MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, March 13, 2021

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Synthetic Sound Labs - Dual Slope NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"Fully Licensed 5U version of the classic Serge Dual Slope Generator circuit.

More Licensed Serge circuits coming to 5U soon from Synthetic Sound Labs."

TouellSkouarn Feedback Patch NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"TouellSkouarn self modulating feedback patch."

LEPLOOP Multi Cassa and Bugrand PT Delay NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"Multi Cassa Drum Pattern into BugBrand PT delay cause a more complex rhythm."

Dove Audio - Waveplane Oscillator MU / Moog Format NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

Noise Engineering - SONITUS TYMPANUM (Designed by Noisebug) Demo

video by NOISEBUG

Noise Engineering - Sonitus Tympanum System (Melodic Patch)

"Here is a demo of the Noise Engineering system we have designed and assembled. We have a limited edition of 3 systems that include 4 packs of Tendrils, LTD nameplate all in a beautiful BlackHole case.

It’s is the ultimate drum / rhythm box and totally capable of leads, pads, bass lines FX and more.​

Official description:

The Sonitus Tympanum System was inspired by the age of stand-alone drum machines as a complete instrument & how they inspired an entire musical era from the early 80’s to this very day, but with a new updated modern twist with the vision of Noise Engineering at the forefront. We created this system out of the need to offer more of a cohesive system that can create everything from percussion, basslines, leads, effects & much more! All the modules have been handpicked by the team here at Noisebug to create a drum machine that will destroy any other drum machine on the market today! The system has been laid out in a way that makes it easy to get ideas going quickly with a smooth workflow from left to right. Of course, that is just one way of looking at it & can be routed in a million different ways for deeper sonic exploration.

All systems will ship with Noise Engineering goodies & 4 packs of Tendril Cables

3 Systems are available with limited edition name plates.



video by NOISEBUG

"From subtle to not-so-subtle. System Details: Buchla LEM Boat, Buchla 230e, Metasonix Triple Sublime Asseater, 1979 DVCM. Elektron Model:Cycles is being processed by the Triple Threat."

IO Instruments Synth Voice with Maneco Labs Minilooper Delay NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"IO Instruments synth voice sequences by Beatstep Pro with so Maneco Minilooper Lofi Loopjng delay blended in."

Hard-Mod Synth NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"Sound DEMO of Hard-Mod Modular synth with spring reverb. Built in Mexico."

ElectroSmith Large Format NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"Sound demo for ElectroSmith 3340 VCO and 2144 VCF." and Reverb."

Moog IIIP Synthesizer NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"All throughout the month of August 2019, Moog's IIIP Synthesizer, Sequencer Compliment B and 953 Keyboard are on loan for demo @ Noisebug in Pomona CA."

Noise Engineering Magnus Modules NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"Individual modules and ACBM System available from and Reverb. Currently for Moog Format modules are available from Noise Engineering. All are demonstrated in this video."

Frequency Central System X Filter NOISEBUG Demos

1979 SMP Stereo Microsound Processor NOISEBUG Demos

1979 SMP (Sound Demo) Pt.1: "1979 Stereo Microsound Processor DEMO Part 1: Reverb and Pitch Shifted Delays."
1979 SMP (Sound Demo) Pt.2: "1979 Stereo Microsound Processor DEMO Part 2: Freeze and Granular Percussion."

