MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Buchla Format Meta Model 416 Meta Expander Demo Videos

Model 416 Meta Expander with an external clock. from gd2 on Vimeo.

"Ratcheting the Easel"

See this post for details on the Buchla Format Meta Model 416 Meta Expander. Pre-orders have been extended to the end of January.

Model 416 Meta Expander from gd2 on Vimeo.

Showing off the Universal Slope Generator.

Buchla Industrial Subotnik Corp

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Cray

OSCar Synthesizer | The New Romance

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Alex Ball

"A friend of mine brought over his 1983 OSCar analogue monosynth for the day. A fairly rare synth, they were used heavily by Ultravox.

So, we unleashed our New Romantic side.

OSCar (sequences, bass, leads, FX)
Yamaha DX7 (bell piano)
Roland JX-3P (pads)
Roland Juno-6 (pads)
Roland SH-101 (some doubling of bass parts)
Rhythmic Robot EMU Emulator II VST (sampled piano)

Ibanez JEM 7DBK
Squier Jagmaster
Fender Blues Junior II mic'd with an SM57
Ibanez Tube Screamer 808
Boss Chorus CE-2

Fender Jazz Bass
Orange OB1-300
DBX 266XL Compressor

Past to future - California Drums
Fairlight CMI III samples

Recorded with an AKG C414

Waves, U-he, Goodhertz, T-racks, Past to future reverb impulses

All instruments performed by Alex Ball & Dave Grant
Song and recording by Alex Ball 2018"

Roland JX-3P | You've Got My Number

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Alex Ball

"Picked up the lesser known Roland JX-3P. It's a 2-oscillator analogue synth that's capable of some great sounds.

Made a quick 80s track with it and my other synths, plus some plugins."

Oberheim OB-X Vintage Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 800504

via this auction

"This 8-voice model Oberheim OB-X is fully functional and in good cosmetic condition.

The OB-X is the first in the OB line of synthesizers from Oberheim. These advanced the concept of polyphony from the SEM expansion method of the Two, Four, Eight Voice synthesizers to a series of internally expandable voice cards. The OB-X still retains the SEM filter design rather than the Curtis chip filter of the later models in the OB line."

Vintage PAiA Gnome Micro Analog Ribbon Synthesizer w/ Original Docs / Manuals

via this auction

Ibanez SB7 Synthesizer Bass Pedal

via this auction

Note the button knobs push out.

Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie 2 Test on the John Bowen Solaris

Published on Jan 15, 2018 Synth Love

"Here is my cover of Chonologie II on my Synth . Enjoy :)"

Solaris + external FX Strymon BigSky. The Novation Peak is not used.

Experiment Forty Four

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Oliver Dodd

"A Video Series of Short Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Impromptu Experiments and Improvisations exploring ambient, experimental and drone."

TR-808 and TTSH techno jam

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Peter Maas

"TR-808, TTSH (ARP2600) and System-100 techno jam"

Twisted Electrons crazy8beats Eurorack Module

​twisted electrons "crazy8beats" - available late feb 2018


Vermona Quad Envelope NAMM Prototype

via @vermonagear

"That's our final #protoype of our quad #envelope #generator. You can check it out at #NAMMShow. Unfortunately we still have no name for it. Any ideas for one? Just tweet your name proposal with #findanameforquadenvelope"

Interesting that NAMM Prototype is printed on the module itself. Collector's item. :)

Reckless Experimentation Audio OSC-1 Eurorack oscilloscope interface module

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"This module simplifies the connection of eurorack to an oscilloscope by providing two BNC connectors, each with two 1/8th inch sockets. This allows signal routing though the module without the need for Y cables or other splitters.

BNC cables included!"

via Reckless Experimentation Audio

Powertran Transcendent Polysynth

Powertran Transcendent Polysynth / Tim Orr / Vintage Synth / Synthesizer 1980's

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Emily Anne

via this auction

"Excellent immaculate condition, has been sitting up in the loft untouched for 30 years. Only used a couple of times from new. Recently had the power updated and a few parts inside changed, to ensure it’s working beautifully. Found a detailed manual for it online: [PDF]"

"The Transcendent Polysynth was a 4 voice, polyphonic synthesizer. Based on CEM ICs the design by Tim Orr was published in ETI from December 1980 to March 1982. It was available as a kit or fully assembled from Powertran"

Two advert scans below.

