MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Pad LFO sound with Sequential Trigon-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"I used the great Soundtower Sequential Trigon-6 editor when recording the material -

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound.

Enjoy! :)"

Buchla 264 Simple Experiments

video upload by Todd Barton

"Big thanks to Kyle Swisher & Robert Standefer of The Source of Uncertainty Podcast for their kind loan of this module
And to The MEMS Project wizards Chip, Mark and Dave!

I've only had this module for a couple of hours -- these are very basic, simple experiments as I learn the module. More to come. My Patreon:"

Evaton Technologies RF Nomad

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

JVC & Lowrey Keyboards KB-500 KB-700 Micro Genie

via this auction

Note these are from supporting member, Loscha.

The are listed for parts. Note the smokey transparent music stands, that also act as front panel covers when not in use, on each of them.

"Of Note: all of these keyboards have the smoke grey plastic music stands, and they don't have the tabs broken off!!!!! These are quite rare in any condition as they fall off if you carry the keyboard at an awkward angle, and can shatter.

Despite my vague notes here about the keyboards partial functionality, the only one I can be sure of is that the KB-700 actually was making good noise, accompaniment played, voices switched, etc.

Updated to add: the winner of the auction will receive the KB-500 service manual via email. I had to purchase this separately.

JVC KB-500 White Keys - no sound, doesn't power up
JVC KB-500 Black Case Silver Keys - no sound, doesn't power up
JVC KB-700 - this one works except for tempo slider.
Lowrey Micro Genie V-120 "Mach Plus" (rebadged JVC KB-700) only a few keys worked a few times, I think the drums worked however
Lowrey Micro Genie V-105 with MIDI - doesn't turn on at all. Has a cute little cartridge that stores the accompaniment patterns.

These are collection ONLY from Neill St Carlton, Melbourne, Australia."

ARP Quartet Vintage 49-Key Orchestral Analog Synthesizer Siel Orchestra

via this auction, also on Reverb

"The ARP Quartet is, in fact, identical to the Italian-made Siel Orchestra. ARP bought, relabeled and sold it as the Quartet without changing much. It's a 4-part orchestral synthesizer with 4 sections: Brass, Strings, Organ and Piano. These 4 tone color families can be tweaked and played individually or two can be played simultaneously. Selected presets will light up LEDs to show you which sliders and buttons can be used to modify the current section. The synth itself is somewhat limited--there is no external control, no pitch/mod wheel and few editing parameters. However, it sounds very good and, ultimately, it is a classic analog synthesizer.

In very good working shape, with some normal cosmetic signs of use (see photos)."

Korg Prophecy SSP-1 Solo Synthesizer 37 Key Keyboard

video upload by Cyber Thrift LLC

via this auction

"Korg Prophecy SSP-1 Solo Synthesizer 37 Key Keyboard Tested Working READ

- Synthesizer has been tested and is in 100% working condition, link to Youtube video of test:

- When powered on, display gives "Internal Battery Is Low" warning, but the battery has been replaced and the keyboard functions normally.

- Item has some scratching and wear from use/storage, and may need some additional cleaning.

- There are 2 cracks in the casing of the keyboard, 1 above and 1 below the headphone jack (see pictures).

- Power cable is included, no other cables or memory cards are included!"


video upload by EMEAPP

"Tiny bit mighty, we feel that Casio synths often get overlooked. Not at EMEAPP, we have a soft spot for synths such as these. Here we have the Casio CZ-101, the first in a line of classic, affordable instruments for the working musician. The phase distortion engine of this 80s icon is capable of some fantastic tones and we have electronic music pioneer Don Slepian to demonstrate. As an added bonus, Don includes a demo of his personal Casio CZ-1000!"

YAMAHA SK-10 (1979)

video upload by Synthesizer Home

Novation - 30th Anniversary | Podcast

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"An Illustrated Podcast
Novation - 30th Anniversary: Grooveboxes, Controllers and Synths

2022 marked the 30th birthday of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synths, samplers and hardware controllers. In this podcast, Novation Product Specialist Chris Calcutt looks back over three decades of innovation and explores the key products, technologies and partnerships behind a British music technology success story.

00:00 - Introduction
00:26 - 30th Anniversary
01:02 - The First Product
03:24 - The Launchpad
06:58 - Automap
09:25 - Friendly Relations
13:08 - The BassStation
17:50 - Hands-On Control
19:07 - Analogue Sound Modelling
21:41 - The Resurgence Of Analogue
30:43 - From The Rack To The Desktop
34:33 - Moving Away From Computers
38:02 - The Focusrite Group
45:25 - 40 Years of MIDI

Novation - Biog
In 1992, Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson founded Novation Electronic Music Systems and created the MM10, a keyboard controller designed to be used with the Yamaha QY10 music workstation. The BassStation was launched in 1993 and was used by many top artists of the day. ASM (Analogue Sound Modelling) technology was introduced in 1995 and designer Chris Huggett joined the team full-time in 1998, with the popular Supernova synth being released that year.

