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Saturday, January 16, 2021

SOUNDMIT 2020 - Intervista Esclusiva a Suzanne Ciani con Johann Merrich e Giorgio Li Calzi


"Abbiamo intervistato Suzanne Ciani!

La sua vita con il Buchla, dalla fabbrica sulla West Coast al suo ruolo di compositrice e di donna nel mondo della musica elettronica degli ultimi 50 anni.

Suzanne is a five-time Grammy award-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist who has released over 20 solo albums including "Seven Waves," and "The Velocity of Love," along with a landmark quad LP “LIVE Quadraphonic,” which restarted her Buchla modular performances. Her work has been featured in films, games, and countless commercials as well.

She was inducted into the first class of Keyboard Magazine's Hall of Fame alongside other synth luminaries, including Bob Moog, Don Buchla and Dave Smith and received the Moog Innovation Award. Most recently, she is the recipient of the Independent Icon Award from A2IM.

Suzanne has provided the voice and sounds for Bally's groundbreaking "Xenon" pinball machine, created Coca-Cola’s pop-and-pour sound, designed logos for Fortune 500 companies, and carved out a niche as one of the most creatively successful female composers in the world. A Life in Waves, a documentary about Ciani’s life and work, debuted at SXSW in 2017 and is available to watch on all digital platforms.

Ciani is a graduate of Wellesley College and holds a Masters in Music Composition from the University of California, Berkeley."

You can find addtional posts mentioning and/or featuring Suzanne Ciani here.

All Roland Boutique JP08 Synth tune - Jamuary 14 - 4 JP08s in Ableton Live with a drum rack

Expanding Sound

"I made a little quick tune using just the Roland Boutique JP08 and a drum rack in Ableton Live. Just a little delay on the Boutique and some slight eq but not all that much. I thought it came out pretty fun. Every now and again I like to pull out this JP08 and remind myself why I wanted it. Sure the knobs are small, and when you change something you have to be extra fine with it, but I do think it sounds good for what it is, which is a just a fun small desktop synth. Hope you enjoy it!"

Munatix - Longing For Some Time With Me (Official Video)


New from supporting member, Munatix featuring a KORG Polysix, Roland Juno 60, and Oberheim OB-8 & OB-1.

"Munatix – Retro Vibe Synthpop Band

Spotify :
Apple Music :

ISRC : BE 3ID 21 00011 - Song
ISRC : BE 3ID 21 90011 - Video

Special thanks to SSLRent Hasselt for providing the stage and light show.
Special thanks to Lorenz Stas for programming the light show.

Special thanks to Kevin Vonckx from Vos Media for shooting the video images."

Two pics via Munatix on Instagram:

App Sound Sequential Pro 3 Hypotenuse


"'Hypotenuse' is a sound pack with 64 arpeggiator presets for the Sequential PRO 3 (Standard and SE). Get musically inspired with these sounds. Showcasing the strengths of the Pro 3 as a hybrid synthesizer that moves between "analog" and "digital" in its own way.
Get the new presets here:"

Ricky Tinez: Trying to Make a Sound I heard in my Head // What is Key Tracking? w/ the Novation Peak

Ricky Tinez

"What is Key tracking? I've been loving using keyboard tracking as a modulation source for weirder things. Outside of the typical Filter tracking, key tracking can be used as a source, on most synthesizers with a good mod matrix, to modulate a vast number of things. In this video i try and sound design a sound i heard in my head while driving, using key tracking as the core modulation source.

00:00 The Sound
01:12 What is Key Tracking
04:03 Sound Design on Peak
06:11 Advanced Sound Design
10:15 Modulating Modulators
11:48 Outro"

Sinusoid 4 channel tracker for iOS


"Sinusoid is a tracker/sequencer sound machine for iOS inspired by retro 8 bit game consoles. This new version comes with many new improvements of the UI and more and easier to access functionality. Also adding AUv3 support and MIDI out.

App Store:

The amazing video using styrofoam cubes and two projectors was filmed by Perplex On. I love it so much. You should definitely check out his other work, it is always inspiring I think."

"Sinusoid is a tracker/sequencer sound machine inspired by retro 8 bit game consoles. It has 4 sound channels where 3 play tones and 1 plays drums and noise. It has audio parameters like pan, amplitude envelope, vibrato, pitch glide, a resonant filter and second oscillator for ring modulation and fm. Further sculpt the sound with an arpeggiator, delay and bit crusher. Export songs to AIFF and listen to them in the in app music player or share them with other apps. MIDI can be used to control parameters, play and input notes. MIDI out makes it possible to play other synths with sinusoid using Core MIDI, Bluetooth, IAA MIDI or AUv3 MIDI. Connect to other sound apps using Audiobus, Inter App Audio or AUv3.

+++ 3 tone channels: sinusoid, square, triangle, saw, pulse (75%, 50%, 25% or 12.5%)
+++ 1 drum/noise channel
+++ Stereo pan
+++ Amplitude envelope (attack, length and release)
+++ 2nd oscillator for fm and ring modulation
+++ Vibrato
+++ Pitch glide
+++ Resonant filter
+++ Arpeggio/stutter
+++ Tape delay
+++ Bit/samplerate crush
+++ Per note ability to override all channel audio parameters
+++ Copy/paste between devices on the same network
+++ Save and share projects using “open with” and files app drag’n drop
+++ Export to songs to AIFF
+++ Core MIDI, Bluetooth, IAA MIDI, AUv3 MIDI
+++ Audiobus, IAA and AUv3"

Philips Philicorda Valve-Organ

via this auction

"Extra Rare Organ from the 60s Era, you won't find any other one like this on market !
It's Valve organ with rich authentic tone, sounds just awesome ! Also has this golden philips label on it
Made in Germany by Philips company. Just like Hofner they were an etalon of quality in those days"

Elektron Sidstation MOS SID Synthesizer SN F01000458-81

via this auction

Roland SPV-355 P/V Synth

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments EVOLVER Analog / Digital Synth

via this auction

Fender Chroma Polaris SN 300474

via this auction

"FULLY TESTED Fender Chroma Polaris Analog Synthesizer 80's Model 2123 Made in Japan."

Roland D-550 Rackmount Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg DS-8 Vintage Digital FM Synthesizer Synth

via this auction

RSF Kobol Expander


#Modal Electronics #COBALT 8 Best Virtual-Analogue #Synthesizer 2021 | Features & Sound Demo


"#Modal #Cobalt8 is a synthesizer designed for the classic analog synth sounds such as pads, strings and chords, but goes well "beyond analogue"...Have Fun...;-)"

For Science | #Maths x 4 = ?

Cinematic Laboratory

"When I got another Maths to complete the modules of the Tape & Microsound - in separates - I felt the eurorack addiction like never before. Who the fork needs four maths. However, four Maths adds up to eight triangle waveform cycles which reminds me of the Lyra-8 and in theory it's possible to patch them up so they can feedback on themselves. I did not go that far, even though I prepared a case with a Lion matrix in it. Having some help from two ModDemix modules was enough to bring them together. As for the addiction, I feel a bit better now. Been there, done that. Now it's time to let go."

Look Mum No Computer - Waiting For The World To End Live Synths - Introducing Cambridgeshire BBC


"A live version of 'Waiting for the world to end' I recorded for BBC introducing cambridgeshire :"

Kurzweil K2700 In the Works?

This one is in via an anonymous reader. Placeholder site here.

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