MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday, January 15, 2023

A prototype interface using Arduino, breadboard and components for music and sound design.

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"This is a journey into Prototyping. Documenting the transition from a flakey breadboard to a soldered Arduino Uno Sheild solution. Max and Kyma in the background. I spent far too long in @SymbolicSound 's Kyma doing the sound design. Thanks to @reallyniceaudio for all the advice."

Ambient orchestra with piano, Sequential Take 5, Novation AFX Station, Korg MS-20

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A live performance on piano and Sequential Take 5, with a couple of extra "orchestral" layers added afterward.

Despite putting so much time into synthesizers, drum machines, etc., I probably play more piano than anything else these days. I love music arranged for piano and synth, and I watch a ton of it here on YouTube. So it's nice to finally be making some of that on the channel.

Here, I use the Take 5's sequencer with some slow attack to create a backdrop for playing piano over. As the song moves, I progressively open the Take 5's filter to fill more and more of the space.

For bass, I added the Novation AFX Station (aka Bass Station II), not exactly what you might think of when you hear "orchestral", but is amazing for bass and strikes a balance between fitting in and standing out.

To double the melody, I added the Korg MS-20. I've got both its filters tuned into the midrange with a good deal of resonance, so it cuts through the mix without taking up too much room. I've also got a little LFO on the pitch and some noise modulation on the filter cutoff to give the whole thing a warbled, falling-apart feeling.

For piano, I'm playing my Kawai CA49, which has a great keybed and wooden keys, though the sound isn't quite good enough for a recording (great for practicing, though). I'm sending its MIDI to Native Instruments' Noire (for the deeper, richer part of the piano) and also to XLN Audio's Addictive Keys (for more of the percussive/hammer/strike of the piano); I think the two blend really well.

All in all, I'm really happy with this piece and the mood it provokes, both through its melodic choices and its timbral choices. Thanks for listening.

Kawai CA49 into Native Instruments Noire and XLN Audio Addictive Keys - piano
Sequential Take 5 - Pad sequence ambience thing
Novation AFX Station into Valhalla Shimmer - Bass
Korg MS-20 into Synapse Audio Deep Reverb - Melody

Piano and Take 5 recording as a live performance, with bass and melody overdubbed afterward, and the standard EQ/compression/limiting on the master."

Prophet 10 Midnight Express ( Fuga di mezzanotte ) Theme Cover

video upload by SMV Producer

"Just a simple patch.

Playing this fantastic music from Giorgio Moroder (some chorus and reverb were added).

Thank you

Sound banks for Arturia Matrixbrute, Waldorf Quantum/Iridium, Prophet 5/10 and Moog One available for purchase at:


Sounds of Synth: ENDEAVOUR | HWJ Challenge | Sequential PRO 3 + Reverb

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"Hey there

Loads of REVERB. Nuff said!



Equipment Used

Sequential PRO 3
Elektron Digitakt
Korg Minilogue XD"

Happy Nerding FX Aid Tape Stop & Tape Start

video upload by Happy Nerding

"Tape Stop & Tape Start added to the Shaper section"

Doepfer MAQ 16/3 Sequencer rare black edition

via this auction

"This version of the MAQ 16/3 was around before the Dark Edition, so it's quite rare. The data knob has been replaced with a Moog style one, but the original knob is provided too, in case you want to put that back on. Also I replaced the knobs every four steps on each line, but the original ones will be included too. Fully functional, it runs the latest OS that Dieter Doepfer programmed for it."

Norand Mono Sound Demo (no talking) with Empress Echosystem

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Space Night
1:40 IDM Lead
2:30 Pulse Bass
4:07 90s Trance
5:21 Complex XFM
6:12 Industrial Percussion Loop
7:45 Experimental Formants
8:26 Chord Mode
9:18 Accelerator Lead
10:30 What about Pads?