30 years later, while still creating grooveboxes, controllers and synths, Novation is now part of The Focusrite Group, along with ADAM Audio, Focusrite and Sequential.

Novation - Chris Calcutt
Chris Calcutt has been the Product Specialist at Novation for over a decade. Despite coming from a more traditional background of classical music composition and playing the trombone, Chris has always been heavily involved and passionate about music tech.

As a kid, Chris would play with synthesizers and a four-track recorder on the living room floor and has since gone on to work with Novation, collaborating closely with the product developers, designing and building new and innovative electronic instruments.

Chris is responsible for representing multiple brands under Novation's parent company, The Focusrite Group, working with their European distribution partners to deliver training, product presentations, and live performances both online and at in-store events.

Chris also produces and performs live as CALC and is an active member of the experimental electronic music scene in Brighton, UK.
About The People & Music Industry Podcast Channel
Listen to experts in the field, company founders, equipment designers, engineers, producers and educators.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon or wherever you get your podcasts."

Atmosphere V1 for Novation Peak/Summit

video upload by NatLife Sounds

Prophet X and SampleRobot - incredibly fast and easy way to make a library of sounds | Live rig Pt.1

video upload by Espen Kraft

"A fast and efficient way of recording your hardware or software synths for a sample library is to use a program called SampleRobot. Using that will definitely speed up the process in many ways. I've been asked about this program many times and as I need to get lots of samples into the Prophet X, I decided to try it.
In this video I go through how I'll use this program to get a 4 velocity layered Electric Piano from my TX802 into the Prophet X, WITHOUT spending countless hours doing it manually.

In nine out of ten times, It is I who contact different manufacturers to check out their products. So also in this case. I've been asked about this program many times, as I do make sample libraries for a living, and with my new Prophet X installed I felt it was time to check this program out once and for all, so I contacted the company. My thoughts and conclusions are never bought, influenced nor corrupted, by the manufacturers.

Check out SampleRobot here:"

00:00 Intro
00:30 Why SampleRobot?
01:10 Yamaha TX802 & DMP7
02:05 SampleRobot - the program
02:51 Setting up to record a multi sample - the wizard
07:38 SampleRobot does its thing
09:57 Exporting the recorded sounds into the format of choice
11:49 Importing the multi sampled sound into Prophet X
12:21 How does it sound?
14:08 Conclusions

Prophet VS

video upload by No Nag

"This was an eye opener for me.
I always thought this sounded dull and strange in the shops.
The I got one to my home and I got to spend hours on it. It truly is a masterpiece of a synth.

It was in working order but had intermitent chrashes.
So I got a new power supply from and put coolers on those
CEM5530 chips and it now works perfect."

5 things you can make with Loquelic Vereor synth plugin + presets for VST, AU, and AAX

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're using our complex-oscillator synth plugin Loquelic Vereor to make a Reese Bass, Kicks, Musical Robot, Strings, and EDM Plucks.

0:13 Reese Bass
0:58 Kicks
1:31 Musical Robot
2:18 Strings
2:57 EDM Plucks

Visit the plugin page on our website, then select the "Presets" dropdown to download the 5 things in this video for free here:

Loquelic Vereor is built around our interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms (VOSIM, phase modulation, summation synthesis). Like the Loquelic Iteritas Eurorack module it’s based on, this synth is capable of a range of sounds that are sure to cut through a mix.

Loquelic Vereor is a complex oscillator, which, while uncommon in the software world, opens up incredible sound-design possibilities. At its core are two oscillators that modulate each other for sounds you have never thought possible in a DAW. Loquelic Vereor also features a quick-to-use MIDI learn function for almost every parameter in the synth, as well as the option to map parameters to velocity, pitch, and aftertouch. From outrageous, chaotic sounds to wild drum sounds to drones, basslines, and leads, with Loquelic Vereor, you can have it all.

All Noise Engineering plugins feature an extensive modulation system so you can get your patches moving with LFOs, envelopes, and step sequencers – plus, modulators have adjustable randomization for easy humanization.

More about the Loquelic Vereor plugin and the Bundle 2 package, which includes Imitor and Manis Iteritas:"

Making Waves: How we made the sounds of Seaboard RISE 2

video upload by ROLI

"Transcend your musical boundaries with RISE 2 and Equator2 — the mpe combo so rewarding and intuitive — it becomes a real instrument.

Seaboard RISE 2 is at the cutting edge of hardware design. The touch-responsive surface makes creating expressive electronic music more natural and enjoyable than ever before — so it’s no wonder it’s becoming a favorite instrument for artists all over the world.

But the technology that goes into the physical instrument is only half of the amazing story of the Seaboard. See how some of the world’s leading software developers and sound designers have helped to create the amazing synths and presets that make Seaboard RISE 2 the world’s most expressive keyboard."

