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Friday, March 29, 2024

ULT-SOUND DS-4M : first jam

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"The DS-4 drum synth, which was released by Toyo Gakki in the 1980s under the 'ULT--SOUND' brand and was used by the drummers of Japan's leading techno-pop group, has been revived in modern times.

While faithfully reproducing the circuit configuration of the original (early model), CV/GATE input terminals for each channel have been added to allow for cooperation with modular synths, etc., making it even more comfortable to use as a production tool."

Friday, January 26, 2024


video upload by Freaky Tweaky


Monday, September 25, 2023

森山直太朗 - 夏の終わり (Monomachine Cover)

video upload by Freaky Tweaky


"Chu! Sorry for just the chorus"

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Happy #909day Jam with DSI Evolver, RMX-500, CR1604

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Happy #909day Jam with SH-4d, RMX-500, CR1604

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Thursday, August 17, 2023

ISLA S2400 + RE-201 + SP-1X + CR1604 + RMX-500 : hardminimal jam #HMSF2023

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Monday, August 14, 2023

Dirtywave M8 Tracker : hardminimal jam (w/ prj data & free macrosynth patch) #HMSF2023

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"You can download the project data and macrosynth patch data used in this video from here."

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Happy #808day Jam with SH-4d, RMX-500

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Thursday, August 03, 2023

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro X: First Jam (no talking)

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Click here for additional posts on the UNO Synth Pro X.

Friday, March 17, 2023

centrevillage Cosmos Quencer Performance Sequencer

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"Cosmos Quencer はリアルタイムパフォーマンスに特化したフレーズ生成シーケンサーです。これまでのC Quencer シリーズでの実験を踏まえ、ライプバフォーマンスでより扱い易く、より多様なフレーズを生成できるように一から設計し直しました。




"Cosmos Quencer is a phrase generation sequencer that specializes in real-time performance. Based on the experiments with the C Quencer series so far, it has been redesigned from scratch to make it easier to handle with live performance and generate a wider variety of phrases. .

There is no need to prepare sequence data in advance to play music. Like jazz improvisation, just pick a scale and play the sequence the way you want it.


Friday, February 24, 2023

Roland SH-4d : Electro

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Thursday, February 23, 2023

飲酒しながらRoland SH-4dお触り

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

See the announcement post with additional videos here.

Roland Introduces the SH-4d Desktop Synthesizer

Update: two more user videos (Alex Bell's & Starsky Carr's) added to the user playlist below.

video uploads by RolandChannel

"Lose yourself in a world of sound with the Roland SH-4d Synthesizer, a powerful desktop instrument featuring hands-on workflow and deep synthesis tools for in-the-moment magic. Watch as Detroit techno legend Carl Craig takes the SH-4d for a spin, bringing you on a sonic odyssey and diving headfirst into the unit’s array of sonic capabilities.

What’s inside the SH-4d? Command eleven OSC Models for a diverse range of sound-design possibilities, from vintage analog synths and PCM-based sounds to cutting-edge digital tones. Create custom kits with the rhythm part’s rich tone-shaping capabilities containing 26 unique drum instruments that can each be designed from scratch.

Spur spontaneous musical moments with the multitimbral sequencer, extensive effects, and plenty of polyphony. And with the loaded front panel, dynamic controls, motion recording, and more, you can transform ideas into short loops or complete songs as quickly as your ideas come."

User videos (ordered by shortest videos first - use the player controls to skip around):

Roland SH-4d : First jam - Freaky Tweaky
The Roland SH-4d In a Nutshell - Alex Ball
Roland SH-4d:基本機能・VISUAL ARPEGGIO・D-MOTIONの説明 - Freaky Tweaky
Roland SH-4D 1st Look - Sonic LAB - sonicstate
Roland SH-4d Demo & Review - musictrackjp
ROLAND SH-4d REVIEW // Rolands best synthesizer groovebox yet?! - BoBeats
Roland Synthesizer SH-4d Review // A Synth Groovebox with Vintage Vibes - Starsky Carr
Roland SH-4d Review: The multi-engine synth battle heats up! // Full SH4d tutorial - loopop
Roland SH-4d Mega Tutorial - True Cuckoo

And the press release:

Future Retro Desktop Synth with 11 OSC Models, Pro Sound Design Tools, Hands-On Workflow, and Multitimbral Pattern Sequencer

Los Angeles, CA, February 23, 2023 — Roland announces the SH-4d Synthesizer, a powerful new desktop instrument focused on synthesis and sound design. With 11 OSC Models and a hands-on panel filled with knobs, buttons and sliders, the SH-4d fuels on-the-spot creation and endless sonic discoveries. It also features a multitimbral sequencer with four synth parts and a customizable rhythm part, allowing users to compose intricate patterns with motion recording, extensive effects and more. Equally suited for studio, stage and traveling, the SH-4d is a fun and versatile instrument that will appeal to both modern electronic music creators and synth collectors everywhere.

