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Monday, March 04, 2019

IK Multimedia UNO Analog Bass Monster! Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Mar 4, 2019

"IK Multimedia UNO Analog Bass Monster!
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **TURN IT UP!!**

The IK Multimedia UNO in action right out of the box!
I think they did a GREAT JOB on this unit, it's way easy
to use & hits the right price point! PHAT Monster BASS!
I dig it sooo much! Happy camper! More videos of the
IK Multimedia UNO coming soon!

Recorded dry into Ableton LIVE with no other external FX

Thank you for watching!

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Need any Synthesizer Samples for your next track and want to save a TON of money? Here are only a few of my HQ synthesizer sample collections in .WAV format able to load into ANY device that reads .WAV files!

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Soundmachines (arches) firmware release under test

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Davide Mancini

"This is the test of (arches) 1.0.0 fw release. You can see keyb with arpeggiator, the step sequencer and three channels of trig seq. driving a few instruments in Live. Everything flows through the usb midi interface. Also mapped to instruments cc’s are the first two sliders on the right. Enjoy!"

Foreclosure of the ashes - modular in the cave 6 (eurorack modular synthesizer trance ambient jam)

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Modular in the cave

"A little jam in a secret location on the island, known only to a few people. It's an hidden limestone quarry facing the West coast of Sicily where you can see Marsala. To reach it you have to stray from the path and climb down a cliff. The quarry is referred to as "the temple", by it massive square columns. The rooms are huge, and once you exit the quarry, you have direct access to a beautiful sea that, just like Bue Marino, being on the same trait of coast, shines from the underwater limestone planes. A peculiar rock head had been carved by unknowns and guards the spot. Massive rocks has fallen apart from the quarry roof and settled on the rock slide use to load the brick on the ancient boats. I use Erica synths pico voice and a Pittsburgh sv1. 2 pico dsp, a black hole dsp, blue lantern sir mixalot, expert sleepers disting mk4 compression algorithm on the master"

Elektron Analog Rytm Analog & sample Drum Machine

via this auction

Moog Moogerfooger MF-105M MIDI MuRF

via this auction

"MIDI MuRF (MIDI version) includes both Bass and Mids bands (original MuRF was mids only, 105B was bass bands only. This is switchable between both).

Excellent condition!

Suitable for guitar or line input.

8 sequencable resonant Moog filters in multi-band filter bank arrangement, plus envelope and drive. All controllable via MIDI. When Seq is not running it functions as a Moog graphic EQ with drive!

12 patterns. Control from sliders or via Moog’s pattern editor. Editor and manual available under Moogmusic’s download section."

RedSound DarkStar XP2 - 8 voice / 5 part VA polysynth SN 00733

via this auction

"This is the “mk2” version with 2 pairs of 1/4” outs and external input, running OS ROM 1.11 as shown.

Totally ingenious synth and interface.
Each of the 5 parts can be assigned its own instrument specific demo pattern (baseline, lead, percussion, etc). You can pan each part and audition them from the front panel.

Filters are some of the gooiest early 2000s and tone is full of character even if not all the presets are your thing.

Almost every feature is available immediately from dedicated controls or a shift function. Most of the shift functions are on the panel but a handful take a peek in the manual before they become 2nd nature."

E-MU Systems MP-7 (Proteus 2000) MIDI Groovestation SN 090101782

via this auction

"Free homemade wood ends included along with the plastic factory cheeks.
The wood ends aren’t anything special but they raise the angle which I preferred to being hunched over it in more traditional MPC style. One wood piece is split part way but could be woodglued or replaced.

Proteus 2000 series had some of the best quality and crafted sounds of its time. This is the desktop version of the 2500 with thick velocity sensitive pads in a keyboard layout."

Kawai K5000R Synthesizer Brochure

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Buchla 248r

via this auction

"V1 248r and faceplate. The V1 was SMT so building it is much easier!
Roman sold these for 1199 plus 90.00 for the panel..which is currently sold out"

Vermona randomRhythm-randomized trigger sequencer in use.

