MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Making of a TRS-80 Voice Synthesizer - Talker/80

Published on Mar 14, 2020 Michael Wessel

via Michael Wessel, who brought us the Speak&SID:

"New dimensions in voice synthesis for the iconic Trinity computer from 1977!

Talker/80 is a new speech (voice) synthesizer for the TRS-80 Model 1. It offers DECtalk-based natural sounding speech, and can emulate the "official" TRS Voice Synthesizer as well as the VS-100 Alpha Products voice synthesizer. The original software runs without changes / patches. Both the VS-100 and the TRS Voice Synthesizer utilized the Votrax SC-01 speech chip. The SC-01 is "emulated" by means of DECtalk here (phoneme mapping).

Everything is open source, including the firmware sources and Gerbers:"

Roland System-1 + JP-08 Ambient Layers Jupiter-8 ACB Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on May 31, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#rolandsystem1 #rolandacb #rolandjp08
Roland System-1 + JP-08 "Ambient Layers"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland System-1 + JP-08 Jupiter-8 Boutique
together as one synthesizer connected via MIDI!
The System-1 is an excellent controller for other
Roland Synthesizers! The JP-08 responds to everything
the System-1 sends via Control Change / Sysex!
It's my SYSTEM-9! Or SYSTEM-08! Whatever!
Here two fantastic Ambient Pad patches are layered
and then tweaked. Inspired by Space & Meteorites!

Meteorite friends featured:
360 gram Moroccan Chondrite Meteorite "Cydonia"
26 gram Chondrite Meteorite found by me 5/2/2020!"

Roland V-Synth D-Beam & Beats Virtual Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on May 31, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#rolandvsynth #rolandvariphrase #supersaw
Roland V-Synth "D-Beam & Beats"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland V-Synth is incredible!
A little demo of the Dual D-Beam processing
Beats & ARPs, such an incredible production tool!
Imagine tweaking audio clips / beats or the human voice!
That's the POWER of the V-Synth! GET ONE NOW!
Lots more V-Synth videos to come!

Meteorite friend featured:
827 gram North West Africa Stone Meteorite "Zeus"
-He loves the Roland V-Synth, too! ;)

Moog Mother-32 - Progressive Soundset (35 patches)

Published on May 31, 2020 tBbXaMZOUA4

"In this soundset I tried to get the most interesting timbres out of the synth.
It may seem that a single Oscillator, Filter, simple Envelope and LFO can't do too much. But experiments with the patchbay give a wide range of sounds. Some timbres are supposed to be played on a keyboard. For others it's better to use Arp or Seq. But, of course, you're free to experiment.
There are mild and soft timbres, as well as wild and noisy.

The bank consists of 35 patches:
- 15 Leads
- 8 Plucks
- 2 Percussions
- 5 Sequences
- 5 FXs

By Sequence I mean a patch, where an internal sequencer is used and its parameters are modulated.
And, of course, you may use any of the presets from the soundset with the internal sequencer.
Percussion is a patch where you can get some drum tones depending on the low/high notes
In some patches I use «Assign» output. I did it for ModWheel, but you may try other sources.
You need up to 7 patch cords to recreate the patches.

I used drums and pads to accompany the patches + a bit of reverb/delay, so you may hear the timbres in a kind of realistic situations.
Audio examples in the catalog are dry and without other instruments.

Get the soundset:
#moog #mother32 #moogmother32"

Nord LEAD A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

3 Ways To Make Music On The ATARI 2600

Published on May 31, 2020 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"In this video i get hole of a 6 switch ATARI 2600 to try different ways of playing live music with it

Stems with 2600 beats and sounds from these takes are available on my patreon :-
Support :-
Jamloopy :-
Synthcart :-
Little Scale A26F :-
SD Card Cartridge UNO :-"

Masterclass NED Synclavier 1 - audio demo | SynthFest 2020

Published on May 31, 2020 SynthFest France

"Une démo audio du Synclavier 1, le premier d'une série de synthétiseurs avant-gardistes, que le prix réservait à une élite de musiciens lors de sa commercialisation par la Société New England Digital. Le premier de la série met en oeuvre la synthèse additive et FM. Les plus grands noms de la musique rock et pop des années 80 ont utilisé les différents modèles de synclavier. Arturia a émulé le Synclavier dans sa collection d'instruments virtuels."

