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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Elektronika Em-25 with russian EHX Small stone

video upload by Faustola

"Proper phasing!"

Thursday, August 10, 2023

SYNTH YAMAHA CS 60 -(1977) FULL LIVE TEST by Amyr Cantusio Jr in 2023

video upload by

"This is one of the rare Live Tests on a very rare Yamaha CS-60 Synthesizer (the same one I recorded two LPS in the 80's as ALPHA III).
Thanks to Home Shop Audiocare Campinas S.P.
Filmed by Cathia Cantusio

The Yamaha CS-60 is a 61 key (aftertouch sensitive), 8 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer, featuring a single oscillator (sine, saw and pulse waveforms), noise, resonant low and high pass filters, dedicated filter (IAADSR) and amp (ADSR) envelopes, LFO (saw:down|up, sine, square, S/H, external waveforms), ring modulation, ribbon controller, and 13 presets (1 editable)."

"Este é um dos raros Testes ao Vivo num rarissimo Sintetizador Yamaha CS-60(este mesmo o qual gravei dois LPS nos anos 80 como ALPHA III).
Agradecimento ao Home Shop Audiocare Campinas S.P.
Filmado por Cathia Cantusio

YAMAHA CS-60 SYNTHESIZER 1977O Yamaha CS-60 é um sintetizador analógico polifônico de 61 teclas (sensível ao toque posterior), 8 vozes, com um único oscilador (sine, saw e formas de onda de pulso), ruído, filtros ressonantes de baixa e alta passagem, filtro dedicado LFO (saw:down|up, senoidal, quadrado, S/H, formas de onda externas), modulação em anel, controlador de fita e 13 presets (1 editável)."

Saturday, August 05, 2023

YAMAHA CS 60 + KORG SIGMA Test Pitch-Amyr Cantusio Jr & Paulo (Audiocare Shop Campinas)


YAMAHA CS-60 (1977) +KORG SIGMA (1979)
AMYR CANTUSIO JR & PAULO (Audiocare Shop Campinas)
A primeira fase foi preparar os Sintetizadores ontem.Aqui eu no fundo no CS-60 e o Paulo segurando uma nota básica com oscilador no Korg Sigma.
Paulo é o 'engenheiro'que restaura estas máquinas raríssimas, complexas dos anos 70,Um trabalho incrível e de pesquisa, possuindo um acervo lindo para venda, além de consertar estas jóias de instrumentos.Filmado em celular pela Cathia este é o primeiro de uma série que postarei aos apreciadores da música eletronica e sintetizadores raros aqui, no facebook e Youtube.Enjoy it!!"

Friday, July 14, 2023



ESte synth poderoso é multi-timbral por camadas sobrepostas.Alguns sons lembram muito o que Rick Wakeman fez em seus trabalhos solos e mesmo com o Yes.
#yes #rickwakeman #synthesizers #synthwave #classicrock"

Monday, July 10, 2023


video upload by

Em 2015 dentro do Teatro de Bolso Ziraldo (Campinas S.P.),fiz uma apresentação.Aqui testando o synth.Somente foi utilizado o som deste sintetizador na apresentação ao vivo.Poderoso!!Ele inclui o Beat Box(bateria eletronica). Filmado por Cathia Cantusio


In 2015 at Teatro de Bolso Ziraldo (Campinas SP), I made a presentation. Here I tested the synth. Only the sound of this synthesizer was used in the live performance. Powerful!! It includes the Beat Box (electronic drums). Filmed by Cathia Cantusio

Monday, June 19, 2023

Venta ELE-10 synth plays Photographic (Depeche Mode Cover)

video upload by Carambolage

This is the first post to feature the VENTA ELE-10.

"Cover song of Photographic played on the ultra-rare plastic Lithuanian 90s toy synth VENTA ELE-10 (also known as Norma ELE-10 or Elektronika EM-18).

