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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Near the whispers


Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2
Moog Matriarch
Access Virus TI
Elektron Machinedrum
Eventide Blackhole VST

100% PSS-570


"A track by co-contributor Brendan Murphy using the Yamaha PSS-570 as the sole sound source. Yes, a little toy synth from the late 80's featuring an FM engine and PCM drum samples."

YAMAHA CS30 Synthesizer

via this auction

ASD Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer Sample Pack Bank 2 DEMO Yamaha Motif XF6 Montage MODX

Rik Marston Official Rik Marston Official

Timestamps below. Follow-up to this post.

"ASD Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer Collection Sample Pack
for Yamaha Motif XF6, Montage & MODX - Voice Bank 2 DEMO"
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Samples for the FUTURE!***
Ahnyxian Sound Design (ASD) Roland Jupiter-8 sample pack
for the Yamaha Motif XF6, Montage & MODX $24.99 on Etsy
or direct email:

RE: purchase JP8 sample pack
just in case you don't want to sign up on Etsy. It's Paypal only! :)
4 Voice Banks, 16 Voices per Bank 487mb total.
Load into your Yamaha synth 1 Voice at a time or load 1 Voice Bank
to any User Voice Bank location. Each bank is under 128mb each.
Samples are C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, -5 samples each multisample!
Samples are 11-25 seconds each! No super short samples!
Don't own a Yamaha Motif XF6, Montage or MODX?
This collection is available in mono .WAV format & it includes samples
from the Roland Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6 & MKS-80 (REV.5) 1.39GB! $24.99

ASD Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer Collection Sample Pack for YAMAHA
Voice Bank 2 Multisample / Sample Name, Time in video:

JP8 God's JP8 @ 00:03 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Gold @ 00:32 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Hi Strings @ 01:04 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 HoJo Strings @ 02:04 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Mellow Strings @ 03:30 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Mode Brass @ 04:15 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Moog @ 04:58 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Olympus @ 05:39 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Orbit @ 06:28 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Perfect Brass @ 07:22 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Phaze Pad @ 08:23 - only Chorus & Reverb from XF6
JP8 Sweet Analog @ 09:23 - Layered Multisamples / Multi FX
JP8 Hollywood Strings @ 10:14 - Layered Multisamples / Multi FX
JP8 Dare Brass @ 11:56 - Layered Multisamples / Multi FX
JP8 Touch The Sky @ 12:29 - Layered Multisamples / Multi FX
JP8 Moogular @ 13:33 - Layered Multisamples / Multi FX

My world famous synthesizer sample packs (formally on Reverb under Reverb Sync / Rik Marston) are on sale again to the masses on my new Etsy page! These .WAV samples can be used in ANY device or software that can load .WAV's. 

My NEW Etsy store: **AhnyxianSoundDesign** UP NOW!"

SOUNDMIT 2020 - Eurorack Synth Masterclass - Chris Meyer - Learning Modular


"Al Soundmit 2020 Virtual Edition, Chris Meyer di ha tenuto una masterclass live dedicata ai synth modulari e a nuove tecniche per utilizzare in modo creativo i nostri synth!

At the Soundmit 2020 Virtual Edition, Chris Meyer of held a live masterclass dedicated to modular synths and new techniques for using our synths creatively."

You can find additional posts featuring Learning Modular here.

ESK - Yamaha FVX-1 User Presets + Layer


"Demo of 4 sound layers with some user presets i made for the Yamaha FVX-1 FM-Synthesizer. I show first the 4 single presets and then the whole sound layer.
All sounds are form the Yamaha FVX-1.
Direct recording without external effects or mastering."

Yamaha FVX-1 demos by Metunar

Yamaha SY1 w/ Original Dust Cover

via this auction

Korg MS-20 Mk I Vintage with Overlay, Docs, Original Patch Cords SN 145914

via this auction

"Absolutely stunning MS-20, Mk 1. The only blemishes are some marks along the lower edge of the back and scratches by the volume knob (see photos). Serviced to repair sample and hold circuit and faulty momentary switch, so it's ready to go and sounds like a monster. I don't think it had been played at all, and the faulty components must have failed due to disuse and age. Includes all original Japanese language manuals, patch cords (never used), Japanese language overlay for front panel, Korg catalog, sticker, warranty card, tutorial book. Basically everything that came with it new, but no original box."