Masterclass Synclavier - Sounds demo | SynthFest 2020

Published on May 31, 2020 SynthFest France

See the Masterclass overview here (3rd in the playlist)

DRAGON's FLIGHT: Prophet REV2 - PEAK - MatrixBrute - RADIAS - Virus Ti2 - ARP Odyssey

Published on May 31, 2020 Alba Ecstasy

"Inspired and composed during the launch of the NASA & SpaceX 's DRAGON Spacecraft on May 30th 2020. Recorded today, May 31st.
All patches from this video can be found on
Using: Prophet REV2, Arturia MatrixBrute, Novation PEAK, Korg Radias, ARP Odyssey.
Additional effects: Eventide Blackhole, Valhalla Supermassive.

Love, ae"

300+ Wavetable Pack for Novation Peak, Summit, Polyend Tracker, Samplers

Published on May 31, 2020 True Cuckoo

"Download pack in my online store at:
This pack of over 300 wavetables is made especially for Novation Peak and Summit, and the Polyend Tracker. The snippets of waves will be useful for samplers such as Digitakt, and wavetable software too. I've designed and sampled custom patches on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis), Nintendo 8-bit, Super Nintendo, the SID chip, and some speech synthesis. All in all over 300 individual wavetables. I've collected them in groups"

Patch Notes: JakoJako

Published on May 31, 2020 FACTmagazine

"JakoJako is a Berlin-based techno artist who primarily performs live and uses modular synthesis extensively in her music. Last year she released her debut EP on Leisure System, and she also works at SchneidersLaden, one of the world’s most famous stores for modular synth gear.

In this episode of Patch Notes, she records an emotive techno set from her home studio, using a compact Eurorack system with Elektron’s Octatrack and Analog Rytm."

Synth Jam |Episode7| "Buddha's Dreams"

Published on May 31, 2020 LFOstore

"#accessvirus #dsievolver #jam

Space mood & deep thoughts inside this jam.

Pad is going from Virus TI Snow and playing from X-Station
Sequence from Evolver is going through Eventide Timefactor Filter Delay Algorhytm.

You can buy the sounds used in jam:"

Fantasy Soundtracks Ep:1 - 'Phase IV'

Published on May 31, 2020 DreamsOfWires

"First of a series of simple patches and recordings inspired by some of my favourite vintage sci-fi and horror from the cinema and TV. I thought it'd be a fun idea to see what I can do with a simple setup, perhaps ony 2 analog synth voices, and modest digital effects. The synthesizer soundtracks of the 70's and early 80's were often very simple, spartan compositions, which is what made them special I think.

In this instance I'm using my AJH Synth Eurorack modular synth, with the Precision Voltages being used as a kind of faux keyboard to shift the pitches of the two voices melodically. FX are Dubstation 2 Delay and EOS2 Reverb.

The film 'Phase IV' is a particulary unique sci-fi film from 1974 that I would recommend seeing. It has some excellent macro filming, a strong atmosphere, and even some synth music in the soundtrack. I didn't use any footage of the 'ants' because they really need to be seen in the context of the film to be appreciated.

My music is available here:
To support this channel:"

Strings in Chaos - O Coast, VCV Rack, Eurorack, Felt Instruments

Published on May 31, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file for this performance on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes
- I have a sequence programmed on the BSP, which is sequencing the O Coast.
- The O Coast is going into VCV Rack through the Chronoblob 2 and Plateau.
- The BSP is also triggering the Basimilus, which is going through the LedRover for extra character when needed.
- There's another copy of the Basimilus going through a HP filter and to the Mimeophon.
- I've recorded a wooden percussion frog into the Arbhar foe some texture.
- I also recorded the new cello instrument from Felt Instruments into Magneto in Sample mode, and this is going through Flame from Vult for distortion.
- I have a recording of the Basimilus on Morphagene, which plays it also in reverse.
- I also recorded the piano from Felt Instruments into Nebulae, which is playing it slower and it goes also through the Disting for reverb.
- I'm using the Microcell in Granular mode, and I recorded myself with a mic into it.

