MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bob Moog Foundation 2021 Minimoog Raffle

video by moogfoundation

"The Bob Moog Foundation is excited to announce its 2021 Minimoog Raffle, featuring a vintage, iconic Minimoog Model D synthesizer, serial number 8903, set in a stunning custom cabinet made from rare African Makore.

Update: new video and some pics:

2021 Minimoog Raffle In Custom African Makore Wood Cabinet

For more information, photos and tickets, visit

The raffle is open internationally from March 1, 2021 until 11:59pm ET on March 29, 2021, or until all 4,500 tickets sell out, whichever comes first.

Funds raised from the raffle will be used to expand the Foundation’s hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, currently inspiring over 3,000 elementary school students per year through the science of sound. The raffle will also help support the Moogseum, an immersive, experiential facility located in Asheville, NC, which brings Bob Moog’s legacy and the science of sound and synthesis alive for people of all ages. The Moogseum was closed for five months in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The vintage Minimoog Model D being offered, serial number 8903, was built at Moog Music's Buffalo, NY-era factory during the late 1970s, has an estimated value of $6,500, and will only go up in value given the highly coveted nature of the synthesizer. This Minimoog has been carefully restored and future-proofed by the renowned synthesizer technician Wes Taggart of Analogics, and is in excellent technical condition. Taggart, also a lauded woodworker, fabricated the custom cabinet from rare African Makore wood, which is known for its beauty, strength, and durability.

To donate to the Bob Moog Foundation, visit"

GIBSON G101 ORGAN Handmade Miniature 1 6 scale

video by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

See the miniature label below for more.

And a Doors cover featuring the Gibson G101:

The Doors-Light My Fire 2-Combo Organ

video by picure

"Me playing on my vintage combo organ collection. Gibson G101 on the bottom and 1979 Rhodes piano bass on top. Enjoy!"

OP-Z // Immerse

video by Payton Carter

"A darker electronic track on the Teenage Engineering OP-Z."

Hazel Mills & Harriet Riley - 'Ghosts' (Live At Home)

video by Hazel Mills

via @sequentialLLC:

"#Prophet6 featured in music from @HazelMills & percussionist @harriet_riley 'Ghosts' (Japan cover) Live At Home"

Video description:

"A live lockdown performance by Hazel Mills (vocals, synths) and Harriet Riley (percussion/marimba). 'Ghosts' (written by David Sylvian, originally performed by Japan).

Mixed by TJ Allen.

Publishers: Chadwick-Nomis Ltd. / Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd."

And the original:

Tatsuya Takahashi's Powers of Ten - a synthematic journey

video by Catalyst Berlin

"Sit back and enjoy the video from Tatsuya Takahashi's presentation at the 2020 Most Wanted: Music hybrid music industry festival. A journey into the depths of some of Tatsuya's instrument design highlights, including the Minilogue, Monologue, Volca, Triggers and the Granular Convolver.

You can watch the full presentation with KORG Germany's CEO and star designer here:"

MW:M20 | Music Instrument Design for the Powers of Ten - Tatsuya Takahashi
video by Most Wanted: Music

"Most Wanted: Music - The Hybrid Music Conference - enables practical know-how transfer, enhanced networking, idea exchange and delivers new perspectives and business models for the music industry.​

Session: Music Instrument Design for the Powers of Ten
Speaker: Tatsuya Takahashi
Video presentation: Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

We are delighted to welcome Tatsuya Takahashi of KORG. Here’s what he had to say about the session- "Making a living from designing musical instruments is a funny business. On one hand they are commercial products. On the other, they are forms of expression. I'll be navigating my experience of grappling with this duality through how many times each project is manufactured - in powers of ten. From the big hit volcas to the personal projects that are painfully close to my soul, each project has a different story to tell, but there's also a continuum that runs through them all."

VAI 25 Godwin Drummaker 45 Computer System

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Introducing the Godwin Drummaker 45 Computer System.
A stand-alone auto-accompaniment machine with four instrument groups:
A drum machine, a bass section, a chord section and arpeggiator.
The Vermona DEG 500 is in use in the break for wobble effect, otherwise it's the Space Echo spring reverb and Chorus in action.

We've previously made a video demo-ing all the functions of the Drummaker 45, you'll find it" [posted here]. Also see this demo by M. Schmied.

