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Thursday, May 19, 2022

La 67 presenta Dada y MODii, nuevos módulos Eurorack

video upload by Hispasonic

"Cerramos el capítulo hispano de la Superbooth con La 67, marca también con sede en Barcelona. Su responsable, Daniel Authier, nos presenta los dos nuevos módulos Eurorack que presentaron en la feria: Dada, un saturador y amplificador VC dual, y MODii, una envolvente doble.

Más sobre La 67:"


"We close the Hispanic chapter of the Superbooth with La 67, a brand also based in Barcelona. Its manager, Daniel Authier, introduces us to the two new Eurorack modules that they presented at the fair: Dada, a dual VC saturator and amplifier, and MODii, a double envelope.

More about La 67:"

SUPERBOOTH 2022 - Wobbler 2 - This Is Not Rocket Science

video upload by sonicstate

"This Is Not Rocket Science showed us the Wobbler 2 which takes the LFO function and adds the ability to turn it into a drum voice.
Using the excellently name Twang mode and audio rates, you can get kicks through snares to perc FX, hats and claps. Coming in a few months they don;t have a price for it yet."

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Analog Physical Modelling (on a bike)

video upload by sonicstate

"The man (Max) with the bike and the long micro phonic piano wire could sound like some kind of torture, but Dom swung by during one of our Superbooth Live Streams. Nick went back to find out more and discovered that he was actually demonstrating a prototype of their CHAIR (Centre for Haptic Audio Interaction Research) analog physical modelling . They already make a VST Plugin which uses excitation. But on display was an analog waveguide physical modeling module. Max explains int he video

No pricing or release dates yet, but his booth was a bike."

SUPERBOOTH 2022 - Playtronica Orbita

video upload by sonicstate

"Still at the development phase but coming to kickstarter (maybe Feb/March 2023) Orbita is an unusual sequencing device that uses a mechanical disc and coloured trigger tokens with a motorized spindle to make sequences."

See the Playtronica label below for more.

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Stolper Beats - Wonky Shuffled Clocks

video upload by sonicstate

"Stolper means stumble in German and this module we featured on a Sonic TALK prior to the show - it was one of Robin Vincent's picks. Its a six track sequencer with a penchent for applying different degrees and algorithms of shuffle to a pattern. As well at the triggered voice outputs, you can also send the wonky clock on to other devices.

Available Mid June €400 inc VAT"

Also see: An intro to Stolperbeats by Making Sound Machines // Dilla style humanised beat sequencing (+ more!)

via Making Sound Machines

"Stolperbeats is a drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled beats influenced by the gritty push-and pull grooves from the golden age of Hiphop."

"Drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled offgrid beats

Stolperbeats, roughly translating to 'beats tripping over themselves', is a drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled beats influenced by the gritty push-and-pull grooves from the golden age of Hiphop.

We've always been fascinated by taking our beats offgrid to give them more fluidity and life. This module allows you to easily dial in and seamlessly switch between all the shuffle, feeling and groove you would, in the past, painstakingly nudge together in a DAW.

We will be introducing Stolperbeats at Superbooth in Berlin, 12-14 May 22.
The module will be be available mid June in select modular stores and directly from us."


video upload by sonicstate

"Back with Uwe Geroge and one of his other ventures, this time IO Instruments and the KAL IYKE function generator. With an envelope - which can loop, and LFO which can be one shot, its pretty flexible. Some other cools functions, musical x1, x2 buttons, freeze function, ratchet together with plenty of CV connectivity, it has a lot of utility.

Available now at €159"

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Patching Panda Particles - Variation Generator

video upload by sonicstate

"Patching Panda showed us the work in progress of their new Particles module. Designed to offer musical intervention and modification of sequences to give new variations and options
Luis tells us it will be ready at the end of the year, price not yet fixed."

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Patching Panda Particles, variaciones creativas en Eurorack

video upload by Hispasonic


video upload by LepLoop

"Marco&Ben of Elevator Sound at the booth trying the new leploop v3, 3D printed case"

Doepfer A-121S Stereo Filter Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Oberheim OB-X8, a monster roars at Superbooth

video upload by Hispasonic

"The first instrument from the reborn Oberheim is a monster for a variety of reasons: for its size and price, of course, but above all for the heritage it carries inside, condensing the sound of four great synths: OB-X, OB-XA, OB-8 and OB-SX, covering a golden era spanning from 1979 to 1983.

We had the chance to try it out at Superbooth with Gerry Bassermann, who introduced us to its classic sound engine, its new keyboard, its filters and oscillators, and the mythical 'page 2' secrets."

Early Electronic Music Techniques Explained #superbooth22

video upload by HAINBACH

"I was asked by Goethe Institut Tokyo and Gebrüder Teichmann to do a talk on early electronic music techniques, with a special focus on Stockhausen and the WDR. I had no idea how I could present the results of my research in a fun way until the morning it was due, when a friend asked me to connect the dots of what I was doing. What a better way then to create a piece, like I do on my channel anyway? Using techniques by Stockhausen and others at the WDR Studio, I assembled a piece with audience help in an 'Against The Clock' fashion.
I held this talk at Superbooth22, thanks to everyone at the stage, sound, light and film crew for making this recording.

