch n Tweak
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