- -
Instruments used:
Korg KR-55B (drums) + Behringer System 100m (bass) + Venta ELE-10 (everything else). - -

Still images used in the video were taken outside the actual VENTA factory building (now repurposed) in Vilnius. I bought the synth several years ago on the other side of the street of the factory from a guy who worked in the factory through the 80s & 90s. He still lived in the same flat next to the factory at the time when I bought it. The synth was almost like new, very well preserved, in original packaging. However the output sound was a noisy and the keys were not responding properly. After some maintenance I got it working and after several years of owning it I decided to make a demo of it by covering Depeche Mode's Photographic – one of their songs I like the most. Enjoy!"

Sunday, June 04, 2023

KORG ELECTRIBE EM-1 Music Production Station Synthesizer Drum Machine SN 007919

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via this auction

Monday, May 15, 2023

Roland EM-101 Sound Plus Preset Sound Variations

video upload by SUBTOKYOSHOP

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Roland EM-101 Sound Plus Vintage Analog Sound Module

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via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

You can find a few demos in previous posts here.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Noise Engineering Clep Diaz Tutorial & Cheat Sheet - Learning & Using the 4hp CV/LFO Generator

video upload by Rochefsky

"Clep Diaz is an incredibly powerful CV + LFO generator eurorack module from Noise Engineering in a very small 4hp package - with simple controls and expressive results to spice up your modular patches. I've created a 1-page cheat sheet for this module, and this video is the companion tutorial to describe the capabilities and operation of Clep Diaz while referring to the cheat sheet.

Find your way quickly to the contents of this video:
0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Modes step, rand, lfo
1:50 - Step order
2:18 - Count Encoder
3:20 - Step & Reset Buttons
3:55 - Clock Input
4:22 - Reset Input
4:33 - CV Input for Count
4:45 - Bi/Uni-Polar Outputs
5:15 - BOC Output
6:00 - Patch Notes
6:38 - Add Reset & CV
9:00 - Jam & Cheat Sheet

The Patch is mostly a @NoiseEngineering jam, with the exception of Pamela's New Workout clocking and providing some modulation to Clep Diaz inputs.
Vox Digitalis - 2 of 'em - provide the pitch CVs to both the bass line and the main voice VCOs.
Clep Diaz of course modulating two VCOs.
Manis Iteritas is the bass line VCO.
Cursus Iteritas Percido is the string-like voice being modulated by Clep Diaz on the TIME and FOLD parameter CV inputs.
Lapsus Os provides some control over the level of the bi- nd Uni-polar outputs of Clep - although I left those alone at base voltage throughout this video/patch.
Electus Versio provides effects.
Mordax Data is my Oscilliscope.

Cheat Sheet for Clep Diaz is here:

Clep Diaz manual from Noise Engineering is here:"

via @noiseeng

"Our friend @Rochefsky is wowwing us once again with this meticulously constructed cheat sheet for the Clep Diaz compact step CV and LFO generator.

If you have a #ClepDiaz, this guide is definitely worth having on your phone or printed out for reference!"

Sunday, April 09, 2023

Minimoog Model D - Em improvisation with delay

video upload by thesynthsofgus

"Improvising on my new Minimoog (2022 reissue) with some delay."

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Meet the Telmatronics Groovetube Tube Based Prototype Plasma Synthesizer

video uploads by Telmatronics

via Telmatronics Kickstarter

Make crazy sounds with fluorescent tubes, that you can control with a magnet

A project to create a plasma instrument About a year ago, we discovered a lot of fun could be had with a fluorescent tube and a magnet... Lit fluorescent tubes are filled with plasma - a low pressure electrified gas that can make oscillations at audible frequencies. With suitable control over the plasma in the tube, we found this instability could sound amazing... and could also be controlled with a magnet! (It is worth listening to the video with headphones, to hear details of the sound).

Playing with sound created in a glowing tube is tactile, surprising and absorbing, and we decided to develop a new kind of electronic instrument.

