MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

DotCom superbass

Published on May 15, 2016 SynthMania

"An overdriven bass patch on a modular - three oscillators, (saw-saw-saw) through the transistor ladder filter, through a General Guitar Gadgets fOXX Tone Machine replica pedal."

Future Retro 512 main PCB surface mount component assembly

Published on May 15, 2016 FutureRetroSynths

"Here's a quick look at the surface mount components being placed on the Future Retro 512 main PCB."

Perfect track for the video.

Wayne Brave: "Dunsown" - Live Retrowave studio performance

Published on May 15, 2016 Peter Maas

"Wayne Brave - 'Dunsown' - Live Retrowave studio performance. Roland TR-808, TR-707, SH-101, Juno 106, Arp Axxe, Yamaha CS-5, Simmons SDS-400."

Vocoder Drums

Published on May 15, 2016 Old Beats

"Novation Drum StationV2 with Boss CE 20, Digidelay, Zoom MS 60B into the EHX V256 Vocoder
Moog Voyager send midi note and change the pitch of Vocoder, Mother 32 & Novation Bass Station 2
Roland Alpha Juno 2 - Synth percussion in the first take
Juno 2 Strings ensemble in the second take, recording live
Jomox AirBase 99 - CR 78 Drum Kits
DSI Prophet 08 - Lead
Boss SL 20 Slicer on Voyager
TC Electronic Hall of Fame on Prophet 08
Lexicon MX 300
TC Electronic M 350
Allen & Heath Zed 428 mixer
Audio directly from the mixer
Sequenced and Synced with Ableton Live"

Octatrack Analog 4 Minilogue - Experiment #2

Published on May 15, 2016 kbroom

"Another experiment with the octatrack, analog4 and minilogue trio. Still playing a lot with video edits, getting a chance to learn a bit on video editing so pardon the effects :)

On the other hand, I made a mistake later in the jam, assigning the LFO to the pitch, so I masked that with the Bad TV effect and boom, win."

Modified Roland TR 606 - Vintage Analog Drum Machine

Published on May 15, 2016 Phyllis Dealer

via this auction

"This is a modified Roland TR 606 Programmable Drum Machine.
This machine has served me for years. Not just as drum machine but also as a drum sequencer since it has 7 trigger outs. This is a bit of an unusual mod so please make sure to read carefully so you know exactly what to expect:

Here’s a video that I took of this actual machine - VIDEO [above]
Here’s another video that might be helpful - I used the 606 trigger outs to trigger an external drum synth (that's also for sale) - VIDEO [posted here]

I’ll start with the flaws - There’s a bit of a hum sound when you touch the metal plate but nothing crazy(sounds like a ground issue) Sometimes, and mostly if the machine is set to ‘write’, you will hear the sequencer playing a very light tick sound 16th notes. Again, it ’s quite weak, listen to it in the actual video.
I believe that I got the best results when using the individual outputs while making sure that all the individual sounds volume knobs are all the way down.

Whoever modded this machine used the battery door to pass wires so you cannot run it on batteries but only with the adapter. Since there’s no access to the batteries, the patterns technically can’t be saved. However, I did notice it will save your patterns for a few hours.

In some positions, the mods will be very effective but in other positions, the changes will be very subtle. For instance, you can change the kick’s pitch but below a certain point, you hardly hear any difference. Still, these mods are pretty awesome, you just need to get familiar with its range.

The mods include:

5 individual outputs - kick, snare, toms, h.h, cymbal. You can still use the mono main out as well and control the volume from the individual volume knobs.

5 additional trigger outs - Each voice also has a trigger out so you can use this as a sequencer for multi channel drum modules etc. If counting the original Hi/lo tom trigger outs, you have a total of 7 trigger outs!

There are 8 different mods for the different sounds. I’m not 100% sure what are exact description of these mods but here’s my guess (See the actual mods in action in the video) -
Bass drum pitch, Snare pitch, Snare snap?, Tom hi pass filter, Tom...maybe resonance? Cymbal hi pass filter, H.H high pass filter, and the last one, the one on the bottom right is another sort of a filter on the cymbal.

Cosmetically, the machine has some wear - scratches, marks, small stains, etc.
Please refer to photos for condition.

