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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Buchla 288 Feedback Playtime

video upload by Todd Barton

"Morning exploration . . ."

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Rainy Day

video upload by nbor

"Rain is falling outside. It made for a mood on the Buchla Music Easel."

Buchla 200T Arabian Scale ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

"Buchla 200 Tip Top Audio
2x 292t, 245t, 266t, 257t, 4x 258t, 2x 281t ,2x 207t, 296t
Mutable Intruments 4x Ripples, Veils.
Tunefish Modular 2x Ornament and Crime, Temps Utile.
4ms Quad Pingable LFO ,Peg
Flame Talking Synth Module.
16n Faderbox
Doepfer R2m Ribbon Controller, A 156.
Intelligel Planar 2, Sealegs, Bifold.
Joranalogue Filter 8
2x Ritual Electronics flexibilité with 2x Boss EV 30
Strymon Cloudburst
17.2 2024
video # 2342"

Friday, February 16, 2024

Buchla 200 t System ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Buchla 200 Tip Top Audio
2x 292t, 2x 245t, 266t, 257t, 4x 258t, 2x 281t ,2x 207t, 296t
Mutable Intruments 4x Ripples, Veils.
Tunefish Modular 2x Ornament and Crime
XAOC Batumi
Flame Talking Synth Module, + Mirror Unipolar Inverter.
16n Faderbox
Doepfer R2m Ribbon Controller, A 151
Intelligel Planar 2, Sealegs
Toppobrillo 2x TWF
2x Ritual Electronics flexibilité with 2x Boss EV 30
Strymon Cloudburst
17.2 2024
video # 2341

Oolluu - Sunsmoke

video upload by Ehsan Gelsi

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Buchla Format 200 Series Analog modular Synthesizer

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via this auction

"Custom Buchla format analog modular synthesizer, inside a birch plywood carrying case with closable-patched lid in great working shape.

Includes 12 professionally built and calibrated modules. 18 stackable Pomona banana cables of various size, 8 Pamona MDP-S banana jumpers, 16 tini jack cables in three sizes and power supply with IEC cable.

Modules are as follows:

258 Dual Oscillator
285 Frequency Shifter
266 Source Of Uncertainty
281 Quad Function Generator
292C Quad Lopass Gate
207 Mixer/Preamplifier
259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator
291 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter
257 Dual Voltage Processor
256 Dual Control Voltage Adder
277 Signal Delay Unit
294 Four Channel Comb Filter

This synth sounds amazing and has included some hard to find chips as parts of the circuits including the original Buchla spec microphone preamp and some very hard to find SSM chips in the 258. It’s been a joy to put together and use and I hope it will go to a home where it’s appreciated. Thanks for looking!"

buchla music easel techno 1

video upload by nick kwas

Prototype phase - Buchla Music Easel 208

video upload by Roland Klinkenberg

"Prototype phase, audio cuts out along the way but you get the idea. Kinda adds to the prototype feel...
Without getting specific, this will turn the 208 into a 2 channel drum machine kinda...but things might change 🙂"

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Loading up the Buchla 207

video upload by Todd Barton

CYBERSYNTHESIS - Weighted Probability and Gaussian Curves

video upload by Memetune Studio

"CYBERSYNTHESIS - Weighted Probability and Gaussian Curves - on the Buchla 200
By Benge"

296t Acid

video upload by Stazma

296t Acid tutorial | Buchla & Tiptop Audio Tips & Tricks

video upload by Stazma

"Hello there!
Back on the 296t with... ACIIIIIIIIIIIID!
This is the tutorial video to show you how this was done.

Have fun!"

"More infos & affiliate links in the description // Support on Patreon to get samples from this session:"

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tiptop Buchla LoPass as HiPaas

video upload by Todd Barton

"Food for thought and discussion.

My Patreon:"

Monday, February 12, 2024

Buchla Music Easel Program Manager Embed Kit

video upload by Buchla

"How to install the Program Manager into the EMBIO module on the Music Easel."

Sunday, February 11, 2024

60U Loop

video upload by La Belle Aurore

Friday, February 09, 2024

Buchla Music Easel - Video Manual

video uploads by Buchla


1. Buchla Music Easel - Video Manual
2. Buchla Music Easel First Sound
3. Making a Generative Patch on the Easel
4. Syncing and Sequencing the Music Easel
5. Many Small Details

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Gibber and Tiptop

video upload by Todd Barton

"A fun handshake.
I'm Gibber more at Instagram @biyiblip"

Interstate 710 (Long Beach to Pasadena) - original synth soundtrack

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We take a trip along Interstate 710, also known as the "Long Beach Freeway", one of the major freeways in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. We start on California Highway 91 in the town of Bellflower and then switch on to I-710 northbound at the northern edge of Long Beach. The freeway winds its way through several towns and neighborhoods along the Los Angeles River before turning northward towards Pasadena. Along the way, we cross several other major freeways, Interstate 105, Interstate 5, California 60, and Interstate 10.

