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Monday, October 30, 2023

Kyma - Bitwig: Making Wobbles and Beats

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"Starting with my new Kyma sound, 'One Wave', it takes one wavetable, which drives the Oscillator shape, Amplitude Envelope Shape, Filter LFO Shape, and is also waveshaping the resonance loop. The results are varied. Despite the random shapes of the waves, all the modulation stretches to tempo.
Drop a comment if you want the sound."

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Particle Rhythm Machine Techno Experiment Kyma

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"Well this was a bit of fun, trying to constrain random Geigier pings to tempo in Kyma. Check out my chunky toggle switches. They Rock. Thanks Dan."

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Improvisation for Polyphonic Synthesiser and Geiger Muller Radiation Counter

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"Interpolating between and modulating seven different effects in Kyma, using the Geiger Counter to trigger the events, and feed values based upon the ping time into the effects parameters. Oberheim Matrix 1000"

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Oberheim Matrix 1000 Analogue Poly: edited using Patch Base. Max MIDI and RME Digicheck visuals. 🔊

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

MIDI Monitor:
Signal Monitoring:

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Radiation Powered Future People: They Took Errr Jerrrbs #southpark

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

Caution Ionizing Radiation - 2019 Made in China

"Somewhat excited for the new season of #southpark
Geiger Counter triggering samples with the pitch calculated by a time to voltage converter in Kyma.
They took our jobs.
@SymbolicSound @reallyniceaudio @southpark @SOUTHPARKWORLD @SouthParkBrasileiro1 @southparkenespanol2840"

Sunday, January 15, 2023

A prototype interface using Arduino, breadboard and components for music and sound design.

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"This is a journey into Prototyping. Documenting the transition from a flakey breadboard to a soldered Arduino Uno Sheild solution. Max and Kyma in the background. I spent far too long in @SymbolicSound 's Kyma doing the sound design. Thanks to @reallyniceaudio for all the advice."

Monday, January 02, 2023

Electronic Beats: Cirklon, SE-1, K2600, PC3k, 82 Moons

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

"A quick noodle. Uses some randomisation of velocity and gate mask on the Cirklon. The SE-1 and the Beats have a channel of 82 Moons each. Mix routed through CLM EQ and SSL Bus compressor."

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Analogue Solutions Colossus : Modular Synth

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Capybara vs Pacarana

Published on Oct 18, 2019 Frequency Manipulator

"Kyma based sound design. Videos shamelessly pilfered.

Search 'Ferocious Mullet' on iTunes, Amazon and most other sources for more spooky sounds."

Monday, April 01, 2019


Published on Apr 1, 2019 Isotonik Studios

"Some products just deserve to be better, and that's the case with Sempler PRO. The original Sempler hit over 5,000 downloads and spawned many feature requests, people just loved it for the impact it had with it's simple usability.

NOISS COKO has taken all of those requests and spent the last few months creating Sempler PRO a mammoth sample sequence manipulator.

Sempler is a polyphonic sample playback instrument, designed to create complex patterns by performing simple actions. The whole device is exclusively driven by its integrated sequencer, which among other parameters allows to set a different starting point, size, pitch, level and delay amount for every single step. Each configuration will then produce a continuous stream of fragments, played one after the other to generate a unique arrangement that results from the combination of these little pieces and bits of audio.

Part of Sempler’s magic resides on the uncertainty factor that surrounds its behaviour and defines the state of its most important parameters. These random functions make it very easy to produce a whole blast of ideas with only the need of a few simple operations.

An extra set of parameters reflect other global aspects of the instrument and help to shape each pattern even further. These control the sequence length, speed and direction, the envelopes that affect every fragment and voice amplitude, and a group of functions dedicated to the Frequency Modulation, Echo and Filter sections."

Sunday, March 03, 2019

As it was foretold. Korg Prophecy vs Eventide H8000

Published on Mar 3, 2019 Frequency Manipulator

"The classic Korg Prophecy synthesiser with the almighty Eventide H8000 effects beast. I recently plugged the Prophecy back in. It is a well specified instrument. Unique oscillator sources, waveshaping, two filters, plenty of modulation. About four tracks of prophecy into verbs and pitch shifters.

Source Video shamelessly pilfered from SurClean

I hope they don't mind, their laser is badass."

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Kyma Drums: Step Sequencer & Synthesis Demonstration

Published on Feb 14, 2019 Frequency Manipulator

"Welcome to Kyma Drums:
7 Freshly Encapsulated Sounds for the Kyma Sound Design Platform. Kick, Snare, Hats/ Metal Work, Clap, Shaker, Wood Block, and a Cowbell. All synthesised from the basic Kyma Prototypes.

Inspired by the legends, this collection is flexible and punchy. These sounds are available on the Symbolic Sound Share.

