MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Prophet 600 Synthesizer - GliGli Sound Demo - Vintage and Old School patches - Sequential Circuits

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Tom Loncaric

"The Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 is incredibly versatile! This one was made in about 1983, and features the GliGli mod.

All sounds in the video were programmed by me and performed live, in the spirit of the big keyboard tones of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Viewable in HD."

China Plates - Live performance with Yamaha Montage

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Earmonkey Music

"I really love the Yamaha Montage. This is an all live performance. No sequencer. One "Patch" in the Montage. But the performance options, arpeggiators, real-time modulation options are so vast, you can do some very big stuff all live. Enjoy."


Published on Feb 23, 2019 100 Things I Do

"I keep being asked to do more Synclavier Videos so I thought this week I would take a look at some of the Timbre's from the Rev 6 Disk#1 Library!"

01-The Dreadbox Hypnosis- Part One: Chorus / Flanger

Published on Feb 23, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the Chorus / Flanger section of the Dreadbox Hypnosis Sound Effects Processor.

The sounds being processed are coming from the Roland Alpha Juno 1.

The theme was created using the Korg Triton LE for drums and the Roland Alpha Juno 1 for all other sounds. All tracks were processed using the Hypnosis."

OP-1: Connecting You

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Thomas Barlow

"Thanks for watching! Just keeping this track simple and chill.
Full Song:"

Teenage Engineering OP-Z 16-Track Synthesizer & Sequencer

via this auction

"Excellent condition. Including all accessories and docs it came with & a free carry case as shown.

The module hatch in the back holds the 2 piece iPhone stand. I added a piece of tape inside to keep them from shifting. Other than that it's practically brand new. Very little usage.

Note that the mottled plastic face is typical of OP-Z. They all look slightly different."

Moog Werkstatt-01 - Custom Laurentide CV rear TRS jack panel

via this auction

"Pro-built by Laurentide SynthWorks.
Moogfest kit + custom TS/TRS CV panel on the back. This was done before Moog released the mini CV adapter and is totally awesome.

Includes power adapter.

CV patch functions:
Outs are 3.5mm TRS so you can use Y-cables to take both the A and the B out. Top row outs are Tip. Bottom row are Ring.
Inputs are regular 3.5mm TS.

VCO: Pulse + Saw
LFO: Square + Saw
Keys + Envelope Generator
Gate + Trig

VCO Linear
VCO Exponential

Audio out is mono 1/4”"

Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland JD-Xi Analog/Digital 37-Key Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Realistic Concertmate 200 (AKA Casio VL-Tone)

via this auction

"Lovely little Radio Shack rebadging of the Casio VL-Tone with programmable ADSR synth mode.

Works great. Pretty good condition for its age. Battery compartment clean as shown. Includes original soft case.

PDF’s of VL-1 manual are free online including pages on ADSR info and resetting after adding new batteries.

After adding new batteries change mode to Cal then press the recessed reset button on the bottom.

To enter ADSR mode use Cal mode then press MC, enter ADSR codes, the press blue M+ button to save, then change to Play mode."

E-MU Systems Emulator 3 1987

via this auction

"100% new oled display. Completely gone through by Bassmobile quiet fan,rebuilt power supply. Etc 4 gig internal ssd, sample input works. Everything in the pics was done. Paid extra to get the sample input fixed."

Doepfer A-111-4 Quad VCO

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Let's Listen

"A simple demo of the Doepfer A-111-4 Quad VCO module. No talking, just listening."

New Electra 4 x 4 Next generation Touch MIDI Controller

Demos with a Rhodes Chroma & TB3 Published on Jan 24, 2019 Martin Pavlas

A new programmable MIDI USB controller from Martin Pavlas of

"Electra is a fully programmable MIDI controller for studio or live rig equipment. The controller provides real-time visual feedback for up to 36 MIDI controls at once. Features high resolution 360 degree pots with touch sensing and a capacitive touch display. Extended connectivity offers USB MIDI device and USB Host interfaces as well as four DIN5 MIDI In / Out ports.

