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Saturday, November 07, 2020

The Beast in the Machine // A Syntrx Sound FX Experiment

Genshi Media Group


Further explorations of the Erica Synths SYNTRX. This is a completely experimental, non-musical, sound fx demo, so if that's not your thing, you may want to look elsewhere (like to my previous video which was a more musical demonstration of the Syntrx.)"

Vintage Synth Lab Eurorack Demo - Depeche Mode - To Have and To Hold

Vintage Synthlab

"Short demo of VSL Eurorack modules playing To Have and To Hold by Depeche Mode. Wavefolding is dynamic, driven by the D-ENV (delayed env gen module) VCA feeding the AWM-3 (wave folding mixer module), in triple-wave fold configuration.

Next we see three modulation sources, all injected into the three independent wave-fold stage bias or threshold (CV input). This creates a HUGE chorus sound. Think of it as the PWM for non-rectangular waveforms (sine, tri, ramp, saw).

And the use of our VCF-74 (analog filter) with additional D-ENV modules, creates the widest array possible for analog synthesis texture, dynamics, and overall character."

Sinusoidal Numeric Incremental Device - SNIDxs - Test Patches

Variable Oscillations

"The Sinusoidal Numeric Incremental Device in a concentrated form. Testing out oscillator sync and amplitude modulation from the clock divider pulse outputs" followed by "Modulating amplitudes with the revolutionary technology of resistive finger patch cables."

See the Variable Oscillations label for more.

This Synthesizer Brings 8-Bit To 2020

Simon The Magpie

"In this video I check out the "Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps". Sorta getting to know it along with you!

'LIVEN 8bit warps is combined an 8-bit waveform memory synthesizer with a step sequencer, that we are designing with a focus on live electronic performance.'"

Improv #18 for VCS3, Arp 2600, Moog Voyager, Mellotrons, Rainstick and Singing Bowls

R. Reger

"One-take improvised collage soundscape."

ÆTHER WAVES VOL. 2 - AE Modular Synthesizer Community Album for Charity!



Just like last year, the AE Modular Synth community created an album together. 26 artists came together to create an exclusive track each, with 100% AE Modular sound, resulting in almost 2 hours of nicely listenable electronic synthesizer music.

All earnings go to the "Musicians without Borders" charity!

Listen to it here and let us spread the joy of making music:

AE Modular Community Forum:

"** Æther Waves Vol. 2 **

A celebration of the AE Modular Synthesizer made by tangible waves.

This is the second collaboration from artists from the AE Modular forum at You will hear a very broad spectrum of how people make music with the AE Modular and it shows how versatile this system is. But no matter how different the tracks are from one another, they are all 100% performed with the AE Modular system and showcase how versatile this instrument is.

Each artist has provided a description and a photo of their patch and you can see this information when you click on each individual track.

There is now a growing group of artists that call the AE Modular their main instrument and you can see a list of them here:

If you would like to know more about tangible waves and the AE Modular system you can find this at:
released November 6, 2020

** All proceeds donated to Musicians Without Borders **

Again all proceeds from sales go directly as donations to a non-profit organisation. This year we will support Musician Without Borders who use the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war. Their vision is to inspire people worldwide to engage as peacemakers and use music to transform lives.

Please read more about the incredible work that Musicians Without Borders is doing world wide on their website:

** Big thanks to **

BLAKMOTH, who has created this awesome album cover and the new banner! You can find his music and art here on Bandcamp at

** Album Produced by **

Spacedog, who has taken all the raw tracks and applied the same sound mastering magic touch to each of them to make them sound outstanding. He is also a very productive musician with decades spent in the Berlin School and you can find links to his various projects at

The 5th Volt, who just had to send reminders every week or so to the forum to coax and convince people on the forum to come out and show their music to the world. He is incredibly humbled by the breadth and scope of skills shown by the artists that have participated in the making of this album. THANK YOU TO ALL!