Korg Poly-61, with extensive modifications and MIDI

via this auction

Sold for $675

"One-of-a-kind Poly-61 that has knobs installed for almost every parameter and also MIDI.

The knobs provide much greater control over the parameters than you could achive on a stock unit, both in terms of range and resolution. There are effectively two separate LFOs now (instead of the one + joystick/performance LFO)--the second one can be switched on directly or controlled by the joystick (as on the stock model). A triangle and square wave LFO are now also available. The programmable LFO has an extremely wide speed range (not sure how much greater than stock, but seems capable of being slower/faster).

Lastly, the second oddball digital oscillator now has individual octave switches broken out, so you have a basic additive square wave oscillator here that resembles a sawtooth wave when all switches are engaged. Oscillator 1 (a DCO) retains the original waveshapes, but now has better control over PW/PWM).

The caveat with these knobs is that the knobs override the internal parameters, so saving as before is not before. Non-knob parameters are saved; broken out parameters are not (think of it as being permanently in "manual" mode).

The Poly-61 in general has been pretty overlooked in favor of the Junos/Poly-6, but is a very unique instrument in its own right. The filter is a discrete 2-pole/12dB filter that is much closer to the Korg MS-20 series filter than than the Polysix SSM or DW-8000 Korg 4-pole filter. The envelopes are also extremely snappy, and the knob controls allow much better control over envelope shape. There are schematics out there to also add a separate release control to the VCA, which would make this even more powerful.

The side panels suffer from the usual edge and corner dings, but overall both the unit and front panel are in very good condition."

Buchla Series 200 Cloned Modular Auction

via this auction

"All Roman Filippov built modules except for:

Hugh St Amour 259, serviced by Mark Verbos.

Mark Verbos 258V and 291V!!!

Djangosfire 158- POS face plate/EXCELLENT 158!

cj3000 built the 245. Perfect!

Just for clarity:

Top L to R: 266r 256r 291v 207r

Middle L to R: 245cj 281r 292r

Bottom L to R: 158df 258v 259sta

All modules in excellent shape, save rack rash. The cabinet is about a 6 out of 10. Kludged together by someone else.

This also includes a butt load of cables, both Buchla issue carry cases as well as a crap ton of large and small blue Rogans (some vintage!!) and a handful of reds."

Roland TB-303 w/ Original Gig Bag

via this auction

"The unit has some normal age related wear, works and sounds perfect.

It has been fully checked and calibrated by Elektroakustik Wagner.

The unit will be delivered with original Roland bag and a high grade psu."

E-MU Emax II 8MB w/ New Display & Original Box

via this auction

"Amazing condition, especially for its age, with some minor scratches mostly on side. With original box with matching serial number! Works flawlessly and looks fantastic.

EMAX 2 Model 2212. Impossible to find 8mb upgrade is installed--memory is MAXED out.

Brand new OLED display So bright and blue! Also included as backup is an additional new OLED as well as original LCD.

Brand new, lightning fast SCSI hard drive emulator installed. Original hard drive is still in case, not being used. I think it works, but can't verify this.

SCSI emulator is filled with the EMAX library in drives 1-3 and the Depeche Mode sound library in drive 4. (This is how it came when I bought the SCSI emulator. I can deliver it empty if you prefer. You can put whatever you want on it).

Original floppy drive installed with original boot disk. Additional backup boot disk also included.

Additional new replacement HD floppy drive should original floppy drive fail."

Roland JX-3P 1983 with PG-200 controller SN 422286

via this auction

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter + MPG-80 Super Programmer

via this auction, also on Reverb.

SN 501624 & 541957

"Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter + MKPG-80 Super Programmer along with MC64 memory cartridge, connector cable for the programmer & power cable. Owned for many years, hardly used and kept in smoke free home studio. Fully functional. It's in excellent shape, it does show some minor signs of wear as expected for its age. This is a Rev4 which some say has a warmer sound to the Rev5. It's also loaded with KidNepro patch set. The only issue worth mentioning is the backlight to the screen is out but this is common for these old units, and the screen characters are all in tact and still can be read fine. Check out the pictures to make sure you like it."