SONY TC-D5 pro recording a Waldorf Micro XT

video by Miguel d'Oliveira

"Experimenting with a compact cassette recorder and a wavetable synth.
3 different sound characters achieved with :

1 - direct recording synth to DAW
2 - recording through the SONY but not using tape (REC+PLAY+PAUSE)
3 - playback the recorded tape onto DAW
+ a mix of 1 and 3 (my favourite)

using a brand new Maxwell tape (type II)
synth : Waldorf micro XT
pedal : Strymon bluesky"

Modular World-Ep14-Megan Leber, Franck Martin, Jens Paldam, Todd Barton, Trovarsi

video by Modular World

"Modular World-Ep14: Modular Synthesizer performances from all over the globe on one virtual stage! Featuring (in show order): [active links on YouTube]

Megan Leber (Netherlands)​​​ (performance with Speedy J on March 14)
Franck Martin (United States)​​​
Jens Paldam (Denmark)​​ (Paintings)
Todd Barton (United States)​​​
Interview on Dotwave with Johno Wells:​
Resonant Editions: Blind Collaboration project:​
Trovarsi (United States)​​​​

Octatrack & the Cursed Chamber of Parameter Locks

video by Oblivion Corner

"A tongue in cheek examination of what makes the Octatrack special. The Elektron sampler has a life of its own and it was time to delve into it. All the background music during the talk is 100% Octatrack (except for the the last one). Find out why the Octatrack is both a joy and a pain in the parameter lock!

00:00​ Octatrack - Medieval Origins?
00:45​ Three Octatrack Mysteries
02:46​ My thoughts on Octatrack
04:22​ Expectations vs. Reality
06:22​ Loose Octatrack Jam in progress
10:56​ What's Next?

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

CLUB OF THE KNOBS module: CP11 Preset

video by synthprocess

"Hommage to Keith Emerson"

New module from COTK, not currently listed on their site:

NVO and Buchla 296e

video by Todd Barton

"paring the 4 oscillators of the NVO using the Buchla 292e as a 4 to 1 output mixer into the 296e Spectral Processor. All oscillators are being driven by the same CV from the 250e."​​​

Todd Barton NVO poss

Ambient For An Alien World // Waldorf Iridium

video by Ambiotic Fluid

"A quiet peaceful ambient improvisation

Created with a live performance of Waldorf Iridium synth custom patch"

Hollow Chorus Bass - A Supercritical Neutron Flux piece

video by Supercritical Synthesizers

"A quick jam around a chorus-y bass patch idea. The Sour 3 Pole mode has a nice hollow square waveform when the resonance is fully up. Stereo control is used to fine tune both channels. When both channels are patched in stereo, they drift just enough to form a wide stereo image.

The Antumbra ROT8 sequencer is to blame for this patch. It’s fantastic!

Throw in a bit of cheap dirty 909 samples and finally have the exponential VCA distort too. Why not"

Klangbau/Hordijk Modular Synth ... Music? #TTNM​


"No sequencer, only triggers, chaotic Rungler CV and oscillations from a Klangau XR-VCO, Rob Hordijk Benjolin, Twin Peak Filter, a Logistic Equation, a Joystick, qVCF, and more. Really enjoying the chaos and the wide ranges of sounds one can conjure up with just a little knob twist or joystick nudge."

➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Instagram:
➤ Twitter:


video by Woody Piano Shack

"Let's play the YAMAHA YC61 and VISCOUNT LEGEND LIVE back to back to enjoy the sound of the HAMMOND ORGAN and LESLIE ROTARY SPEAKER emulation on the stage keyboard and clonewheel organ.
The sounds on the Yamaha are the same on the newly announced YC73 and YC88.
We'll demo a variety of sounds and drawbar settings. Please see my other videos for review and more playing!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

dXFM2 synthesizer

video by Architolk

"Short video about the dXFM2 synthesizer, based on the XFM2 sound module made by René Ceballos.
Project page:​
More information about the XFM2:​"

The dxFM2 made it's first appearance on the site here.

1974 Moog Minimoog Model D SN 4346

via this auction

"Vintage 1974 Minimoog Model D. I am the second owner. I bought this in 1978. The serial number is 4346. The wooden cabinet has been rebuilt and refinished. Some of the wood was replaced due to wear and tear. The badge on the rear panel was never put back on afterwards but I still have it and will include it. Everything else is original except the power cord.

This comes with a heavy duty Anvil road case where it has lived for most of the last 20 years. The case was re-foamed a few years ago and is in great condition.

