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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Opal Fruits, Making beats from scratch with Fors Opal Max For Live Drum/Synth

video upload by BoBSwanS

"Live stream from Twitch January 8th 2023. Just a test of Opal

This was my first test of Opal, I plan on doing another stream soon with it and will include my other Fors Devices. I managed 50 mins without any audio or video issues so I decided to save it for posterity :) (One awful noise at 49.14 when I select a corrupted sample, Sorry)"

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Modor NF-1, MonoLogue, Nord Lead 2, Xils StiX Test with iPad

Published on Feb 24, 2019 BoBSwanS

"So I have had this iPad 2 days now and here is my 1st test of Midi Out and Ableton Link using Audiobus to route Fugue Machine and Xynthesizr to my synths.

3 playheads from Fugue Machine to my Modor NF1-M
and one to the Monologue.
Xynthesizr is playing some chords into my Nord Lead 2 and I have SpaceCraft Granular playing back some whistling I recorded in with the iPad Mic.
Each of the hardware synths has it's own audio track in Ableton with some delay and reverb and I have a compressor on the master.
I am also using a Lemur editor to control the Modor NF1-m
Drums are supplied by Xils StiX
and It's all synced with Ableton Link over Wifi."

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Kaivo Patch Test by BobSwanS

"I am making a set of patches for Madrona Labs Kaivo.

This is 2 patches i created today, they are played live at the same time with the one midi keyboard. I put a bit of reverb on both patches and sent them both into black box hg2"

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Fors Opal - Ambika - Prophet 12 Improv Afternoon

video upload by BoBSwanS

"Using Max for live devices along with my Ambika and Prophet 12. All drums are from Opal by Fors
Also using Bouncy Notes by Dillon Bastan and Potee by S8JFOU and Deviate by Novel Devices."

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Shruthi-1 CEM3379 VCF/VCA

YouTube Uploaded by BoBSwanS on Dec 3, 2011

"Just another video of someone messing with the presets of a Mutable instruments Shruthi-1 Synth,I did include a couple of my own patches in the last few minutes"

Sunday, June 06, 2021

MI Ambika Vs Valhalla Delay

video by BoBSwanS

"I just did a little screencapture noodle with my Ambika and Valhalla Delay.
I got the Valhalla delay recently and I love it so much.
the Ambika is sequenced with Bouncy Notes from The "Inspired by Nature" pack From Dillon Bastan, Available in Ableton Live."

Sunday, March 19, 2017

BoB SwanS P12 Patches 2

"A brief demo of my upcoming patch collection, available on the weekend of 25th March 2017. This is a demo of some of the patches that use Polyphonic Aftertouch.

I will post another audio demo on release day

The collection will include 100 patches with single and dual layer programs and will be available at my Sellfy Shop"


BoB SwanS P12 Patches 2 Demo 2

"The 2nd demo for my newly released preset pack for the DSI Prophet 12.

The bank includes drone, pads, bass and lead patches along with some classic sounds mutilated with the Prophet 12's extensive modulation routing.

This demo has a tiny bit of compression and a little bit rolled off the high end with Ableton stock effects.

Available here ------->"

Monday, November 30, 2015

DSI Prophet 12 Patches by BoBSwanS

"99+ Patches for the DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer

Presets are available to purchase for 16 Euro here…tches.html"

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dark Signals Patch Bank For Madrona Labs Virta

You can find them here:

"A collection of 50 Patches for Madrona Labs Virta
created by BoBSwanS

Madrona Labs Virta is a audio controlled synthesizer that takes any audio signal and can either mangle the audio with its great processing modules or turn it into a beautiful synth sound with it's fully featured Madrona Labs synthesis modules. It can also be routed to take incoming midi signals so you can trigger the oscillators like a traditional VSTi.

All this is controlled and patched using Madrona Labs amazing modulation system.

It is available here

This bank includes 4 categories of patches
Including 27 Audio FX, 5 Audio Synths, 7 Drones and 11 Midi Synths"

Friday, September 01, 2017

Reaktor Blocks Distorted Drone Experiment #1

Published on Sep 1, 2017

"Here is a little self running patch i created while i was trying to re-skin\mod some blocks.

The main tool in this sound experiment is Cal Scott's DOOM VERB
from this collection of blocks

I also used several blocks from the user library

Modded Kodiak Seq


SimpleMan Synth by Matthew Friedrichs

I also re-skinned Cal Scott's Complex Oscillator

And I also use a very basic block version of this delay, I ported this one to a Block myself, that's why it looks so rubbish


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Repro Combo - 120 Presets for U-he Repro by BoB SwanS

Published on Sep 29, 2018 BoBSwanS

"My 2nd bank of presets for U-he Repro
This bank includes 120 Patches:

0:00 - 4:44
50 New patches for Repro-1 ------

My 1st attempt at programming this Bass Monster,
This pack includes Bass, Leads, FX, Perc loops and Sequences
with the usual Mod wheel and Aftertouch Modulation

4:44 - End of video
70 new patches for Repro-5 ------

This pack is similar to my 1st pack and includes more
Classic and Contemporary Basses, Leads, Keys, Pads and Fx
with lots of Mod wheel and Aftertouch Modulation

You can buy this pack on its own or as part of a bundle ,
it is priced at 15 Euro

The bundle includes both my Repro Packs and includes in total 270 Patches for the Repro suite for 26 Euro
The bundle is available here"

Sunday, July 06, 2014

DSI Prophet 12 Module Patches - BoBSwanS Demo

"I have only had this synth for a month but have programmed about 40 patches, here are a few of my favourites played with some midi clips and some live playing with a little tweaking. No external effects.

