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Monday, March 19, 2018

Done Deal (tiny desk performance with Volca Beats, Meeblip, OP-1, Ableton Push)

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Le Solitaire

"Original song performed with tiny instruments on a giant desk.


Thanks to Riz & Carly for their help with this video!"

New Future Retro Transient Plus Eurorack Module

"New features include the ability to load up to 16MB of user samples, store up to 256 Instruments on the microSD card, each sample voice now has adjustable pitch, the filter frequency can be modulated by either of the modulation oscillators, a new sequential mod source for the sample waveform selection, plus updated display menu, screen saver, and a few other goodies."

Note there is an upgrade path for owners of the original Transient.

Additional details on the Transient Plus via Future Retro:

"The Transient Plus is a sample-based percussion module for the Eurorack format. The Transient Plus can recreate individual drum voices or sound like an entire drum machine or loop is playing, morphing from rhythm to rhythm, or at times sound more like a synthesizer when retriggering samples at audio rates, and creating other special effects. It's easy to use, introduces new ways to quickly sculpt your beats with endless possibilities, and... it sounds great!

Up to 256 User Instruments can be stored and loaded from the microSD card, and the Transient Plus will come loaded with the Original factory Instruments to get you going right out of the box, and to help you learn how to achieve certain results. Instruments can now be named, as well as backed up to a computer.

Up to 600 individual User samples (16 MB max total) can be loaded into the Transient Plus using the microSD card. Over 400 audio sample come preinstalled with the Original factory sound set. These samples focus on classic drum machines and modern analog percussive sounds. There are two voices to play these samples, and sample selection for each voice can be modulated with things like knobs, CV's, or random values. While internal processing of these sounds is all 16 bit resolution, a 12 bit DAC is used to add more vintage character. Additional factory sound sets can also be purchased and installed in your Transient Plus, or users are free to create their own custom sound sets.

Starter - Lunapark/Minijupe

Published on Feb 11, 2008 de1998

Pure, vintage, gold, synth spotting in via @bengoldacre: "MS20, VC10 and more, in their natural habitat"
There are two sets in the video. See what else you can spot, and do not miss the transition.

"Taken from Starter's CDR/DVDR 'Start', the original Songs can be found there oron their 1981 LP 'Starter'"

Found them on BandCamp (they are also on Spotify and iTunes):

"STARTER was a minimal electronic/synthpop group from Switzerland, formed in 1980 by vocalist and fashion designer Francis Foss, Claudine Chirac (from fellow Swiss Wave group Grauzone) and Jet Harbour. Originally the band also included Stephan Eicher who co-wrote two songs but departed before the band recorded their debut album. STARTER began in the city of Bern when Francis, Claudine and Jet decided to create their own brand of New Wave music inspired by Gary Numan and Kraftwerk.They released their debut, self-titled album STARTER in the summer of 1981, making this summer the 30th anniversary of this long out-of-print and extremely hard to find LP!

Using early analog Roland and Korg synthesizers, STARTER’S music seamlessly merges wistful electronics from Germany’s Neue Deutsche Welle movement and powerful vocal stylings from French Chanson. Alongside their Swiss Wave contemporaries like Grauzone, Yello, Liliputt/Kleenex, STARTER created a new brand of hallucinatory ‘Techno-Pop’ made up of chopped rhythms, energetic and almost epileptic vocals that are immediately catchy and hypnotic, perfect for the dance-floor. In 1985 STARTER reformed as a duo with Francis Foss on vocals again and Gary Grey on synth/rhythm programming. Their first single “Victim” took cues from Italo Disco and Bobby Orlando’s Hi-NRG dance sounds and is the bonus track on Side B of this LP. The song “Part of You” was chosen as the lead track on the Gomma compilation CD Teutonik Disaster 2 in 2003 recruiting new fans worldwide and ushering Francis Foss to release a homemade CD-R/DVD compilation of the entire STARTER discography in 2004.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley in 2011. Each LP includes a lyrics sheet with unreleased photos and a STARTER badge/button.

