MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Buchla Encounters

video by Todd Barton

Exploring a new patch for the Buchla 223e interface and 200e system.
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Buchla Easel Command Explorations by Todd Barton


I always wonder what will come in for Valentine's day. Here you go. :)

"Benjolins rock, this one modulated by a MoogCP251 voltage controller passes thru an Instruo Athro wave folder, then on to a MF107 Moog FreqBox and then off into an H9 Blackhole Cigaroo preset. Turn up the bass!!!"

Sequential Circuits TOM SN 03064 w/ TAUNEK Expansion & Cartridge Collection

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

"Sequential Circuits TOM Vintage Drumcomputer MINT Serviced Expanded + Sounds w/ "TAUNEK" Expansion

- Serial #03064
- Made in USA
- fully serviced
- 100% working
- manuals (original) included
- includes 20 cartridges !!!

- Techno Drums
- Hippefex 1
- Atomic Drums
- Brazilian
- Brushes
- Power Drums
- Rock Drums
- Ethnic
- Analog Drums
- Orchestral
- Percussion 1
- Percussion 2
- Percussion 3
- Percussion 4
- Percussion 5
- Percussion 6
- Special Effects
- Contemporary
- Latin Percussion
- Basic Percussion

This wonderful machine has been serviced by our tech and all contact were cleaned or replaced.

Expanding the Sequential TOM to hold 16 "cartridges"

I bought my TOM a few years ago, and had always intended to make some sort of switch-able cartridge for it. I decided recently that it would be nicer to have everything inside the TOM, if possible, and control it using the TOM user interface. There are two advantages to doing it this way:

1) Cartridges can be selected without unplugging and replacing EPROMs, which can get damaged by ESD or bent pins.

2) Both the internal sounds and the cartridge can be swapped out, so all 15 sounds can be changed, not just the top 7. There are two "slots" - internal and cartridge. Any of the 16 "cartridges" can be placed in either slot. If a cartridge has seven sounds in it, and is placed in the internal slot, button 8 will not make a sound. All of the cartridges I have made have 8 sounds. If they are placed in the internal slot, all 8 are available. If they are placed in the cartridge slot, only the first 7 sounds are available.

The board plugs into one of the internal sound ROM IC sockets, after both chips have been removed. It also needs A15b and A16b which are not available in either socket, so two short wires are used. I use A15b and A16b instead of A15 and A16 to avoid connecting to the Wonder chip signals. Luckily there are eyelets on the TOM board right where I needed them to be for these two signals.

Here is a photo showing the newer version of the pcb, which has a third wire. The original two wires are connected exactly as before, while the third wire attaches to the lower end of the 10K resistor near the battery. I have added a small circuit which should allow inserting a cartridge (for testing) into the TOM while the TOM16 is installed. In this case, the only sounds available would be the ones on the cartridge, as the TOM16 EPROM is disabled.

How does it work? I added code to the TOM V1.6 OS firmware (the final SCI version) to allow selecting cartridges using the std user interface. Once the selection is made, these values are sent using the Wonder chip in a special way to a PIC micro-controller on my board. That chip presents the two cartridge select 4-bit codes to a dual 4:1 mux that feeds the correct one to an 8 Mbit EPROM. I do not plan to release the PIC code, or provide the source for my version of the TOM OS at this time. The only changes that I made to the TOM OS firmware were for TOM16 support. No other changes were made.

I am currently offering fully assembled pcb's for $105 including Priority Mail shipping to USA addresses. If you are outside of the USA, please contact me for the additional shipping cost. In order to install the board in your TOM, you will need to upgrade the (socketed) firmware EPROM with one that I supply. You will also need to remove the two (socketed) sound ROM chips I610 and I611. And finally you will need to carefully solder three wires, (which I will supply) into small holes in the TOM pc board and in my board."

Moog Synthesizer Technical Service Manuals Lot

via this auction

Alesis Photon X25 - MIDI Controller / Audio Interface

via this auction

Haven't seen one of these in ages.

"Alesis Photon X25 MIDI Controller + 2ins/2outs audio interface

This MIDI controller is not young, but it's still in very good condition and works perfectly. Maybe a little cleanup of some knobs will be necessary and the pitch wheel be calibrated, but otherwise it's in very good condition!

The built-in USB audio interface is Class-Compliant, which means it is compatible with Android, iOS, Win, Mac, Linux and all variations.