Cool Ambient Patch on Blue Marvin 2600 & Eurorack ( Instruō Tágh & Harmonàig; Elements & Ripples)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Made a cool experimental patch using the Blue Marvin 2600 and some eurorack modules below it on the TipTop Audio Happy Ending Kit.
The modules I am using are:
- Instruō Tágh (Sample and hold out to Harmonàig)
- Instruō Harmonàig (Quantization and gate output to MI Elements)
- Instruō/Divkid øchd (Modulation to various places)
- Mutable Instruments Elements (Main Stereo Oscillator, first out goes through Ripples and then out; second out goes through 2600's filter and then out)
- Mutable Instruments Ripples for low-pass-filtering one of Element's outputs
- 2hp Mult for splitting stuff

After going out stereo into Universal Audio Volt interface and into Ableton Live, it goes through Other Desert Cities by Audio Damage, a very cool effects processor, as well as some shimmer. I am also using Blue Marvin's built-in spring Reverb to some extent.
#modular #eurorack #ambient

Here are some links of mine:

Go become my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Portabellabz ADSR:LPG Card Overview

video upload by Todd Barton

"A brief overview of the upcoming Portabellabz ADSR/LPG card. More info here:"

ADSR:LPG to 208c video upload by Todd Barton

"The Portabellabz ADSR/LPG card is working great with both my BEMI Easel from 2013 and the new 208c Easel Command."

You can find additional posts featuring the Portabellabz ADSR:LPG Card here.

Buchla 227e System Interface

via this auction

"Buchla 227e in excellent condition with 1/4 breakout included. Version 30.1 firmware."

Baloran The River - White & Walnut SN 005

via this auction

"Handcrafted polysynth Baloran The River, 8 voices inspired from the classic Moog The Source, but eight times more powerful. Have an onboard chorus (The Triko) & digital FX. Very lush sound, very powerful - [you can find demos in previous posts here]

Comes with a pro-made dust cover + original transport Flight case. They are now discontinued and are very rare. A second hand was recently sold for over EUR 6k on Baloran (dot) com.

This is one of the first version (serial #0005), well maintained and recently went to a checkup. Latest OS version installed (2.18)"

Sequential OB-6 Desktop 6-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Excellent looking and excellent-sounding Sequential OB-6 desktop module.

I did have this mounted on a rack and I temporarily removed the rack ears. When I put the wooden end cheeks back i used different screws and there is a slight crack on one of the wood panels (as pictured). This does not affect the sound or performance of the instrument, at all. Other than that, it's in excellent shape."

Black Corporation Kijimi Polykobol Previously Owned by Com Truise?

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a rare Kijimi from Black Corp. A beautiful completely analog 8 voice synth which is a spot on Polykobol clone.
We acquired this Kijimi from Synthwave icon Com Truise last year.
Comes w/ power supply."

Yamaha FS1R

via this auction

Osmose synthesizer, Expressive E - Cello 'duocello' preset improvisation with onboard reverb

video upload by exploring-notes

"A quick improv with the Osmose preset - Duocello. I cranked the onboard reverb mix up to ~80%.

The initial key press technique of placing fingers into the centre of it's tone is something I've learnt (and still learning...) from playing the Osmose for a few hours now. The very gentle touches that can render sound are wonderful.

The audio dynamics range a lot, but hopefully YouTube won't compress too much.

Recorded directly into Logic using Behringer U-Phoria UMC1820. All effects and eq are onboard the Osmose itself.

Music sketch: 'Cell sketch'
Performance, recording, video, and composition by Chris Beard @exploring-notes
💙💙💙 📼📻✨"

Osmose synthesizer, Expressive E - familiarisation and exploration. Haken EaganMatrix strings.

video upload by

"The Osmose keyboard arrived today and I recorded an initial experimentation with a pad preset and bending of chords and notes. There was a three year wait while the keyboard was developed. Development history can be found here -

00:00 Intro
00:38 Initial chords
02:05 Breakdown
02:34 Stacking chords

I've only played it for a couple of hours but already I can tell that playing the keyboard can be extremely nuanced. Flicking through the presets was more than just listening as I played... each preset asks to be pushed into, pushed sideways and explored.

Three parts only:
Pad - Osmose preset Hybrid Strings 2, recorded directly into Logic
Guitar - Fender SQ Contemporary Jaguar HH played through Chase Bliss Generation Loss Mk2 Lo-fi pedal
Drums - Logic drummer played through Devious Machines Infiltrator

Mastering preset added to the mix bus.