Includes unlimited streaming of Starter via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more."

Update: Some solo tracks from Claudine Chirac added below. She played sax as well as synths.

Claudine Chirac - Nautilus (1981) Published on May 5, 2011 sineadoconnickjr

ARP SEQUENCER vintage machine used by many famous musicians

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Vykaar Tones

"Vintage ARP Sequencer quick unpolished demo after repairs to sliders and general oxidation on switches and sockets. Usually it is the sliders that give problems but I did fix one for Macca about two years ago ( I love that he was working with Flood on trippy loopy stuff- I will remove this true but obvious name drop soon after it has had the usual negative effects ) that had a faulty logic chip and bad electrolytic caps. These sliders are a real pain to remove so if you are buying one check them carefully"

Dave Smith Instruments In The Spotlight With the Prophet-6 and Computer Magic

You can find the full interview on DSI's website here.

"Computer Magic is the spacy, sci-fi-influenced synth pop project of singer/songwriter/producer Danielle 'Danz' Johnson. A native of New York, she began collecting vinyl at age 14 and started her own music blog a year later. By the time she was 18, she was DJ’ing in New York City while studying at Hunter College. Three years later, Johnson moved to Florida and began making her own music and began posting her atmospheric electropop songs online in 2010, adopting the Computer Magic moniker as an homage to This Is Spinal Tap.

After releasing a few free EPs, she re-recorded some of her songs for the White Iris label, which issued the Electronic Fences EP in 2011. The following year, the Orion EP arrived on Kitsuné, which led to the release of a Japanese compilation via Tugboat Records.

Computer Magic became so popular in Japan that Johnson made several albums just for her fans there, including 2013’s Phonetics and 2015’s Mindstate. During this time, she also issued the EPs A Million Years/Another Science and Extra Stuff.

In 2015, Johnson launched her Channel 9 Records label, which released her official debut album, Davos, a set of songs she recorded with producer Claudius Mittendorfer. After two more EPs (2016’s Obscure But Visible and the following year’s Cody & Danz, a collaboration with Cody Crump), Johnson released Computer Magic’s more personal second album, DANZ, in 2018."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Mutable Instruments Plaits Macro-Oscillator Sounds

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Mutable Instruments Plaits is the new Macro-Oscillator that features 16 sound producing algorithms that each have two simultaneous outputs. The Plaits takes all of the good parts of the Braids and looses some of the bad parts while adding a few new things and upgrading the sound quality. The Plaits is an oscillator, but also has a built in lowpass gate, so it can be used as a full synthesizer voice.

Plaits available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Korg Mono/Poly

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8 w/ MIDI

via this auction

"The OB-8 is a very warm and rich sounding eight voice polyphonic synthesizer with that classic Oberheim sound. Because it was released just before MIDI debuted, the OB-8 had no MIDI implementation originally, but some models were retrofitted with 9-channel MIDI implementation. The OB-8 did use Oberheim's very own digital buss system making the OB-8 the center-piece of your OB-studio, allowing it to connect to the polyphonic sequencer, drum machine and other OB-synths..."

JoMoX Alpha Base - shuffle/swing settings (new version)

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Geek Gear

"A short demo of the 12 shuffle settings of the Alpha Base"

TC Electronic Hall of Fame - RE-303

Published on Mar 19, 2018

"TC Electronic Hall of Fame - RE-303

(303 - TC - Motu828 mk3 - Ableton)"

Modular Monday #30 - "Talking"

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Frequency Fodder

Crumar Bit 99 plays "Bobby-O" for fun

In case you missed it, the video has been re-uploaded and added to the original post here.

Roland AIRA TR-8S vs TR-8 (using the TR-808 and TR-909 sounds)

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Calle Nilsson

"An audio test between the Roland AIRA TR-8S and TR-8. I used the TR-808 and TR-909 sounds."