We are releasing this first-generation machine for people to try out a new way to make noise. It is a sort of proto-instrument - an experimental machine to be experimented with!

Having machines out in the world will help explore what is possible, as there is a lot of unexplored territory here - we don't have much audio equipment, and have tried a dozen or so tubes. By making these machines available now, we hope to not only fund further development but also let collective experimentation inform its direction.

There are pros and cons to using commercial tubes for this. The sound from different fluorescent tubes can vary considerably, so trying out a new tube is an inexpensive bit of fun. It is currently possible to find various types of suitable (T5, 9"/ 225 mm, 6 W) tubes potentially available, new and old stock. On the downside, these tubes are being phased out in the very near future (about 18 months in the UK), and they will become increasingly scarce as production declines - bad timing to find a new use for them! We will keep testing different tubes however, and secure adequate supplies of some good ones before they disappear. In the longer term our objective is to produce custom tubes, which will require further research and development.

We are offering this first on Kickstarter, as a good way to generate awareness of what we are doing and to generate funds to get the project going properly.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Synth Jam 90: Roland Aira T-8 beat machine

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"Um dos lançamentos mais divertidos Roland dos últimos tempos. A T-8 é uma Groovebox que reúne alguns timbres clássicos de drum machines da marca e o icônico synth bass da tb303. Sequenciador de 32 steps, distorção, delay e reverb, além de uma série de outras possibilidades. Tudo em um instrumento muito compacto, que funciona sem fios, com bateria recarregável via USB-C. Esse texto acabou sendo um Review 😅 #synth #drummachine #rolandt8"


"One of the funniest Roland releases of recent times. The T-8 is a Groovebox that brings together some classic drum machine tones from the brand and the iconic synth bass of the tb303. 32-step sequencer, distortion, delay and reverb, plus a host of other possibilities. All in a very compact instrument, which works wirelessly, with rechargeable battery via USB-C. This text ended up being a Review 😅 #synth #drummachine #rolandt8"

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Oberheim Xpander from 1984

video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at the Oberheim Xpander from 1984.

This hybrid synthesizer was designed by Marcus Ryle and Michel Doidic with input from Doug Curtis and it boasts some surprising features for the time. In this video we take a closer look.

The information for this video was garnered from the following interviews:

GForce Bright Sparks: [below]

Ken Flux Pierce Interview: [below]

GEOSynths Interview: [below]

0:00 Intro Jam
0:58 Talk 1
1:31 Demo 1: Beach Comb
2:16 Talk 2
3:09 Demo 2: Faux Seq
3:52 Talk 3
4:30 Demo 3: Eff Em
5:04 Talk 4
5:59 Demo 4: Wobble 5
6:23 Talk 5
6:51 Demo 5: Judder
7:16 Talk 6
8:34 Demo 6: ALX
9:09 Talk 7
10:34 Multi Demo 1: Zone Call
11:55 Multi Demo 2 : Fond
13:54 Talk 8
15:56 Outro Jam"

Bright Sparks - Tom Oberheim

video upload by GForce Software

"After the 2015 release of our Bright Sparks Documentary & Album collaboration with I Monster, while we were elated at the critical acclaim the project received, we always felt it would have been enriched by the inclusion of one person in particular, Tom Oberheim."

See this previous post for the full description.

The SynthSummitShow ep 31 Marcus Ryle (line 6, Oberheim, Alesis)

video upload by Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

Not seeing the date on this one, but clearly before Marcus joined the new Oberheim.

"Live Stream interview with Marcus Ryle co founder of Line 6 , who has worked with a wide assortment of legendary companies starting with Oberheim synthesizers, Alesis, and more."

