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Monday, January 18, 2021

Keeley Hydra pedal on synth - Prophet Rev2

Richard DeHove

"The Hydra tremolo and reverb combo pedal tested on a Rev2 synth. Not an exhaustive tutorial but more a taster of the three modulation modes and three reverbs. I bought this pedal myself at full price, so not a paid review or an affiliate. The Rev2 was set to about half volume, straight into the soundcard and then into Reaper. There was absolutely no post-processing of the sound in anyway - no compression, no eq."

This is what it sounds like when you control half your modular with Mutable Instruments Tides...

Cables For Clouds

"This is a leftover synth jam recorded on 09.22.2020
I sent Tides into 3 filters, Plaits, Rings, Elements and a delay.
I fed the reverb into a VCA/ envelope (which ends up sounding like a wall of white noise)
✶ Follow Here ✶

Fred’s Lab Buzzzy - 4 part MIDI synth module SN 00055

via this auction

"Advanced 16 voice digital polysynth capable of a broad and beautiful range of tones. It is fast and immediate, ideal for use onstage and for instant music production.

The instrument is 4 part multitimbral and features 4 distinctive sound engines (Pulse, FM, Waves & Noise), 9 quality FX (reverbs, delays and filters) and an arpeggiator per part. USB provides both power and MIDI. Also has MIDI IN DIN5 socket."

You can find demos of Buzzzy in prevous posts here.

1010 Music Blackbox Desktop Compact Sampling Studio w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Includes (2) 1010 MIDI adapters, 8GB micro SD card, guide and USB cable."

Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander LFE

via this auction

"Design matched Sequential OB-6, but works for Prophet 6 and can be used for other MIDI synths too.

Display works perfectly but was hard to photograph without looking weird. It looks the way it should in person."

NAMM 2021: UNO Synth Pro with Erik Norlander


Starts at 1:46.

"IK’s resident synth guru Erik Norlander offers an exciting new look at the UNO Synth family, bringing next-generation analog to everyone. Tune in for an exclusive video covering every element of synth design and performance, with tips on shaping the widest range of sounds – from recreating iconic vintage tones to designing the most cutting-edge new soundscapes.

Accomplished keyboardist, composer and producer, Erik co-designed IK’s UNO Synth, but his immense analog synth hardware pedigree includes design work on the legendary Alesis Andromeda synthesizer and more. Erik is also actively works with The Bob Moog Foundation and has been featured in multiple keyboard and music magazines."

Sequential Synth Tips #20 With J3P0 - Three Uses For Polymod With The Prophet 5/10


"Welcome back to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths.

In this episode, pianist Julian Pollack aka J3PO demonstrates three uses for the Poly-Mod section on the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10.

Follow J3PO here:

More about the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10:"

Sequencial PRO3 + Roland TR-808 + TB-303 + KORG SoundLink

Masaki Takada

Testing new live rig with plinky


"Juste quic&raw preview of the new live rig i build:
elektron octatrack
gotharman ld3
and some euro module : razmasynth unknow pleasures and MI grids
i build this new rig for live performance and improvisation, it's incomplet for now, but i'm working on!"

Synth Diy Guy's Holidays with Morph 4 - Joranalogue's Dimensional Modulation Array

Synth Diy Guy

"An overview and some patching ideas for Joranalogue's awesome new quad VCA with a unique and original Morph section!

Find out more here:
My album made with Morph 4 (laso BG music for this video):
My Website:
My Patreon:

Happy New Year! Stay Noisy!


Start 0:00
Intro 0:17
The controls 1:00
The outputs 1:59
A Quad VCA 2:43
The Morph 3:06
The voltage Lump 3:52
SPAN 6:29
EX 1 - 4 Way Crossfader 8:50
EX2 Phased chords - My Album patch 23:50
EX 3 Stereo Waveshaper 35:26
The End 49:07"

NAMM 2021 Believe In Music week - Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter

Supercritical Synthesizers

"Supercritical Synthesizers's Neutron Flux Filter is in stores now. It's a 8 pole variable character filter featuring a stereo analog signal path with accurate digital control. It can do saturated vintage filtering, modern razor sharp sounds, some more sophisticated audio tools and many more things.

In this 18 minute video the Supercritical people demo their polyphonic 16 voice Demon Core Oscillator and the Neutron Flux as a combo. This is specially for the fans of synthwave, acid, ambient, dance, modern pop and funk.

Supercritical Synthesizers - Digital brain, Analog heart.

Time stamps

00:00 - Neutron Flux Filter intro and features
02:00 - Demon Core Oscillator features
03:00 - A polyphonic funk patch
06:00 - Gargantuan drone patch
09:35 - Acid bassline
11:35 - External drum processing
13:50 - Funky massive bass patch
15:40 - Lush and wide stereo pad

The filter is priced at €495.

The circular logo is designed by Tomi Leppänen

This project is a part of R&D project funded by European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund."

The Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter was first introduced in September here.

Designing Sounds with the MicroFreak 3.0 Update (New Oscillators!)

