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Friday, August 03, 2018

Roland TR-09 & TB-03 August 3, 2018

Published on Aug 3, 2018 SynthMania

"These are awesome mini-versions of the real things"


Published on Aug 3, 2018 TheXcee

"an inspiration - this synth!
a model from the mid 90tees in perfect conditions."


via this auction

"Legendary EDP Wasp and even more rare the Spider Sequencer by Chris Huggett, quirky looking toy like synth but a serious piece of kit, capable of rip roaring synth lines, fat bass...just straight up dirty with so much character. Great for all types of Electronic music.

These were recently serviced by Synthrestore in Jul'18 and is studio ready.

As expected there are some minor casing cracks on the "Wasp" on three corners of the synth but nothing crazy, and the battery cover is missing.

The Spider sequencer is clean with very minor wear and tear. The Spider is a 256-note step, or 84-note real time digital sequencer to control the Wasp and/or Gnat. It features a few simple controls for entering notes in step or real time and transposing the sequence a semi-tone, whole-tone, major-3rd, or perfect-5th as well as speed controls. Although it has EDP's own pre-MIDI interface for connecting it to other EDP gear, it also had CV/Gate outputs for connecting it to other analog synths to.a

Both units have been thoroughly tested prior to listing and is studio ready for use.

What you get:
EDP Wasp Synth
EDP Spider Sequencer
2x Power Adapters (non-original good quality)
1 x Din Link Cable
Manuals, schematics and patch sheets (Non-orginal)"

sequencers & synths: (mostly) Make Noise Eurorack, Digitakt , XTk

Published on Aug 3, 2018 junklight

"had a re-jig of the old eurorack - see if I can get some new perspectives. Then got it all creaking and groaning and took it out for a test drive. It's not big. It's not clever. But it was a lot of fun!"

Learning Music with Synthesizers by David Friend, Alan R. Pearlman, and Thomas D. Piggot

Classic synth book you don't see come up too often.

via this auction

"Tutorial written by the guys at ARP.

Vintage 1974.

Very good condition."

Silent Mind by Bendu

A new release from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, Bendu.

"Tracks created, recorded and assembled by Bendu in Los Angeles, California.

Window was created for a live performance at the Moogfest edition of Modular on the Spot in 2017. This version was realized with a modular synthesizer comprised almost entirely of Make Noise modules, augmented with a Make Noise 0-Coast synthesizer and a Korg SQ-1 sequencer.

Bowl was created for Disquiet Junto 0318 Linear Training. The task was to make "a piece of music based on a single held tone." I recorded a twenty-inch quartz crystal bowl for far longer than the prescribed "five to ten seconds" and used this as the basis for my music. The original unaltered recording begins the piece.

Indigo meditation was created for Disquiet Junto 0323 Music for Meditation. The piece is for a meditation focused on the third eye. Quartz crystal bowls at 323.24 Hz, 168.26 Hz, and 257.3 Hz, and a Verbos Harmonic Oscillator at 64.32 Hz into a Make Noise MMG modulated by a Bubblesound ULFO. Vocals by Clive Owen Wilson, a cat, and water bowl percussion by Banjo, also a cat.

Cogitate 2 was conceived as a live performance for a Voltage Control Lab workshop. It was realized using the same modified Make Noise Shared System and performed at Modular on the Spot LA in 2017.

released August 3, 2018
Cover Art: Chelsea Heneise."

54HP Episode 8: iPad Acid Composer

Published on Aug 3, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Episode 8 of 54HP includes something a little different, an iPad controlled case with drums and bass-line, the 'iPad Acid Composer.' The Quicco Sound Mi.1e module connects over bluetooth to an iPad running a free app that has sequencers, clocks, LFOs and sliders that can output control voltages. The drums are made with the Snazzy FX Kick_me, ALM Dinky’s Taiko and Bastl Skis and Noise Square. The Synth sound is made with an Intellijel Dixie II+ oscillator, and LXD for VCA, and the Eternal Spring Filter as the wild and squelchy acid filter.