4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler (STS) - Sequencing

Published on Mar 19, 2018 4mspedals

DSI Prophet 12 Drone With Strymon Big Sky

Published on Mar 18, 2018 Dj Puzzle

"This is one of the many reasons I love the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12. This synth is from another world I swear. There is nothing like it. Great for sound design and crazy drones among other things. I'm running it through a Strymon Big Sky."

4 New School MIDI Controllers from ROLI, Sensel, & Keith McMillen | Reverb Demo

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Reverb

"In MIDI controller-land, ROLI, Sensel, and Keith McMillen have rolled out some exciting new products. We've got Chicago musician/producer Music Reloaded on hand to test them all out and give us her reviews.

Read more on Reverb:

For more from Music Reloaded:

Buy the ROLI Seaboard 25
Buy the Sensel Morph
Buy the ROLI Block
Buy the Keith McMillen 12-Step"

Golden Kumquats at Noon

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Todd Barton

"A layered composition using Catalyst Audio's Buchla 100 modules."

generating a bassdrum w/ vermona kick lancet

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Synthies & Ronan

"The volume of the bass drum is 30% - 50% louder than I usually have in my tunes.
This is just a demo of the Bassdrum Synthesizer. It's not about the sound aesthetics.
yes, the vocalist is Ras Tinny ;)
Link to original track:"

Tiptop Z-DSP Review + first look at Reverb FDN + 5 other FX (with MiniBrute 2, Una Corda, Valhalla)

Published on Mar 19, 2018 loopop

"A full review of Tiptop Audio's Z-DSP including 6 FX cartridges: Halls of Valhalla, Dragonfly Delay, Spring Waves, Grain de Folie, Valhalla Shimmer and the upcoming Reverb FDN from anckorage

The Z-DSP is a stereo, cartridge based, open source, variable clock rate effects module. In this review I look at five of the existing effects cartridges, and a beta version of the upcoming Reverb FDN cartridge.

Each cartridge can contain up to 8 algorithms, and give you control over its parameters using 3 knobs. A clear LCD screen details the function of each of the knobs. Analog feedback is also available, with the ability to insert additional effects in the feedback loop. There's CV input for controlling the DSP's clock, and this can substantially impact the effect characteristics, for example, bit crushing a reverb, or pitch shifting a granular freeze.

I was initially interested in this module due the availability of the highly acclaimed Valhalla reverbs on it - however since additional cards are relatively inexpensive, it's nice to see the broad effects range this module can support.

In this clip I test the following modules:

1. Halls of Valhalla
2. Dragonfly Delay MK2
3. Grain de Folie
4. Spring Waves
5. Valhalla Shimmer
6. Reverb Feedback Delay Networks (beta)

Audio sources tested are:

1. Arturia MiniBrute 2
2. Una Corda by Native Instruments
3. Electric Sunburst by Native Instruments
4. Voice"

Voice vs Synthesizer: Ayako Kanda, Ron Anderson

Published on Mar 19, 2018 mylungpuppy

"Kong MS 20 Synthesizer vs Voice studio performance. Ayako Kanda (voice), Ron Anderson (Synthesizer).

Ayako Kanda is an improvising performer whose medium is her voice. Low as an echo in a tunnel, then light as a child's conversation; chasing the band one moment, and ringing out wild and alone the next: Ayako's vocal performances encompass a kaleidoscopic range of expression.

Ron Anderson is a guitarist, composer and improviser who plays traditional instruments like electric guitar but also anything that can make a sound, including a recording studio. He appears on over 70 releases and he has performed in over 20 different countries with multiple tours of North America, Europe and Japan.

Ron Anderson bandcamp (The music I make) -

Mylungpuppy bandcamp (The music I buy) -"

Nathan Moody - Modular Patch Walkthrough 01

Nathan Moody - Modular Patch Walkthrough 01 from Noise Jockey on Vimeo.

"This video is simply me talking through my patching process on a small system as I go. It is a Eurorack music creation process video, not a tutorial, nor does it lead to a great song. It was recorded in one take, and I misspeak a few times, but it shows how I get started with a patch and get to something that I can start rehearsing with and iterating upon. Hope this is of interest."