You can find more info about The 5th Volt at

** Special Thanks to **

Robert Langer from tangible waves, who had the creative spark and courage to put out a completely new and revolutionary modular synthesizer system into the world. His creation of the AE Modular system has and continues to inspire seasoned and beginning musicians all around the world. But he is not only an incredible electrical engineer, but also a gifted musician and you can hear him play his own synth in the very last track of this album."

Étude No.9 - Freak/Rampage/Muxlicer/ReduXer/Mimeophon/BIA/Desmodus Versio

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

Here are some patch notes:
- I have Freak set with a built in dual VCA, and both channels have the resonance all the way up.
- The Keystep Pro is triggering both sections of Rampage, which are opening the VCA of Freak.
- I have S&H from the 1U Noise Tools modulating the fall times of one channel, and the Muxlicer sequencing the fall times of the other channel.
- Freak is going to ReduXer from VoicAS, and from there to the Mimeophon.
- I have S&H coming from the Disting modulating both the color and repeats controls of the Mimeophon.
- The Keystep Pro is also triggering the Basimilus, which is going to the Desmodus Versio with the regen all the way up so it's side chained to the Basimilus.
- I'm clocking the Mimeophon, the Disting, and Muxlicer with the Keystep Pro.

E-MU EMULATOR II Sampling Synthesizer (1984) Halloween Theme - John Carpenter


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

One of my favorite movie themes from the horror movie master John Carpenter from thre year 1978. Be careful!

all synthesizer sounds: E-MU EMULATOR II Sampling Synthesizer (1984)
drums: Emulator II
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:"

Meng Qi Rollz-5+ Ciat-Lonbarde Experimental Drum Machine / Rhythm Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

"Experimental drum machine & synthesizer, designed by Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde and manufactured by synth designer Meng Qi.

Don't know how to describe this one other than it's a wickedly obtuse and noisy rhythmic synth, which uses banana jacks in a semi-modular fashion.

This is Revision 4 of Meng Qi's design, and has been modified with potentiometers for control of each of the 4 AVDog undulation speeds.

Functions great. There is a small crack on the bottom left side, which has been fixed with epoxy. Seen in picture 2."

Electric Koto Shakuhachi Conductor Multi-Sounds Synthesizer

via this auction

"This item has 6 kinds of sound. (organ, koto, chorus, shakuhachi, trumpet and vibraphone). It can tune volume, pitch and octave, and can play chords (max 4 notes)."

Minimoog Voyager Rackmount Analog Synthesizer SN RM1920

via this auction

Black Corporation Kijimi SN 1212

via this auction

Korg DW-8000 SN 009452 w/ Original DW-8000/EX-8000 Preload Programs Cassette

via this auction

"Korg DW 8000 in very good condition. Comes with super rare original Korg DW 8000 cassette with all the original patches and manual. This Korg DW 8000 has also been fitted with a new battery and battery holder, replacing the old infamous hard-wired soldered on battery."

Alesis A6 Andromeda

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver SN 01181

via this auction

Elektron Analog RYTM & DSI Pro 2


Think Tank


"A modular synth exploration of the mind. Made with eurorack. Hope you enjoy it."

Micro Synth ParipiDestroyer with KORG volca beats & ROLI Seaboard by Shangri-La

Shangri-la S

"Hello friends! I played a brand new micro synth 'ParipiDestroyer' produced by DigiLogTokyo's sub-brand 'Crazy Synth Kids'. This cute and very tiny synthesizer provides intense bass sounds despite its cute looks. Paripi is the meaning of 'Party People' This is so dope!

How you play is up to you. It is a size that you can carry anytime and anywhere in a real sense. In this video, I also used KORG Volca beats and ROLI Seaboard Block."

New KORG ARP 2600 Mini & SQ-64 Sequencer In the Works?

Rumors are out that the KORG ARP 2600 Mini previously posted here is real and an SQ-64 Sequencer is coming as well.

Take a look at the purported shot of the two to the left.

This one is in via Brian O'Malley.

Update: new pics of the SQ64 here.

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