Of course, the main appeal of the Photon X25 is its unique AXYZ infrared dome, which allows you to control anything in 3D. While it's not ultra precise, it will give you hours of fun and experimentation!

The best of both worlds! The Alesis Photon X25 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller with Audio combines superior USB/MIDI control and high-quality recording in one cool package! Unique features like the Axyz Controller dome and 10 - 360 knobs give you powerful MIDI control over your software apps. Balanced 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz audio I/O allows recording and playback from your computer. The Photon X25 has a 25-key, velocity-sensitive keyboard with full-size Pitch and Modulation wheels. LCD screen with dedicated encoder for fast and easy set up. User-customizable templates can be placed on the front panel. The Alesis Photon X25 operates on USB power, optional external adapter, or 4 C batteries (not included). Windows XP/Mac OS X-ready. Features
25-note, full-size, semi-weighted keyboard
24-bit, 44.1/48kHz audio with balanced stereo I/O
Full-size Pitch and Modulation wheels
LCD screen with dedicated encoder for fast and easy setup
20 editable, storable configurations
Complete MIDI control with 10 - 360 endless knobs, 10 buttons, and 3 active layers
Axyz Controller Dome gives 3D control over audio effects and virtual instruments
Sustain and Expression pedal inputs
Operates on USB bus power, optional AC adapter, or 4 C batteries (not included)
Windows XP/Mac OS X-ready
This item is sold As-Described"

Evolution Vol 3 - Patches 76 to 100 - Sequential OB6

video by GEOSynths

"Out Now -

It's been almost 3 years since I brought out Evolution Vol 2 for the Sequential OB6 Synthesizer and wasn't sure I'd do another, however Sequential have updated the OB6 with the "Vintage Knob" feature, from the Prophet 5 Rev 4 Synth. After playing around with it, I decided to do another Bank and while it is subtle with some sounds, with others, it can really make a difference.

In this set I've also focused a little more on making Patches using Osc 2 as a Modulation Source and delving deeper. While there is the odd "Vintage" patch, it's more about getting new Synthesizer sounds."

GEOSynths Sequential OB6 Evolution demos

GEOSynths Sequential OB6 demos

4BIDEN, Prophet 6, preset 205 Prog Brass

video by Bob I. Gomez

"Original tune 4BIDEN, performed on the Sequential Prophet 6 synthesizer using my preset 205 Prog Brass."

Captain Credible Live Stream

video by Captain Credible

Evolution of the ARP 2600 - Synthchaser #135

video by Synth Chaser

"In this video I give you a brief look at the evolution of the ARP 2600 synthesizer, from the Grey Meanie, one of the very first units produced in 1971, to the final black & orange models made through 1981."

New Axel Hartmann Design Website and the Luca Anzilottis Schmidt

This one was sent my way via Soviet Space Child.

Renowned synth designer Axel Hartmann has a new website at If you own a synth or two created in the last three decades, chances are the look and feel were designed by Axel Hartmann. He has designed synths from Sequential, DSI, Moog, Roland, Arturia, UDO, Waldorf, and of course his own synth, the Neuron. He even designed the BlipBox! You can find stories behind many of his designs on his site and a list at the bottom of the about page here.

Pictured left is the 20 Synthesizer.

Below is one I haven't seen before. The Luca Anzilottis Schmidt.

Buchla Easel Command Exploration 6

video by Todd Barton

"Of course I had to do a Krell Patch. And yes, I realize I went out of bounds by using two other modules, the Makenoise Mimeophon and the Intellijel Planar 2. That said, I hope you enjoy this step-by-step construction of the patch. Below are more links to info about the Easel Command, some links to the other modules and finally a set of links to some interesting Krell patch Resources and cool videos by some of my good friends."

Buchla Easel Command Explorations by Todd Barton

Eventide H7600 Test - with PIN Electronics Portabella

video by verstaerker

"adding some big reverb to some wild Portabella sounds"

Eventide H7600 Test - Melodie transformed

"using the tweaked preset 'Levitation Alpha' to transform a very simple Melodie into an incredible wall of sound"

soundscape & improvisation with XTk & MLR

video by junklight

"wasn't really in the mood for patching & programming so just sat down with some trusty tools & made some noises. Really must get around to making some more XTk patches than this small handful I currently have on the go....."

Fractal animation ambient soundscape // Waldorf Iridium

video by Ambiotic Fluid

"An ambient soundscape jam recording of a Waldorf Iridium custom patch played with Touchscaper for iPad

Fractal animation created with Frax for iPad.