GEOSynths Synth Show - Ep157 - Special Guest - Marcus Ryle

video upload by

"Having originally worked for Oberheim in the early 80’s and being Instrumental in the design and development of some classic Oberheim Synths, Marcus Ryle is no stranger to the world of Synthesizers and Electronic Music Equipment. He later went on to co-found “Fast-Forward Designs” who were responsible for some really ground-breaking technology with Alexis, such as ADAT Multi-Track Recorder, Quadra Synth and Effects. Marcus also co-founded Line 6, which developed a whole range of DSP Products for Guitarists, especially the POD range, which were extremely successful and graced many Stages and Studies alike.

Of course, Marcus is very accomplished Synth Player, Sound Designer and Session Musician with a Studio complete with some of the very best Classic Oberheim Synthesizers. Now, we have the honor of chatting to him about the latest Oberheim Product, taking the very best of the OB range into the fantastic OB-X8. We’ll be finding out about his history with Oberheim and others, his Music and of course the OB-X8 Project and beyond…"

Elektronika EM-25 produced in the Soviet city of Kherson.Another one repaired and installed midi

video upload by Alexey Taber

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Korg microKorg Tattoo

via @KorgUSA

"Now THAT'S dedication.
shared their love for the incredible microKorg by getting it tatted on their wrist forever, we've never felt more loved 🫶 🎛🎹

Do you have a Korg tattoo? We wanna see em'!


See the Synth Tattoo label for more.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Knobcon 22: Kanawha Divide Down Organ in Eurorack

video upload by sonicstate

"Kanawha music build pipe organs but the market ain't what it used to be (apparently) so now they are turning their attention to poly Eurorack modules. Using divide down technology from transistor organs. Its called the Long Division Tone Module

This means they have complete polyphony., if you want a regular pure organ sound then this is the module for you. they also have a module called 48 gates that will give you 48 separate gate outputs for triggering solenoids, or drum triggers or whatnot.
Yeah its niche, but its interesting."

This is the first post to feature Kanawha Music.

Playlist: KM&A Long Division Module introduction
The "formal" introduction of the new Long Division organ/piano Eurorack module.
Xenakis- Evryali (excerpt)
This is a MIDI file from the internet played back on the Long Division tone module in Piano mode. This demonstrates how the module can deal with large clumps of notes- since there's no limit on the number of notes in can play at once no notes drop out. (They DO drop out at some points because the score goes beyond the 61 notes of an organ/synth keyboard- the original music was written for piano.) The sound from the module was sent straight into the camera with to processing or effects.
Long Division Module- Organ and piano tones
Here we have the Long Division module busting a move with some Hammond-ish sounds and piano tones. The sound from the module is going straight in to the camera with no processing of any kind.

Introducing the Long Division Tone Module: the first completely polyphonic Eurorack module using 100% analog divide-down tone generation.

The Long Division tone module has features not found elsewhere:

12 independent and free running oscillators, one for each note of the scale

Built in vibrato with speed and depth controls

Choice or organ or piano sustain

Tone Control

Variable release time

Tone and tuning CV inputs

100% analog tone generation

Plug and play operation

All 61 notes available all the time!

48 Gates Demo- KM & A

video upload by cnagorka

"A brief demonstration of our second module, 48 Gates. It's just a big bunch of gates."

48 GATES- 48 heavy duty 12V outputs to run solenoids, relays, LEDs, whatever you like.

48 GATES- it’s nothing but a big bunch of outputs, 48 of ’em, ready to activate anything you like, with standard heavy duty 12V outputs, logic level 5V available as a no cost option.

So…what do you with this thing? Here are a few ideas:

Run a looped 48 note chromatic sequence, and have 48 individual time slots for drum machines or other pattern making sounds. Don’t like the timing on one position? Move it over one for slight timing adjustments.

Make some LED plugs and create a fantastic dot matrix display which an easily be read across a room.

Activate solenoids, relays, small motors, whatever you like, and “play” them from any MIDI source.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Strange Synthesizers of Japan by Hiromichi Oohashi - Synth Book w/ CD

Hiromichi Oohashi wrote in to let us know about his new synth book featuring rare and somewhat strange synthesizers from Japan. The book features synths from his collection along with a CD of audio/music. You can find the book via the publisher Rittor Music (Japan) (published Nov.2021), and on Amazon JP here.

