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Monday, November 30, 2015

KORG Ports DS10 to iPhone with New iDS-10 Mobile Synth World

KORG iDS-10 for iPhone - Introduction Movie

Published on Nov 30, 2015 KORGINC

50% of on iTunes here until Dec 28.

KORG iDS-10 for iPhone - Beat Making

Grab it on iTunes here.

"** Debut Discount: 50% OFF until December 28! Sale Price US$9.99 (Regular price US$19.99) **

The latest title in the KORG DS-10 series, now available for the iPhone!

The KORG DS-10 series was an enormous hit for the Nintendo DS. Now, seven years later, it has undergone a further evolution while staying true to its original spirit. Now available is the KORG iDS-10, a portable synthesizer studio for iPhone.

The KORG iDS-10 combines a cutting-edge analog synthesizer, voice synthesizer, and analog drum machine inspired by motifs from the original KORG DS-10. This iPhone app gives you a hand-held system to easily create electronic music, which requires persuasive sound with a minimal number of notes.

*** Powerful analog synthesizer lets you visually learn sound design ***
The analog synthesizer provides carefully selected parameters, making it easy to enjoy sound design. The unique patching function also lets you create sound in even deeper ways. Since all parameters can be automated, you have a wide range of song-production possibilities. Each synthesizer provides five types of effect with an oscilloscope that helps you see the sound. This cutting-edge synth engine takes full advantage of the iPhone’s CPU to generate astonishing sound, and will heighten your enjoyment using the KORG DS-10.

*** Enter your lyrics, and the voice synthesizer turns them into a voice ***
The voice synthesizer is one of the popular features of the KORG iDS-10. Based on a vocoder, its engine makes it easy to generate voices. It also supports input via a microphone which can be used as a conventional vocoder. The parameters are optimized for creating such voices, so you’ll be able to enjoy sound design with a different character than an analog synthesizer, further widening the possibilities for your music.

*** Analog drum synthesizer makes it easy to produce the sounds that you want ***
Drums are now more important than ever, and the iDS-10 provides an analog drum machine that’s carefully tuned for easy creation of powerful sounds. With total control over six drum sounds (kick, snare, hihat1 / ihat2, tom, and percussion), you can create awesome tracks with high impact.

*** Smart keyboard and KAOSS mode make step-recording enjoyable ***
The smart keyboard lets you specify a scale so that you can step-record without worrying about “wrong” notes. And of course there’s also KAOSS mode, where you can produce a limitless range of great-sounding phrases, with just a touch of the keyboard. The scale setting is also applied to the sequencer’s note display, so you can enjoy producing songs whether or not you have any musical knowledge or experience.

*** Pattern play that you can perform in real time ***
The pattern play capability of the KORG DS10 has further evolved, generating amazing user performances. You can seamlessly play 32 patterns, and also manipulate track mute and solo settings in real time. It’s guaranteed to result in the kind of protean acts that are notable in modern day DJ performances.

*** Send your songs by email for collaborative music productions ***
There’s a function that allows the transfer of song data via email, making it easy to exchange songs with your friends.

*** Mystery bingo!? ***
And then there’s the enigmatic mystery bingo; as you continue enjoying the KORG iDS-10, the full picture will become clearer …

This app was produced in cooperation with the game music and app production company 'Detune.' Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the world of the KORG iDS-10 that resulted from this collaboration with Detune Inc.

The first title in the KORG DS-10 series was the KORG DS-10 which was announced in 2008. The second title was the KORG DS-10 PLUS which launched in 2009.
These are products of Marvelous Inc. For more details, refer to the following pages of that company’s website:

More info at"

Robert T : Cirrus Live @ Festival (506)

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Robert T

"A gopro video of my live set at Festival (506) for Music NB .

Audio was captured at the soundboard and blended with the gopro audio to get the audience sounds and some of the entertaining ambience

This audio available as well as the studio version of Cirrus on my Bandcamp page

Gear used:
Elektron Analog 4 ( Black Box )
Roland TR909 drum machine ( Beige box that says "Roland" ) ,
Clavia Nord Micromodular (Red box) ,
Strymon Bigsky reverb machine (Blue Box )

Thanks to Marc 'Bones' Leblanc for the video recording , Festival (506) for the audio ,and of course Paul 'Paranerd' Goguen for the assistance with the audio mastering

Also thanks to all the people who have encouraged me and like hearing my music, it means a lot . cheers

Robert T."