#ambient​ #fractal​ animation #waldorf​"

[LIVESTREAM] Elektron Model:Samples and Chill!

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Super casual stream and hangout.
Making some beats with the Model:Samples."

Oberheim Matrix 12 - Improvised sound exploration

video by Tim Mantle / Psalm37patches

"If you are looking for a video of the raw Oberheim Matrix 12 sound, this isn't for you. Likewise, if you are looking for a polished, well edited collection of sound and visuals, this isn't for you. This is just 20mins of me getting to know my Matrix 12 a little better with a ton of reverb and delay."

Moog Prodigy - PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer Couple *Maschinenmensch* 14 years on YouTube anniversary

video by RetroSound

Happy Anniversary to RetroSound!

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Today is RetroSound 14 years on YouTube.
Thank you all my followers.

bass synthesizer sounds: Moog Prodigy Analog Synthesizer (1979)
choir and fx sounds: PPG wave 2.2 Hybrid Synthesizer (1982)
drums: E-MU Emulator II Sampling Synthesizer (1984)
sequencing: Doepfer Dark Time Step Sequencer
recording: multi-track, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Home:"

Modal Cobalt 8 Synthesizer | Play (Cobalt8m Sounds demo; Eventide Blackhole reverb pedal)

video by Whentherushcomes

"Playing the Modal Electronics Cobalt8m (Cobalt8 module) synthesizer with the Eventide Blackhole reverb pedal. Midi keyboard is the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII.

8 voice extended virtual-analogue (VA) synthesizer. This powerful, inspiring instrument reinvents the aesthetics of analogue sounds and invites musicians, producers and sound designers to explore a new era of virtual-analogue synthesizer textures, far beyond the limits of its analogue forefathers.

--- Playlist (some of the presets were modified):
00:00​ 023 Squ Saw Stab
00:32​ 032 Elastico
00:59​ 001 Motherlode SQ
01:37​ 018 Blade Tears Lead
02:09​ 013 Trem Rise
02:47​ 010 Pulser Pluck SQ
03:17​ 005 Pump Lead SQ
03:40​ 015 Modulo Pad
04:18​ 008 The 304 SQ
04:48​ 019 Tines Keys
05:23​ 000 Riser Pad ATSQ
05:59​ 009 The Ballad SQ
06:48​ 012 Sawsall
07:26​ 007 Dual Synth SQ
07:56​ 006 Huge Stack ArpSQ
08:30​ 004 Modularp SQ
09:07​ 287 4 Nick With Love
09:43​ 002 Stranger BellsSQ
10:06​ 027 Glisteners
10:43​ 020 Cobalt Horns"

Sequential Circuits Model 800 Sequencer

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

You can find an overview video and demo of one posted here.


via this auction

"The MKS-50 is the rack mount module version of the Roland Alpha Juno 1 and 2. The PG-300 controls the MKS-50 and can also be used with the Alpha Juno 1 and 2. It offers complete control over all editable parameters in an easy to use, well designed controller."

Roland MKS-100 / S-220 Digital Sampler w/ Roland Sound Library Discs

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8 (USA /1984) + Factory MIDI +120 Programs SN C31403

via this auction

" Made in USA in1984, here we have a fantastic working example of one of the most desirable polysynths of all time, Oberheim OB-8. This was the final model in the OB range, only 3,000-ish ever made 1983-1985, and has the most features, including arpeggiator, "page 2" advanced editing, for example. 120 program memory ( + splits/dual), factory-installed MIDI (vital!) add extreme clout to the huge/fat sounds that only Oberheim can supply, with 8 voice (stereo) polyphony and uncomplicated new sound creation hand in hand with subtractive analogue synthesis, its simply one of the best synths ever made..."



"So yeah! i Modified Some FACTORYLUX REFLEKTOR's to plug into synths with control voltage!
in essence i used a vactrol to get the desired effect madness!
Info on the lights in question :-

Spelunking Grandmother | Moog Sequencer, Synthstrom Audible Deluge

video by Chris Hunt

"Spelunking some (bright) corners of the Grandmother. (2:20​)"

LIVEN 8-bit warps - Wave Capture Tutorials

video by SONICWARE

Rhythm Ace FR-7L 1960s Reborn - 02.14.2021

video by Ουροβόρος όφις Lydian7th

Rhythm Ace FR-7L posts

KORG SIGMA - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

See the miniature label below for more.

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