The driving idea behind the project was to make programming of Rhodes Chroma synthesizer easier. Chroma has got almost one hundred sounds parameters and editing them without seeing other relevant parameters at the same time affected the creative part of the process. Over the time, Electra has become an all-purpose MIDI controller with extensive USB MIDI interface and host integration.

The main concept of Electra MIDI controller is so-called Control. The control represents a MIDI parameter, its value, and assignment to a MIDI port and channel. An example can be, say, Cutoff frequency of Rhodes Chroma connected to MIDI port 1 channel 2.

A control visualizes value of an assigned parameter as well as it can modify the value either turning corresponding pot or with a touch gesture on the display. Watch the demo of control manipulation on youtube.

There is a number of control types: faders, dials, switches, buttons, and selection lists. All controls can trigger CC, SysEx, or NRPN MIDI message.

Controls are organized on Pages. A page is a set of controls that are displayed on the display at the same time. Pages may group controls by their meaning (Oscillator, Filter, etc) or can be collections of controls that should be close together for a performance purposes (Filter cutoffs and modulations of several connected synthesizers).

A set of pages is called a Preset. A preset is a top level configuration of Electra and consists all information about controls, pages, connected instruments, and MIDI routing.

Presets can be created with an Electra Controller Editor application and users can easily switch between them.

Stranger Things with IK Multimedia UNO

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Starsky Carr

"Making of the Stranger Things main theme with only the IK Multimedia UNO mono synth

As S U R V I V O R only tend to use big old vintage analogs I thought I'd have a go with a little new analog.

Sounds pretty good to me - it's not aways about how much cash you have.

This took a few hours to put together - mainly as I was tinkering around with a couple of glasses of wine, so hope you enjoy it."

Jomox Resonator Neuronium Royal Blue SN 017

via this auction

"Once in a lifetime the stars will align and you will get the oportunity to own one of the most seeked after and obscure synthesizers ever made, the Jomox Resonator Neuronium, this machine is a dream come true in the shape of a synthesizer, capable of generating never heard sounds ever before, and the beast part is this particular unit with serial number number 17 (out of 25 ever made) had had the main board replaced for a new one, so on reality you are getting a Brand new unit, the man itself Jurgen completed the swap over at the Jomox head quarters in Germany as an extra this unit was shipped back to me with a US power supply, no more step up converter in the middle!!"


via this auction

Ypolimenti for Organelle

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Critter & Guitari

Download from
Record a sample and create a re-sorted, rhythmic re-make of it!

Ypolimenti is a sample looping patch that combines the powers of the Segmenti and Pow Pow’s Polybeats patches. After you record a sample, it is sliced into 24 even segments distributed across the Organelle’s keyboard. Ypolimenti uses the polyrhythmic sequencer from Pow Pow’s Polybeats to loop selected segments at different beat divisions of a single measure.

::vtol:: mayak

::vtol:: mayak from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

more info -

"Mayak is an interactive sound installation consisting of four LTE-modems connected to four Wi-Fi routers. The LED responsible for the display of the Wi-Fi-based data transmission from each of the routers is connected to an Arduino board. Arduino analyses the "flashing", and triggers the synthesizer generating sounds.

To all intents and purposes, the installation represents four open Wi-Fi Internet access points. By connecting to these points, people influence, through their network activity, a rhythmic sound generation process."


- arduino uno
- axoloti board
- 4 wi-fi routers
- 4 lte modems
- 2 channel sound system

Teenage Engineering In Store Event at Perfect Circuit Today

via @Perfect_Circuit

"TODAY! @teenageengineering will be in-store from 1 - 3pm with the OP-Z & the Pocket Operator Modular 400!
Come on by, demo the gear & meet the Teenage Engineering crew!"