Here's my latest release on Spotify, iTunes, and more -
Also on Bandcamp -"

Korg DW-8000 SN 005502 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha EX5

via this auction

"The synth sounds on this keyboard are unbelievably good.
If your looking you probably already know this.
A hidden gem of a keyboard.

Polyphony - 128 voices maximum

Oscillators - AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory) Synthesis, AN (Analog Physical Modeling) Synthesis, FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing) Synthesis, Virtual Acoustic (VL) Synthesis

Sampler - 1 MB, expandable to 65 MB using SIMMs; optional EXFML1 Flash Memory Boards(4 megabyte each) add additional 8 MB; Mic or Line input

Arpeg/Seq - 16-Track Sequencer, 8-Track Pattern Sequencer; 30,000 note memory; MIDI clock sync, MTC (Midi Time Code)

4-Track Arpeggiator with 50 preset and user patterns

Effects - System - Reverb (12 different reverb-related effects) and Chorus (17 effects including flanging, phasing, symphonic, and others)

Insertion Effects - 79 additional effects like chorus, distortion and overdrive, amp simulation, auto wah, equalization, delay, reverb, and other effects via two independent effects units

Keyboard - 76 keys with 16 assignable zones, EX Key Mapping, initial and aftertouch response

Memory - 512 preset voices (256 preset+256 internal); 128 performance setups

Control - 2 MIDI IN, 2 MIDI OUT, 1 MIDI Thru; each 16-parts multitimbral "

AKAI AX-80 vintage Synthesizer QUICK DEMO, no effects

Published on May 31, 2020 Mindburner

"Some say the AKAI AX-80 is thin and uninspiring. Well maybe some of the presets are but the synth can be dark and moody and powerful with 3 LFO's

This one has the Tauntek OS which improves the use of the filter in that you don't have to re trigger the keys to hear any changes you make. It still steps a bit but I don't mind this at all

For some reason, these synths seem to get treated pretty badly and abused. Broken membranes, bricks dropped on them and cigarette burns galore. This one was save a few years ago. I have just finished calibrating it, which improved the synth greatly.

I like them so much I have 2

Must get an AX-60"

Alpha Base

Published on May 31, 2020 studio snippets

Novation Peak & Zvex Machine

Published on May 31, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

Moog Subharmonicon - sonic exploration pt 6

Published on May 31, 2020 bitnotbyte

"Testdrive with the new Moog Subharmonicon. A series of sonic exploration with a little help from the Eventide Space."

And a playlist for this series:

Chorb, a Max For Live Chord generator.

Published on May 31, 2020 suis-je fou

"Chorb is a Chord generator, simple scaler and pitch randomizer all in one.
Sometimes finding chords or pushing up chord variations can be tricky. Chorb is made for that.
He will be able to play four note in addition to the one curently playing, scale them, and play them randomly in a defined range !

Chorb will act if you set a note number value more than +0 and turn it On. He will play this note in addition of any note you are currently playing or a sequence currently running.
In Random menu, you can set if you want that valu playing randomly or not, and if so, between which values the random will act. (-) Values will not be negative, the currently playing note will stay the fundamental, it will be the lower value of the random range.

Only setting notes in additions each one of them can sounds cool, but also really weird and feel like you are doing anything. This is why Chorb have a simple Scaler. Simply disable the notes you don’t want, and your chords will not go on them. And the random will also play anything, but always tuned on the selected scale.

Of course every parameters is mapable.
And if you want to record your Chord progression to select and loop a specific part, you just have to put Chorb in a midi track, your instrument in another one, and set the midi in of this instrument track to be the one where Chorb is. Now, the records will have every notes Chorb will play !

Chorb is a free Max for Live device, get it here :

If you want to support my work you can donate what you want via paypal to :"

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