Fifty years ago, Roland launched its first synthesizer, the groundbreaking SH-1000. The SH name has represented the company’s core synthesizer instruments ever since, merging innovative new technologies with tactile interfaces for quickly designing sounds in the moment. The SH-4d opens the next chapter in the long-running series, offering Roland’s latest analog modeling advancements and a deep-yet-inviting panel that catalyzes creativity and rewards exploration at every turn.

Detroit techno legend Carl Craig was so impressed with the SH-4d that he agreed to be the face of the launch video, delivering a spirited performance featuring new music composed solely on the unit. "That machine is a little monster,” he said after spending just a short time with the SH-4d. “So many options to not only shape sound but to shape the musical composition too."

Eleven OSC Models offer diverse sound-crafting possibilities, from vintage analog tones with SH-4d, SH-3D, Chord, Ring and Sync Models to cutting-edge digital textures with Cross FM, Wavetable and Drawing Models. Influential voices from Roland’s historic past include SH-101 and JUNO-106 Models and a PCM Model with a large selection of sample-based sounds. The SH-4d also features a flexible drum synthesizer with rich tone-shaping capabilities for creating custom kits from scratch.

The SH-4d puts everything creators need for pro sound design at their fingertips, with 32 knobs, four sliders and a massive array of multi-function buttons. The LCD, sliders and buttons automatically reconfigure their functions to follow the selected mode, eliminating menu-dive roadblocks that slow the creative flow. Dedicated Filter, Amp and LFO sections are always ready to shape any tone or pattern. And with the powerful Matrix section, users can create an even wider range of sounds by routing the output of the LFO or envelope generator to parameters in a Model.

Among its many tricks, the SH-4d features built-in motion sensors that allow the user to pick up the synth and adjust sounds with physical movements. D-Motion mode provides X/Y control for two parameters, while the unique Visual Arpeggio shapes note patterns via fun interactive displays.

The SH-4d sequencer is always a button press away, ready to transform sound ideas into compact loops or extended compositions. Up to 60 notes of total polyphony provide ample resources to develop complete musical ideas in the box. There’s also a versatile selection of renowned Roland effects to frost, finesse, rough up or mangle tones and patterns.

The SH-4d runs on a standard USB-C phone charger or AA batteries for up to four hours. There’s a two-plus octave button keyboard for self-contained composition, plus MIDI I/O for use as a sound module and controller in an expanded hardware setup. The SH-4d also functions as a USB-C audio/MIDI interface with 12 discrete audio channels for computer music production.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Hikari Instruments Gate SEQ

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

00:09 はじめに
01:03 各操作部の説明(CLOCK IN)
01:13 各操作部の説明(GATE OUT)
02:04 各操作部の説明(PAUSE)
02:21 各操作部の説明(RESET)
02:45 各操作部の説明(STEP GATE OUT)
03:38 Atten/Mixerとの組み合わせてCVシーケンサーを作る方法
04:34 複数台を組み合わせたパッチング・アイデア


00:09 Introduction
01:03 Explanation of each operation part (CLOCK IN)
01:13 Explanation of each operation part (GATE OUT)
02:04 Explanation of each operation part (PAUSE)
02:21 Explanation of each operation part (RESET)
02:45 Explanation of each operation part (STEP GATE OUT)
03:38 How to create a CV sequencer in combination with Atten/Mixer
04:34 Patching idea combining multiple units

Friday, December 02, 2022

Polyend Tracker + Hydrasynth Explorer (w/ Amenbreak kit made by 栄免建設)

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"Trackmakerの栄免建設さんからPolyend Tracker用に作成したAmen Breaksキットを共有して頂いたので、試しにHydrasynth Explorerと組み合わせて遊んでみました!

"Trackmaker's Emen Construction shared the Amen Breaks kit made for Polyend Tracker, so I tried playing with Hydrasynth Explorer as a test!
High-quality construction that sounds cool no matter how you play with it, it's the best..."

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Teenage Engineering OP-1 field エフェクトmother, delay, grid, springの紹介

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

FX screens.

Saturday, October 01, 2022

ISLA S2400 + Roland T-8

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

8888 + ParipiDestroyer + POLYS

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Also see DigiLogTokyo Microne, Synthernet 8888, CSK ParipiDestroyer, and ACID bass synthesizer prototype


DigiLog/Crazy Synth Kids ParipiDestroyer


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NUNOMO QUN MK2 : 基本操作・シーケンス入力・音作りについて

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

"NUNOMOの「QUN MK2」は、シーケンサーとルーパーを搭載したパワフルでユニークなポケットシンセサイザーです。



"NUNOMO's 'QUN MK2' is a powerful and unique pocket synthesizer with sequencer and looper.
This time, I will explain basic operations, sequence input, and sound creation.

Purchase page (beatsville)"

"Qun-mk2 is a tiny synthesizer with a powerful sound engine, sequencer and looper."

You can find additional demos in previous posts here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

UNO Drum + UNO Synth Pro + AmpliTube X-DRIVE + X-TIME +X-SPACE

video upload by Freaky Tweaky


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