MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday, May 23, 2021

ESK - Digitone and 2 analog Friends

video by Metunar

"Jamsession with an Elektron Digitone as main unit (sequencing, sound, mix and FX) and a modified Vermona Perfourmer (MK 1) and an Analogue Solutions Semblance.

Stereo recording with digital mastering."

EMPRESS ZOIA is a Modular Synthesizer // part 1

video by LESINDES

"EMPRESS ZOIA is modular multi FX unit in stunning quality. But it bears under the hood also numerous modules that make it a real modular synth. Modules like VCO, VCA, VCF, Lfo, Step Sequencer etc. etc. Part 1 of a short JOURNEY the ZOIAs SOUNDSCAPES."

Start of this one reminded me of the Space Intro to the Steve Miller Band's Fly Like An Eagle.


EMPRESS ZOIA is a Modular Synthesizer // part 2

Aquifex - Roland JD-Xi Cat People/Moroder & Zombie/Fabio Frizzi Covers

video by SynthAddict

"Here is a quick rough demo of 'To The Bridge' by Giorgio Moroder from the movie Cat People (1982). It was completely made on the JD-Xi as a challenge to myself, and I forgot to finish it. Here is the final version after deciding it was 'good enough'. :-) I had fun making it. It’s just a portion of the entire song, and I added a few embellishments."

Aquifex - Roland JD-Xi Zombie/Fabio Frizzi cover

"Here is a quick rough demo of 'Zombie' main title by Fabio Frizzi from the movie Zombie (1979), a.k.a. Zombi 2 in Europe. It was completely made on the JD-Xi as a challenge to myself, and I forgot to finish it. Here is the final version after deciding it was 'good enough'. :-) I had fun making it. It’s just a portion of the entire song, and I added a few embellishments."

Prophecy Vol 1 - Patches 21 to 40 - Sequential Prophet 5 & 10

video by GEOSynths

GEOSynths Sequential Prophet posts

"2nd of 4 Videos, highlighting Patches 1 to 20 for the Prophet 5/10 Keyboard and Modules. There's a wide variety of Sounds, from Classic 80's sounds, Traditional Instruments, Pads and Strings, thick Bass and Leads and much more.

As well as a total of 80 Patches, I have used FX and created 80 Patches for both the Arturia Jun-6 Plugin and Valhalla's Supermassive, both of which are free downloads. This way you can have the Patches sound exactly as they do in the Videos.

Out Soon

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - 21. Rippler GEO
01:59 - 22. Swept Aside GEO
04:33 - 23. Juno Bass GEO
05:41 - 24. Old Rhodes GEO
06:26 - 25. Steel GEO
07:51 - 26. Woodland GEO
09:09 - 27. Radiate GEO
12:14 - 28. Low Mass GEO
12:53 - 29. Chimes GEO
14:39 - 30. Sin City GEO
15:38 - 31. Strings GEO
17:26 - 32. Detuned GEO
19:07 - 33. Frostbite GEO
21:18 - 34. UFO GEO
22:26 - 35. Loaded GEO
23:14 - 36. Rebirth GEO
24:32 - 37. Subway GEO
25:17 - 38. Blox GEO
26:04 - 39. Oblivion GEO
28:20 - 40. Crossover GEO"

DSI Sequential Prophet Rev2 - No talking demo of all the internal Factory Banks sequences - Part 2/4

video by Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab

"'No talking' demo of all the internal preset sequences of the DSI Sequential Prophet Rev2-8 voices.

The Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet Rev2 is an update of the Prophet '08 with more possibilities and modulation options in order to get much more complex textures without losing the "classic Prophet sound".

In this demo I will just let you hear what the amazing Dave Smith Instrument's sound designers have made for this amazing synth simply by scrolling through the Bank 2 of the Factory Presets. You will find single layers, split layers (A-B) or stack (dual) layers (A+B).

No additional effects or outboard processing here. 'What you listen is what you get'."

Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab Sequential Prophet Rev2 posts

Korg Opsix Ambient Dimension FM Digital DX7 Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

Another trip into the OPSIX FM Dimension...
just a quick ambient noodle for your sonic pleasure.
This synth is very expressive & a blast to tweak!
I love it! More video demos of the Korg OPSIX on the way!
I have 2 NWA 869 chondrite meteorite slices on the OPSIX.
They send you ***Positive Cosmic Vibes***!

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

A modular concept

video by gotharman

"Assembled a small eurorack system in the Christmas holidays, and needed something more... This has now turned into a modular concept on its own :)"

Lower West Side Studio M710 Sequencer / M712 Sequencer Sidecar

video by Lower West Side Studio

"This video demonstrates some of the features of the M710 Sequencer and M712 Sequencer Sidecar combo from Lower West Side Studio.

The clip also features the M140 Clock Divider / Universal Logic block and other modules providing an interesting rhythmic background."

The M710 Sequencer

"The M710 Sequencer provides an easy solution for adding an expandable 8 step sequencer to your modular system.

Drawing only 20mA and measuring in at 1U and 30mm deep the M710 Sequencer is the perfect sequencer for a portable rig or as a second (third, fourth…) addition to a group of sequencers.

Combined with the up to 4 M712 Sequencer Sidecar modules the M710 offers nearly unlimited rhythmic potential"

The M712 Sequencer Sidecar

"Turbo-charge your M710 Sequencer or SympleSEQ Sequencer by adding individual Gate or Trigger Outputs as well as Clock Out, OR Out and control voltages for Hold and Reset

Chain up to 4 M712 Sidecars for incredible sequencing flexibility.