Some of the patches are layered and some are not."

Dave Smith Prophet 12s on eBay

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Korg Monologue Patches by BoB SwanS

Published on Oct 5, 2019 BoBSwanS

70 patches for the Korg Monologue
Including Bass,Duo,Fx,Lead and Perc sounds.
The majority of patches use the Mod slider
to create variation while playing.

Available for "Pay what you want"

The patches are available in Sysex and Moglib formats

This demo goes through over half of the 70 patches included.
The video was recorded in one take and edited, It includes sequences and
patches that are played live (badly) and tweaked.

The audio on the demo is recorded with
the Monologue master volume at 12 O'clock
into the line in of my audio card. No EQ is used
but I do use reverb on all the patches and some delay
on the lead and fx patches. I use Madrona Labs
Aaltoverb and Soundtoys Echoboy.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sequential Prophet 12 Patches 3 by BoB SwanS

Published on Sep 10, 2019 BoBSwanS

"My 3rd and possibly final set of Patches for the DSI Prophet 12

99+ Patches for the DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer.
This bank includes Pads, Bass, Keys, Brass, Plucks, Arp's, Stacks and Split Patches using Poly\Channel Aftertouch and Mod\Pitch functionality.

All patches have been programmed exclusively with a Prophet 12 module and a CME Xkey 37 and many include Polyphonic Aftertouch and Mod Wheel functionality. All Patches are compatible with both the Prophet 12 Keyboard and Module.

Product Page

I have 3 packs available with 100 presets per pack at 16 Euro each or 39 Euro for the 300 patch bundle"

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Roland TR-08 with Wave Alchemy Revolution and Ableton Drum Rack

video upload by BoBSwanS

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sonic Potions LXR 3rd jam

Published on Apr 21, 2014 BoBSwanS·18 videos

"A slightly more down tempo jam. I am using the LXR as Midi Master.
This consists of

Sonic Potions LXR for Drums
EHX MMWH for Reverb
Sonic Charge Synplant + Permut8 for Distorted Chords
FXpansion Fusor for Bass
Madrona Labs Aalto for background fx"

Sunday, May 24, 2020

HG Sounds Group Buy for K6 Demo

Published on May 24, 2020 BoBSwanS

"I recorded an hour of me just droning about with the current Wavetable synths available in the HomeGrown Sounds Kontakt 6 Groupbuy Lvl 5,
Mostly just hitting the RANDOM button and seeing what happens.
This is the edited version.

$24.99 for everything listed at this link

It's an insane bargain considering we are only halfway through.
These 4 Wavetable synths are fantastic

The Serenity Group Buy focuses primarily on the Wavetable support added in Kontakt 6 as well as providing an extensive collection of Wavetables. The Wavetables were made by sampling a Novation Peak, Virus TI as well as various other Synths. Initially 700 Wavetables are included and they are also compatible with any Synth that can load Serum Wavetables. A couple of Midi Instruments as well as a Euclidean Drum Machine are also planned."

Monday, July 01, 2013

MFB-522 + Shruthi-1 + Nord Lead 2 Studio video jam session

Published on Jul 1, 2013 BoBSwanS·15 videos

"Nothing original or outstanding here, just me jamming with my new MFB522 Drum computer accompanied by my Nord lead 2 on 303 duties and my Shruthi-1 on bass duties and a few vst's all in Ableton. Enjoy"

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tharsis for U-he Diva by BoB SwanS

Published on Sep 10, 2019 BoBSwanS

"A new bank of presets for U-he Diva.
This bank includes 120 Patches:

Classic and Contemporary
Arps, Basses, Chords, FX, Leads, Pads, Perc and Poly Synths with lots of Mod wheel and (Poly or Mono)Aftertouch Modulation.

This set is inspired by many things, Including The Solar System,
Psychedelia, Science Fiction, IDM and Ambient Music amongst many other things.
The main inspiration is the Synth Itself, Having the ability
to make a hybrid Mono or Poly voice synth with the quality available from U-he products is enough to send any sound designer into overdrive..............

This is a short selection of a few personal favourite Patches,
Some are played live and some are sequenced.
The demo's have no fx other than the ones built into Diva and the Audio is not Mastered or EQ'd in any way

Patches Available here -"

Sunday, September 30, 2018

MiniMoods - 90 new Presets for Synapse Audio The Legend

Published on Sep 30, 2018 BoBSwanS

"A fresh bank of presets for Synapse Audio Legend.
MiniMoods contains 90 Patches for the finest Model D Emulation

Modern and Vintage Bass, Chords, FX, Lead, Poly and Perc
with plenty of Mod wheel and Aftertouch Modulation
for playability and performance.

The pack is available now for 13 Euro.

Product page -"

Patch n Tweak
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