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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Korg Kronos Uber Analog Volume 2 Sample Pack Demo 2 Sequential ARP OB Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"Korg Kronos Uber Analog Volume 2 Sample Pack Demo 2"
Synthesizer Sample Pack Demo 2 by Rik Marston
**No Talking!** ***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn it UP!!!***

***Attention all Korg Kronos Users!!!!!***
Uber Analog Volume 2 analog synthesizer sample pack is HERE!
Only $16.99 USD same day SAFE digital download!
Put the power of the ARP ODYSSEY, OBERHEIM MATRIX 6 &
ALL synthesizer collection sample packs just $16.99!!!
"UBER ANALOG VOLUME 2" for the KORG KRONOS, Kronos X & Kronos 2
TOTAL OF 1.85 GB's!!!

Buchla 216 Percussion Patterns

video by Todd Barton

"The bongo experiments continue . . . :-) This developed in a Skype tutorial today."


video by Mindburner

"This classic Roland has become even more useable with this CHD electronics MIDI kit. Here I detail the install and show the insides of the synth"

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Jenny Oscillator Basics

video by EaganMatrix Programming

"A discussion of the operation and programming of the EaganMatrix Jenny Oscillator (pronounced "Genie") that is included in post 9.0 Haken Continuum and ContinuuMini firmware. The Jenny Oscillator is synced to a Master DSF Oscillator. It has its origins from that used in Georges Jenny's Ondioline (invented 1941), though Lippold Haken has added a number of extensions to this new digital implementation (the only digital model known to be available). Christophe Duquesne had the original idea and with Lippold and Ed Eagan they worked on and implemented this wonderful new addition to the EaganMatrix, ideal for creating a wide variety of reedy timbres with complex harmonic spectra."

New Circuit Rhythm Coming Summer 2021

via Novation

"Sample. Make beats. Perform.

Stay one beat ahead.
Make samples completely your own, build beats into any vibe, and perform with ease with Circuit Rhythm, launching Summer 2021.

Designed for an intuitive workflow, Circuit Rhythm comes as a blessing for beatmakers. Capture creative ideas quickly and build meticulous beats effortlessly. With Grid FX, Circuit Rhythm is the perfect performance tool – invigorate your live set with beat repeat, embrace imperfection with vinyl simulation, and more.

Record samples directly into the machine, sculpt them to suit your style, and resample. Playback samples however you choose, whether you're chopping straight from vinyl, making basslines and melodies, or punching in drums. Create beats without complications with Circuit Rhythm."

How does it differ from the Circuit Tracks? If you look at the 2nd row of pads you will see a Sample pad followed by pads numbered 1 - 8. You can assume 8 sample slots. Note the lack of Synth parts. Also note the Sample inputs on the back. This appears to be a full-on sample based Circuit with live sampling. On the original Ciruit and Circuit Tracks you can import samples, but you can't record samples via the unit itself. There's also a MicroSD slot on the back for storing your samples. Knobs on top control Master Volume, Tune, Sample start, Length, Slope, Distortion, HP Filter, LP Filter, Resonance, and Master Filter. Click the pic below to read the pad controls. This looks to be a super sleek, intuitive, fun, hands-on sampling rhythm machine, as we have come to expect from Novation.

Making Beautiful, Random Melodies with Eurorack! (Qu-Bit Chord Module Delivers!)

video by Electronisounds Audio

"DEEP DIVE (and super chilled stream) on making beautiful and random melodies with Eurorack.
I found a really creative new way to use the Qu-Bit Chord module, and am going to try and show the technique from scratch.

00:00​ Intro and getting setup
06:00​ Let's go!
06:48​ Qu-Bit Chords Module intro
08:36​ Listening to the example
11:50​ Removing the patch cables"


Polyphonic Eurorack: First Try and Walkthrough

video by thesrabbit

"Here's my first attempt at polyphony within a modular system. I've got 4 distinct voices, each with its own oscillator, filter, amp, and envelope. To make things more interesting, I added a sort of sub-oscillator to the first voice, though it can sound quite dissonant depending upon when that voice is triggered.