Purchase the M710 Sequencer and M712 Sequencer Sidecar Together During March 2021 and Receive a 10% Discount on BOTH!"

Digitakt, iPad and Chill! (Sampling iPad music apps into the Digitakt)

video by Electronisounds Audio


VAI 52 : Elka Wilgamat III

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"The Elka Wilgamat III is an analog auto-accompaniment machine from 1982 It has four sections:
An analog Drum machine
A Bass sections
A piano / brass chord section
And an arpeggiator

Apart from the auto rhythm to each section, you can play the bass and piano/brass sounds just like a synth, no modulation capabilities."

VAI 53 : Elka Wilgamat III

"This is a 4 section analog auto- comp machine manufactured in Italy.

It was originally incorporated into organs but some stand-alone units we're made as well.

There's a predecessor was released in 1976 - the Elka Wilgamat - that has a quite similar layout and analog sound (if you'd like to know what sounds that one makes please search our channel for some videos we made previously) Elka, to our knowledge at least, never released a Wilgamat 2.

The machine might not have the coolest individual sounds or rhythm-patterns, but summing up its different parts it can be a pretty fun machine to play and a great tool for us non-keyboardists to get started on new tracks."

VAI 33 : Böhm Digital Drums

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Top of the line German auto-orchestra machine with deliciously punchy drums.

These were originally sold as kits for the handy hobbyists to assembly at home.

The Böhm Digital Drums has more than 100 chord and bass sounds - way more than this type of machine usually has, including its Italian counterpart - the Solton Programmer 24.

With the help of external effects, we think this thing is capable of a wide range of sounds, it might be the best auto machine out there - feel free to disagree - always in a friendly manner of course - in the comment section.

Effects: Roland RE-301 Space Echo, Mu-tron phasor II, Moog Stage Phaser, Vermona DEG 500 Digital Delay."

ASM HYDRASYNTH | Adobe Sketch Time-Lapse Illustration

video by Microflat

"Adobe Sketch Illustration made by Sarah Dalsgaard Kjer using an Apple iPad Pro 2020 11 inch with an Apple Pencil 2.

Background music made by Microflat using an older Yamaha Genos recording. Inspired by Chicago's 'If You Leave Me Now'. Looped three times to fit the lovely illustration.

The time-lapse video clip was exported from Adobe Sketch and edited in Adobe Rush. Audio was recorded in 48 KHz 24 bit on a class compliant Solid State Logic SSL 2+ thunderbolt 3 interface straight into a 2020 iPad Pro running Cubasis 3. All audio output effects are default Yamaha Genos. A bit of EQ and Reverb was added in Adobe Audition."

Purple Side Panel MFB Urzwerg Pro Mk II Analog CV Gate Sequencer with MIDI

via this auction

"This Urzwerg Pro Mk II is in great shape and is working perfectly. The wooden end cheeks are painted in purple sparkle with a clear acrylic seal. It will ship with the 120v US original power supply."

Roland Jupiter-6 61-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"The venerable Roland Jupiter 6 in Showroom condition. 100% functional. Complete with Hard case.

Featuring 6 voice polyphony, 12 oscillators at two per voice, 2 LFO's with four waveforms (sine, tri, ramp, random), 24 db/oct 4-pole low pass/high pass filter or 12 db/oct 2-pole bandpass with individual ADSR envelopes, arpeggiator, patch memory (48 tones/32 patches) and midi."

Akai AX60

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emulator w/ Floppy Emulator

via this auction

"This is one of the first samplers ever made, with a whopping 2 seconds of sample time onto floppy disks.

Fortunately this one has been upgraded to a SD card for thousands of storage slots and access to folders for organizing your collection.

Recently serviced and it really sounds awesome, don’t let the low sample time deter you, think of it like a digital mellotron with some bonus features such as vibrato and a dual track sequencer.

Since there was only a few hundred ever made and now only dozens left still working this is a difficult item to price. It’s borderline a collectors item, but I have been having fun sampling some of the classic sounds that I manage to find on the internet."

Yamaha FS1R FM Tone Generator / Synthesizer SN OP01575

via this auction

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave/Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage Mid-70’s Hammond Auto-Vari 64 Analog Drum Machine SN 441984

via this auction

"Designed for little old ladies to plop on top of their mid-70’s solid state Hammond organs and borrowing from early Roland technology, the controls are accessible, easy to operate and indeed, quite varied. You have 16 basic beats grouped by musical style with names like “Liverpool, Western Shuffle and Afro Latin. Once Eunice got her basic groove going she could then jazz the beat up by punching the A,B,C or D buttons which add new sounds and get more complex, with “A” being the simplest and “D” the most complex- hence the “Vari.”

More modern users are now running effects through the signal of these things are are coming up with some very creative loops. There’s also a mute switch (Silent Sound) a “Measures” dial running from 1/2 to 16, an “Auto-Vari on/off function and tempo and volume control dials. Best of all are those famous ‘70’s “boom-chic” drum sounds! The single 1/4” out on the back opens up a world of possibilities beyond grandma’s living room.

Everything operates as it should. Cosmetically there’s some scuffing on the end trim and heavy scuffing on the bottom. (I think this thing may have seen a piano bar or two in it’s day.) All in all though it works beautifully and still looks pretty darn good."

Korg Mono/Poly SN 370096 w/ Original Gig Bag

via this auction

Yamaha CS30 Synthesizer Keyboard SN 2715

via this auction


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