Korg SQ-10 Analog Step Sequencer SN 151539

via this auction

"Korg SQ-10 analog step sequencer in excellent condition. Works perfectly and cosmetically very nice. Please see photos. A very good old-school sequencer from Korg. Designed for the MS series synthesizers and using Korg's CV / Gate control the SQ-10 sequencer can really surprise you with some groovy basslines. Three channel output allows pitch, tone color and timing variation. Use the knobs to adjust and build up a sequence. Sure it's limited to 12 steps (with a max of 24) but when you hook that up to your MS-10, MS-20 or MS-50 you can get some pretty cool TB-303 like stuff happening. Because the SQ-10 outputs CV (Control Voltage) it can also be connected to the Oscillators, VCF (filter) or LFO's of your MS synths for even cooler tricks. Using a CV / Gate converter allows you to use the SQ-10 with other Roland, Moog, Sequential and even MIDI synthesizers. It's definitely a fun instrument which allows you to program basslines just like they did back in the early days! Also please note this has a non-American style plug and runs on 220V. I will include a plug adapter to fit American outlets (see photo) but you will need a step down transformer - like these Check my other listings for more gear I'm selling off in anticipation of tax day."

ROLAND OP-8 CV Interface

via this auction

"Roland OP-8 CV Interface, very good condition. Works perfectly. Some minor cosmetic wear but no dents. Also please note this has a China/Australia style plug and runs on 220V. I will include a plug adapter to fit American outlets (see photo) but you will need a step down transformer - like these The rare and hard to find DCB cable is included. The OP-8 is the interface making it possible to control the Juno-60 or Jupiter-8 by the MC-4 or MC-8. Although the OP8 were made to connect with the MC4 and or Juno 60 / Jupiter 8, it will accept a 1 volt per octave signal from any synth of that standards. See this page for more information. Check my other listings for more gear I'm selling off in anticipation of tax day."

Animodule Line amp for Eurorack Modular Guitar / rhodes to Synth level

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Flux302 of

"Euorack Module that brings Line and Instrument level gear up to Modular Synth Levels! check it out here"


via this auction

Some serious synth bling here.

Note the knobs appear to be beneath a glass screen.


Full working order

Excellent condition

Complete with original presentation case with foam inserts!

Very cool and very rare collectable promotional item from Boss!

A Watch shaped like an GE-7 EQUALIZER pedal!

These are some of the hardest pieces of Boss memorabilia to obtain, they were originally issued to the staff at high performing dealerships in recognition of their sales skills, they were never sold or available for sale to the general public so there really are not very many of these in the world!

Simply a must have for any Boss / Roland Fan!

Please note this listing is for a wristwatch, not an effects pedal! For the effects pedal see my other listings!"

Waldorf Microwave XT Rackmount Synth SN 010730290

via this auction

Vermona Piano-Strings

via this auction

"Well-preserved Vermona Piano-Strings in good working condition.

Characteristics - 5 oktaven fully polyphone keyboard, the supply voltage: 220/230V-50/60Hz, 8-time modulation register,

Stepless sound mixture for violin/viola/cello, Stepless sound mixture for piano/clavichord/spinett, Switch and automatic controller for sustain, inserted phasing effects/percussion."

Mutronics Mutator Stereo Filter SN 2175058

via this auction

"Most likely the best stand-alone rack mount stereo (two channel) filter, modulation and envelope follower unit. It has two great resonant filters with cutoff, envelope follower, and an LFO with 4 waveform types that can be linked or inverted. The Mutator is truly a great dance music machine. Run loops, synths, voice or entire mixes through this and filter them in stereo or dual mono. It sounds great!
The two filters are identical and totally independent of each other. The circuitry is analog too. The VCF (filters) have their own envelopes and there is a useful LFO for nice sweeping or pulsing effects. The LFO can also be MIDI synced to your music (it's a little tricky though).
There is a great implementation of MIDI control on the Mutator. Control the filter cutoff from your sequencer by hitting notes on the keyboard. That's it, the notes on your keyboard and the pitch-bend correspond to the different degrees of cutoff. There is no patch memory, but that's ok. The Mutator is a machine that's meant to be grabbed and played with live while either going to tape or live on stage. Filtering music for an effect has become very common these days and the Mutator is among the best machines for achieving this effect. It is THE SOUND used by Daft Punk and has also been used by Fatboy Slim, Future Sound of London, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead."

Icaro Ferre na Reco-Head

Icaro Ferre na Reco-Head from arthur joly on Vimeo.

Akai XR10 16 Bit PCM Drum Machine Demo Song and Preset Kits

Published on Nov 30, 2015 zibbybone

"Released in the late 80s, the XR10 was Akai's first drum machine chock full of processed 80s dance goodness. Enjoy!"