Roland TR-6S Editor / Controller in VST and Standalone Version

video by mller30161

"You can buy it on my Homepage: https://tr-8s-editor-controller.jimdo...​ Price: 6,90 € / $ 7,90 With the TR-6S Editor you have direct access to many parameters from TR-6S. In the PlugIn VST version you can record the controller movements and thus integrate the Roland TR-6S Rhythm Performer into your DAW project. Editor Features: - Direct access to the sound parameters of the Roland TR-6S Rhythm Performer - X-Y modulation of all parameters - All controllers can be automated. - The editor settings can be saved in the DAW with the project The editor is available for PC as VST / Standalone 32/64 bit and for MAC as VST / AU / Standalone 64 bit."

Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer

via this auction

Akai AX60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 10425-21433

via this auction

"When I was 16 I wanted a car, my parents bought me this synthesizer. I never really did learn how to play it. It has seen minimal hours of use, it's never traveled and has been kept in its case for almost all of its life. Time to let it get used by someone who will appreciate it!

Over all its in really nice condition for being 35 years old.
The only things I see of issue are one key has a very minor chip out of the bottom. 2 slider caps are missing, Everything seems to function as it should except the AUTO Tune button. Once pressed you have to cycle the on/off for the keyboard to play again."

When I was 16 I wanted a synth. I convinced my dad to get me an Oberheim Matrix-6 for my b-day and x-mas gifts that year. I actually begged for it. Hence matrix and MATRIXSYNTH. :)

ENSONIQ Analog DMS-8 MIRAGE Sampler & ESQ-M Wave Synthesizer in Custom Flight Case

via this auction

Yamaha SK-15 Symphonic Ensemble Synthesizer

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

Akai Professional MPC ONE w/ Original Box

via this auction

STS Serge Animator CV Panel

via this auction

"STS Serge Animator CV panel in excellent shape. There's a tiny bit of washer rash but otherwise very clean. The CV>midi outputs CC data which can really bring life to midi effects. Comes in a deep boat."

Joie de vivre by Moognase

New release from supporting member, Moognase who had the following to say about it:

"The album „Joie de vivre“ is a cycle of ten quiet, meditative pieces. While all orchestrated similarly, based on a classic trio formation (drone, bass/sequence, melody), each one has a special feeling to it, and the whole album encompasses a variety of emotions, from curiosity to desperation to happiness, and finally culminating in a sense of deep serenity. The music was created with a multitracked Moog Grandmother and a small number of outboard effects, from January to February 2021."

Lost for Words by Audio Illustrator

New track from supporting member, James Newman aka Audio Illustrator of New Man Studios who had the following to say about it:

"As in a barren and deserted forest, we often speak but can not utter the right words that would benefit one another.

I hope you enjoy my newest musical reflection."

Synth Spotting with PS Audio: Bi amping with mixed amp types

video by PS Audio

Not a synth video but that is one nice Moog Modular system in the background. :) You might remember it from previous posts here.

"If you are bi-amping your speakers, is it alright to mix amplifier types between the tweeter and woofer?

Get a copy of Paul's new book, The Audiophile's Guide, and its companion reference audio disc. Together, you can make magic." [Also on Amazon here]

ladik B-230 Curious Goat Eurorack module

video by RuprechtM

"8-in-1: BPM, tuner, frequency meter, pulse counter, trigger width, gate lenght, stopwatch and temperature.

1Hz input signal used for video (500ms pulse width)"

ladik B-230 Curious Goat (as tuner)
"Showing tuner mode, sweep around 440Hz and jump to approx. 550Hz used as input"

How to program the Oberheim DX, DXa or DMX Drum Machine

video by T O N E L A B

"Skip spiel @4:03​

Now this was a lot of fun taking the old legend from '82 for a spin. Apart from the 808, the DX would have to be one of the most 'fun to program' drum machines around... it's not (just) the vintage 12-bit sounds.. but the workflow and basic, yet 'more-ish' interface... daunting if you're not familiar with it, but once familiar.. it's like riding a bike down a hill. Being able to swap out sound by lifting up the hood, is like a hotting up a car.. 'boffin-style!'

Visit Electrongate for MIDI kits suitable for DX and DMX drum machines that were not fitted with factory MIDI installed:

0:00​ Intro and a brief history and overview of the Oberheim DX / DMX Drum Machine range.
4:03​ Panel faders and buttons
5:01​ Rear 'Pitch' controls
5:40​ Tempo
6:38​ Time Signature & Metronome
7:51​ Quantize
8:17​ Swing
8:53​ Length
9:43​ Preparing to record a Sequence
11:00​ Recording a Sequence
11:56​ Copying a Sequence
13:04​ Erasing beats from a Sequence
14:51​ Appending Sequences together
15:48​ Erasing a Sequence
16:12​ Step Recording / Editing
18:14​ Erase all Songs & Sequences
18:41​ Noodling to get some demo Sequences for a Song
22:46​ Song mode
27:21​ Edit Parameter options
29:56​ MIDI Receive channel
30:38​ MIDI Transmit channel"

[LIVESTREAM] 2 iPads and a Model Samples... (and Chill!)