Teenage Engineering PO-32 tonic Pocket Operator Synthesizer W/ NEW Case

via this auction

Funny how the two knobs stick out of the packaging.

Roland System 100m

via this auction

Model 172 Phase Shifter, Delay & LFO SN 950413
Model 140 Dual ENV & LFO SN 052196
Model 130 Dual VCA SN 800422
Model 121 Dual VCF SN 071650
Model 112 Dual VCO SN 061792

Electronic Music Laboratories 101

via this auction

"EML 101 in excellent working order. Recently given a complete and thorough service! It sounds amazing! Has a few blemishes on the exterior (wood chips). Serial number etched into faceplate and wood on keyboard as well. Was quite usual for these pieces were owned by universities, schools etc. Nonetheless its an amazing piece and is ready to roar."

Roland JD-800 Synthesizer SN AH33551

via this auction

Roland Promars MRS-2 Synthesizer SN 87090

via this auction

Roland Juno 60 Synthesizer SN 242396

via this auction

Paia Electronics Rack System in case 7700 7710 6760 6710 6790

via this auction

"Paia Electronics Rack System in case. Came from a liquidation buyout. There is 1 7700 power supply, 1 7710 Stereo Mixer, 2x 6760 Parametric Equalizer, 1 6710 Vocoder & 1 6790 Dual Limiter, comes with manuals (manuals are old & stained). The power supply powers on but the system is untested any further as we don't have the capability or know how to test the out the other units so the system is being sold as is for parts or repair. Case has some wear & tear, units have some scratches, scuff marks & stains."

Studio Electronics ATC-1X With All Four Filters Installed

via this auction

Studio Electronics Midimini SN 1825

via this auction, also on Reverb.

Gotharman's PolySpaze - Pure Synth Tones

Published on Mar 19, 2018 gotharman

"Some pure synth tones from PolySpaze, without any effects, and with only little modulation.
The presets can be downloaded at:"

Loom 1 (ft. Plaits) | All Mutable Instruments Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Lightbath

"Download Loom 1 EP exclusively on Patreon →

Everything you hear in this video was performed live with the Mutable Instruments modules you see on screen, plus some other Mutable surprises to be revealed in upcoming Loom videos."

Roland Juno-6 meets JU-06

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Arthr

"Roland Juno-6 and JU-06 sound demo, the Roland boutique module is based on the original Juno-106 from the 80's, didn't have access to the 106 at the time so brought in it's older brother, the Juno-6. I'm using MIDI patterns sent from ableton to drive the boutique JU-06. With no MIDI on the Juno-6, impulses had to be sent from ableton to sync the Juno-6 arpeggio clock.

Added drums & Reverb included to show both the synthesizers working in a composition & as part of a live performance."

01-The Roland SH-101-Part 1-Oscillators Part 1

Part 1 of Marc Doty's aka AutomaticGainsay's Roland SH-101 tutorial series has been added to the playlist in this post.

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1 Full Auto Automatic Rhythm Instrument w/ Original Box

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Vykaar Tones

"Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1 Full Auto Automatic Rhythm Instrument quick demo of presets - is the background hum and noise just part of the way they are on these 50 year old machines?"

via this auction

Roland JD-800 digital synthesizer , prog mod filters

Published on Mar 19, 2018 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"the JD-800 is a serious thing - or was - in 1991. Let me, for a start, describe the basic idea behind this synth and its architecture. It is a rompler with internal waveshapes (or samples) stackable upon each other, so that you can have a patch made of four sounds. The first one can be a saw wave, the second one a vox-choir wave, the third one a marimba-pluck and the fourth one a white noise wave. Then you route it (not all of it - each oscillator / wave independently) through multi-type filter, mangle it with the use of two multi-shape LFOs and a pitch envelope, and so on. Nothing mind-blowing, yet a considerable step ahead after the 1983-86 series of simple Roland synths."


Two new videos added to this post.

Patch n Tweak

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