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Friday, February 16, 2024

Dreamtime - Part 1 /// Neutral Labs Elmyra 2, Intellijel Cascadia, Metropolix, Sealegs, Soma Dvina

video upload by Jon Gee

"First in a series of Dreamtime meditations."

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 - Drone Synthesizer // Demo, Tutorial and Opinions

video upload by Dexba

"SUBTITLES AVAILABLE (in many languages!) I've had the lucky chance to be able to check out the Elmyra 2, by Neutral Labs. It has a very interesting approach to performance and sound building: it looks easy, but it can get way deeper than you think. After playing with it for a long while, I decided to offer you a tour of its functions, plus my (unrequested) opinions, all in this desktop configuration. Since the video was getting pretty long already, even by just covering the basic functions, I decided to keep the eurorack approach for a later time, also because that would have prompted me to give even more (unrequested) opinions, and the possible combinations of modules would have been endless (except for the mandatory huge reverb!). In this video, I used the very good reverb on the Dirtywave M8 Tracker, which was very handy because of its 3.5mm jack and the capability of isolating just the active channel on the cable. I hope you'll find the video useful, in its "overview" part, and I hope the "opinion" part could spark some constructive debate."

0:00 Jam Excerpt
0:29 Intro
1:10 What is an Elmyra?
4:07 Voice Controls
6:20 Delay
7:12 Advanced Settings Intro
7:57 AS - Onboard Reverb
8:56 AS - Mix Saturation
11:13 AS - Miscellaneous
12:21 AS - Filter Type
14:41 AS - Octave Switch
15:28 AS - Miscellaneous
16:04 MODP - Red
16:51 MODP - Green
17:59 MODP - Mint
18:56 MODP - Purple
19:23 MODP - Blue
20:05 MODP - Cyan
21:58 MODP - Yellow
23:16 MODP - White
24:23 MODP - Pink
25:25 MODP - Lime
26:03 Utilities
28:15 OUCH
30:15 Existential Crisis
31:55 Personal Considerations
38:37 Full Jam

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Elmyra 2 - 2.2 Firmware Update: Exploring the new features

video upload by Oscillator Sink

"The new 2.2 update for the Elmyra 2 was recently released and it ticked off almost everything I had on my wish-list in terms of new features - so, that's nice! In this video, rather than just reading out the release notes, instead I decided to put together a patch which just happened to make use of all of the new features in the update - almost as if I planned it.

Transparency notice: the Elmyra2 was kindly provided to me by Neutral Labs for free for the purposes of making videos on it. No editorial oversight has been provided to Neutral Labs and no other payment has been received. As always I'm only interested in featuring instruments that I'm genuinely excited about on the channel.

00:00 Intro
00:00 Introduction
01:16 Magic numbers (and the need for cheatsheet)
02:31 Chord Mod Mode
05:09 Octave Shift
06:18 Sequencing some chords
09:55 Stepped/Smooth Random (S&H LFOs)
15:06 Signal Routing - Swapping the delay and filter order
17:47 Dual Filter Modes
22:55 New LFO Wavetables/Shapes
27:42 Complex Waves for LFO1
29:13 Patching some more because we can"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 firmware v2.2 – new features walkthrough

video upload by nyppy

"Available as DIY kit or assembled desktop synth or Eurorack module. See for more info and firmware download."

00:00 Version identification
00:15 Octave range switching
01:00 Chord mode
01:55 Elmyra cosplaying as guitar
02:25 More filters
03:55 Advanced LFO modes
06:06 Signal routing

Friday, August 25, 2023

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 DIY Build and demo

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Come and watch my build of the latest Elmyra noise and drone machine from Neutral Labs. Filled with far more modulation and melody than the original and all you have to do is solder in a fist full of patch sockets, knobs and switches."

Index - 0:00
What's in the kit - 2:31
Touchpads - 9:07
Pot rotational tag dismembering - 12:32
Eurorack power header - 13:25
USB power connector - 16:19
Buttons and caps - 17:58
Sockets and Pots - 20:32
LEDs - 26:00
Put on the front panel - 29:12
Soldering sockets and switches - 35:59
Soldering pots - 42:53
Soldering LEDs - 45:13
Headers - 52:01
Case power connector - 53:55
First test - 54:52
Firmware update - 59:47
Fixing it in the case and putting on the knobs - 1:03:48
Demo - 1:09:04
Conclusion - 1:17:41

Friday, August 18, 2023

9 patches with Neutral Labs Elmyra 2

video upload by nyppy

"Available as DIY kit or assembled desktop synth or Eurorack module. See

Elmyra 2 is a drone synthesizer and platform for microtonal sonic exploration.

00:00 Bouncing Ball
00:22 Zombie Pulse
01:07 Insect
01:44 Three Sisters
02:16 Drunk Troubadour
02:49 LFO Bro
03:22 Elastic Steel
04:14 Spooky Vibrato
04:50 Fabric Softener"

See the Neutral Labs label below for additional demos.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 platform for microtonal sonic exploration and drone synth

video upload by nyppy

"Available as DIY kit or assembled desktop synth or Eurorack module."

Feature demo and details here.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 platform for microtonal sonic exploration and drone synth demo

video upload by nyppy

"Available as DIY kit or assembled desktop synth or Eurorack module.

00:00 Unison detune
00:39 Filter
01:07 Sub-oscillators
01:55 Waveshaping and bite
02:34 Bitmangler and delay
03:15 Patching and photoresistor
03:39 Sample rate reduction
04:25 Slightly more complex patching
05:12 Envelope modulating LFO frequency
05:43 Sequencer
06:18 Outro drone

#synthesizer #eurorack #diy"

via Neutral Labs

The successor to the widely acclaimed Elmyra, Elmyra 2 is a 4-voice digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer and platform for microtonal sonic exploration, capable of creating anything from lush ambient soundscapes to gritty droning textures and shrieking noises, available as a 42 HP Eurorack module or semi-modular desktop synth. With 31 modulation targets, 4 polymetric sequencers, delay, additional per-voice effects, a choice of various filters, as well as onboard LFOs and utilities, it is essentially a purpose-built small modular system in itself. A set of preset cards (included) or electronic components like capacitors or diodes can be plugged into the front panel in order to change the sound character.

Feature overview:

4 independent voices activated by touch or CV
wavetable-based complex oscillator engine, up to 12 oscillators in total, 1V/octave compatible
chromatic mode makes chords and harmonic sounds possible, microtonal scales supported
41 patch points
31 modulation targets
touchpads with analog envelopes that can be used as modulation sources
resonant filter switchable between:
boomy and aggressive multimode 2-pole state variable filter (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass)
creamy 4-pole low-pass ladder filter
delay with unhealthy amounts of feedback
lo-fi reverb
analog OUCH circuit: a unique combination of destructive distortion, waveshaping and filtering
sonic character can be customised by using special preset cards (set of 4 included) or components like diodes that can be plugged into the front panel
preset cards can be used with other Neutral Labs modules
external audio can be processed via audio input
9 per-voice modulations and effects:
unison detune
dual sub-oscillators
sample rate reduction
high-pass filter
low-pass filter
2 LFOs: 1 sine, 1 complex morphable
4 sequencers with arbitrary step length per voice (up to 128), allows polymetric structures
delay time and LFOs can be clock-synced or unsynced (tap tempo is also possible)
dual attenuator/buffered multiple/voltage generator
CV summing circuit
case made of plant-based bioplastic and native German oak wood
boutique synth handmade in Germany


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