Music sketch: 'Sad interconnection'.
Performance, recording, video, and composition by Chris Beard @exploring-notes
💙💙💙 📼📻✨"

Buchla and Tiptop // Eurorack Ambient modular synth // Source of Uncertainty // 258t // 245t // 257t

video upload by S T A R T R A I L S

"Patch made with 5 of the new Buchla Tiptop 200 series modules that were reissued in eurorack format. Clouds is processing everything very lightly. Towards the end the reverb that saturates everything is from the Avalanche Run which is also adding the delay effect all the way through the recording"

Yamaha DX9 Vs DX7s comparison | How much difference is there really?

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Unlike all the other 4-operator FM synths from Yamaha, from the 80s, the DX9 IS really a DX7, it's just a 4-operator DX7. It even saves its patches in a DX7 format and no patches from the DX9 will load up on the other 4-operator FX synths without converting.

What I was interested in was how DX9 patches sounds on a DX7, or vice versa. I deliberately chose the last DX7 Yamaha made, the DX7s, to test this. The 1987 DX7s has better converters (but still a mono output) than the 1983 DX9.

Support this channel on Patreon:"

Polyphonic: Using the Keystep Pro for 4-Voice Polyphony in Eurorack Modular - with AJH Synth MiniMod

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This video demonstrates the Arturia Keystep Pro controlling a MiniMod system in polyphonic mode, and show's how to enable up to 4 voices of polyphony on the Keystep Pro controller keyboard. The MiniMod system uses just 4 VCO's, envelope generators, VCF's and VCA's to supply 4 simple, single-oscillator voices, which are then complimented by either an LFO or noise source to add interest to the sound. This really is about as spartan as you can get for a modular 4-voice setup, so adding further modules would greatly expand it's sound palette, but this is just a proof of concept. Since it's fully modular, even with such a simple voice structure a surprising range of sounds can be achieved.

This was partly inspired by the earliest polyphonic synths, which were initially huge modular systems controlled by polyphonic keyboard controllers, and then the first polyphonic Oberheim synths, which controlled 4 or 8 individual monophonic synth voice modules individually (the superb-sounding SEM), each needing to be setup and tuned. However, this meant that each voice was free to be whatever the user wanted - similar or completely different than the others, something conventional analogue polysynths can't do.

The Gemini 2412 is used here as it has extensive multi-mode filter options, and conveniently contains 2 fully-featured VCF's per module, but also since it is directly based on the filter from the classic SEM module. A pair of Contour Generators serves as a simple and convenient dual envelope per module, although here they are shared for both VCF and/or VCA.
It's unlikely that many would buy a complete modular system purely to use as a polyphonic synth, but as your system grows it may eventually provide sufficient modules to be used in a poly configuration, even just as 2 voices, such as here: [posted here]

POWER: This module setup and PSU is just an example of the concept - it isn't necessary to arrange the modules in this way, and you should always ensure your power supply is sufficient to provide significantly more power to your selection of modules than is needed, across the +12V, -12V, and 5V power lines. For example, in this setup I'm using roughly 400mA on the -12V rail, but the PSU only provides 500mA to -12V, so this is pushing it a little too close to the limit than is ideal. is a great tool to use for designing your system and calculating your power needs, but also consult your PSU's documentation for advice on power usage.

Vintage Transistor Core VCO x4
Gemini 2412 x2
Contour Generators x2
Discrete Cascaded VCA x4
Dual LFO + VCA x1 (optional)
Entropic Doom x1 (as a noise source, optional)
Precision Voltages (as an offset for Gemini D-FCV, optional)
V-Scale x1 (as a buffered multiple, optional)

The AJH SYNTH Eurorack range consists of high-end modules, all hand-made in the UK, most of which are based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreating the circuitry of much sought-after analogue instruments and technologies of the past, whilst greatly expanding them, and bringing them to modern Eurorack levels of convenience, limitless flexibility, and reliability.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for module 'User Guides', and 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides, detailing functions/methods, and a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself.

Video by @DreamsOfWires"

OxiOne Arpeggio Chill

video upload by Perplex On

"#Jamuary2023 day 14: Exploring the arpeggiator on the #oxione. Here sequencing #purepiano on the ipad."

Red Panda Raster V2 Sound Demo (no talking) with Waldorf M

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

OB-8 "Structures from Silence" excerpt, and Split programs

video upload by wedream2

"I start with a short excerpt of 'Structures from Silence' as a tribute to Steve Roach. Then demonstrate a few spit programs, and end with a sampling of sequenced single keyboard sounds, which will be revisited in more detail in a future video."

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