Gabe Miller Music

"I design a bunch of sounds from scratch with the new oscillators and unison mode in the new 3.0 firmware update for the Arturia MicroFreak.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Bass patch 1
01:56 Bass patch 2 (w/ unison)
03:30 Bass patch 3 (w/ arp)
05:31 Saw patch 1
06:08 Saw patch 2 (w/ arp)
07:02 Harm patch 1 (w/ unison)
09:13 Harm patch 2 (gritty)
11:33 Oscillator switch brings chaos

Get my $5 sample pack:"

Oberheim Two Voice TVS-1A (1976) with Sequencer SN 0428

Station 2Station

via this auction

"As a buyer, please be aware that this is a vintage instrument from 1976. It's nearly half a century old, and you will never hear that raw electricity coming from a modern synth. BUT at the same time because of the age, these instruments can be temperamental and sometimes require repair. It's vintage discreet analog circuitry. That being said, Oberheim Two Voice synthesizers are reliable, as well as being highly repairable. But this unit is in great working order (see video).
The keyboard is clean and functioning perfect.
The knobs/pots are lubricated and functioning properly but they are mechanical pots from 1976 and they do feel like it. But they are normal for an Oberheim TwoVoice.
The white face of the instrument is clean and nearly scuff free (see pics).
The Tolex shell is in very good condition with no tears or major flaws - but is obviously 45 years old. (see pics)
The Owners Manual is original and some of the binding loops are cracked.
These instruments are exceedingly rare and Collectors Items and are increasing in value monthly. This should be considered and heirloom piece."

Mos-Lab 2P System Moog Clone

via this auction

You can find demos of the Mos-Lab 2P in previous posts here.

"Very rare Mos-Lab 2P System, a clone of the Moog IIP, in excellent condition.
A few small blemishes on the tolex but otherwise near mint.
The modules:
904-A Low Pass Filter x 2
904-B High Pass Filter
904-C Filter Coupler 902 VCA x 2 914 Fixed Filter Bank
923 Filters, HP & LP, and Noise
995 Attenuators 901 VCO 901-A VCO Controller x 3
901-B VCO x 2 911 Envelope Generator x 8
The cases includes:
CP3 Mixer x 3
CP15 Reversible Attenuators"

CRUMAR STRATUS Vintage CEM Synthesizer SN 00269

via this auction

"Unfairly marked as "slimmed-down version of the Crumar Trilogy", the Stratus is actually a synth with its own character and features, a hybrid keyboard with a set of sounds which belong neither to the world of the conventional organ nor to that of complex polyphonic synth. Released in 1982, it's a 6-voices polyphonic analog synthesizer + organ synth which can be played separately or simultaneously.


The Synth section implements two 74LS221 oscillators (the same used in the ultra-rare Crumar DS-1) with saw, square and saw+square waveforms. The two oscillators can be synced or tuned separately. The Synth architecture is basically built around CEM chips and in fact it features 6 CEM VCFs, 6 CEM VCAs and 6 CEM EG (one per voice). The CEM filters and envelopes, combined with the various oscillator features, make it possible to create a wide range of electronic pianos, lush strings, quasi-vocal pads and tuned percussive sounds. A very unusual (unique?) feature is the "Alternate" switch: this automatically switches between sawtooth and square on every key depression, or only after all the keys have been released and one is depressed again.


The Organ section implements two additional detunable (or syncable) master tone generators divided-down to generate the octaves of the 4 horizontal drawbars (2', 4', 8' and 16'). The fact that the two master Organ oscillators can be detuned allows to produce a vast, rich, organy sound. The Organ section is fully polyphonic and can benefit of the Glide effect and the LFO features. The Organ audio output can be taken separately from a ¼inch jack socket on the back panel, or from the socket marked 'Polysynth' which in fact gives a mix of synth and organ if used alone.

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha DX5 FM Synthesizer

via this auction

"Here is a very rare and massive sounding FM beast of a synth.. The classic and legendary DX5. Essentially a DX1 minus the weighted keybed and top panel LEDs.

There is simply nothing like a DX5 / DX1 synth. It is by far the best and biggest sounding FM engine made. I personally A/B'd this against a DX7, DX7II and other FM synths.. the DX5 simply is superior in raw tone. PLUS its essentially TWO DX engines under the hood. Yummy!!!

It all works great and sound amazing. Battery is NEW as of 1-14-21 : ), all keys, jacks, buttons, sliders are great. No operational issues.

Also comes with the two ROM carts."

YAMAHA CS-30 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ Sequencer SN 1748

via this auction

Roland JX-3P SN 387726 w/ PG-200 Programmer and Docs

via this auction

MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box Music From Outer Space Synth

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

"Works perfectly, has a pink LED! Still on its original 9v battery."

Moog Micromoog 2090 Analog Synthesizer SN 3309

via this auction

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - All keys and all controls are in great working order and the synth sounds fantastic! Mod wheel and ribbon controller are also working perfectly. Overall working condition is very good.


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 24.25" x 5.5" x 14.5"

Moog Source Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 2165

via this auction

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Works perfectly. All keys function smoothly. Switching through sounds is simple and they each sound great. Adjusting the parameters of each patch also functions smoothly. The overall working condition is excellent.


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 26.75" x 4" x 12.25"

high-pitched Sound Design #demo with a Korg Volca Drum and some BLEASS effects (Granulizer + Delay)


"Here's a quick demo so show how you can split the output from a Korg Volca Drum (using BLEASS Motion EQ) and add extra effects such as the BLEASS Delay and BLEASS Granulizer, Shimmer, Reverb...
Also, you can spot an upcoming BLEASS effect in the mix... guess what!
Get the BLEASS Apps for iPad here:"

22- The Arturia PolyBrute- Morphée Part B


"Here is part two of a two-part demonstration of the Morphée 3-D touch controller present on the Arturia PolyBrute."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Minimoog Model D Bass Line - Parliament Funkadelic - Flashlight (cover)

Nicolas Melis

"Minimoog Model D Reissue Bass Line - Parliament - Funkadelic Flashlight (cover)
A tribute to the great Bernie Worrell, the synth bass sound of one of the funkiest synth bass line of all time"

Akai Timbre Wolf - Pantsuit Party

The Free Radikal

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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