Roland Jupiter-8

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*Zelda Month* VGM #181: Oshus' Theme (Phantom Hourglass)

Amie Waters

"Ah yes, another two month long Zelda Month has arrived. I will continue on though. Got two more tracks to go. This one has been requested by Patrons and fans for a couple years now, and I am happy to finally dive into the Phantom Hourglass OST."


Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (And Back) - Book Review + Flip Through


Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (And Back) is also available on Amazon here.


Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (And Back) book review & book flip through. Synthesizer Evolution is a recently published book covering every major synth, drum machine and sampler from 1963-1995. Each instrument is hand drawn and includes vital statistics and quirky facts.

Synth Evolution is published by Velocity Press ( and written & illustrated by Oli Freke (, a London-based musician, artist and author with a life-long passion for analogue synthesizers and electronic music.

Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (And Back) provides us with an in-depth look at synthesizer history over the decades and covers a variety of vintage synthesizers including analog synths, digital synths, modular synths, wavetable synths, FM synths, additive synths and more.

Join me for a narrated book flip through highlighting various synths and concluding with a brief book review at the end. Hope you enjoy and feel free to grab a copy of Synth Evolution if you like it.

00:00 - Intro

01:01 - 360 Systems, Access Music (Virus), Ace Tone
01:46 - Akai (AX80, AX60)
02:43 - Arp Instruments (2500, 2600)
03:44 - Behringer
04:07 - Buchla modulars
04:22 - Casio (Casiotone, CZ series, HT series)

Noise Engineering Fractio Solum Demos

Blog: Dueling Fractio Solum - Noise Engineering

"From the blog:

What if we have TWO Fractio Solum? What will happen?? Polymetric patching, that’s what! Here, we have a melody and four-part percussion patch. Imitor Versio gives some delay and texture to the patch. Two Fractio Solum and a Vox Digitalis provide all the sequencing for the patch, and an external CV sequence modulates the FS ratios to keep things dynamic."

Blog: Dueling Fractio Solum

"From the blog:

So, what do those big numbers mean? At its core, FS is a clock divider and multiplier. You put a clock in. You get a clock out. Simple, right? But here’s where it gets interesting: you change how that clock comes out by turning the encoder and changing the ratio shown on the display. The ratio display works just like a fraction: the number on top represents the clock output. The number on the bottom represents the clock input. This makes seeing what your division is easy.

Now, that’s all well and good, but what clock ratios are actually available on FS?

The short answer is A LOT.

The more in-depth answer is that you can get everything from 1/16 to 16/1. To make it easy to move through these, we’ve grouped the ratios into three sets, selected by the switch in the middle of the displays. The “1” setting contains all the ratios that, as you may have guessed, have a one in the top or bottom of the fraction. Your normal divide by eight, multiply by four, divide by two can be found here, but so can more interesting things like 1/7, 9/1, 1/15, 10/1...

The “23” setting contains ratios involving powers of 2 and 3. You’ll find more standard things here: 1/16, 1/8, 3/1, that sort of thing. There are also a few oddballs like 8/3 in here, but if you need more ratios than the “1” mode gives you but don’t want to get too abstract, this is the mode you’ll want. We’ve found this to be the most “musical” mode, at least in the most traditional sense.

Lastly, there’s N/M mode. This mode has every single ratio from 1/10 to 10/1. If you like unusual timings, tuplets, and polyrhythms, this is the mode for you. I didn’t know 7/3 could be a fun time signature until I plugged FS in. This is the favorite mode around the NE house."

Blog: Sequencing percussion with Fractio Solum

"From the blog:

We wanted to make the FS flexible and versatile, so we designed it with quite a bit of I/O. First, there’s your standard clock and reset inputs, labeled In and RST. Now, bear in mind that you don’t need to patch a reset signal here: all you have to do is patch in a clock and you’re off. I find the RST input very helpful when using FS for sequencing: I can dial in a wacky ratio, and then use the RST input to create a repeatable sequence based off my main clock. If you’re in 7/3 and using the /2 out, for instance, your output is gonna be pretty abstract compared to other rhythms that may be happening in your patch. The RST input helps tie everything together, though: trigger it at regular intervals and your 7/3 becomes a repeating rhythmic motif that’s much easier to fit into the rest of a patch.

Of course, there’s also a CV input: this lets you change the clock ratio of FS with an external CV source. This allows for some awesome stuff like automated time signature changes, rhythmic clock sequencing, burst generation… You name it.