Arcaico Dominus dual complex vco #modularsynth #eurorack #synthesizer #vco

video upload by Arcaico Instruments

ARCAICO DOMINUS Demo BY @andreadigiorgio #modularsynth #eurorack #synthesizer

"Dominus is a dual complex vco Saw Core with integrated wavefolder. Each VCO is independent and has 4 waveforms and all the classic basic VCO controls, with a very stable 1v/oct control up to 10 octaves. The wavefolder section is independent and inside is connected to the vco, through the switches you can select one of the 3 waveforms, you can mix the two vcos or use only one. By modifying the sound in a non-linear way the wavefolder will create wonderful sounds. The Radius potentiometer adjusts the range over a certain frequency band. In the CV control you can use envelopes, lfos, and sequencers to create very complex soundscapes.The SHAPE knob adjusts, modifies and distorts the final result. The VCO1 and VCO2 potentiometers adjust the level of each VCO, various level settings will create very different sounds."

B2600 R2D2 sound - how they did it.

video upload by O.Z. Hall

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This is a 2600 patch which sounds a bit like the R2D2 sound from Star Wars. There is a short demo, then a detailed review of the patch, so that you can enjoy the patch on your own 2600!"

White Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet

via this auction

"This unassuming beige module contains a 4 part multitimbral synth which is identical to the Juno 106 albeit with voices shared across three timbres (Bass, Chord and Melody). The Melody section has 2 voice polyphony and 100 presets; The Chord section has 4 voice polyphony and 100 presets; Bass section is monophonic with 20 presets. Rhythm section features 11 PCM sounds which are from the TR-707. Presets are accessible from the front panel while each part is fully editable over MIDI i.e. using one of the many Juno 106 editors. Rare white version. 240 volt unit. In great condition with one non-stock fader cap (Dynamics)"

Roland System 100 Model 104 Sequencer

via this auction

"Although it is designed as part of the Roland System 100, the Model 104 Sequencer can be used with almost any synthesizer. If you’re adding to your system 100 or something else this is an amazing unit, very clean and everything works as it should. I have owned this unit for 25 years , it was modified at some point as you can see in the photos all mods were removed before I owned it , it does not effect the functionality in any way ."

Analogue Solutions Megacity Step Sequencer

via this auction

"True analogue step sequencer using CV pot’s not encoders.

Analogue CV circuits.

Hand built in Great Britain.

Massive 64 steps (series mode) or 2 x 32 steps (2 channel parallel mode)

2 CV outputs with Range and Glide (Portamento)

4 Gate outs (2 per channel)

2 CV quantisers


Jump and Reset – activate from MIDI

Fill In and clock divide modes for variation

Compatible with Eurorack and most analogue synths with CV/Gate input

Voltage controlled clock

Many options for sequence control

Very easy MIDI sync possible using a dedicated MIDI note

Solid steel and aluminium construction

High quality sealed potentiometers, sturdy switches.

Unique green LED matrix style tear drop raining LEDs"

Epro E-Pro Mini Synth SN 0158

via this auction

"Made in Holland in the early 80s the same period as Synton released their Syrinx synthesizer. According to Dutch Sources, Only 25 units are known to have been made and this is one of them! It is a fully CEM based synthesizer and you hear that. It sounds very warm. The synth has been serviced and is in good working condition.

Cosmetically it's in nice condition as well with only some minor scratches, some wear and tear, and the wooden side panels have little signs of use (see photos). Overall it's a great piece of history that deserves a good new home. It's a 220v version with a European plug installed, 220v step transformer required for USA power, and required for most countries outside the EU in general. The serial number is: 0158."

Boss RE-202 Space Echo w/ Synths & Drum Machines - Stazma

video upload by Stazma

"Today it's the second of february, time of the 202! So let's dive in the RE-202 from Boss, a recreation of the iconic Roland Space Echo. We'll try it out my MC-202, the System80 880, some eurorack Buchla modules and as a dub machine on a mixer."

Radical Frequencies modular downtempo analog jam

video upload by Radical Frequencies

"Radical Frequencies downtempo analog jam ! Listen to your speakers of possible :)
Bass from AD multi Vco (saw & square) into sh Vcf.
Lead from dpvco sine wave into waveshaper and after into 12db multi vcf bandpass .
Drums from a modified RD 606 through RF mixer transistor circuit.
Sequencers are Korg SQ1 and Befaco muxlicer."

Step 8 explained for beginners – Joranalogue

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Step 8 from Joranalogue is a module with a unique concept. It’s extremely flexible and powerful, but that makes it also harder to grasp. Especially if you are new to modular this kind of module might be daunting. Today I explain step 8 based on the three mode switches it has, and cover functions like sequential switch, custom sequencer, hocketing, trigger divider, shifter register and a lot more."

Midicake - January Demo Track - Kallichore

video upload by midicake

"You can't tell from this angle but this is the new version of Midicake ARP, complete with USB Host port! So I took the opportunity to plug in the new MIDI keyboard."

ELKA SYNTHEX - 42 minutes pure analog sound - no talking

video upload by The Synth King

Vermona Perfoumer & Deluge - Thursday Jam 🙃🎹🎧🇬🇷

video upload by Makis Zeg

KORG drumlogue Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

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