Korg ms20m - sync&fm

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Morgan Karlsson

M1xXOR Sequencing LFO and Gates as CV to Dual Lil' Monster VCOs

Published on Nov 30, 2015 JRock17991's channel

"Short vid, M1xXOR sequencing 2 LFOs and Gates in to 2 Lil' Monster VCOs as CV"

Stellar Modular Patch

Published on Nov 30, 2015 AcousmatiK

Some nice moments in this one. Sequentix Cirklon sequencer, eurorack modular, Elektron Machinedrum and DSI Tempest.


Published on Nov 30, 2015 millolab

"Headphones highly recomended. An afternoon improvisation.
Gear used: Korg Electribe 2, Korg Volca Sample."

Casio PT-10 - Audio Output Mod - Demo - MIDIVERSE MONDAYS #14

Published on Nov 30, 2015 MIDI-VERSE TV

Simple and useful hack. I have a Zizzle Zoundz I still need to do this to (you can actually still find them on Amazon and eBay).

"On this episode of MIDIVERSE - TV we'll be performing a quick modification to a Casio PT-10 to give it a proper audio output. Next we will go through the preset sounds, as well as the built in drum patterns. Lastly we'll listen to the built in audio demo."

Update via seaweedfactory in the comments: "There is a free multi sampled pack of sounds for this model here:"

Roland Juno-106 Poly Meter Blue LED's & Jupiter-8 Style Colored Buttons

via this auction

"Roland Juno-106 Analog Synthesizer!
Custom Jupiter-8 style buttons!
Custom BLUE LED's & Bender!
All done by the FANTASTIC SynthSpa!
See all work specs below:

Power PCB rebuilt - Large electro caps replaced, new 3 prong receptacle and new standard IEC power cable.
CPU board rebuilt - Old Battery removed, new removable battery chassis installed with new battery.
Module board rebuilt - 80017a voice chips restored & fully calibrated
Panel board rebuilt - All sliders removed, rebuilt, de-oxidized, re-soldered, and all new buttons.
Bender board rebuilt, volume & portamento knobs cleaned.
Keys cleaned - surface cleaned, key contacts de-oxidized.

Blue lighted bender.
Blue 3mm LEDs.
Blue 2-Digit seven segment display.
6-Voice Polyphony Lights (see video) $200 extra

It's in great working / sounding shape!!
It has some normal wear for it's age (1984-85)
BUT IT LOOKS GREAT! Look at the pictures!!"

Super Rare Multivox MX-202 String/brass Synthesizer SN 838379

via this auction

"Here is an incredibly rare Multivox MX-202. Many people say it is a copy of the ROland RS-202 and others say it sounds somewhere in between that and the arp solo a string ensemble. Either way it is this synth is super rare and sounds incredible. You simply cannot reproduce these lush sounds on modern synths. This one is in good condition but is missing one push button (which you could probably find easily if you wanted as they are standard) I never felt a need since the blue button underneath is just as easy to push. The synth is in good working condition and all functions work perfectly including the amazing ensemble chorus and vibrato. There is a bit of static when moving some of the sliders as the unit has not been used in many years. Otherwise it sounds great."

RARE Vintage Synth Organ EKO Encore 49-P

via this auction

via the seller: "I could sit and play this thing for hours and hours. One of the best features is the adjustable sustain, very useful. The Wha-Wha switch is awesome too!"

November '15 Piano and synth jam

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Mitch Wiseman

"A chilled jam using my nord moog and prophet. Improvised as usual.

Album coming soon..."

R.A.Moog 701 - kick & snare...

Published on Nov 30, 2015 noddyspuncture

"I seemed to finally sort the 'noise' board I made today. The level out of the Minimoog noise generator I built wasn't hot enough to modulate the 701 - so I made an op-amp gain stage for each of it's outputs. But then that needed a split rail power supply - the Moog type +12/-6 I'd been running it off didn't give me any satisfactory results. So today I hooked it up toe +15/-15 volt one and it all started to behave as I thought it should...! So I then though what should I video today to celebrate...? Aaahh, I know - why not try to get a kick/snare thing going....?"


Kev & Tom on the 701's & 702's...

Published on Nov 30, 2015

"Just messing about with the 701 & 702 modules with Kev... ;)"

Kev & Tom on the 701's & 702's... #2

Published on Nov 30, 2015

"Another 701 & 702 modules "duet" with Kev...! :)"


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Roland Cyber Monday Sale — 20% off all Roland AIRA Merchandise

"Cyber Monday savings on all Roland AIRA merchandise. Enter promotion code CYBER20 to receive 20% off your total purchase. Valid November 30, 2015 only."

Belgian New Beat Electribe Volca Microbrute Streichfett "When he arrives"

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Shimanski Beats

"Hi everybody, here is a new hardware jam with the title 'When he arrives'. The music is dedicated to the 'New Beat' style from Belgium in the late 1980s.