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Dziam Bass

"Hi guys!
I have a dense little video and some fun with random triggering.
for this I used randomRhythm from Vermona as a trigger for drums
but also as the second trigger for the Minimod Contour generators including the Minimod voice from AJH Synth for opening the gate. it changes the rhythm and melodies and it is quite a random game.
random Rhythm is a randomized trigger sequencer and clock divider.
also for a sound hat I used twinCussion from Vermona is a great double drum module."

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with PROTOVOLT

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Lord of synths, shredder of guitars, and ace of percussion (except the bells), Protovolt mixes modern vision with 80s nostalgia into a style that’s equal parts John Carpenter and John Hughes. With influences ranging from the arcade to the silver screen to retro technology, he lends his style to film scores, artist collaborations, and cross-genre production.

We chatted with Protovolt on how he’s using the Prophet X in his music"

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

The EMS Polysynthi In Action

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Doctor Mix

ELEKTRONIKA EM25 - Vintage Analog String synthesizer USSR Soviet Russian

Published on Mar 4, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

"EM-25 is an interesting Soviet string-synth that looks and feels like a curious cross between Moog Opus 3, Yamaha SK15 and ARP Solina. Like other Soviet synths, has got a distinct sound of its own and can easily compete with synths that have grown to become classics.

Organ has great vibe - I like its etheral and gentle vibe in upper register. It has one percussive drawbar (again a plus for total tonal variety).
EM-25's organ is quite interesting, potent and woody with full registers, almost acoustic sounding. With a touch of LXP-1 reverb, a single drawbar turns into real Cathedral organ!

Synth section (called brass on EM-25) is VCO fixed preset on both, with full filter section - but only one filter for all voices.

All said, EM-25 is unique and rare and a real stringer.


via this auction

READYdot's Experiment: Casio SK-5, Empress Reverb, Bastl BitRanger, Korg Monotron, Ambient

Published on Mar 3, 2019 R E A D Y d o t

"It has been a very long time since I recorded anything. Since I sold my Eurorack I start to enjoy experimenting and music-making again. Hope you like what you hear and see. If you have any questions about the setup or technicalities feel free to comment!"

Korg MS-20 Dirty Bass And Abstract Bleeps - Watch Your Bassbins and tweeters! MS-20M Kit

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Surface Noises

"Experiment using Reaktor Blocks to send CV, sequences and audio rate modulation to oscillators and low pass filter, whilst using the MS-20 high pass filter to generate a dirty bass. You can get quite a lot of sounds out of one synth using Reaktor!

This needs proper speakers to hear the bass - but there are a few loud peaks so watch your tweeters.

Unprocessed so you can the filthy MS-20 low end in all its glory. The patch uses the first version of Korg's famous filter."

How The TB-303 Changed Music with Rob Hood, Richie Hawtin, Martyn Ware | Red Bull Music Academy

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Red Bull Music Academy

"Producers and DJs including Robert Hood, Martyn Ware (Heaven 17 and The Human League), Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), Richie Hawtin and more recall the impact Roland's TB-303 made on them and their music. #303 #Roland #RBMA"

Tears For Fears Prophet 5 Heritage Synth Restoration - Part 2

Part 2 added here.

Tiptop Audio VCA - AM - Amplitude Modulation

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Station 252

"Running a simple sequence from Z8000 via QuantiZer into two Z3000 oscillators, one is going into VCA input and the other one into VCA control voltage input. Forbidden Planet after the VCA for some additional processing on especially rich sounds."

Erica Synths Sample Drum demo (part 2)

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Erica Synths

"Part 2 of the Sample Drum demo.