On to the outputs: FS has four outputs. There’s the main out jack, labeled Out (clever, I know), which gives you the exact ratio shown on the display. Additionally, there are x2 and /2 outputs, which are respectively twice as fast and half as fast as the main Out jack. Lastly, there’s the BOC jack, which stands for Beginning Of Cycle (and also Boards of Canada. Because they are great). As the name suggests, it fires each time the FS completes a cycle, based on the slowest /2 output.

If you tap the encoder, all the outputs on FS get muted. It keeps track of the input clock while it’s muted, so when you tap it again to unmute it, it’ll be correctly in phase with the clock input. It’s a handy performance feature if you’re using FS as a rhythm generator for your voices, if you want to make a sequencer do interesting things, or if you just need things to be a little quieter for a second."

Vol. 1​(​a​)​: Campfire Orb by Witch on Horseback Vintage Vinyl Featuring Trumansburg, NY Moog Employees

According to this post on Boing Boing, this is a narration featuring early Moog employees from Trumansburg, NY.

"John discusses a particularly bizarre vinyl recording he happened upon during the local library sale, created by a man named Dr. Noving Jumand in collaboration with some early Moog employees from nearby Trumansburg, NY:

Jumand was something of an Ithaca legend back when I first moved here in the nineties, though he's mostly forgotten now. He'd come to town for a Cornell PhD in psychology, and was teaching as a lecturer, when he got approval for a controversial study involving the effect of narrative on human behavior. A few of his subjects—students, getting paid five dollars an hour—ended up hospitalized, and one was (and perhaps still is) committed to a mental institution. This created all kinds of paranoid rumors about Jumand's narratives—that they were in some way magical, or had been funded by the defense department—but it turned out that he'd given half of these students an experimental drug cocktail, derived from Phencyclidine, and this is what sent them on their dangerously dissociative journeys.

An investigation followed, during which it was revealed the the subjects knew they might be drugged and had signed release forms saying so; and the ones who were hospitalized already had histories of mental illness and drug addiction that could explain their reaction. As a result, no criminal charges were brought against Jumand—but the University cancelled his research and kicked him off campus.


One extant artifact of his brief period of notoriety is a series of rare recordings of his narratives, made in collaboration with some former Moog employees he met at a swap meet in Trumansburg."

Arturia Introduces V Collection 8 | Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

V Collection 8 | Legendary Keyboards Reinvented
Jup-8 V - V Collection | ARTURIA
Jun-6 V - V Collection | ARTURIA
Vocoder V - V Collection | ARTURIA
Emulator II V - V Collection | ARTURIA
Analog Lab V - V Collection | ARTURIA

"What’s new in V Collection 8?
4 brand new instruments

Jun-6 V
Instant analog love
Legendary easy-to-use polysynth with an irresistible creamy sound that stirs the soul.

Emulator II V
Textural Sampling Ensemble
An ‘80s sampling icon retrofitted for dusty lo-fi charm and modern playability.

Vocoder V
Ultimate Voice Electrifier
The original 16-channel vocoder, supercharged with its own sampler and synth engine.

Legendary growl machine
The renowned polysynth hitmaker known for cinematic pads and growling bass alike.
2 upgraded titles

Jup-8 V4
Instant analog love
The legendary polyphonic flagship reborn with a colossal new sound and modulation engine.

Stage-73 V2
Electric soul machine
EP classic with redesigned physical modeling for new levels of soulful authenticity and variety.
Analog Lab V

Your gateway to iconic sound. A single powerful plugin containing thousands of presets from V Collection 8’s virtual instrument sound engines - your go-to personalized keyboard arsenal for studio and stage.

700 new & expertly-curated patches that elevate V Collection’s synthesizers beyond their hardware predecessors. From vintage disco basslines to breathtaking filmscore ambience, PatchWorks combines past, present, and future in spectacular sonic fashion.
Your dream workflow
Ultimate control - Get hands-on with V Collection 8 thanks to smart MIDI controller integration, with intuitive mapping and 4 control macros for every instrument.

DAW-compatible - Use V Collection’s instruments standalone or in your DAW of choice for an easy workflow that suits you style.

Integrated tutorials - Get to grips quickly with easy-to-follow tutorials for each instrument, covering essential controls, sound design tips, and more.