I'm including an after market 9V power supply."

Sequential Circuits Max SN 00950

via this auction

"For sale is a very rare and very underrated Sequential Circuits MAX Synthesizer. These were released in 1984 as a way to appeal to the home recording market. They were originally intended to be controlled via midi by a Commodore 64 computer with special software. They could be considered the little brother of the SCI Six-Track due to the fact that they are very similar in terms of voicing and features, but the MAX only features 20 user patches and 80 presets.

This things a beast and would be perfect for any home or professional studio. The presets are all awesome from the lush strings to the phat analog basses. It even features several weird SFX sounds. With modern technology the custom user patches can now be controlled manually by mapping midi CC values to an external controller.

***The basic functions if the unit have been tested and to the best of my knowledge it is in full working order. The unit powers on and all presets and the sequencer work. The unit is properly sending and receiving midi messages. I was able to create a few custom user patches using a Synlib editor and they worked great!

***Cosmetically the unit is in fantastic condition for its age. There is some very light rust of the metal case and a few scuffs and scratches but overall it looks great. Take a look at the pics and see for yourself"

Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer with Original Case

via this auction

Moog Micromoog SN 1070

via this auction

"This unit is a pleasure to play and tweak. They just don't make them like this anymore. Early serial number what appears to be 1070. This Micromoog plays like a dream! Excellent working order, you will not be disappointed. The bottom has scrapes and bumps, but is wholly intact, as well as the side panels."

keybdwizrd - Yamaha MOXF8 Demo #7 & #8

Published on May 15, 2016 Michael Walthius

"Bunches of sounds from the Yamaha MOXF8 synthesizer: Electric pianos, guitars, organs, synths, brass, bells, choirs, clav, and more."


keybdwizrd - Yamaha MOXF8 Demo #8

Published on May 15, 2016

"We've got pianos, synths, stirngs, guitars, basses, and other fun sounds from the Yamaha MOXF8 synthesizer/workstation. Happy listening, as always...."

Tama Techstar TAM500 - Analog Drum Synth

Published on May 15, 2016 Phyllis Dealer

via this auction

"This is a Tama Techstar TAM 500 5 channel analog drum synthesizer.
This specific model is EXTREMELY rare. Has a beautiful analog sound. To my taste, it sounds way better than the Techstar TS series.
The unit it is fully functional.
Has a trigger input for each channel, individual outputs, mono mix out and headphones output.

In the video, the drum synth was triggered by an external sequencer. You can either use a trigger sequencer or drum pads with trigger out to trigger the unit."

DSP Synthesizers 6HP LinnDrum and Oberheim DX Demos

LinnDrum 6HP Limited Edition Module

Published on May 15, 2016 Jan Ostman

"A demo of the limited edition 6HP LinnDrum module run by a Beatstep Pro."

Oberheim DX 6HP Limited Edition module

Published on May 15, 2016

"A demo of the Oberheim DX 6HP Limited Edition module run by a Beatstep Pro."

Exploring The Gristleizer Eurorack Module - Part 2

Published on May 14, 2016 Bimini Road

"Ableton Live is controlling the oscillator and the L-1 Tube VCA through the iConnectivity Box and the Expert Sleepers FH-1, and I'm scanning through different sounds and modes of The Gristleizer to show what a versatile tone box it is. Few modules can radically alter their input this much!"

Part 1 here.

Avalon Bassline Test

Published on May 14, 2016 Honeysmack

"First run through with the Avalon. Just getting a feel for it and loving it!

Unfair to call this another 303 emulator or clone. This captures the TB-303 in sound and feel because it is built on a 303 itself. The Avalon improves on the 303 without over complication. I think of it as a TB-303 MkII.

Brian Castro is a genius–I love him like a brother I've never met. Agree with Castro's Abstrakt Instruments company line: 'vintage sound, modern design.'"