Let us know in the comments what type 54hp of case you want to see next.

Module list:
Quicco Sound Mi.1e 0|8
Snazzy FX Kick_me
ALM Dinky’s Taiko
Bastl Noise Square
Bastl Skis
Intellijel Dixie II+
Snazzy FX Eternal Spring Filter
Make Noise LXD

Available here:"

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!


Published on Aug 3, 2018 MR TUNA Music




Sometimes you just gotta go with it."

Thonk DIY Build Sessions & Modular Synth Events

via @thonk_synth

"Soon we will start hosting DIY build sessions and other small modular synth events at our new Thonk workspace in central Brighton. We are only an 8 minute walk from central Brighton Train Station. Join our Brighton event mailing list here for more news -"

CASIOPROPHET - How to bring you the Prophet-5 sync sound in a Casio CZ synthesizer

Published on Aug 2, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Sound tutorial (or more a experiment) that want to show how can bring expensive sounds in cheap synths. It`s all about good sound programming. The famous Sequential Prophet-5 sync sound is one of the most iconic sounds in history of synthesizers. Sure is the Casio CZ no Prophet . The Prophet-5 is fantastic with unique sound. A real classic and analog beauty. But you can create also on cheap and underrated synths sounds with legendary soul. Try it."

Rhodes Chroma Polaris - Exploring the Presets - Midiveres - TV

Published on Aug 3, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be checking out the Chroma Polaris. Let's have a look..."

EDP Caterpillar for EDP Wasp Synthesizer

via this auction

"An extremely rare 'Caterpillar' controller designed by Chris Huggett. The caterpillar has four ports on the back for controlling up to four EDP synthesizers via 7 pin DIN sockets. One link cable is also included (not pictured in this sale).

As you can see this has aged really well, and has been recently serviced by SRS prior to sale.

The two controls on the front panel are for:

1. selecting how many devices you want to control (1-4 or Voice setting).
2. Selecting Unison, Poly or Cycle, there is also a separate Hold setting that gives you the option of also selecting Unison, Poly or Cycle.

The unit powers off of a single 9V battery.

Note: There is a design flaw with the Wasp circuitry that does not allow the lowest C note (first key from the left) to trigger the Wasp. However by the time EDP designed the Gnat they fixed this problem and the lowest C note will trigger a Gnat, this has been tested as I also own a Gnat and Gnat Special. The unit has been tested working fully prior to listing.

This is not a synth but a controller please be informed :)"

Doepfer Dark Energy 1 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Caldera & Earth Wind & Fire Moog Minimoog D Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"Own by Eddie del Barrio (Caldera) and also used by Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind and Fire)

VINTAGE 70s Serial # 2XXX"


via this auction

"Vintage 1975 Korg V-C-F effects unit, made in Japan. This is a voltage controlled filter with onboard knob and slider controls for the signal parameters, plus an external treadle pedal for optional foot control of the sweep. These were considered the first "guitar synths" for their unique filter manipulation.

Perfect clean operation and the full complete original set in near mint condition as pictured. Includes the main unit, treadle pedal, connector cable, box, manual (in Japanese & English), plus original warranty cards from its first retail sale in Japan. This unit is designed for operation at 100VAC, so a voltage converter will be required for use anywhere outside Japan."

Vintage Crumar Performer

via this auction

canyon loops

canyon loops from ioflow on Vimeo.

"experimental ambient. live performance for monome norns.

two rhodes improvisations were recorded into norns and loaded into mlr. also present is a field recording of an anna's hummingbird, taken while on a nature walk in a canyon preserve.

the main rhodes improvisation is duplicated across the first two tracks. the second, shorter rhodes improvisation is on the third track, just above the hummingbird loop. all the rhodes tracks are played at different speeds and directions, jumbled, chopped and switched, accompanied by the gentle sounds of the hummingbird chirping happily to itself in the shadows of the dense canyon foliage, on a warm summer day.

this is my first recording with monome norns. sample-based grid apps--mlr, mlrv, rove, and all their variants--have been a part of my creative workflow for several years. being freed from the confines of desktop computers and their fidgety, cantankerous operating systems and software stacks; instead being able focus on the immediacy of hardware music-making, as easily as sitting down at my piano, is incredibly liberating. it's pretty much everything i've wanted to be able to do since i got my first monome grid in 2011. norns is wonderful, so full of possibilities. i'm looking forward to fulfilling more musical dreams."