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Super casual music making stream and hangout."

#FFS​ - February Filter Sweep pt 4 - mini synths, gadgets, modular

video by SynthAddict

"A simple FFS run-through of some mixed gear synth filters. Enjoy…

Included gear: Beat Squeezer with Mellotron lowpass, Behringer Neutron, Doepfer A-107 filter, Korg miniKP lowpass, Novation Bass Station II classic BS & acid (ladder) filter, OP-1 Nitro fx lowpass mode, OP-Z lowpass, Roland Boutique SH-01a lowpass, Roland SE-02 with EXT BOX - lowpass and drive, Zoom MS-70CDR comb filter (steppy)"

Update via SynthAddict:

"This is my last #FFS vid, and sure enough, I already got a claim on it.
Blocked countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria."


video by acidjack303

SN 308206-100 via this auction

"The SL-1 Synthlab is a 100% true analog circuitry synthesizer with subtractive synthesis. The type of design started in the early 1970s with voltage-controlled modular systems. The use of the low pass filter on the transistor cascade means the SL-1 Synthlab sounds very similar to well-known early Moog synthesizers.

· 2 x VCO´s ( 2 waveforms – saw & pulse)
· 1 x VCF (low pass filter 24dB – Moog cascade)
· 1 x VCA
· 1 x Noise
· 1 x Ring modulator
· 1 x Sub oscillator (-2 octaves)
· 2 x LFO (various waveforms and routings)
· 2 x ENV (ADSR for the VCA and AD for the VCF)
· MIDI-CV-Interface with 2 x CV and GATE
· Audio IN
· Audio OUT

Technical specifications:
· Power Supply (18V AC 1000mA)
· Dimensions: 29,8 x 16,5 x 6 cm (L&B&H)
· Weight: 1500 g"


via this auction

"Here is a magazine advertisement for the Korg VC-10 that turns words into music. The guitar tablature on the back shows (c) 1978. 8" x 10 3/4"; has been folded in half."

Oberheim TVS-1 Two Voice Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This unit was just completely serviced by Bell Tone Synth Works in Philadelphia. The PSU was completely rebuilt. The power connector on the rear had to be changed as finding the original power cable proved to be difficult. The unit was completely serviced and any issues found rectified. It was cleaned and is in great playing condition."

Korg Mono/Poly monophonic/polyphonic Synthesizer SN 370121 w/ Case

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager RME SN RM0091

via this auction

DIY Synthesizer with ESP32 (super/hyper saw, aliasing free oscillators)

video by Marcel Licence

"This video shows some impressions of using the ESP32 for a little synthesizer project.
All processing is done on one core with sampling rate of 48kHz.
I've connected a master keyboard via MIDI to a serial input.
The synth actually can play 6 voices together (also with 6 oscillators per voice in unison/detuned mode).
The oscillators are aliasing free (wave forms had been generated in advance to avoid fold back of frequencies above nyquist).
Rough ADSR for velocity and filter is implemented.
I am preparing a little arduino project for sharing. It will be available soon..."

You can find additional posts featuring the ESP32 here.

Polymetric Acid - Volca Sample, Beats, Keys & Bass

video by ChrisLody

"This was one of those jams where I went into the studio with no ideas and little enthusiasm, but turned okay I think. I've been making a few bit of polyrhythmic and polymetric at the request of Sonicware as patterns that are going to be presets on the XFM. It's something I really enjoy exploring, especially polymetric music. I love the fact that you can combine some crazy pattern lengths but as long as there is a steady pulse it all makes sense.

In this track the Volca Sample and Keys are playing 4/4 with pattern lengths of 16 while the Beats is set to 14 step and the Bass has it's steps set to 14, 15 and 16. I like that about the Bass, it's quite a polymetric monster just on it's own, I'm not sure Korg did that with any of the other Volcas so far which is a shame I think.

This was also a chance for me to try something I rarely do on the Volcas, play the keyboards on them live. I only realised today that holding a step on the Bass is interrupted by the other layers which can be used to quite a cool effect. I managed to play a bit of a howler in the middle on the Keys tbh, but I quite like it like that :)

Mixed on the Inkel MX880E with reverb from the Zoom 1201 as is so often the case with my jams."

Modular Ambient Dreams

video by

"Lots of modules - lots of patch cables - lots of reverb. A selection of patches from the Roland System 100 and System 100M patch books. All sounds System 700 except the piano - could not make a decent sounding one."

Patch n Tweak
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