The event that this is part of:"

Welcome SUBERBOOTH 2022 | Goodbye SUPERBOOTH 2022

video upload by LESINDES

On the way to SUPERBOOTH 2022
Paying Superbooth 22 a bike visit.
Film clip with original sound atmo.

video upload by LESINDES

Nostalgic farewell to SUPERBOOTH 2022
Stunning fair as always with peerless chilled atmosphere.
Film clip with original sound atmo.

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Freds Lab Manatee

video upload by sonicstate

"Fred is considered to be one of the nicest people in Eurorack, though to be honest pretty much everyone is cool. He was showing his new Manatee synthesizer - a 3-part 9-voice multi-timbral Synthesizer that uses a Spectral Engine powered by DSP.

The new engine is inspired by digital classic instruments but is still in development and will be crowd-sourced as soon as possible with a target price of €600"

SUPERBOOTH 2022 - Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones - Interview

video upload by sonicstate

"Two legends of British electronic music and pop together for a short improvised set at Superbooth on the Beach Stage - which had a banging sound system.

Daniel Miller - head of Mute Records with old friend Gareth Jones - engineer and production on so many great tracks and albums were setting up for their new musical project Sunroof.

We spoke about their approach to the the music they are making together and the gear they are using.

Still working on that first release Sunroof will be available on Mute, well, when they finish it,"

Space Jazz on the Eventide Misha // a beautifully simple concept

video upload by Starsky Carr

"The Eventide Misha is a Eurorack sequencer that takes a really simple concept of moving up and down notes or scales by jumping to notes within that scale rather than playing the scale. Thanks to Tyler for his little Space Jazz improv!"

[SUPERBOOTH22] TEENAGE ENGINEERING TX-6 : La pire présentation

video upload by Les Sondiers

"Tobias m'aide à comprendre comment fonctionne le TX-6, un mixer minuscule à 12 entrée mono / 6 entrées stéréo comprenant des effets (send et insert) + une petite boite à ryhtme et un mini synthé. On parle mi anglais mi français."


"Tobias helped to understand the function of the TX-6, a minuscule mixer with 12 mono inputs / 6 stereo inputs comprising the effects (send and insert) + a small rhythm club and a mini synth. On parle mi anglais mi français."

Befaco AC/DC, interfaz de audio Eurorack

video upload by Hispasonic

"Befaco estuvo un año más presente en la Superbooth de Berlín, esta vez con una propuesta mucho menos analógica que de costumbre: AC/DC, una interfaz de audio acoplada en continua, en formato Eurorack.

AC/DC se basa en la plataforma OWL de Rebel Technology, y aquí reside probablemente su mayor atractivo. Permite enviar y recibir tanto CV como audio a 16 bits/48 KHz, así como cargar patches de la librería de Rebel. Es compatible con los DAW y generadores de CV más populares, y también sirve como procesador de audio/CV para aplicaciones iOS."


"Befaco was once again present at the Berlin Superbooth, this time with a much less analog proposal than usual: AC/DC, a continuously coupled audio interface in Eurorack format.

AC/DC is based on Rebel Technology's OWL platform, and this is probably its biggest draw. It allows you to send and receive both CV and 16-bit/48KHz audio, as well as load patches from the Rebel library. It is compatible with most popular DAWs and CV generators, and also serves as an audio/CV processor for iOS apps."

Tesseract, módulos Eurorack desde Sevilla

video upload by Hispasonic

"Mangu Díaz es un sevillano enfrascado en una miríada de proyectos musicales. Entre ellos está Tesseract, su propia marca Eurorack, cuya lista de módulos anda ya por la veintena.

En este vídeo nos explica detalladamente el funcionamiento de Tukra, un secuenciador de 8 pistas con audio y midi que promete ser "una solución todo en uno para la batería en tu rack" y además, tiene una gran capacidad de integración con otros equipos (no sólo Eurorack). En Tukra no hay submenús, todas las funciones y vistas son accesibles en todo momento, y ofrece hasta 64 pasos por patrón, 64 patrones, 64 partes y 16 canciones por proyecto.

También nos muestra su última creación, Step Fader MkII, que estará disponible este mismo año. Como su nombre indica, es la evolución del anterior Step Fader, un secuenciador dual que presume de ser divertido de usar.

00:00 Introducción
00:21 Tukra
10:06 Step Fader MkII"


"Mangu Díaz is a Sevillian immersed in a myriad of musical projects. Among them is Tesseract, its own Eurorack brand, whose list of modules is already in its twenties.

In this video he explains in detail how Tukra works, an 8-track sequencer with audio and midi that promises to be "an all-in-one solution for the drums in your rack" and also has a great capacity for integration with other equipment (not Eurorack only). In Tukra there are no submenus, all functions and views are accessible at all times, and it offers up to 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts, and 16 songs per project.

He also shows us his latest creation, Step Fader MkII, which will be available later this year. As its name suggests, it is the evolution of the previous Step Fader, a dual sequencer that claims to be fun to use.

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Tukra
10:06 Step Fader MkII"

Knobula Kickain Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers


Patch n Tweak
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