I do have a sample set if you are interested in trying them out in your sampler of choice."

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Euclidean Techno Experiment for SSC Kyma and Sherman Filterbank.

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Frequency Manipulator

"This is a test of my synthesised Kyma percussion, which is being sequenced using Euclidean divisions. The results are processed through the Sherman Filterbank, the ADSR envelope on the Sherman is also being triggered by Euclidean Rhythms generated by the Kyma.

The signal is then heavily limited by an 1176 clone in nuke mode.

The wibbly noises are an FM patch on the Analogue Systems Modular which also makes use of a Turing Machine to modulate various elements. This is also clocked from the Kyma.


My first project using Davinci Resolve. A free alternative to Final Cut / Premier for OSX, Windows, and Linux.

The software is fantastic, it is a shame I am rubbish at it."

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'The Hustle': Ferocious Mullet - Cirklon vs Kurzweil K2600r, Eurorack, Kyma, TX81z, + Sherman FB2

Published on Jun 9, 2017 Frequency Manipulator

"A work in progress. I have got as far I can working purely in the K2600. I have run out of MIDI channels. I should have built my percussion with more concise use of resources.

Sequentix Cirklon Sequencer triggering 16 channels of Kurzweil K2600r. I spent time recording and preparing all the source material using Avid Protools, Redmatica KeyMapPro, and Chicken Systems Constructor. All the whizzy noises are from the Modular processed with the Kyma. There is TX81z through the Sherman FB2 Filterbank.

All the drum loops are playing from one program on one MIDI channel using layer-switching & rhythmic slices.

Vocals recorded by Liza in Russia."

Saturday, September 23, 2017

ELTA Music Polivoks FILTER - 2

Published on Sep 23, 2017 ELTA music

Note the Filter-2 was originally featured in June, that video was removed, as in previous ELTA music posts. Hopefully this one will stay up. If not, watch it now, before it's gone.

Love the look of the white one.

via ELTA Music

"The Polivoks Filter, from Elta Music, utilizes the classic Soviet filter chip for a unique and iconic filter tone. It provides both CV and Expression pedal inputs, built in LFO, and WOB fader for ultimate control. On board LFO has a fast/slow range switch, and on/off. Separate LFO OUT can be used to control external CV devices. With lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch filter types, one can shape tones into whole new realms. The pedal is switched on with a switch, rather than a stomp button, catering towards use as a desktop filter.

Multimode Polivoks Filter
Four Filter Types
Low Pass
Band Pass
High Pass
Built-in multiwave LFO Generator
Wob Fader cutoff manipulator
External CV input for Filter Frequency control
Expression pedal input
Universal Power Supply 9-12V AC/DC any polarity.​"

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dusty Feel | OP-1 + Modular Synth + Guitar

Published on May 31, 2017 Dusty Patches

"Patch Notes:

This track started on the OP-1. Percussion and some synth work was laid down on the tape. The CWO effect is also stabbed in a few times. The OP-1 is in sync mode and is sending a clock to the modular.

There are two voices coming from the modular. Loquelic Iteritas, heavily modulated by Pam's, is providing the bass synth. The other voice is Ataraxic Translation, in all it's arcadey goodness. Pressure Points is hooked up to the Ornament & Crime analog shift register. The first row of knobs sets the modulus (distance between adjacent notes), the second row sets the range or scale of the pattern, and the third row sets the frequency of 'pings'. I'm switching these different sets of parameters with the touchplates of PP and opening the VCA with the Gate button on Choices. The final element of the modular I'm interacting with is the joystick on Choices. The Three Sisters linked filters module is fed the signal from the three voices (OP-1, Loquelic, and Ataraxic) in its Low, Centre, and High inputs. The X axis controls the frequency sweep and the Y axis controls Quality, or Resonance.

The guitar is an 8-string Kiesel Vader V8 running through a custom patch on the Axe FX II. The vocals were processed with Manipulator VST. Everything was recorded and mixed in Reaper.

Thanks for listening."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Haken Introduces the Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (CEE)

VlnVlaCelBass Published on Mar 19, 2013 HakenAudio·28 videos

Video example of the EaganMatrix in action. Official press release further below.

"This video is a demonstration of the VlnVlaCelBass sound on the Continuum Fingerboard, performed by Edmund Eagan. This EaganMatrix string sound has been programmed to take advantage of the Continuum's fast and accurate pressure sensing. Playing this sound with low velocity finger movement will create a smooth gentle start to each note. After the note starts volume and timbre changes can be applied by changing the pressure on the surface.

When played with a harder finger velocity, the sound gets more aggressive in it's attack. This is due to the inclusion of timbre data that represents a real string attack.

The name of the sound includes the four names of the orchestral string family, violin, viola, cello, and double bass, reflecting the combined pitch range of these instruments. The sound is equally convincing and expressive at all pitches, even at the extremes.
Pressing the first foot pedal activates a mono mode which makes it easier to play fast monophonic intervals, such as whole tone or minor third trills.