I-710 currently ends somewhat abruptly at an intersection with Valley Boulevard in the town of Alhambra. Originally intended to continue northward to Pasadena, the extension has been blocked by community opposition, and it this point will likely never be completed.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary features the following instruments:
EastWest Fantasy Percussion, Fantasy Brass, and Stormdrum 3
Arturia CZ V, Pigments, Vocoder V, and FX Collection
Cherry Audio Elka X, Mercury X, Pro Soloist and Stardust 201
Buchla Red Panel 158 and 156m
Styrmon StarLab reverb module
Dreadbox Euphoria Phaser module
Noise Engineering Sinc Bucina
Arturia MiniBrute 2"

Friday, February 02, 2024

Exploring the 1st Buchla 100 Modular Synthesizer

video upload by Sarah Belle Reid

"This video is a historical, technical, and musical deep dive into the Buchla 100 Series Modular System at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. This instrument was the first voltage controllable modular synthesizer built by Don Buchla—it was delivered to the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the mid-1960s.

In this video we’ll start with a brief historical overview of the Buchla 100 Series Modular System and the San Francisco Tape Music Center. Then, we’ll unpack everything that’s inside the instrument module by module. Finally, I’ll share some of the quirks of this particular instrument, and lots of patch examples to illustrate its unique voice and character.

As I was getting to know this instrument, I tried to keep in mind the circumstances surrounding its development—the people who contributed to it, the time in which it emerged, and the state of electronic music at the time of its invention. These thoughts greatly inspired my approach to working with the instrument and are present throughout this video.

It’s a rare opportunity to be able to work with a historical instrument like this one. I have always been super inspired by Buchla’s work in general, but like many people have had few opportunities to work with his original instruments. Instead, much of my experience has been through newer instruments inspired by his designs. Being able to work closely with this instrument was an incredibly inspiring and clarifying experience that allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Buchla’s own creative and technical development, as well as the multitude of music, modern modules, and instruments that have been inspired by his work.

Special thank you to Mills College for letting us spend a week in the electronic music studio working with the Buchla 100; to The Buchla Archives and Ryan Gaston for helping to put this video together; and also to all of the amazing folks in my Patreon community for your support in helping to bring educational projects like this one to life!

Learn more / join the waitlist for Learning Sound and Synthesis, my online modular synthesis and sound design class:

Join my Patreon community for behind-the-scenes content, unreleased music, and extended tutorials: sarahbellereid

Thank you to:
Mills College Center for Contemporary Music
The Buchla Archives
Ryan Gaston (co-producing + filming)
Hainbach (tape slicing footage)

00:00 Historical Overview: Buchla 100 + the San Francisco Tape Music Center
7:38 Mills Buchla 100 System Overview
14:27 Timbre in the Mills Buchla 100
18:29 Chaos in the Mills Buchla 100
21:52 Voltage Control Quirks
25:00 Sequencing Tactics: Triggered Segments
30:40 Sequencing Tactics: Extended Sequences
32:06 More Patches + Sounds
32:36 Ring Modulated Reverb Patch
34:40 Keyboard Chaos Patch
36:55 Gated Voice Patch
38:29 Wonky Drum Machine Patch
38:57 Triggered Gestures Patch
39:14 Transposed FM Sequence Patch
39:48 Bell Tones Patch
40:27 Touch Controlled Ratchet Patch
41:00 Sequenced Melodic Patch

Sarah Belle Reid is a performer-composer, active in the fields of electroacoustic trumpet performance, intermedia arts, music technology, and improvisation."

"In the Spring of 2024, Reid spent a week at the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, where she worked closely with their original Buchla 100 modular synthesizer system. This specific instrument’s historical significance can’t be overstated. It was the very first voltage controllable modular synthesizer that the now-famous artist, inventor, and electronic musical instrument designer Donald Buchla built in the mid 1960s—indeed, one of the very first modular synthesizers altogether. In its time, this specific system has been used by countless inspiring and influential musicians, such as Pauline Oliveros, Morton Subotnick, Suzanne Ciani, Warner Jepson, and others.

The video begins with a brief historical overview of the Buchla 100 Series Modular System and the San Francisco Tape Music Center. Then, Reid unpacks everything that’s inside the instrument module by module, with sound demos and examples. Finally, she shares some of the unique quirks of the Mills Buchla 100 instrument, and patch examples of how the instrument can be used to create a wide range of music and sounds."

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Buchla/Tiptop 207T | Classic Six Channel Mixer with Mic Pre-Amp

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The 207T may be a no-brainer for 200T series collectors and I love every HP of it exactly for that reason. But outside the 200T universe it may be too big and too limited. It doesn't have volume VCA's or any form of automation except for panning the outer channels. The idea is to use the 292T for VCA duties. There's no master volume either, but my final case output takes care of this. It allows send/return patches and six channels is more than enough to combine most modules in the 200T series. The Pre-Amp however, is a winner. During #jamuary2024 I had a few issues with bringing my 'alchemist' box to modular level. With the 207T it just works and sometimes it even came in too hot."

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

1/31/24 (Tokyo Delay, room 495) Tokyo Tape Music Center + Buchla & TipTop Audio

video upload by Cfpp0

"Maiden voyage on the new Tokyo Delay from Tokyo Tape Music Center."

Curious if the video is flipped on its side or the modules.

Patch n Tweak
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