Rare YAMAHA Combo Products Vol.9 Original Catalogue Brochure 1982

via this auction

"33 pages in English featuring:
Combo Digital Keyboards: GS1, GS2
Electric Grand Pianos: CP-80, CP-70B
Electric Pianos: CP35, CP25, CP11, CP-30, CP-20, CP10
Symphonic Ensemble Synths: SK50D, SK30, SK20, SK15, SK10
Programmable Mwemory Synths: CS70M, CS-40M, CS-20M, CS15D, CS-15, CS-5
Electric Guitars, Electric Basses, Effects, Amps, Mixing Consoles, Speakers & Drums"

Oberheim OB-12 Synthesizer 12 Voice

via this auction

"defects: All functions have been tested and all functions work as they should. with that being said
There are 2 knobs that are broken off (but they still function) 1 knob missing but stem is still there (still functional)"

Moog - The Source - Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 1724

via this auction

"First produced by Moog Music in 1981.

37 key analog synthesizer with built-in sequencer, arpeggiator, and 16 memory storage.

This Moog Source is in good condition, and comes from a smoke-free home. It plays perfectly and sounds incredible.

Functionally: this synth is 100%. All keys, knobs, wheels and membrane buttons work perfectly.

Cosmetic condition: This synth has the normal wear that is to be expected of a 30+ year old vintage keyboard..."

One chipped key fixed.


via this auction

"----- 16 STEP SEQUENCER -----

CV OUT:0 to 12V





:One is for "step 1" to "step 7".On the "REVERSE" mode,the switch is for "step 2" to "step 8".So the sign "1"of the switch means "step2"and "2" means "step 3"... on "REVERSE" mode.

The another rotary switch is for "step 8" to "step 15".("step 9" to "step 16" on "REVERSE MODE".

The switch among two rotary switches select them("1 to 7" or "8 to 15").

The 16 step switch is for one way 16 step.(down position is "ON")

1 step push switch

Reset push switch

Start/stop push switch

Step squencer speed and portamento knobs

16 step sequencer CV knobs and 16 step GATE switches


Two VCO are connected to CV of sequencer inside.They have each volume and frequency knobs.




16 gate switches are connected to EG and EG controls up and down of the volume of VCA.
With "EG LEVEL" = max and "GAIN" = minimum,EG fully effects to VCA.

"NOISE" and "OSC" go to VCO.1 and 2 with each switch.

LFO goes to VCF with "VCF" switch.

LFO effects to VCF on the left side position (about 12:00 to 7:00) of the 'CUT OFF FREQUENCY'."

SHBOBO SHNTH - Ciat-Lonbarde - Digital Synth

via this auction

KORG Monotron Analog Synthesizer with Midi Out in Custom Wood Enclosure

via this auction

"For sale this Korg Monotron, this Korg Monotron is in good functional condition, this little synth has been modified with midi out and a custom wooden enclosure, the ribbon has been eliminated, it works with batteries, included in this sale is the unit and a midi cable ,this is a chance to get a limited edition Monotron with Midi, ( not more units like this will be made)"

Midi Out w/o ribbon controller?

Ultra Rare TEISCO Electronic Instruments Original Catalogue Brochure

via this auction

"18 pages in English featuring:
Synthesizers: S-110F, S-60F, S-100P, SX-400
Mixers: MX-850, MX-1250, MX-850DX, MX-1250DX, MX-800E, MX-600E
PA Speakers, Equalizers, Accessories & Amps"

ROLAND JUNO-106 SN 495420 with Original Box

via this auction

Roland Rhythm 55 TR-55 Vintage Analog Drum Machine SN 645461

via this auction

Direct capture of Synth Collection within Raspberry Pi Zero

"Yesterday I tired of having to take a Pi, disconnect my UCA202 on my Mac from my monitors, connect in a DIFFERENT UCA202 just for capture (the other is on top of a high shelf), connect cables from the Pi to the Mac, just to capture a synth performance - too many analog boundaries, too many 44100 Hz DAC clocks that might interfere with each other - all I really want is the exact bytes that the Synth Collection is generating, captured as a wav file. And I had all that stuff already in the synths, I just needed to plumb it in and turn it on. So here is a bit-accurate capture of the Synth Collection, captured live on the Pi as it synthesized it. Brilliant idea, should have implemented it years ago - in fact totally awesomely brilliant for capturing a pristine recording of a performance from a live keyboard rig to sync to video. I suspect Soundcloud is internally turning this into a scungey MP3, but what I uploaded was absolutely, exactly the bit patterns that the Pi sent to its DAC as it synthesized this. Does it sound any cleaner? Who can tell - but it should."