There are a couple blemishes in the wood and I took photos of them up close. The keyboard controller panel where the Mod and Pitch wheels are has the protective clear plastic coating fraying at the bottom. See photo.

The boards were removed and all the pots, switches, and connections, were cleaned about 4 years ago. All the oscillators and filter were calibrated at that time as well. The keyboard has had all new rubber bumpers installed and all the keys were leveled. The keyboard contacts and bus bar were all cleaned as well. It has been in the case in my closet ever since. This unit has the very desirable old-style oscillator boards in it.

This thing is a monster but I never use it. It's too nice a unit to live in a closet."

KORG MS20 mk1 type 35 filter superb condition w/ Original Case

via this auction

"Its in superb condition with hardly a blemish or mark - as clean an MS20 as we have seen. A Collector grade instument. The synth has been fully tested and is all working as it should be."

Oberheim OB-12

via this auction

"Fantastic condition, close to mint.. new clear display. Got a knob installed behind for adjusting the display"

It appears to be in place of the digital output.

Roland JD-800 SN AC91744 w/ Drums & Percussion Standard ROM cards

via this auction

"Everything is working fine, also the aftertouch. It has the red glue keyboard installed, but it’s still in good condition. You can see that the previous owner took care of this synth.

We bought it from the French composer Frederic Mercier (a true legend).

Cosmetically it’s in very good condition too with only some minor signs of use. There are some small scratches and little wear and tear on the case. And there’s an Apple sticker next to the volume slider.

It’s a 230v version. An European power lead is included and the serial number is: AC91744"

Roland System 100M 150 Ring Mod - Noise Gen_S&H - LFO Module SN 212627

via this auction

Moog Promo Water Bottles

via this auction

"These are from a musical instrument trade shows from a few years back. Moog had these located in their trade show booth.

These empty bottles have never been used. I saved them and recently found them. I opened them to dump the water out into my plants (who wants to drink years old water??). But these were never used to drink from.

Cool promotional items for fans of Moog Synthesizer -- you don't see very often."

Spectral Audio Neptune 2 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find a demo of one posted here.

Paper Video Games of my childhood

video by Alexander Zolotov

Music made with Sunvox. Details below.

"In 1994 i didn't have a game console. But some classmates already owned popular NES clones, and i was very impressed with the aesthetics of 8-bit games of the time. All those pixels, colorful sprites, chip music!
I didn't really want to play them, but i definitely wanted to be somehow involved, maybe create my own games.
So i started cutting out small pieces of cardboard and painting game levels on them. It was like a paper ROM cartridge. The game console is also a cardboard box with a transparent window and a dot or triangle (the main character) in the center.
Some of these games were even playable :)
Most, of course, were more concepts than finished games.
The process of creating such games from scratch - that was the most important and interesting in this case!
A competing company was represented by my friend Kirill :) Together we created a huge amount of cartridges, then exchanged it, discussed it, came up with something new. For a couple of years, we have improved the technology and started creating games in the form of an interactive film on a sheet of paper.
In 1995 i got a PC (486SX) at home. But even after that, up to a certain point, we spent more time with paper games than with real computers :)

Music: NightRadio - Endless Fantasy Worlds​

Soft: Blender video editor + SunVox​"

Soviet USSR analog synthesizer keytar Unost'-21 DEMO

video by Сема Апрелевка

"Soviet USSR analog synthesizer keytar Unost'-21."

Death by Pizza | Moog One

video by Chris Hunt

"Did you know that 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly and 93% have eaten pizza within the last month? Combined, this is 350 pizza slices per second... or 100 acres of pizza a day. Nobody is immune. In 2001, astronauts on the International Space Station ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and they actually delivered it... a six-inch salami pizza. Please be safe out there and consult your medical professional before participating in pizza related activities."

Gem GK 330 demo track

video by ikworgek

"All sounds from the Gem


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