Roland MC-202 Vintage Analog Synthesizer with Gig Bag & MIDI SN 340200

via this auction


via this auction

Korg Poly-61 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The KORG Poly-61 is a programmable polyphonic synthesizer released by Korg in 1982, as a successor to the Polysix. It was notable for being Korg's first "knobless" synthesizer - featuring a push-button interface for programming, dispensing from the Polysix's knobs and switches. The Poly-61 also moved to a hybrid tone-generation system, using digitally controlled analog oscillators or DCO's (Roland's Juno-6 had made the same leap the previous year), in place of the Polysix' more retrograde VCOs.

In 1984 a MIDI version, the Poly-61M was released featuring basic MIDI implementation."

Waldorf Microwave OLED Display

via this auction

"Amber, Blue, Red or White on black available.
This oled is a direct replacement for the old lcd display, The dimensions and mounting holes are identical, simply follow the instructions to remove the old lcd, then reattach the new oled. the colour and contrast can be adjusted, if you choose a red oled, i will include some colour filters to exactly match it with the red alpha dial.
The ribbon cable soldered to the old display should be removed/desoldered or trimmed as close as possible and prepared, then soldered to the oled in exactly the same way.

This listing is for one (1) oled display. MW1 pictured is not included."

Waldorf Q+

via this auction

"Super rare flagship synth: take the regular Walforf Q, add 16 analogue filters, and a dynamic voice system that allows up to 100 voice polyphony. All this on top of the Q's amazing voice architecture - perfect for aggressive digital glitching, ambient soundscapes, analogue emulation and a sure-fire future classic."

KORG Mini 700S SN 503294

via this auction

"This is most likely the cleanest example of a Korg Mini 700s you will see for sale any time soon.

It plays impeccably with no sticky knobs, sliders or keys. A few scuffs on the wooden end cheeks but that's expected for a synth almost 40 years old!

It was serviced by James Walker (last year) from Synth Repair Services - who repairs synths for the stars! I have the receipt to show this also."

Live Modular Synth Performance "The Canyon" by POB

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Patrick OBrien

"This live modular synth performance is the final patch based on the one I created for Qu-Bit Electronix's Instagram Story Takeover.

The patch features several Qu-Bit modules: Pulsar, Contour, Octone, Tone, and Nebulae.

When I took over Qu-Bit's Instagram Stories, I built a patch in 24 hours (link here to that patch BTW: but then expanded on that quite a bit more, adding in lush melodies (with the Sputnik Modular keyboard and Mangrove oscillator) and more intense percussion (with Noise Engineering's Manis Iteritas and Mutable Instruments Warps for some effects)

The two samples in this patch (violins and choir) were created in Kontakt then exported to .wav files and added to the Nebulae.


Various sections in this patch:
0:00 Melodies
3:20 Discovery
5:03 Intense
6:48 The Jam
10:04 Calling
11:48 Reprise
13:49 Fade


Darker (Korg MS20 & Moog Sub37)

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Simon Chauvin

"One of the many improvisation sessions happening weekly in my studio. Starting with a deep line of MS20, adding an arp of Nord Lead 4, some drums from the Analog Rytm and a smooth lead from the Sub37"

RMIF ELSITA Sound demonstration

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Zachary Berry

"Attempting to go over all the sounds that the RMIF Elsita can produce."

Safety Dance in the intro.

Volca FM thru MiniFooger Delay

Published on Jan 21, 2018 HardtekStudios

"The brite & brittle sounds of the Korg Volca FM take on a new form of life when combined with the smooth & dark echoes of the Moog Minifooger Delay. I start by slowly bring the delay in while adding bursts of harmonics from the FM. This continues until the signal is completely wet. From there I tweak different knobs and demonstrate different delay settings & timings."

Dark Souls: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Ambient Synth Remix)

Published on Jan 21, 2018 RemixSample

"Hello. This is a sloooow version of Lord of Cinder theme from Dark Souls 1.

The notes are being sequenced via midi and I'm also playing on my keyboard that is sitting under the desk.