You can find a list of the synths featured by chapter further below.

Details on the book from Hiromichi Oohashi follow.

"This art book introduces many of Japanese most rare and strange electronic musical instruments (1960s~1980s) from author's private collection for long years.

Contains over 130 synthesizers, rhythm machines, organs, toy instruments, speech synths, etc most of these rare instruments will be the first public release. All color pages, lot of beautiful photo of these unique instruments with simple and detailed text, all photos and book design by author himself.

Contribution from Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO)

Foreword by Eric Schneider (author of TOY INSTRUMENTS/MBP)

Attached CD has original music using these strange instruments so you can hear what these synth sounds like.

CD's music made by author's band KINO-MODERNO (world-renowned electronic music duo)

Hiromichi Oohashi is an artist born in Tokyo 1961
after studied art & design at Kuwazawa Design School in Tokyo
works as an artist and producer for Art, Design and Music
also known as collector of rare electronic musical instruments
in 1990 released groundbreaking [ VIDEO DRUG2/Phuture ] and get noticed
member of electronic music duo KINO-MODERNO since 1984
president of DAT PLANET PRODUKT"

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Analogue Synthesizer, Minimoog, Alesis Andromeda, Prophet 6, Macbeth M5, Eurorack

video upload by David Bessell

"Seventh Window - A track from the album Imaginator by Dave Bessell and Liam Boyle. You can find the full album here https://davebessellandliamboyle.bandc...
Released on Groove Unlimited.

The video is by Sam Cox and you can find his youtube channel here"

"Dave Bessell and Liam Boyle first met on Facebook through an interest in Node. Liam has a very wide range of mu-sical interests and skills including the classical avant garde so Dave invited him to a performance of one of his classi-cal modernist pieces for orchestra at Plymouth University. The two hit it off and first collaborated on a track called Theme One from Dave’s solo electronic album ‘Black Horses of the Sun’. It was always on the cards that these two would collaborate further and in 2020 the opportunity arose which resulted in this latest album ‘Imaginator’ their first on Groove Unlimited.

Liam has produced a number of film socres for american independent films as well as recording multiple electronic albums such as ‘Off World’ and more recently ‘Waveforms’ He continues to explore electronic sound design, visuals, guitar and classical compositions

Dave Bessell, founder member of synth group Node, has been releasing a series of fascinating solo and collaborative EM albums over recent years, mainly on DiN records. He also has a lengthy back story involving session playing programming and arranging for a variety of artists and labels including Killing Joke and Suede. Along the way he also picked up a Phd in classical orchestration from the Royal College of Music.

This latest collaboration is the first full album with versatile soundtrack and EM composer Liam Boyle. It is also the first release for these artists on Groove Unlimited. The musical emphasis here is on both melody and sonic explora-tion with an atmospheric soundtrack feel throughout. Not surprising really considering both artists have seperately worked on soundtracks - from independent films to TV. The music is detailed and multilayered repaying close and repeated listening and is realised entirely with analogue hardware, plus a little heavily treated and disguised guitar. Dave also uses an unusual instrument on a couple of tracks called an Aum guitar which is designed to be played with an ebow and sounds nothing like a guitar!

released January 1, 2022"

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 Sound Pack - All FM sounds

video upload by Polydata

"40 patches for the Sequential Prophet-5 / Prophet-10 Rev. 4 synthesizer. All patches utilize Oscillator 2 as an audio rate modulation source via the Poly-Mod section.Patches load into Group 4 (slots 411-458) by default. All sounds are recorded completely dry, with no effects or processing.


00:00 DX-5
00:11 Music Box
00:23 Cold Bells
00:41 SEGA Drums
00:52 No Reverb!

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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