Soundcheck with Arturia Synclavier-V 🎹 Big VST Synthesizer 🎹

Published on Aug 3, 2018 Frank Michael Lischka

Music: Frank Michael Lischka
Camera: Panasonic HC-X1

Creating the same sound on three entirely different synths (Reface DX, Yamaha EX5, Novation Peak)

Published on Aug 3, 2018 Alex S.

"Creating a simple patch on 3 different synth technologies: FM, AWM and (virtual) analog. Try to guess which synth is which at 14:03 :-) Table of contents below:

0:00 bla bla
0:39 Reface DX
1:30 choosing an algorithm
2:16 first operator / envelope
2:48 second operator / envelope , transposing
3:44 third operator / envelope, feedback
4:58 fourth operator / evelope, feedback, transposing
5:58 effects (delay & chorus)
7:03 EX5
7:38 Oscillator Setup
7:53 Envelopes
8:25 effects
9:24 Novation Peak
9:53 osc 1
10:05 envelope
10:43 osc 2
11:18 osc 3
11:38 mod enelope for oscillator 3 (using the mod matrix)
13:20 effects
14:03 guess the synthesizer! :-)
14:23 mystery synth #1
14:50 mystery synth #2
15:18 mystery synth #3
15:47 bla bla"

Synthrotek VCO | Modular Vignette Series

Published on Aug 3, 2018 File Transfer Protocol

"Showcasing some of the incredibly rich sounds you can achieve with the Synthrotek Analog VCO. Everything that you hear me playing on the keyboard (Sequential Circuits Six-Trak) are actually sounds coming from the Synthrotek VCO only. (I'm just using the keyboard as a midi controller)

This VCO is based on the Curtis CEM3340 reissue chip. You can learn more about it here:

Patch Notes: I'm using all three outputs simultaneously in this video. I start with the Saw and Pulse panned left and right, then add a patch to modulate pulsewidth through the pulse width modulation input, giving a really thick sound. Eventually, I create a harsher tone taking advantage of the mod in, using the pulse from another oscillator to rough up the Synthrotek VCO's sound. Finally, I add in the final wave from the VCO which is the Triangle wave, running through the Synthrotek Fold module. This creates a sharp attack for the FM sound. All envelopes and LFO's are coming from the Synthrotek Quadrangle, and VCA, pathced finally into the Synthrotek Stereo Mixer."

Roland Juno 2 vs Eventide H3000 - a match made in heaven

Published on Aug 3, 2018 Espen Kraft

"Roland Alpha Juno 2 is one of my favorite synths. It has a fantastic key bed, like all the Rolands from the mid 80s, and it's development from the earlier Junos has a lot going for it. I use mine for bass, pads and strings as well as bells and slow LFO sweeps.

The Eventide H3000, the classic 80s harmonizer, has more then diatonic pitch shifts under its belt. Loads of wonderful reverbs, delays and chorus effects.

Together, the Juno 2 and the H3000 is a match made in heaven!"

Summer chillout with Reface CP and Electribe 2 | Funktree

Published on Aug 3, 2018 Funk Tree

"Another walking bass, Another love for the Reface CP. As you see I have rather strange piano playing technique(s).
4:50 spicing this performance with improvisation #1
6:40 coolness and epicness starts here
8:00 spicing with improvisation #2

Leave feedback in comments what kind of videos would you like to see on this channel. I do have pretty long lineup but I'd like to hear your story.. Sorry I don't do tutorials... There are plenty of channels that do that"

Patch n Tweak

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