The overall tonal character of the instrument can be changed by moving the Size barrel. Lower values of Size will create a larger sounding instrument, higher values a smaller one.

The VlnVlaCelBass uses the GrainSilo in the EaganMatrix, with a timbre element called Vla Sustained. The original source for this timbre element came from the first 100 milliseconds of a single note preformed by Rudolf Haken on a Pellegrina 5 string viola. This 100 milliseconds contains essential attack and sustain spectra. Through the power of the EaganMatrix formula structures, control of the timbre elements reference point, fundamental, spectral rolloff, spectral shift, and amplitude is mapped to the playing surface. The three dimensional performance of each finger can translate into exquisite control of this finite piece of data."

Press release:

"Haken Audio’s Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (CEE) provides increased polyphony for EaganMatrix sounds. The EaganMatrix Expander triples the computation power of the Continuum Fingerboard, thereby tripling the polyphony of EaganMatrix sounds. This increased polyphony is most useful for EaganMatrix sounds that require polyphony greater than the number of fingers simultaneously touching the surface, such as percussive sounds with releases that continue to sound after the finger is lifted from the playing surface.

In addition to this increased polyphony, the EaganMatrix Expander also provides balanced analog audio outputs and localized i2c connections to the other Continuum Fingerboard accessory, the Continuum Voltage Converter. The EaganMatrix Expander can be used as a desktop device, or mounted in a standard 19 inch rack using the optional rack ears."

New Firmware version 6.00

New System Presets

Firmware 6.00 includes 23 new EaganMatrix System Presets handcrafted by Edmund Eagan. A video demonstrating some of these new sounds will be online at Haken Audio soon. In addition, the Pluck Tine specialty sound is now available again.

New Mode for EaganMatrix Oscillator: Expose Phase

Expose Phase will output the oscillator’s internal phase value. This is equivalent to a non-bandlimited sawtooth. The oscillator’s phase value is a sum of 7 detuned phase generators. The resulting sound is similar to the layered sound of mutiple detuned saw tooth oscillators.

New Type of Shape Generator: Phase from Amplitude

The existing Single Cycle and Continuous Cycle SGs are Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), with Frequency and Trigger input columns in the matrix. In contrast, the new Phase from Amplitude SGs are Low Frequency Waveshapers (LFWs), with a Phase input column in the matrix.

Phase from Amplitude SGs can be used to implement an amplitude follower. Connect the audio-rate signal to be followed to the SG’s P column. Then select this SG in a formula, select a Ramp SG shape, and adjust the formula's persistence and interpolation controls for smooth following.

Extended BiqMode and BiqBank: 48 Resonances

The existing BiqMode and BiqBank modules have 8 resonances. With the new Extended option, these now have 48 resonances; the Extended BiqMode Amplitude Graphs allow you to specify 48 mode amplitudes, and the BiqBank computes 48 biquad bandpass filters.

New Module Names: Spectral Manipulator and SineSpray

The GrainSilo has been renamed Spectral Manipulator, and the MultiGrain module has been renamed SineSpray. Several matrix columns in these modules have also been renamed, to better reflect their functions.

New Capabilities for the Ancillary Formula Mechanism

The Ancillary Formula Mechanism now has a Domain option, so it can affect just one formula component. Also, incoming Midi Clock can be referenced in the Ancillary Formula Mechanism; this can be used to synchronize envelopes, delay times, or adjust timbral parameters according to the performer’s tempo.

Y-Dependent Instant Round Pedals

Two new switch pedals will turn on Instant Round (Round Rate 127) for fingers at low or high Y position:

cc18 on ch 16: instant round for finger y < .5 cc19 on ch 16: instant round for finger y > .5

This pedal functionality is available for the Continuum’s pedal jacks, when InstRnd is selected in the Editor. This functionality was requested by Mark Smart.

ESI MidiMate II

The Editor will automatically detect the ESI MidiMate II, and automatically connect without any configuration required. The MidiMate II is an attractive USB-Midi interface, but it will only work with Continuums running firmware version 6.00 and later.

Additional Editor Improvements

The Overload Protect indicator can be enabled or disabled for overload protection.

The Editor’s System Preset popup now lists the Internal Sound Number for each preset.

The Z Encoding allows you to select Channel Pressure.

In the future, when you update your version 6.00 firmware to a later firmware number, your Continuum will automatically power cycle after Update File 1. This is the last firmware update that requires manual power cycle.

Available now!

Version 6.00 firmware is available for free in the resources section of the Haken Audio site. Before using the new firmware we recommend you check out the newly-revised user guides for the Continuum, EaganMatrix, EaganMatrix Expander, and CVC."

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