The stars of the show:
Mother 32 x 2
Dexed (Flute patch)
Valhalla Shimmer
Paul's Extreme Soundstretch

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Midi file download:

Original song by Motoi Sakuraba:"

meng qi - jt an icy poly, mangrove crackle firewood.

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Meng Qi

Dreadbox Nyx Routing Examples

Published on Jan 21, 2018 ProckGnosis

Great shirt.

"Wanted to better understand the routing options for the Dreadbox Nyx, so I mapped out some different configurations. Then I thought it might be worth sharing in a video. For easy reference, the parts and times of the video are outlined below.

There is a bit more talking and explaining than playing on this video, so probably not the video to watch if you ONLY want to hear the synth. If you want to better understand the routing, then this IS the video to watch. Cheers!

00:21 - A little info about the video (with the normal beer and babble)
03:17 - Explanation/Introduction
05:30 - Nyx Routing Example #1 (24 db LP filter)
09:36 - Nyx Routing Example #2 (24 db HP filter)
11:40 - Nyx Routing Example #3 (12 db LP filter)
14:00 - Nyx Routing Example #4 (12 db split LP and HP filters)
19:30 - Nyx Routing Example #5 (12 db filter with 4 stage MOD/envelope)

And if this helps even one person better understand and appreciate this very cool synth, then it was worth the effort."

The DIY Analog-Stringsynth Module/Stringmachine

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Andreas Remshagen

"A short Demonstration of a DIY-Completely analog String-Synth Module. The Module has 4 Channels with 3 VCO`s in each Channel.
It is completely driven by 12 VCO's. The 4 Channels can be controlled in 4 parts or all together by one controller. Each Channel
has its own output and there is one Multi-Out for all Channels together. The Module has a built-in Vibrato Effect.
Each VCO is based on the Sound-Lab Mini-VCO Cirquit designed
by Ray Wilson from MFOS. I took out the Sawtooth-part from this Cirquit. All 12 VCO`s have Tempco for better tuning-stabilisation."

Roland TB 303

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Synth Love

"a simple sequence from my Roland TB 303"

S-CAT Acid Jam 2017 (Vintage Hardware)

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"TR-909 TB-303 PRO-1 MC-202 Circuit Bent Distortion & Dubsta Delay"

360 Analogue Jam - Moog System 55. Novation Peak, Elektron Digitakt

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Ehsan Gelsi

Use your mouse to grab and drag the video around.

Yamaha CS6x Demo Songs

Published on Jan 21, 2018 DKDiveDude

"The Yamaha CS6x Control Synthesizer!

This video is of the 21 included on Smartmedia factory demo "songs". They play back with the built-in playback only sequencer. I think the songs quite well shows off its impressive capabilities. Alongside the "songs" I annotate with in my opinion the most interesting specifications and capabilities of the CS6x's. Finally at the end via still photos I show you my current home music studio."

Roland M-VS 1 Vintage Synth

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Nacho Marty Meyer

"programming Roland M-VS 1 with Sound Quest's Midi Quest, no extra effects or processes were used. In case anyone's interested, this module is basically a Vintage Synth card in a box. So if you have a JV/XP, get that instead."

Buchla Music Easel with the Moog DFAM

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Genshi Media Group


I finally got my very own, brand new Buchla Music Easel; being played here along with the new Moog Drummer From Another Mother Percussion synthesizer. The Easel is going through the Empress Echosystem Dual Engine Delay, and the Moog DFAM is using an Eventide H9. Unfortunately, by the time the beats come in from the DFAM, the Buchla drifts a bit, since I don't have a way to sync the two together at the moment. I am looking to get the Synovatron CVGT1 which will let me sync Buchla to Eurorack (can't seem to find one available at the moment though.) Lighting by Philips HUE."

Lyra-8 processed by the Yamaha ProR3

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Sequenox

"Intellijel Metropolis modulates the Lyra-8 and it is processed by a flanged reverb on the 1995 Yamaha ProR3 Digital Reverberator. #lyra8 Rhythm AD Neuron"

Lyra-8 feedback 100% flanged reverb

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Sequenox

"Lyra-8 with Mod Delay at 100% feedback with Yamaha ProR3 Digital Reverberator on flanged reverb. #lyra8"

Patch n Tweak

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