Smart browsing - Find your sound instantly. Browse intuitively by type, instrument, sound designer, and more - you can even save your favorite presets for later.
Special Launch Offer
To celebrate the launch of V Collection 8, we’re offering an exclusive intro deal - users can login to their account to access their personal offer price until January 10th, 2021.

Due to the inclusion of more instruments, sounds, and workflow improvements, the collection will now be priced at 599€ as standard."

Arturia Jun-6 V Demo and Tutorial

CatSynth TV

"A detailed look at the newly released Jun-6 V from Arturia! It is a recreation of the famous Roland Juno 6 and Juno 60 synthesizers from the 1980s. We go over the basic functions, create a typical "fat Juno pad", and explore some of the additional advanced features. We also demo a few of the factory presets.

00:23 History of the Juno 6 and Juno 60
01:17 Basic features of the Jun-6 V
10:41 Creating that quintessential "fat Juno pad" from scratch
12:37 A quick look at unison mode
13:14 Advanced panel features
19:00 Factory Presets"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike"

Shared System Tutorials | Part 26 | Clocks, Patterns & Gates

Cinematic Laboratory

"In this episode we'll take a deeper dive into clocks, gates, triggers, divisions and patterns to turn your shared into a techno system (or whatever you prefer) where you can patch all night. First, there's a bit of theory, a quick tribal jam (please use headphones to hear the deep sinewave low end) and then I'd like to show you a cool example mixing gate patterns with X-PAN and Maths to create gate patterns with dynamic volumes. If you love making beats, you'll definitely love this!"

And the full playlist:

Octatrack OS Upgrade: Tempo Per Pattern


"You can now set Tempo Per Pattern on the Octatrack. Link up arrangements with different BPMs, giving you even more freedom to build dynamic and versatile compositions. Creativity at your pace."

Novation Peak & Elektron Analog Heat


6 12 20 One afternoon with Plumbutter and Cocoquantus


"Plumbutter with external reverb."

AMBIKA - Analog/digital hybrid 6 voice poly-synth: - 3 x voice cards.

via this auction

"SVF Voice card
SMR-4 Voice card
4P Voice card

Unfinished DIY project.

The synth has been built but not housed. All components have been soldered in place. Currently does not work..."

Open Music Labs MixTape Alpha Synth Sequencer

via this auction


via this auction

You can find a demo of one posted here.

Moog Sirin Analog Synthesizer Module

via this auction

Moog MicroMoog

via this auction

"This is a classic analog synthesizer from the inimitable Moog Music. Made in Williamsville, New York in 1975, this is a hand-crafted work of art, and it sounds absolutely like a Moog synthesizer. It's nearing the 50 year old mark, and as such it displays some cosmetic wear, but nothing that affects playability or functionality. This machine is perfect working order, and all the pots and switches operate smoothly without any crackling or popping. The keys all play just fine, and the ribbon controller works great, and is properly scaled to provide one octave range in either direction. I had the synth serviced and calibrated last year, and its attached power cable was replaced with a standard IEC socket."

15-The Arturia PolyBrute-Polyphony


"Here is a demonstration of the "polyphony" functionality of the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Streetly Tapes For M-Tron Pro - Volume 5

GForce Software

"A no talking, no-nonsense, music only run through of the 24 raw tapebanks (plus a couple of Patches for good measure) curated from the Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tapebank archive and made available for M-Tron Pro for the very first time.

Played by Alex Ball & Dave Spiers.

The full list of tapebanks available on Volume 5 is as follows:

Adrian Belew Guitar
All the Brass
Baritone Sax
Bass Clarinet
Bass Flute
Big Sax
Big Strings
Ebow Guitar
Electric Viola
Flute Choir
Fretless Bass
Triple Low Cello
Massed Violins
New French Horn
Octave Harpsicord
Plucked Piano
Pub PIano
Random Choir
Steve Hackett Guitar
Twelve String Guitar
Two Cellos
Uriah Heep SFX
Winds ’n’ Reeds"

First beat on the isla instruments s2400

brandon logic

Ankor Drone QasarBeach (Fairlight CMI IIx)


"A short demo of taking a sound and recreating a drone from it..
"QasarBeach CMI IIz" is a Fairlight CMI simulator that recreates the user interface and functionality of the original hardware, while adding many useful improvements making workflow much faster and intuitive.

You can download QasarBeach here:"

Check out additional QasarBeach posts here.

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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