Instruments used:
Electribe Sampler 2 (drums, vocal samples, some effect sounds)
Arturia Microbrute (lead sequence; sequenced with Electribe)
DSI Mopho (bass; sequenced with Electribe)
Korg Volca Bass (acid-ish sequence; internal sequencer)
Waldorf Streichfett (string lead/pad; played live with Electribe pads).
External effects: Alesis Quadraverb 2, Alesis Midiverb 3 and Lexicon MX 200.

A postprocessed audio version is available here:"

DSI Prophet 12 Patches by BoBSwanS

"99+ Patches for the DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer

Presets are available to purchase for 16 Euro here…tches.html"

Patch Lab #01: Noone’s Filter Bank (English)

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Soundria.Com Synthesizer & Pro Audio Store

"One of the most underrated modules: the Doepfer A-128 Fixed Filter Bank. By just dialing in the frequencies it can create textures like nothing else. Of course you need to create a lots of harmonics to start with (please note that the source in this video IS monophonic!). AndrĂ¡s will explain how to create this monster with only 6 modules! (In a cheap Doepfer A-100LC3 Low Cost Case)"

soundmachines NS1 NANOSYNTH - 1st Modular Synth in the Arduino Store

According to Davide Mancini of soundmachines, the NS1nanosynth is the first modular synth for sale in the Arduino Store. Interesting little bit of synth history. If you search for synth in the Arduino Store you only get the NS1 and Ray Wilson's Make: Analog Synthesizers. A search for synthesizers only brings up the book. It's kind of interesting when you consider how many Arduino based synths and sound machines are out there.

"The NS1nanosynth synthesizer is tiny 220x85mm analog modular synthesizer coupled with an Arduino Micro platform.

NS1nanosynth is a good compromise between complexity and usability. It's a Maker synth, totally hackable and customazable yet a good entry level device, and on a budget."

Don't miss the NS1 videos here.

ARTURIA Origin Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MC-202 with Gate & CV Input Mod

via this auction

"Has been modded to have CV and Gate inputs that bypass CPU. This enables it to be used as a module without the CPU lag."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 1 SN 0167

via this auction

"Rev 1 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

Physical condition is incredible considering its age.

Only 182 units were produced making this very rare and historically significant, serial no. of this unit is 167

This unit has been fully serviced. All tantalum capacitors have been replaced on both the power supply and voice board.

Backup battery replaced

Key bushings replaced

power is 120V, this could be modified to run at 240V but I wanted to keep it is original as possible. I will provide a step down transformer for European buyers."

1973 Moog Minimoog Model D

via this auction

"1973 model with early serial number 20XX
Serviced in April this year by the excellent James Walker (Synth Repair Services in Stoke on Trent) and is in excellent, full working condition.
There are no crackly pots or broken switches, everything works as it should."

Polyphonic system Sequencer

Published on Nov 30, 2015 organfairy

"The demo is at 4:30

I still have one box left. So I decided to build a sequencer for the polyphonic instrument. I have build sequencers before so this time I wanted it to be a little different. I have for a long time wanted to experiment with random notes so I gave the sequencer a random mode. I also made it possible to go back and forth in the sequence instead of just forward. So this is actually the most advanced sequencer I have ever build.

The music is something I made using my Wersi Prisma DX-5 organ and Korg Poly 800 synthesizer."

Hellcore - Live Video Jam 30/11/15

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Hellcore

"Been a while! Quick jam. Random doodle while waiting for a delivery.

Decent speakers or headphones recommended.

Audio @
Elektron Analog Four
Waldorf Blofeld
DSI Tetra
Arturia Beatstep Pro / Microbrute
iPad running Sector
Ableton Live"

Analogue Solutions Telemark-K v1 - patches (w. analogue sequencer)

Published on Nov 30, 2015 Michal Patulski

"Sequenced with Tecbug TBS-X16, through Lexicon MPX1 and Glensound vintage mixing console"

Chain Reaction (MicroKORG x2,Yamaha Reface DX,TR-8,JP-08)

Published on Nov 29, 2015 Metatron's Cube

"Maybe something a bit more funky at times than the usual stuff. We are working on finding sounds for a album we are working on(a small vinyl album run). So far the two microkorgs and TR-8 are set, at least as far as the patches go. Who knows where we will go with it, most likely pretty spacey. Thanks for watching and listening!
Gear pile:
Two Korg MicroKORGs (Gold playing glassy high arps, Black playing retro robot funk bass, no outboard effects)
Yamaha Reface DX
Roland Aira TR-8
Roland Boutique JP-08 (Kp3)"

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