00:03 - Performance mode jam
01:15 - Synth sample pitch tracking
01:47 - Single shot sampling
02:43 - Same sample in both channels
03:51 - 22KHz Eastbam
04:20 - Loop sampling and slicing
06:00 - Audio rate sample triggering
06:26 - Slice index reset
07:11 - 22KHz Napalm

NB! Not all samples used in this demo are included in the stock sample pack."


via this auction

Red Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Multivox MX-150 Basky II Analog Bass Pedal SN 265053

via this auction

"Everything works and sounds great except the Expand knob is missing. Although, it would be a simple and inexpensive fix."

Casio CZ-1 Vintage Digital Cosmo Synthesizer SN 401304

via this auction

Modal Electronics SKULPT synthesiser Sequencer Tutorial

Published on Mar 4, 2019 Modal Electronics

"Here’s a short walkthrough of the SKULPT sequencer where you can learn how to operate and master this performance tool in just 2 minutes."

Serge DUSG by K. Slobodyuk. Overview.

Published on Mar 4, 2019 temaniak

"Overview of Serge DUSG variation by K. Slobodyuk. True power of famous Serge module in 12hp!"

SSF Stereo Dipole: Random/Glitch Stereo Field

Published on Mar 4, 2019 SteadyStateFate

"Headphones Recommended.

Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole. A Stereo Quad Core Multimode VCF.

Stereo Field Demo:
Glitch/Noise as audio source. Random CV on all destinations. Various filter topologies.

Available March 2019

Credit: Skyler King"

Sampler trick: how to create multi-length “tape loops” (shown on Digitakt/Model Samples by Elektron)

Published on Mar 4, 2019 loopop


0:00 Intro
0:50 The first loop
1:25 Phased 2nd loop
2:10 Adding texture
2:30 Adding an LFO
3:50 More loops...
4:00 Playing with levels
4:45 Adding effects
5:25 Rhythmic phasing
7:35 More ideas

"This video explains a neat little sampler trick that lets you create music by *ignoring* a sampler’s sequencer.

In the early 60’s groundbreaking composer Steve Reich ( pioneered the technique of using different length tape loops (and later musical patterns) in composition. The idea is that two short loops, either identical but one slightly shorter than the other, or completely different, drift in and out of phase to create textures, patterns and rhythms that weren’t there before. This tape loop technique is used by William Basisnki ( ) to create wonderful sonic soundscapes, and in the lovely “Walkman Symphony” by Amulets (

In this video I replicate the experience digitally by using a little trick which ignores the sequencer on modern day samplers, in order to create similar multi-length loop textures and patterns.

It turns out some samplers (like Elektron Digitakt and Model:Samples shown in this video) will let sample-loops play continuously, regardless of whether the sequencer is active or not . As long as you DON’T use the built-in sequencer to retrigger the samples, and you create different length loops, the samples will loop in and out of phase with each other and recreate the phasing tape loop experience quite nicely. In these particular samplers, all the effects and LFOs are still fully functional despite the sequencer not running, so you can use them while your loops are running.

A huge thanks to Yehezkel Raz for turning me on to these composers and for playing the sample you hear in the Digitakt portion of this beautiful Danksi song:"

Active links on YouTube...

Elektron Model:Samples Sample Locks

Published on Mar 4, 2019 AMAZONA Music Mag

Tangerine Dream's "Vengeance" from Sorcerer (1977) on the Baloran The River synthesizer

Published on Mar 3, 2019 Sean Christopher - Evoking Emotion Through Music

"I thought I'd see if the Baloran The River synth was good with vintage sounds, and IMO it definitely delivered. 'Vengeance' is a track by Tangerine Dream on the 1977 film, Sorcerer.

Sorcerer is a 1977 American thriller film directed and produced by William Friedkin and starring Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal, and Amidou. The second adaptation of Georges Arnaud's 1950 French novel Le Salaire de la peur. The plot depicts four outcasts from varied backgrounds meeting in a South American village, where they are assigned to transport cargoes of aged, poorly kept dynamite that is so unstable that it is 'sweating' its dangerous basic ingredient, nitroglycerin.

Hopefully you enjoyed this track as much as I had making it."

Patch n Tweak

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