There is a very detailed rundown after the demo "performance", but to summarize:
Each voice is a single sawtooth wave, with the addition of a square wave sub-oscillator on voice 1. All 4 oscillators run through their own low pass filter. The first 2 run through filters 1 and 2 on the System-500 521 dual VCF module. The 3rd oscillator runs through the LPF on the System-500 505 module. The 4th oscillator runs through the LPF on the MS-20 Mini. From there, each voice has its own VCA, and then the output of those VCAs are routed to the System-500 530 module, which acts as a stereo mixer. Voices 1 and 3 are panned to the left, 2 and 4 are panned to the right. This produces an effect similar to auto-panning. All four voices run through a BBD and spring reverb tank, which adds a ton of extra grit. Each voice has its own dedicated envelope generator. The first 2 have the System-500 540's envelopes. The 3rd voice uses a single ADSR from the Dreadbox Ataxia. The 4th voice simply uses EG2 on the MS-20 Mini.

I did my best to get a similar sound out of each voice, though it's far from perfect. However, that's really the whole point of this experiment: to do something that no standard polysynth can do.

In the demo, I've got aux sends setup in Logic to the Audiothingies Dr. A for delay, and for reverb I've got my favorite Alesis MIDIVerb II and Quadraverb combo. These effects run in parallel and were recorded in real time along with the dry output of my mixer. I tried to mix in the effects so that they're about 55/45 dry/wet.

Modules used:
Roland System-500: 512, 521, 505, 530, 540
2HP VCO (x2)
Polyend Poly 2
Arcus Audio buffered mult
Pittsburgh Modular Giraffe (x2)
Blue Lantern Subharmonics
Manhattan Analog DTM
Doepfer Dual VCA (x2)
Dreadbox Ataxia
Erica Synths PICO BBD
G-Storm Electro Spring Reverb Tank Driver
Korg MS-20 Mini"

YAMAHA TX81z - Rackmount FM Tone Generator SN ON01656

via this auction

Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Radikal Technologie's Jörg Schaaf Music Video for the 11th annual MICA VIGIL 2 Day Music Festival

video by Jörg Schaaf

"I produced this video and music for the 11th MICA Vigil 2 days music festival in Baltimore. The video will go online one day after the festival at the 7th and 8th of Mai 2021. Check everything about this festival under the following link:

For the first time I used stock footage for a music video. Let me know what you think about using them. I especially like the work from Mikhael Nilov, who made the spaceship footage! The inspiration I received from watching the scenes also brought my music to a new level.

The music is available as a BandCamp album:"

Ambient Drone | Make Noise Strega, Erica Synths Syntrx

video by Akihiko Matsumoto

Making A Synthesiser Sequencer Out Of RELAYS


"Building a Relay Based Step Sequencer"

mind-sick (cirklon jam first recording) - 磁鬼頻率

video by 磁鬼頻率

"hardware synth cirklon techno jam This is my first recording after getting a cirklon this year. I was using basic features and it was a blast being able to jam properly with midi and cv gear so flawlessly. I'm excited to see where it takes me in the future..."

Access Virus TI Desktop Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

"Including original wooden side panels and 19 inch rack ears."

RSF Kobol Expander II Programmer Modular Synth

via this auction

"For sale is an incredibly rare vintage analog modular synthesizer setup: RSF Kobol Expander 1 + Expander 2 + Programmer. All units are in excellent shape and fully functional. Very rare to find even a single one of these pieces, let alone all 3 together in one set. This is an amazing French classic analog modular synth by Ruben & Serge Fernandez (RSF). Programmer was serviced with battery change for memory and power supply moved to prevent possible over-heating. You aren't likely going to find another set like this for sale anytime soon. Don't pass this up!"

Health Club Switcheroo Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"These are incredibly hard to come by, very fun design and setup. Fully functional and in excellent shape."

Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

via this auction

"Awesome synth for growling basses while also capable of soaring leads."

You can find demos and additional details on the DB-01 in previous posts here.