Cretaceous | Blip

Published on May 15, 2016 anthony burchell



Published on May 15, 2016



Published on May 15, 2016 Florian Willuhn

"thank you for watching!"

P.O.W (Thought Police) EMX2 + Micro-KORG

Published on May 15, 2016 j j

thanks 4 listening"

Hawkeye - 985 Kilohertz (C64 SID vs E-MU E6400 Ultra)

Published on May 15, 2016 Maelstroem3

"This track title was inspired by the CPU frequency of the PAL Commodore 64. And what an awesome machine it is! 35 years later, we have about a million times more processing power, but has the software really become any better? :-) Back then, endless hours of tuning assembly loops, squeezing a few milliseconds out of display routines. Nowadays, we just buy newer hardware, if something is running a bit slow... and after 4K with already nearly invisible pixels 5K already awaits :-). Yes, it has been a great journey, but the beginnings were no less awesome than the current day is.

Regarding the live session: I only had the left hand available for track selection and synth action, because i held the camera in the right hand :-). Therefore, and as i am not left-handed, please forgive any strange timings or mistakes (i once accidentally flipped through the SID filter modes, but it somehow worked out :-))

Filmed with a Panasonic GH-2, the main polysynth jam loop is from an Alesis A6, the main melody is from a pair of 8580 SIDs placed in a MIDIbox SID. Drums by an E-MU E6400 Ultra (that was a bit hardware-hacked to show an oscilloscope view :-)). Secondary leads by the Ensoniq ESQ-M and the Yamaha FS1r. Bassline by a Moog LP through a DIY Polivoks VCF, all sequenced by the fantastic MIDIbox SEQ.

Hope you enjoyed this session and thanks for watching and listening.
Many greets,
Hawkeye / Maelstroem Records"

Streets - JU-06, JP-08, EMX2, Novation Circuit, System-1, TB-3, Volcas

Published on May 15, 2016 Micro Banshee

"Track title - Streets.

Another track putting the Novation Circuit in the mix with my other micro machines, it's also the first track I've used the Roland Boutique JP-08 on, it's a small part as it was late to the party on this track, most of the track had already been mapped out - it's also the first time I've used the sequencer on a boutique.

New look studio, gone is the 3 Tier keyboard stand, back to a table and risers!

Recorded live [15/05/2016]

Modular Synth "Drumbox" by POB feat. Hexinverter Mutant drum modules

Published on May 15, 2016 Patrick OBrien

"I created a modular synthesizer drumbox containing all my drum modules inside a single 3U case skiff from Make Noise."

Folktek Conduit being Conduit

Published on May 14, 2016 Sir Folktek

"Here is Folktek Conduit eurorack module, currently available on the folktek site:

This is not intended to be a musical performance - just displaying the sound of the module.
What's happening?
First, there are three signal paths to Conduit:
- A simple Matter beat (created by 3 varigate4 outs) is jacked into the Conduit delay input where it goes through delay and filtering (output to mixer)
- The clean Matter signal is multiplied which is essential (output sent to mixer)
- two of the Conduit harmonic oscillations are jumped to the Resist module where they are mixed, then jumped to vactrol 1 (essentially a VCA). The vactrol is triggered by an envelope and the oscillation output is sent (via external reverb) to mixer.
- The same is happening with vactrol 2 but this one is being sent to mixer via external delay.
- Conduit is receiving a simple, slow, 4 part cv sequence via Octone which controls pitch of the oscillations as well as time for the delay (they are synonymous).
- Conduit filter is receiving cv signal via lfo at first and then mid-video re-patched to receive cv via Conduit internal envelop follower created by the delay input.

About mid-video and then throughout the reverb mix and the delay are turned up and down, displaying the three distinctly different Conduit pathways that are present."

Quick Session: New Elektron Analog Rytm OS 1.30 Test Run

Published on May 14, 2016 my4trackmachine

"A quick little session playing with the new sounds found in the Analog Rytm OS 1.30 update w/ other my other gear.

Gear used:
Elektron Analog Rytm
Elektron Octatrack
DSI Tetra
Roland JU-06"

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