Peak / Generation Loss / Wardenclyffe

Published on Feb 23, 2019 ljs8888


Anyone know what this is?

via this auction

"Rarest synthesizer in the World, as far as I know. Possibly a prototype, that never went into production?
Analogue / Analog Synthesizer with Line Out Socket and Speaker. Power Supply and voice/patch sheet, included.
Size : 13cm x 21.5cm . Will work with any 4.5Volt or 6Volt power supply, with + centre pin setting.
(Florian Schneider, Ralf Hutter, Graham Massey, Vince Clark, Martin Gore, Jean Micheal Jarre or Aphex Twin, have not got a Mini Synth)
(Even George Lucas and, Star Wars sound engineer friend, Ben Burtt, have not got a Mini Synth)
Reason for selling: Mini Synth needs a proven synth-master, to wield this analogue monophonic powerhouse.
Please, study all 9 photographs of the actual incredible items for sale."

Update via the comments: "based on the 3 switch 'Mixer' and the mixer truth table hand written on the back of the device, it looks to be based around the TI SN76477/SN76488 sound chip"

Access Virus Ti2 Desktop Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Quasimidi Sirius

via this auction

Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/Gligli Mod, Custom Chrome Knobs & White Side Panels

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander w/ Hard Case

via this auction

"The last of the great analogue Oberheims was a big, beautiful beast that changed the way synthesizers were made forever

Unleashed in 1984, the Oberheim Xpander offered six voices, each with two oscillators, an unprecedented 15 analogue filter choices, five LFOs, and five DADSR envelope generators, four ramp generators, a lag function and three tracking generators.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to own such a great piece of synth history."

Waldorf Q Rack w. 3.0 OS Upgrade SN 1409260000536

via this auction


Published on Feb 23, 2019 LESINDES

"QUANTUM firmware 1.2.4
Telling the other story of this synth .
Harch distorted reality, live tweaked.
No double, no layer, no overdub
just a single sound!
My camera ended the session on its own at
29.59 minutes. So there has been created some
add footage for illustrating this long tail."

Modular Dungeon Techno

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Hexinverter Électronique

"T-t-t-t-techno! Just another dungeon jam.

Jupiter storm through the WMD aperture filter (which is awesome btw). Mutant bass drum through Red Dragon filter. MI Elements. And I put the Eventide Space Reverb on the Mutant Hot Glue send and return. I hadn't thought of using external pedals in the modular signal chain like this but it works great."

VCS3 Repair & Mods Part 4

Part 4 added here.

Moog Grandmother - Afternoon Jam 002 (Stale)

Published on Feb 23, 2019 Long Bright Dark

"Once again fooling around with Moog Grandmother and Push 2.This time sending a MIDI sequence to the GM + some vocal sketches and beats on top. I'm calling the piece 'Stale'. Next video I will try something more techno I think. Until then! PS Watch out for the sad birds."

Yamaha FB01 demo track

Published on Feb 23, 2019 ikworgek

"Track made with the Yamaha FB01 synthmodule. All sounds from the FB01. some reverb and delay. Sequencer: Korg SQ-1. recorder: Korg D-1200."

Elektron Digitakt & Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV1

Published on Feb 23, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

"Recorded with Overbridge 2, unfortunately there are some artefacts as a result.

Pittsburgh Modular has delay from NI Replika. Otherwise only some light reverb in addition to the Digitakt's send effects."

Korg Polysix Tricks - Getting Moog like sounds with Chord Mode

Published on Feb 23, 2019 umusic6

"Exploring some multi-osc layered Mono Sounds with Polysix in chord mode.
Recorded without any FX."

Roland SH-101 with FX

Published on Feb 23, 2019 synthlegends

"My second 5 minutes with my new Roland SH-101 with FX. I used the analog out of my KORG DW-8000 delay, Strymon Big Sky shimmer effect and Chorus from BOSS CE-2w. It is just tweaking on one sequence."

Patch n Tweak

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