Audiothingies DoubleDrummer - 12-voice drum synth / sample player with FX

via this auction

You can find demos and details on the DoubleDrummer in previous posts here.

Roland Juno-106 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Gorgeous, original vintage Juno 106 in excellent condition, freshly serviced and calibrated, no issues, sounds awesome. This is the OG Japanese version, 100v, with attached ac cable. You won’t find a cleaner, better playing example of THE definitive analog polysynth."

Korg Maxi-Korg 800 DV

via this auction

"Korg Maxi-Korg 800 DV in beautiful cosmetic condition, fully serviced, calibrated and fully functional. One of the nicest 800 DV's in the market at the moment.

The front panel is very clean with minor scratches to the wooden end cheeks. no rust and major scuffs! Please refer to the posted pictures.

This Maxi-Korg 800 DV is fully serviced, stays in tune beautifully, and sounds amazing!

Here is the list of the works done on this Maxi-Korg 800 DV :

• All electrolytic capacitors are replaced by high quality Panasonic capacitors.
• The old dustcover is removed and a new dustcover is installed.
• All pots, sliders, and switches are meticulously cleaned.
• All keys and keyboard contacts are cleaned.
• The synth is calibrated according to the factory manual.

This is a 100V version and been always played with a 120V to 100V voltage transformer in my dry, non-smoking studio."

Build Arduino synthesizer with Mozzi library

video by Wood & Tech

"The goal of this project was to create filters and controls to that can manipulate sound that is being generated through an Arduino. This is a simple synthesizer with 5 potentiometers. In demo I just uploaded few examples for mozzi library.


Mozzi library:"

DIY Arduino synthesizer (Sound demo)

video by Vladimir Chamber

"Hi! This is a demo version of the sound of my synthesizer made on Arduino, this is one of the first synthesizers made by me. I got the handle names a little wrong, lol"

According to the discription this was based on the build above.

Walrus Audio AGES Sound Demo (no talking) with TT-303

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

Bastl Kastle v1.5 Demo - Stereo Drones & Noise

video by ChrisLody

"'I like the bit where it goes hmmmmmmmmmmm' (headphones recommended for this one)

I'm now the proud owner of a Bastl Kastle v1.5, along with some other bits that are slowly arriving which I've bought in order to make an experimental score for an upcoming feature film title 'Bad Things', but I'll talk more about that in another video. The info for the film so far is here:

So the Bastl Kastle is tiny modular synth that's mostly focused around noise making. In fact I ran some CV from the Volca Modular and a Korg SQ1 into it's pitch input and I couldn't get it to tune, so it's fair to say it's not meant for that. I was quite surprised to find that it's a stereo device. It's equipped with an I/O port that allows signals to be sent in and out to and from it's left socket which is where I have the audio connected.

The red and blue channels here are using the phase modulation and phase distortion modes routed left and right which when the pitch and timbre knobs are tuned can create a great drones which can make some amazing dirty bass sounds if needed.

The red and green channels are using the noise and tonal noise outputs connected to the output in the same was which also have a tunable element so I'm able to build fairly large drones using a few channels like this.

On interesting tip so far is that unpatched (normalled) Pitch Mod and Timbre Mod amount knobs can be used as fine tune controls for their respective controls which is useful for this kind of thing

A bit of reverb was added from the Zoom Studio 1201 via Reaper

I'm impressed with the Bastl Kastle 1.5 so far and I'm looking forward to routing it through my Volca Modular. It's also pretty much perfect for the job I bought it for :)"

KORG Minilogue meets Soundtoys Echo Boy

video by The Ocean Beneath

"More collaborations and production work in the pipeline at the moment so keep an eye on our socials for more information 👍👍

Playing around with the KORG Minilogue again and quickly came up with this patch this morning. Threw on some Valhalla Vintage Verb, the Soundtoys Echoboy, the CLA Epic Stereo by WAVES and Fresh Air by Slate Digital.

All recorded and edited using Ableton Live 11 and Hit Film Express."

Patch n Tweak
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